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The Bet - Chapter 23 (Sunday – week 4 Part 1 of 3)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 23 (Sunday – week 4 Part 1 of 3)

Her dreams were different this time. In a way, far more serious than they had ever been before – not that she would remember any of them though. She had dreamed many times before of love, but this time it was different. This time, in her dreams, she was in the arms of the man she loved. At least she loved him. And that was why she felt so distressed in her dreams, because she knew that the one she loved didn’t return her affection.
In her dream, she writhed, over and over again, in wild turgid love sessions with her man. Yet through it all, she was aware of the coldness of his heart. She tried over and over again to show him her love – yet he still distained her. His total distain causing her to try harder and harder to win him. Yet her efforts earned her nothing but heartache.
Later in the night, her dreams became nothing but a quest for the unobtainable – the unobtainable love she yearned to feel from the man. And maybe because it was unobtainable, she was fixated on it. She had to have it. There was no way around it. She loved him desperately. She would do anything in the world for him, just to feel him loving her in return. But dream after dream ended badly, till she could take it no more.
She awoke and looked at her clock. It was a bit earlier than she wanted it to be, but not by that much. She still felt the emotions from some of her last dream slightly lingering within her. Coffee. She must need coffee. By the time she had slipped out of bed, and slipped into her robe, she had forgotten even the last lingering emotions from her dreams. Fortunately.
As she stood in front of her coffee maker and smelled the aroma of fresh coffee dripping down into the pot, she breathed in deeply and started to feel much happier. She thought about the way Sissy had made love to her the night before. It had been great – better than great – it had been fabulous! Hopefully, tonight, she would do it again with him.
But then she remembered his seeming distain of her when she had kissed him after what she had done to him. In a way, she understood it, yet in a way she couldn’t. Wasn’t everything she was doing to him part of his own demented fantasies? Why couldn’t he appreciate that? Why couldn’t he seem to appreciate anything she was doing for him? Why, why, why?
Or did he appreciate it and just didn’t show it? He had been cold during her final kiss last night – yet he hadn’t been… before. She supposed she understood why he had been so cold, yet she was very surprised that she felt hurt by it. She hadn’t even realized she felt hurt till just then. Why? Why should she care? There was no good reason for it.
She pulled a clean mug out of her cabinet and poured herself a cup of the freshly made coffee. She took a small sip. Mmmm. She closed her eyes for a moment and took another big breath. She took a bigger sip of coffee and immediately felt better. It was the coffee, nothing more. She had just needed her morning cup. She smiled as she headed out to her living room to sit in one of her big comfortable chairs… and dream about Sissy making love to her.

Strange and unfamiliar pressures bothered him, even in his sleep. He had so few comfortable ways to lay in bed, now he seemed to have even less. Fortunately, he was used to not laying on his stomach anymore because the damn chastity device she had locked onto him was too uncomfortable to lay on that way. Yet the bra he was wearing now and the breast forms inside of it were new and different… and they bothered him.
He woke up, but didn’t open his eyes. Instead, his brain was fixated on all the different sensations his entire body was feeling. The newest sensation of course was the bra and the pressure from the breast forms. He still couldn’t believe he was wearing them – even to bed. The bra felt like it was irritating his skin wherever it touched him. He couldn’t wait to get it off and take a shower. The breast forms in it were heavy too and he was tired of the constant pressure. He couldn’t wait to remove them with the bra. He wanted nothing more than to scratch his chest under it all. It would feel so good!
His pacifier was in his mouth again. He barely remembered grabbing it last night after he had finished his last bottle. He was sucking on it without really realizing he was doing it. He had barely even registered that the thing was in his mouth. Yet it felt good and comforting to have it there.
He wanted so much to make a fist with his hands, even a light one, but the nails on his fingers were so long he couldn’t even come close. He constantly felt his long nails dragging against his covers, getting in his way, even while he was sleeping. Basically, they were just irritating and a nuisance. He wished desperately that he could get rid of them. They forced him to keep moving his hands in ways he’d rather not. Ways he wasn’t used to. Ways that he knew for sure were all too feminine.
Below the bra, further down, forcing his legs to remain splayed apart, were his diapers – a huge, thick, massive ball now because he had again wet and messed himself heavily during the night. It still troubled him that he had slept soundly through it all and didn’t remember doing anything at all in them. Yet he now loved the way the huge diaper mass felt as it surrounded him and encased him. The huge bulk of his diapers was warm and very wet inside… and comforting… and stimulating.
He felt the pricks again from the new wicked teeth she had mounted in his chastity device last night. Teeth that were far worse than what had been there before. He had been surprised last night before he fell asleep how often he felt those teeth. They seemed to start hurting him long before the previous ones did anything at all. If he didn’t stay absolutely calm and even less stimulated than normal, they dug into him. Even in his normal un-stimulated state, they seemed to hurt him. His only refuge from the pain seemed to be in becoming smaller than he normally was. Smaller even than in his everyday un-stimulated state. He had no idea how he could stay that way, but the darn teeth were certainly making him try – already. It was very frustrating… well, another very frustrating thing to add to his long list of other frustrations.
The growing irritation from the teeth made him open his eyes and get up from his blow-up mattress. He had to get his mind on other things and away from anything that might sexually stimulate him. Yet everything in his entire world stimulated him now. There would be no winning. How could he stop the pain?
His pink alarm clock suddenly began blaring loud music and he quickly reached over to turn it off. Another day. Another damn day. Another day for Mel to humiliate and hurt him more than she already had. He was sick of it and wasn’t looking forward to it. Why had he entered into this damn bet in the first place?
He forced his legs to waddle his body out to the kitchen to read whatever note she had left there. He saw the cookbook on his counter before he saw the note. That figured. It was Sunday… grocery shopping day. Ugh!


