Monday, July 28, 2008


I know I was supposed to be playing with my little chastity device all last week, but life got in the way (our house was infested with teenage grandkids and some of their friends).

I was going to do it this week, but instead, I’m sitting here wearing three very wet diapers, two pairs of pantyhose, my bra, a dress, and high heels. I’m adventuring again! This adventure (like most) came about with no notice. I’m not sure if it will last just this week, or two weeks, or three. It all depends on how long my wife has to be gone.

I drove my wife out to stay with her parents on Saturday, then drove back Sunday by myself. On the way back, I had this idea. I stopped at a Wal-Mart along the way and bought two shades of lipstick. One of them was a light sparkly pink that’s supposed to help make your lips look fuller (it tingles when I put it on). The other lipstick was supposed to be a more subtle shade that I hoped would more match my own lip color – wow was I wrong. My idea was to put the lipstick on in the car, then later stop to get gas while still wearing it. First of all, let me tell you, the darker lipstick looked nice and calm and almost like what I thought my own lip color was. WRONG! As soon as I put it on, it screamed pink, pink, lipstick! But I wore it anyway. An hour and a half later, I stopped and got gas – while still wearing it. Fortunately, there weren’t too many people around and nobody next to me where I was pumping my gas. I did freshen it a bit more after that for the rest of the drive home though.

Anyway, Mistress Gina has kindly agreed to “guide” me once again, but she can only do it in a very limited capacity, which is probably better and easier for me – considering work.

My big difference this time was my idea and Mistress Gina agreed I should do it. I have three toilets in my house. Right now, every one of them is chained and locked shut so they are all totally unusable. The keys to the locks are solidly frozen in a very large container of water in my freezer. I looked at that container this morning and believe me, it’s not going to be easy to get them out of there. Before, I wore my diapers all the time while not at work, and didn’t use the toilets by choice. Ok, I had a choice this time too, but I’ve now removed that choice. There is absolutely no way that I can use any of them now. I’m stuck wearing and using my diapers totally while at home.

Yesterday, I wasn’t bothering to try to keep myself relaxed and to use my diapers wherever and whenever. The result was that I kept fighting with myself to hold back all the time. It got to be very difficult. So now I’m trying once again to keep all my muscles relaxed and to not have any control over myself at all. I’m having more of a problem with it this time than last time, but it will get better. It’s already better than it was last night. Besides, what’s the use of trying to hold back, with all my toilets locked up, where else am I going to go?

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Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Hope your wife gives you plenty of notice of when she's due you can thaw out those keys!

I had a little adventure myself today. As noted on my blog, I'm in partial girly mode today. I went to the fast-food drive in with my blouse open so my lacy camisole was clearly visible.

Like you, no one seemed to notice.