Monday, December 22, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow, what a Christmas season so far. And Christmas isn’t even here yet. I’ve put so many miles on my car, and we’ve had so much company that my wife and I are both worn out.

The plan – so far – is still for my wife to stay with her mother and father for a week after Christmas. So, hopefully, I’ll still get to play (I’m counting the days – desperately). I wish so much that I could get to my stash of stuff so I could have some of it for my drive home next Sunday, but that’s impossible. I wonder if I’ll be able to buy anything along the way to make the long drive more interesting.

I’m seriously thinking of buying myself some boots next week. I love the look of them. I know I’ll be buying a lot of other things too. I think I’d like a denim skirt if I can find one too. And, of course, I’ll need some warmer sweaters or something to wear on top. I can’t wait!

To everyone out there, a very happy holiday.


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Target has some nice boots (that's where I got mine) and if there's a Kohl's near you, see if they have something like the cowl neck sweater I got.

Denim skirts may be a touch more difficult to find this time of year, except perhaps someplace like Gap or Old Navy.

Karen Singer said...

Actually, I'm hoping that a pair of boots I saw on Shoe Carnival's website is still available. They're basic and really cheap, but perfect!