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The Bet - Chapter 22 (Saturday – week 3 Part 4 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 22 (Saturday – week 3 Part 4 of 6)

Chad was never so happy to leave a store as he was after that. As he got back into her car, he prayed that they would go straight home again. But unfortunately, Mel drove off in the wrong direction. He wasn’t very pleased about that. He was less pleased as she pulled into the parking lot of the mall. And since it was Saturday, the parking lot was very full.
Mel had to park a lot further from the mall entrance than she usually liked, but she couldn’t find any parking spaces that were closer. As she and Sissy walked toward the mall entrance, she was very aware of how nervous he seemed to be. “What’s wrong, Sissy?” she asked.
Chad glanced around at all the people in the parking lot. He couldn’t imagine how crowded the place would be inside. “There’s so many people here,” he replied.
“Yeah, it is a bit crowded today,” Mel agreed.
“Do we have to do this today?” Chad asked, looking for a way out.
“Of course. And besides we’re here already. What’s your problem?”
“What’s my problem? The way I’m dressed! Everybody’s staring at me.”
Mel smiled, there was no doubt that everybody was staring at him, especially in his maid’s uniform. And the power of what she was making him do was thrilling her to the core! “Get used to it, Sissy. You’re my maid now.”
“It’s embarrassing!”
“Like I said, get used to it.”
Mel led him through the mall to her favorite department store. As she had done the last time, she lingered a bit looking through the women’s clothes. Chad stood off to the side and mostly tried to stay out of the way, and out of sight. But there were a lot of women in the store and he got looked over by far more women than he was comfortable with - and laughed at a bit too. Chad had thought for a while that Mel was looking for more clothes for him, but he finally realized that she was looking at things for herself instead. Most of what she pulled off the racks appeared to be the type of things she wore to work. That made sense to him. He just wished she could do her shopping alone – without him – especially without him dressed as her damn maid!
Mel was undecided about a few of the items she had picked out. They were nice and would be good for her to wear to work, but really, she didn’t need them. Her main purpose today was to get some things for Sissy. She put the clothes she had picked up back on one of the racks. “Ok, Sissy, let’s move on.” She headed back toward the lingerie department.
Chad followed her further into the store and soon found himself in the department where she had originally bought him the girdle he was wearing now. She had mentioned that he needed more, and he knew she was right. Besides, they did hide his diapers. He was glad to see that this part of the store wasn’t as crowded as the rest of the store.
“May I help you?” Mel glanced up at the sound of the voice to see a saleswoman approaching. But before she could answer, she saw the woman eyeing Chad critically. “I see you’ve taken a few more steps with him since you were here last.”
Mel finally realized that this was the same woman who had waited on them the last time they were here. She supposed that Chad really would be hard to forget. She smiled at the woman. “Yes, he’s starting to come along nicely now.”
The saleswoman smiled broadly at Chad. “Yes, he certainly appears to have changed a lot. What can I help you with today?”
“We need more of those all-in-one girdles like we got last time,” Mel replied.
“Certainly,” the woman replied as she led the way to the drawers along the back wall again.
“This time we’re going to have to go with something in a C cup for him,” Mel told her before she opened any of the drawers. And I think he’s lost a bit of weight so the girdle he’s wearing now is probably too big for him.
The woman looked Chad over carefully once again and nodded, then opened up several of the drawers and began pulling out foundation garments for Mel to look though.
Chad stood off to the side and again tried to stay quiet and out of the way. He watched as Mel seemed to be holding more and more of the girdles in her arms. Some of them were white and some of them more of a beige color. Finally, she selected four of the white and three of the beige and the saleswoman put the rest of them away and closed the drawer again.
“Do you have any corsets here?” Mel asked next.
The woman shook her head. “No, Ma’am. They’re really more of a specialty item. We don’t have much of a call for them. But we do have a few waist cinchers, if you’re interested.”
Mel smiled. She really wanted the corset for him, but she supposed a waist cincher might be a suitable substitute – for now. “Yes, please. Let’s see what you’ve got.”
Chad followed at a distance as the saleswoman led them just a short distance away. He remained quietly in the background as Mel and the saleswoman looked at each of the waist cinchers and discussed them. A waist cincher! As if the girdle he was wearing now wasn’t bad enough! And Mel was buying him more of the girdles – in a smaller size. What did he need a waist cincher for? And yet, the concept of it was again adding to his never-ending sexual thrill. Damn he needed some relief! As he watched Mel holding up one of the items, he could just imagine having to wear that tight little corset around his middle. What would it do for his “girlish” figure? And now with the better breasts? Damn! Damn! Damn! He needed relief, and he needed it badly!
All of a sudden, Mel turned to him. “Here, take these,” she said as she handed him the armload of girdles she had been carrying.
