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The Bet - Chapter 22 (Saturday – week 3 Part 6 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 22 (Saturday – week 3 Part 6 of 6)

Later that evening, Chad made dinner for Mel, then had to stand on the bar in his corner while she ate. After dinner he was actually relieved to get to sit in the highchair and eat his own dinner, even if she did make him wear the bib and eat with his fingers. He was just grateful by then to get off of his feet.
While he was cleaning up the kitchen later though, Mel was busy in the bedroom. And as soon as the kitchen was spotless once again, she practically dragged him into the bedroom behind her.
Once again, Chad saw her bed heavily protected by layers of different things. But this time, Mel seemed to be all over him as she helped him undress completely down to just his diapers and bra. With each item of clothing she removed, Mel seemed to be getting more and more excited, breathing heavier and heavier. He realized what was about to come next, but had been surprised because she usually did this in the living room.
He wasn’t surprised when she brought out one of her scarves and tied it tightly around his eyes. Wrapping it several times around and making sure it was very secure. She tugged on it a few times in different directions to make sure that it couldn’t possibly come loose. Chad automatically reached for it as soon as she was done, but she slapped his hand back down. “Don’t you dare touch that,” she warned, “or I’ll tie your hands again!”
Chad was very surprised, she wasn’t tying his hands? But he chalked that up as a small miracle. He heard her moving around near him, probably undressing, but he was totally surprised to suddenly hear the commanding tone of her voice. “Hold your arms out to the side a bit,” she ordered. He dutifully did as he was told, although he had no idea why.
Mel watched him standing in the middle of her bedroom, clad in only his diapers and bra. She felt the thrill of power run through her when she told him to hold his arms out. Holding his arms out let her see his body better. And it seemed to make his diapered state all that much more apparent.
She didn’t know why, she no longer even tried to reason it out, but she still couldn’t commit herself to being seen naked by him. But sex with him, in her own way, was driving her on. The power she held over him was again thrilling her to the core. She had another idea, perhaps inspired by his new perch out in the living room. “Stand on your toes,” she commanded. She thrilled as she watched him standing on his toes now, his arms seeming to rise up a little higher too.
She finished taking her top off and wandered back over next to him. She walked around him and giggled a bit. She leaned in close to his ear. “Like a little ballerina,” she said. Even with the scarf wrapped around his head she could see the small shudder as it raced through him. She giggled again as she went back to removing her clothes. “Just stand there like that, my little sissy ballerina.”
She removed her bra and panties, so that she was totally naked, but she was still watching him, still enjoying the amazing sight of him. Still enjoying – the power! “Dance for me sissy ballerina, dance. And make sure you stay on your pretty toes – like a good sissy ballerina should.”
Chad couldn’t believe it. His toes were starting to ache and his arms were getting tired. Not really knowing what to do, he started taking tiny quick steps on his toes and spinning around in a slow circle. He moved his arms this way and that. He got bolder and took bigger steps, still on his toes. He heard Mel giggling at him. He supposed he would giggle too if he were in her place. He couldn’t imagine how ridiculous he must look. And when his feet faltered and he accidently dropped down from his toes, he expected her to yell, but she didn’t say a word. Instead he heard her humming some kind of melody that he had never heard before. He tried to dance to it.
The blindfold around his eyes hampered him somewhat and he had to be careful because he could easily lose his balance, but he still did his best. But the blindfold prevented him from seeing what was around him, and in one of his movements, his arm accidentally slammed against the post at the foot of her bed with a fairly loud bang. “Damn!” he exclaimed as he dropped down off of his toes and grabbed his arm. He shook it and flexed his hand.
“Are you ok?” she asked. There was nothing but concern in her voice.
“Yeah,” he agreed. “It just hurt a bit.”
He heard her giggle again. “Come up here on the bed with me now,” she said.
Chad carefully climbed up onto the bed. Once there, he kneeled where he was, waiting for further instructions. He couldn’t see her, but he knew she was on the bed there with him. Somewhere.
“Come over here and lay next to me,” her soft voice told him.
He carefully moved forward till his hand contacted her body, he left his hand there for a moment, feeling her. Then he carefully laid down on his side. He was more surprised when she seemed to scoot her body even closer to him.
“Make love to me,” she whispered. “Make love to me and please me as best you can.” A small quiver seemed to enter her voice. “I need to feel you doing everything you can to love me tonight.”
They were words that Chad had only dreamed he would ever hear from her. Yet the moment he realized what she was saying, he also remembered the little chastity device that was locked onto him – along with all the wet diapers he was wearing and his plastic panties. He couldn’t make love to her the way he wanted to, and he knew that she knew that. Yet despite his situation, he still wanted to touch her, to feel her, and to dream about what it was he couldn’t ever have.
He put his arm around her and held her tightly for a moment. The feel of his new breasts pressing between them felt odd to him, yet oddly erotic. He raised himself up and found her waiting lips. His kiss was filled with not only passion, but with his huge sexual need. A need so great that his body was crying inside for the relief he desperately wanted.
As he wrapped his arms and legs around her, pulling her tighter to him, moving his bare skin up and down, all around, over her bare skin, the sexual want in him rose to a completely new level. He wanted to thrust his aching cock into her so badly, yet all he could do was to think about such an act. She had totally denied him that privilege.
He felt her writhing under his touch. He slid down her body and grabbed the nipple of one of her breasts in his mouth. It wasn’t really like sucking on a bottle or his pacifier, yet he sucked hard. He felt her arching her back and heard her moan with delight. As he sucked on one breast, he massaged the other one. He heard her whimper a bit, then more, then more still.