First bottle.
Get cleaned up and into a fresh uniform – I will inspect as usual.
Wear a bra and one of your waist cinchers but no girdle.
Try to get the breast forms where they belong!
Second bottle.
Go get breakfast on your own.
Put together your grocery list – Cassie and Sandy will be having dinner with us tonight!
Third bottle
Be here at ten o’clock sharp!

He grunted softly. Wear a bra and a damn waist cincher. He well remembered how tight the thing had been the night before. Still a bit wooly headed, he opened his refrigerator and pulled out a baby bottle. The refrigerator that had been so empty yesterday seemed to be all too full of the bottles now. Not really caring, he grabbed the cookbook from his counter as he went past and sat in the only chair he owned. He pulled the pacifier out of his mouth and replaced it with the nipple from the bottle. The cool liquid going down his throat felt wet and refreshing. The wetness reminded him of how nice and wet his diapers felt… which stimulated his overly suppressed sexual need slightly… which in turn made his chastity device quickly start hurting again. Damn!
To get his mind off of the pain where he didn’t want any pain, he got up and found a pen and some paper to write his grocery list on. He sat back in his chair with his bottle and opened the cookbook. He flipped a few pages with his super long red nails, a task that strangely the nails seemed to be well suited for. He read through one of the recipes and awkwardly picked up the pen and paper and started writing down some of the ingredients he would need to make the dish. A lot of ingredients it seemed. No matter, Mel would be paying for them anyway. Who would have ever thought that diet cooking could be so interesting?
By the time he was done with his grocery list, his bottle was long finished. He looked over the list. It was a long one. It surprised him how quickly he was getting a lot better at writing with a pen with his long fingernails. It was all just a matter of how you held the pen… and of course getting used to holding it that way while you were writing.
He got up and put the empty bottle onto his kitchen counter along with his list and the cookbook. He picked up his pacifier and put it back into his mouth. Then he headed for his bedroom, not wanting to wait any longer to get the uncomfortable bra off of his chest!
He had less trouble than he thought unfastening the bra behind him. Maybe he was getting used to the long nails now. He really wasn’t sure about that though and mostly doubted it. Very slowly, because of the breast forms the darn thing was holding up, he pulled the bra away from his body, leaning forward slightly so the breast forms would stay in the bra cups as they came off of him. But the forms didn’t come off with the bra, they stayed right where they were on his chest. Startled a bit, he bumped one of them slightly with his arm, expecting it to pop off and land in the bra he was still holding under it. But it didn’t pop off.
He stood up straight and threw the bra onto the floor. He grabbed one of the forms. The moment he touched it, he realized that it was stuck to him fairly firmly. He grabbed it as well as the nails on his hands would allow him to, and he pulled. Then he pulled harder. Then he let go entirely as shock ran through his whole body. He grabbed the other breast form with both hands and tried to pull it off, but it too wouldn’t budge. Not a bit.
Panicking now, he began digging at the edges with his long nails. At last he had found something his nails should be really good for. But he couldn’t find any place around any of the edges that would let even the tips of his nails to get under. He stood there in shock, his body shaking from the realization. He couldn’t get the damn things off!
He didn’t know what to do. In desperation he ran for his phone and called Mel.

Mel was just about to get into her shower when she heard her phone ring. Shit! Wasn’t that always the case? She just hoped it wasn’t another emergency from work. She wasn’t really in the mood just then to run out to get somebody out of jail.
Stark naked, she picked up her phone. “Hello?”
“Mmss, ow kap paa eaa awww!”
It was Sissy’s voice she heard. She also heard how panicked he was, but she couldn’t understand anything he was saying. “Sissy? Is that you? What’s wrong?” But again she couldn’t really understand much more than she had the first time. “Sissy, are you trying to talk with your pacifier in your mouth?”
Chad was startled. He was still panicked, but he at last had the sense to remove the pacifier that had mumbled his desperate words beyond Mel’s ability to understand them. “Mistress,” he began again. “I can’t get them off… They’re stuck!”
“What are you talking about?” Mel asked, glad that she could finally make some sense form his words.
“The breast forms. They’re stuck. I can’t remove them!”
Mel blinked in surprise. Then she blinked again. They were stuck? The glue had worked? It certainly hadn’t seemed like it would hold last night. “Really?” she asked, still not believing it.
“Really?” Chad echoed in disbelief. “They’re stuck!” he shouted angrily into the phone. “I can’t budge them!”
Mel giggled. This she really had to see. “Ok,” she said, “calm down. I’ll be there in a minute.” She hung up her phone and giggled again. They were stuck on him and she guessed that he couldn’t them off. She giggled once again as she ran for her robe and wrapped it around her.