Chad took the girdles and watched as Mel turned back to discussing the waist cinchers with the woman. He looked down at what he had in his arms. They were all just like what he already had except for the color of a few of them. So many. Enough for an entire week! But since he was wearing them constantly and they really did help hide his diapered state, he supposed he needed them. They were really practical despite how uncomfortable they were. Uncomfortable? Yeah, they were miserable. And the new batch he was holding in his arms were all in an even smaller size. How much more uncomfortable would these be? He looked at Mel, she was adding yet another waist cincher to the collection she seemed to suddenly be holding. And how uncomfortable would a waist cincher be? He had a feeling he would soon be finding out.
“Right this way,” the saleswoman said, breaking Chad out of his thoughts. Once again he followed the two women through the aisles of lingerie till they came to the bra section. Mel turned around and handed him the pile of waist cinchers she had in her arms. As she did so, she smiled wickedly at him. His stupid chastity device suddenly started tingling again. Damn!
Mel wandered around the racks of bras, looking through them carefully. As Chad stood where he was, he let his gaze wander casually at the bras too – trying not to look like he was so interested. So many styles, how would a woman know what to choose? He felt the weight of his new breasts. It was a good thing that Mel was doing the looking for him, he wouldn’t have a clue as to what to buy. But it was fun and interesting to stand there and look at them all. He just didn’t want to look like he was that interested.
“Sissy,” Mel called from way down the aisle. “Come and look at these.”
As Chad walked closer, he was very aware of the increased stinging sensation from the tiny teeth of his chastity device – locked inside of his hot wet diapers. Damn! “Yes, Mistress,” he said as he stopped next to her.
Mel was standing in front of some surprisingly plain looking bras. The cups of all of them were protruding largely, as if they were all made from some type of plastic instead of the soft material they actually were. “What colors do you like?” she asked.
Colors? He didn’t have a clue. “What difference does it make?” he asked.
Mel looked at him very surprised. “What do you mean what difference?”
“Well, they’re going to be covered by whatever I’m wearing anyway. Nobody is ever going to see them – I hope.”
Mel smiled. “Probably not. But that’s not the point. I can see we have a lot to teach you about things. But that’s for later. Now, is there anything here that particularly appeals to you?”
Chad’s eyes went wide. Was she asking him to pick some out? He glanced all around him. “You mean out of all of these?”
“Well, if you like, you can certainly buy any of them that you want. But I kind of thought that these might be best for your particular needs right now.”
Oh! That sounded a bit safer. He felt a bit of relief. He looked again at the bras on the rack in front of her. “I don’t know,” he finally said. “I guess the white would be the best.”
Mel nodded. She reached out and pulled two of the white ones off the rack and added them to the pile of things Chad was holding. But she didn’t move on. Instead she kept staring at the bras on the rack. Finally she pulled a pink one out, followed by a black one and handed them to Chad too. Chad’s arms felt overloaded as Mel began wandering around the racks of bras again. Finally she chose three more in totally different styles and added them to the pile that was filling Chad’s arms. As she did so, she suddenly smiled and seemed more animated. “There, I think that should do it for now. Ok, Sissy. Go pay for your things.”
“Me?” he asked completely surprised.
“Of course. They’re your clothes now. I’m not going to be paying for all your new things. That’s part of your responsibility.”
Chad was still in a bit of shock as he followed the saleswoman to the cash register and watched as she rung up item after item. He was dismayed to see the total price going up and up. He had plenty of money in the bank, that wasn’t an issue. But when the price went higher than the amount of money he had in cash, he opened his purse and had to pull out his credit card.
Mel was standing next to Chad when he reached into his purse. She was shocked to see him pulling his old male wallet out and struggling to get the credit card out of it. “That thing has got to go!” she said to him as the saleswoman finished ringing up his purchases. Chad didn’t even look at Mel. He realized that his old wallet was probably the last male thing that he still carried around with him anymore. He stared at it and clutched it tighter in his hands. He knew without a doubt that he wouldn’t be able to see or touch it for much longer. Like everything else from his male life, it too would soon be gone.
When the saleswoman handed him the credit card receipt to sign, he struggled around his super long nails to sign it. Then he put his credit card back into his wallet again, holding the wallet longer and tighter for a moment than he usually did. The last piece. Maybe Mel would let him keep it where he could at least see and touch it once in a while. Regretfully, he put his wallet back into his purse and closed it up.
The saleswoman handed him a very big bag to carry with a very broad smile. “Have a nice day,” she said.

Mel didn’t even leave the department store. She headed directly for the counters of women’s wallets instead. As soon as Chad saw them, he felt like something was beginning to be ripped out of him again. “Find one,” Mel said as she stood back and watched.
Chad looked at them all. So many styles. So many colors. He wasn’t very happy about doing it. But he picked up a few and opened them to see what each one offered. Size wasn’t really that much of an issue since he had plenty of room in his purse, but he did find the different layout’s inside of each one to be of interest. What would work the easiest – especially with his stupidly long nails? Not wanting to take too much time. He quickly selected one that he realized later was a close color match to his purse. He held it up for Mel to see and approve, but she wasn’t interested in looking through it. “It’s your wallet. You have to use it,” she said.