Mel was all need. His attentions were amazing. She was feeling things she never felt before. She wanted to feel him inside of her, yet she gained even more pleasure from the power of knowing how denied he was. She needed more suddenly. She needed release. She pushed down on his shoulders, pushing his head down toward her waiting sex. She spread her legs wider and wider in anticipation. And then she felt him there. His free hands were pressing against her hips, moving up and down her sides as she felt the first tiny lick from his wonderful tongue. She wanted to cry out in ecstasy, but her muscles were too locked up under the strain of waiting for the release she yearned for. She grabbed his hair as she felt his tongue searching further and further inside of her. And then the waves of pleasure began to hit her. And when his hands made their way underneath her bottom, pressing her even tighter into him as he worked on her, her cries of pleasure could no longer be contained. She screamed with wonderful abandon.

A little while later, Chad found himself still blindfolded, but laying by himself on her bed. His face was wet with her sex. He had loved feeling her, every bit of her. It had been nice to have his hands free for once, to touch and feel her like he had never been able to do before. Yet the one part of him that longed to touch her the most was unfortunately locked away where even he couldn’t touch it. He could get no pleasure at all except the feel of her body against his. Denied. Totally denied.
He dreamed about what her body must look like. The body that he had not only touched with his hands, but now with the rest of his body too. He knew she was beautiful. He knew that she was well built. If only he wasn’t the perverted sissy that he was. If only… if only! He supposed that being the kind of person he was, he didn’t deserve to actually see her. Another small reminder of what he was… nothing but a sissy! And a sissy baby at that! Completely unworthy.

He heard her coming back again, and suddenly a wet washcloth was cleaning his face. It felt good in ways that he couldn’t describe. He was surprised when a minute later she grabbed his arm and tied it to her bed. Then his other arm, leaving him helpless once again… helpless in additional ways to the one big helplessness of his sexual need.
He felt her pulling his plastic panties down, then he felt her removing his diaper. He felt a cloth diaper quickly being put over top of his chastity device. “That’s just incase you have to wet,” she whispered. “But either way, I’ve got the bed well protected, so don’t you worry about it.”
A few minutes later, Chad felt her removing his chastity device, completely. The cool air became even cooler as she carefully cleaned him with her washcloth. Then he felt the drag of her razor as she made sure there were no hairs anywhere around. The soft diaper was placed over him again and he was left alone, waiting, helpless.
Mel carried his device out to the kitchen and cleaned it thoroughly. He had been great again. Not only great, better than ever. She wondered again why she was so reluctant to stand naked in front of him. It bothered her, yet it didn’t bother her as much as it did before. She thought again about the feel of his arms and legs as they wrapped themselves around her, as if to try to pull her completely into his own body. She realized her sex was becoming wet again from thinking about it. If she didn’t stop this line of thought she’d have to change her panties! Yet she couldn’t help it. She had loved the way he had made love to her… and at the same time, she had loved the fact that he couldn’t completely make love to her.
She carried his now clean device back to the bedroom and began putting it on him once again. This time, she made one minor, or maybe not so minor change. Instead of putting the same points of intrigue teeth into the device again, she pulled the biggest ones out of her nightstand and put them into it instead. As she pressed them into place, she saw him suddenly stiffen as they bit slightly into him. She giggled.

