Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No Choice!

Yesterday was one of those days when, if I were able to, I might not have followed thorough and wore diapers when I got home – which means that I might have broken what I set out to do. Not that I really would have. During past adventure sessions, I’ve been tempted, but I’ve persevered.

But yesterday was another one of those days when I had a lot to do and a lot on my mind. However, with all the toilets still firmly chained shut, there was no choice for me at all. I am forced to get into diapers as soon as I walk through the door… and stay in them. No choice! No choice! No choice!!!

It’s a very odd feeling to have that bit of choice – or control – taken completely away from you. You can’t say, “Oh I really don’t feel like playing tonight. No one will ever know.” There is no option to not play. As Mistress Gina says, I am now a slave to my diapers. No choice!

As per Mistress Gina’s instructions, I have to put on my lipstick and mascara in the car before I go home. My big problem there is that I’m afraid someone will see me doing it, and yesterday was certainly no different. I’m afraid I “delayed” leaving work for a few minutes in the hopes that everyone else would be gone. But if I delay too long, then they close the parking lot gates and it’s a pain to walk around and open them again before I can drive out (of course I’d have to close them again afterwards too). My car was easily hot enough to bake a cake. Even turning on the AC takes quite a while to cool things off, so I did what I normally do, I rolled down the window as soon as I got in – which would make it all that much easier for anybody to see me. Fortunately, I purposely parked behind one of our small data buildings where fewer people park. By the time I got there, mine was the last car. Believe me, I looked around carefully to see if I could see anyone else, then I lowered my sun visor and raised the cover on the mirror so I could see myself (very handy those make-up mirrors). I did my mascara first – quickly and just the top lashes – I still can never do the bottom ones right. Then after looking around again, I did the lipstick – the pale shimmery one (less noticeable). Then I got out of there, just as they were in the process of closing the gate. The guy closing it waved at me, and the way he did it, I’m sure he didn’t notice anything. Why would he?

I had a lot to do at home outside yesterday. So after diapering and back into my two pairs of pantyhose (I wear them 24 hours a day now). I went outside to work. Oh man was it hot out there! One of my tasks was to kill a bee’s nest (again) that was reforming itself in the peek just over our front door. But the peek is at least 25 feet up. Which means I had to get out the 10 foot step ladder and set it up right on our front walk, then climb it before I could spray the nest. Let me tell you, I was more than a bit worried about someone noticing the extra bulk beneath the seat of my jeans. Climbing the ladder on my front walk was like showing off that I was in diapers to the whole world. But what could I do about it? As I’ve said, as to diapers – no choice.

With all the heat, the two pairs of pantyhose I was wearing didn’t really bother me that I noticed. But when I came inside and removed my jeans – wow, what a relief! I spent the rest of the evening wearing just diapers, two pairs of pantyhose, a t-shirt, and my heels. It felt great!

I didn’t re-do my mental relaxing exercises till late in the evening. I should have done them much earlier. I’m very convinced that the exercises really help me pee easier. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that hard otherwise, but after “conditioning” myself it’s a lot more “automatic.”

I got word yesterday that I’m going to have to have a meeting at my home late Friday afternoon. Which means that the toilets will all have to be unlocked before then. So my plan is to put that huge block of ice with the keys in it outside when I go to work on Thurday to let the sun do the melting. But I don’t plan on unlocking the toilets till Friday morning before I go to work.

If my wife stays another week, then I’ll relock all the toilets as soon as my company leaves on Friday. Otherwise, that will be the end of it – for now. Can you tell that I’m hoping she stays away a while longer? Not that I don’t love and miss my wife – I really do, but I love playing!!!

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