Thursday, July 31, 2008

Looking Ahead

I guess it’s mostly been a fairly easy and relaxing week for me. I haven’t really gone anywhere or done anything that would really make me uncomfortable. The question for me now is, will this all be done with Friday night, or will it continue. I’ve spoken with my wife every night and we still have no real idea and probably won’t until Friday. I’m betting that this will all be over with and I’ll be driving out to pick her up again on Saturday.

But if it isn’t over… I’m definitely going to be making a few changes. For one thing, I’m going to once again define a set of rules for myself. I guess the only rules for me this time has been diapers whenever I’m not at work and Mistress Gina has instructed that I wear two pairs of pantyhose 24/7. But locking up all my toilets has made the diaper one obvious and all I can say about the pantyhose is that they feel absolutely wonderful on my legs. I’m beginning to wonder what it feels like to not wear them now.

Mistress Gina has unfortunately been unable to participate in my little adventure very much this week, which is fine. I’m just grateful for any input she may send. The result is that I really have had a fairly easy and relaxing week.

But what other rules could I add for myself. I guess the old standby ones of no pants or male shoes allowed in the house. Every step I take must be in high heels. Actually, for the most part, I’ve already done that. But I’d like to kick things up a tiny bit and make life a bit more interesting too. I know that if I continue, I’ll be doing a bit of shopping, exactly for what, I’m not at all sure. But I do know it will be only for feminine things.

Dollyanne wrote a comment in my blog (thank you dollyanne) asking about my chastity device – which I haven’t used at all this week. Maybe I’ll do that too. But as to pictures… well, Dollyanne, you’ll have to email me and we’ll discuss that privately.

I can report that I did my mental relaxing exercises last night before I went to bed again. I’m convinced they really help. Last night I noticed that I’m hardly paying attention anymore to whenever I have to pee while I’m sleeping. Since I’m keeping those muscles so relaxed all the time, not much pee builds up and I pee in little bits – a lot. Which I like. I also noticed that it’s mattering less and less to me now when I realize I’m peeing – in or out of bed. Progress! If this adventure continues, I think my shopping trip will be a long one, and it goes without saying that I’ll be in diapers. I never wear less than two at a time and three to bed, but should I wear three when I go out? I don’t want to be overly obvious. I may set some goals for myself of how many times I have to wet myself while around other people before I can go home.

All this is just mental exercises and I guess I’ll be doing a lot of thinking about ideas for if I can continue. But I’m still betting this will be over.

I took the container of ice with my toilet keys in it out of the freezer last night before I went to bed. It’s still just as solid now about eight hours later than when I took it out. I’m going to put it outside to melt in the heat all day. I can’t believe how solid that thing is. There’s no doubt it would have severely slowed down any ideas I may have had about unlocking my toilets. I just hope it’s thawed out by tonight.


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

"...But I’d like to kick things up a tiny bit and make life a bit more interesting too..."

Here's an idea...get your hair lightened or frosted. And/or get it cut in a more feminine style.

Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Another thing occurred to me after observing a girl at work:

Get yourself a tight pair of light-colored stretch your panty-line shows through.