Monday, December 29, 2008


I was “lucky” enough to catch a nice cold for Christmas this year. It’s not a bad one, just one that is very annoying. Anyway, my trip left me with very little sleep over the last few days and I wound up going to bed very early last night. But I woke up around midnight with a blinding headache from sinus pressure. I was forced to take a few aspirins and also an allergy pill to get any relief. The result is that I’m still very mentally unsound this morning.

Not much I can write about today though, but I’ll try. As I said yesterday, I stopped on my way home and got some diapers and diapered myself for the rest of the return trip. Actually, that was the start of me being continuously in diapers till I go pick up my wife again. So since 8:45 yesterday morning, I’ve been in diapers and haven’t used a toilet a single time. My plan is to stay in diapers of one sort or another all the time. I do plan to use the toilet at work this time, but I purchased some pull-up type diapers that I will be wearing at work every day. This is not just so I can say that I was wearing them, it’s mostly so I don’t have to worry about “accidents.”

I listened to my recordings twice yesterday. It’s absolutely amazing to me how much that first one affects me. As soon as it was finished I felt like there was no connection at all between my brain and my bladder. Almost like the whole muscle system there was dead. And I noticed that I was paying less and less attention to every single time I was peeing. I guess my body still remembers the last time I played and is ready for more.

Enough of that.

I’ve had this “yearning” for a pair of boots. And I got them. Not the ones I had wanted, but I got a pair I like just the same. Shoe carnival had lots of boot styles, but only one pair in my size. Wouldn’t you know it, they were the most expensive ones in the store. I bought them anyway. I considered them still cheap enough. And yeah, they fit and I love them. There was a salesman who helped me find and sort through every pair of boots they had. I’m fairly certain he never once even considered that they were for me, but if he did, he didn’t say anything. I don’t know how the shelves of stores in other parts of the country look, but all the stores around here are fairly empty after Christmas now. I guess I was lucky to get a pair at all.

I also stopped at Target (actually before I went to Shoe Carnival). I found a nice black skirt and also a black top to go with it (the boots are black too). The top is probably a size too big, but it’s not bad enough to worry about. I was afraid the skirt wouldn’t fit, but it fits perfectly. It’s a tight skirt and I like that.

Sorry, no pictures yet. I’ve been too “out of it” to even try. Hopefully I can do a photo shoot tonight, but no promises.

I’ll close this by saying that despite, my little cold, you’ll never know how wonderful it felt to get dressed up last night. I was in heaven wearing my boots all over the house. My skirt and new top were so comfortable. It was just great, great, great!

Now I have to get ready to spend the day at work instead of staying nice and femme – ugh!

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Pretty Sissy Dani said...

When you get the pics done, send me one that includes your head (I know the ones posted here won't)...and I'll do you up a killer version of it.