He endured having yet another saleswoman look him over all too closely and interestedly as he paid for his new wallet – this time in cash.
Chad was very relieved when Mel headed home after that. But once back in her apartment, she made him take everything out of his old wallet and transfer it to his new one. She took his old wallet away to put somewhere where he wouldn’t get to see it. The last piece. A tiny, simple, insignificant piece. Why did it feel so major?
He was still staring forlornly at her bedroom door when she came back out again. “Isn’t there things you need to be doing?” she asked.
Her question broke him out of his thoughts. “Yes, Mistress,” he replied quickly. He hadn’t worn pants in two days now. “May I get started on my laundry now?” he asked.
“Do mine first,” Mel replied. “Then you can do your own.”
“Yes, Mistress,” he replied, this time remembering to curtsey as he said it. He wasn’t at all happy about doing her laundry first. Whenever that happened lately, he didn’t get time to do his own. But at least there was very little of hers to do. As Mel headed for her desk to get some work done, he got started on her laundry. While her things were in the washer, he started sorting his things that had been in her clothes hamper. He had more back at his apartment that needed to be done. He walked over to where Mel was working with her laptop in one of the comfortable chairs in her living room. She had papers strewn all around her. “Excuse me, Mistress,” he said to get her attention. She looked up at him. “I need to get the rest…”
But just then there was a knock at her door. The expression on Mel’s face changed ever so slightly. “Well, aren’t you going to get that?” she asked quickly.
“Yes, Mistress,” he answered dropping another quick curtsey. He hurried to the door, praying that it would be someone he knew. He was relieved to see Sandy and Cassie at the door.
“Hi Sissy,” Sandy said as he let them inside.
He dropped a curtsey and greeted each of them separately.
“Hi girls,” Mel said as she walked around her furniture to the door. “Sorry I didn’t call yet, Sandy. We just got home.”
“Yeah, we just got back too,” Sandy replied. “We saw your car was back again and thought we’d come over. This isn’t a bad time, is it?”
“No, it’s fine,” Mel replied. She looked menacingly over at Sissy. “You were working weren’t you?”
“Yes, Mistress,” he replied with his usual curtsey, “but I need to get the rest of the laundry from my apartment.”
“Don’t tell me about it, just do it, and do it quickly.”
“Yes, Mistress,” Chad said once again with yet another quick curtsey. He grabbed his keys out of his purse and headed quickly out the door.
“Sandy told me you got breast forms for him,” Cassie said as soon as the door closed behind him. “I have to say, they make a difference.”
“Don’t they?” Mel replied. “I should have gotten them long ago.”
“How about the perch?” Sandy asked with a small giggle. “Has he tried it yet?”
Mel smiled. “He hasn’t even seen it yet. We really did just get back. I’m saving it for him to discover later.” She put a mischievous smile on her face. “Want to see what I’ve got waiting for him in my closet?”
“Sure,” Cassie and Sandy replied together.
They followed Mel back into her bedroom where she opened her closet door and wrestled the new costume out that had arrived the day before.
“Oh, it’s adorable!” Cassie declared.
Mel handed the dress to Cassie and went back into her closet. “These came with it,” Mel said as she held up the shoes and socks that had come in the same box.
Sandy squealed with delight. “Oh, I love them! I can’t wait to see him in them. Are you going to have him wear them tonight?”
Mel shook her head. “I was thinking about it, but I think I’d rather hold these till tomorrow. I have a few other things I need to do with him later that I don’t want to wait with.”
“Like what?” Cassie asked as Mel took the dress back from her and forced it into her closet once again.
Mel found the box that had held his breast forms and set it on her bed. She removed the lid and pulled out the can of spray glue. She handed it to Cassie.
Cassie read the label carefully then looked up questioningly at Mel. “Glue?”
Mel smiled again. “For his breast forms. I don’t know how well it works, but supposedly you need some kind of solvent to remove them after they’re on.”
“Do you have any?” Sandy asked.
“Not yet. I still have to find some.”
“So you’re going to glue them on him?”
Mel nodded. “Yeah. I think he’d love that. Don’t you?”
Sandy and Cassie both giggled. “I wonder how well this stuff really works?” Cassie said.
“I don’t know,” Mel replied. “But since it just sprays on, I don’t think it’s going to be very good at all. Still, I’m hoping it proves interesting for him.”
“I should think it would!” Sandy stated.
Mel put the glue back into the box and put the box away again where Chad wouldn’t see it.
“When are you going to do it?” Cassie asked.
“I don’t know. Later I guess.”
“Why not now?” Sandy suggested. “We could help.”
Mel looked at the two lesbians in front of her. They had both been very helpful to her so far. She finally smiled. “Why not? We just got back from buying him a bunch of new girdles and bras too. I think I want him in a regular bra for a while to help hold them in place.”
“That sounds like a good idea,” Cassie said.
“Probably practical too,” Sandy agreed.

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