Chad opened his door carefully the moment Mel knocked, looking around the edge as he opened it to make sure it was Mel who had knocked. He also kept his body hidden behind the door till she was all the way in. Then he closed it tightly. “I can’t get them off!” he hissed angrily the moment the door was firmly shut. “Look at this.” He pulled on one of them with both hands. The breast form seemed to elongate as it stretched a bit, but it stayed firmly stuck to his chest.
Wide-eyed with disbelief, Mel put her hand over her mouth and laughed. Then she reached out with her own hands and grabbed them, pulling down on them a bit. She could see the skin around the forms pulling out just a bit and Chad was trying to pull back at the same time, but obviously, the forms were stuck on him but good. She giggled once again. “It worked!”
“What do you mean it worked?” he demanded angrily. He was now getting angry just because Mel seemed to be enjoying his predicament so much.
“The glue,” she replied. “It’s holding.”
“Yeah. Too damn well!” He pulled once again at the breast forms that were all too well stuck to his chest, but again it did no good.
“How do I get them off?” he demanded.
She giggled again. “You don’t.”
She was openly laughing now. “At least not without something to dissolve the glue first. You’re supposed to use some kind of solvent.”
“What solvent? Do you have any?”
“No,” she said as more laughter escaped her lips.
He stared at her. Damn the woman. She was really enjoying this. Damn! Damn! Damn! “So what am I supposed to do?” he demanded.
“Wear them,” she replied as more laughter escaped her lips.
Chad threw his arms up in the air in exasperation. The damn woman was loving this! He angrily waddled past her and back into his bedroom.
Mel followed after him, enjoying the sight of him too much. His diapers were so full she couldn’t believe it. Not just full, they were huge. She stood leaning against his bedroom door jam, watching him as he tried to get one of his fingernails underneath one of the forms, but obviously, he couldn’t even do that much. She let out still another giggle.
“It’s not funny,” he said angrily.
“No? I think it is,” she said as still more laughter came out. “It looks like you’re going to have to live with those things now – just like any other woman.”
The look he gave her was mean and angry. Yet she laughed at him again. “Awww,” she cooed, “is the poor little baby feeling like even less of a man?”
Once again he threw his arms up in complete exasperation. Damn the woman! He suddenly grabbed the front of his diaper as the teeth inside of his chastity device bit cruelly into his very tender flesh.
“Aw, what’s the matter baby?” she asked as she saw him dancing a bit around the room in pain. She knew very well what that something was, but she was just enjoying herself too much now.
“Did you have to put those new teeth into that thing? They hurt! They never stop hurting!”
“Good,” she replied mischievously. “I guess now you’re going to have to stay even softer and smaller than before.” She broke out laughing loudly once again. “Which should go very well with your new breasts.” Mel doubled over in laughter at her own joke. “Tell me something, am I doing a good job yet of destroying your masculinity?” Once again, she went back to her doubled over laughter.
Chad wanted to punch the walls in frustration, but of course he could no longer make a fist. Instead, he was forced to bend over and grab the front of his all too wet diapers as the pain from his chastity device instantly doubled. He cursed loudly as he danced a few steps and tried to calm the pain. The darn woman was crazy. Certifiably crazy! He finally shook his head and turned away from her so he wouldn’t have to see her laughing anymore. What was he going to do? In frustration, he reached out again with both hands and pulled on both breasts, but as usual, they weren’t going anywhere. He sighed in total disappointment. He was going to have to live with the darn things for a while… like it or not.
“I have to get a shower now,” he said with more than an ounce of annoyance, wanting her to leave.
“Don’t let me stop you,” she replied in a very mock tone. “I’ll just stay here and watch for a bit. I’m enjoying this too much to leave right now.”
Damn the woman! With a great deal of effort, Chad got his plastic panties off from around his too bulky diapers and pulled them off of his legs. As soon as he did, he found Mel right by his side, examining his bulky diapers closely. “What?” he asked, still very angry and annoyed.
“Nothing,” she replied with a small giggle. His diapers were so huge. She couldn’t believe it. She wondered how he felt having that much bulk trapped around him. But it really didn’t matter, he was stuck with the problem so she didn’t bother to ask. She was just fascinated, that was all.
She watched as he removed the diapers and made a quick bee-line for his shower. She was betting that he moved so quickly just in case he might have to pee and he didn’t want it to wind up on the floor. She giggled at that thought once again.
With nothing left to watch, she went back to her own apartment. She was still giggling at his plight as she climbed into her own shower to wash off. If there was one thing she could definitely say about this bet, it was certainly providing her with lots of amusement!

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