Chad made no protest at all, not even mentally when he felt her wrapping the base of the chastity device around him once again. He was completely expecting that, but then, suddenly the little teeth that she added to the device felt different when she pressed them into place. They felt a lot different. They were suddenly bigger and sharper. “What…” he started to say.
“Shhh!” she whispered, silencing him. “Let me finish.” He made no more protest as she continued to reassemble the device onto him, completely encasing the penis he longed to touch. And then with a very satisfying click, she lock it shut. The click of the lock was satisfying to her, but she saw him shake his head slightly in frustration.
She ran her hands tenderly over his body, then up and down his legs. She kissed his hairless chest, then she moved up and kissed him tenderly on the lips. He arched his head up to meet her, wanting the kiss as much as she did. As he laid back down again, she lightly kissed the top of his head.
She untied his hands. She whispered gently into his ear, “Roll over and get on your knees.”
Still blindfolded, Chad turned over and got onto all fours on top of her bed. He hoped he knew what was coming next. He wasn’t the least disappointed when he felt her start to rub the baby lotion all over his backside. After his frustrated love-making session a short while ago, the attention of her hands felt incredibly good. He felt her climbing up on the bed with him, then one hand rubbing his back and chest while the other hand kept working around his backside. Then her hands were gone – both of them. He wanted more, he needed more.
The feel of it was sudden, slightly cold, and definitely hard – and he arched his back and rocked backwards as she suddenly placed the tip of her vibrator up against his anus. But only the barest tip of the device went into him before she pulled it completely away again.
Mel smiled to herself as she saw him trying to move the vibrator into himself. She quickly lubed it completely with the baby lotion before she started to put it back up against him again. She put her hand on his back, then ever so slowly and gently, she brought the tip of it up against his little hole. She saw his body shudder the moment contact was made. She held it in place and ever so slowly, he began pushing himself back towards it again, trying to get more and more of it into him. And as he pushed towards her, she pushed it ever so slightly back towards him too.
Chad felt it finally going into him. He didn’t know why he liked it, he cared, but at the same time he didn’t care. It simply felt too good in his sexually repressed state. Within moments he was rocking himself back and forth against the device, forcing it to move back and forth within him. He felt her free hand start to rub his back, then move under him to rub his chest and stomach just below the bra he was wearing. He rocked faster, then faster still. But as good as it felt, there was no stimulation to the one place where he needed it the most – his all too flaccid cock. He felt the teeth from his restraint beginning to bite into him. The teeth felt different, far worse than ever before, he screamed in rage at the added pain and despite his need and continued rocking, tried to will himself to get smaller again. It worked, but only slightly. His need was still so great that he couldn’t stop rocking, despite not being able to climax.
And then he felt the faint urge to pee building within him. Peeing felt good, incredibly good. He willed himself to pee as he once again rocked faster and faster, harder and harder. The pee rushed out of him, soaking the protective towels she had placed under him, but even that sensation, as good as it felt, wasn’t enough to bring him the relief he needed so desperately. In total frustration, he collapsed his arms, letting his head drop straight down into the bed where he cried into the pee soaked towels that were under him.
Mel watched him humping himself, still not believing what she was seeing. And when she saw him peeing in the middle of it, she thrilled even more. To her, it was more proof of his total lack of control. And when he finally collapsed and started crying, she finally removed her vibrator from his backside. She put her arm around him and kissed his naked back. “Shhh,” she whispered lovingly into his ear. “Shhh.”
She rolled him onto his side, away from the soaked towels and pulled them off the bed. Then she rolled him all the way over onto his back. She had slipped her robe on earlier before she cleaned his device, but now she cinched the tie at her waist a bit tighter before she removed his blindfold. He had been crying. He was still crying a bit. She wiped his face and the tears that were on it, then she diapered him heavily again for the night.
Then, one more time, she kissed his lips, but this time, he didn’t kiss back. She stood back up, disappointed. But the truth was, she couldn’t blame him. He probably hated her guts. She couldn’t blame him for that either.
Chad had never felt so sorry for himself as he did just then. His entire life was one big stimulation on top of other big stimulations. All of it adding to his over-stimulated, over-repressed sexual needs. And he had no way to get the least bit of relief.
Almost in a daze, he let Mel hand him his things to carry home. Then she led him, clad in only his diapers, plastic panties, and bra, back to his apartment where she dressed him in his baby-doll nighty and put him to bed. She brought him two more baby bottles to drink before he could fall asleep. He never said a word to her the whole time. And when she kissed his forehead goodnight, he never once looked at her or even acknowledged her kiss. He simply felt that sorry for himself.
The cool liquid from the baby bottle that he drank felt good against his throat. The nipple in his mouth felt comfortable and soothing to suck on. He didn’t even blink as Mel turned out the light, he only stared straight up at the blank ceiling above him. Blank like him. Blank like his feelings of self-worth. Blank like his entire soul.

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