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The Bet - Chapter 22 (Saturday – week 3 Part 5 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 22 (Saturday – week 3 Part 5 of 6)

Chad had to make two trips back and forth from his apartment to get all of his laundry. By the time he got it all into Mel’s apartment, the load of her clothes was ready for the dryer. He transferred them and loaded the washer up with his things – pants first!” He felt a bit of relief the moment he turned the washer on and got them started.
“Sissy,” Mel called from her bedroom. “Bring your bag of new bras and things in here.”
Chad was a bit surprised by the request but he did as he was told and grabbed the bag. “Here they are, Mistress,” he said as he set the bag on her bed.
“Start getting undressed,” Mel told him as she dumped the bag out on her bed.
While Chad wrestled with trying to pull down his dress zipper that he couldn’t grab very well with his overly long nails, the three women picked through all the lingerie he had just bought earlier. As they looked through the items on the bed, Cassie and Sandy kept turning around to watch him struggling with his dress. Finally Cassie helped him get the zipper down all the way with one quick yank. “If you’re going to have nails that long, then you’ve got to learn how to use them better,” she said as she went back to looking through the things on the bed.
Chad wanted to tell her that the long nails certainly weren’t his idea, but he thought better of it and didn’t say a word. With his dress and shoes gone, he quickly removed his pantyhose. It was now time to remove his girdle. He grabbed one of the breasts and pulled it out. As he did so, he was surprised to feel how really soft and realistic the thing felt in his hands. Mel was holding out her hand to take it from him and he handed it to her. Removing just the one breast felt like a huge relief because the weight was finally gone, along with the pressure it had caused from the too tight girdle. Removing the other breast was even more of a relief. He took a deep breath just because it felt good, then he peeled his girdle down his body and finally stepped out of it. He briefly rubbed his chest and stomach in relief.
“How do you want to do this now?” Sandy asked Mel.
Mel pulled one of the plain white bras out of the pile on her bed and found some small scissors in her nightstand and removed the tags. “Lay down on the bed, Sissy,” she said as she pushed his pile of new lingerie out of the way.
Chad was very apprehensive but he did as he was told. “What’s going on?” he asked. But he didn’t get an answer from any of the women who stood over him.
Mel was reading the instructions once again on the can of the spray adhesive. “We’re supposed to spray it on then wait for it to get tacky.” She picked up one of the breast forms from the box she had put them into and opened the can. Almost gingerly at first, she sprayed a little onto the back of the breast form. She touched it. It didn’t feel tacky in the least, just a bit wet. She sprayed more, then more still. Then she got bold and sprayed all of it, making sure that every bit of the back of the breast form was thoroughly covered. She touched it once again and again it only felt wet. “Here,” she said to Cassie, “hold this while I do the other one.”
“What’s that for?” Chad asked.
Before Mel could answer him, Sandy spoke up. “It’s to help keep them from moving around on your chest. You wouldn’t want that, would you?”
Chad thought about that for a second. “Probably not,” he replied as Mel started spraying the back of the second one.
A few seconds later, Mel handed the other form to Sandy. “Is the first one tacky yet?”
Cassie touched it with her finger, then she tried it again. “Not very,” she replied. The three women stood and watched the breast form in her hands for a few moments, then Cassie touched it again. She smiled. “It’s getting better.” Mel’s sigh of relief was understandably audible. A few seconds later, Cassie touched it one more time. “You try it Mel. What do you think?”
Mel reached out and touched it. Her finger stuck, but ever so slightly. “I guess we could call that tacky. I’ve got to tell you though. I don’t think this stuff is going to work very well though, so when we put them on him, we better try not to move them too much.”
Mel took the breast form from Cassie and approached Chad. As she stood over him with the breast form in her hands, she stopped and looked down at him. “Keep your arms out of the way or I’ll tie them out of the way.”
Chad’s heart had been racing a bit as he watched Mel bringing the breast form over to him. But Mel’s command made him move his arms a bit further from his body, giving her full access to his bare chest.
Very carefully, Mel held the form over him and tried to visually position it before she set it in place. Then, ever so slowly, she lowered it right where she wanted it. She pushed down hard on it, trying to seal it to him. She looked back. “Cassie, will you hold this thing in place while I do the other one?”
“Sure,” Cassie agreed gladly. She climbed up on the bed from the other side and kneeling over Chad, pushed down on the form that was already in place, trying hard to make sure that all parts of it were pressed firmly against his skin.
Mel brought the second one over and again carefully positioned it, then pressed it into place. She looked back at Sandy. “Bring the bra over now.”
As Sandy grabbed Chad’s bra, Mel put one hand under Chad’s back. “Let’s sit him up now and try to hold these things in place.” Carefully, and with a bit of effort, Mel and Cassie helped Chad into a sitting position while each holding a form in place. Chad found the entire experience to be weird.
Immediately, Sandy was holding the bra up against his new breasts and Cassie and Mel moved their hands out from under it, then back on top of the bra to help hold everything in place while Sandy got his arms through the straps and fastened it in back. As Sandy began adjusting the straps to hold it properly in place, Mel and Cassie slowly released their hold on him till only the bra was supporting his new breasts.
“That’s it I guess,” Cassie said as they all stood back and looked at him.
Chad turned his head from one to the other. It seemed like they went through a lot of trouble over nothing. “Why bother?” he asked them. “I’ve never had a problem with any of the stuffing I put in my girdles moving around. And I wore these things out to the store today and they didn’t move around either.”
Mel shrugged a bit. “Well, I bought this stuff with your forms, so I thought we might as well try it. I just don’t have any faith that it’s going to work though. So you be careful to try to keep them where they belong.”
Chad rolled his eyes ever so slightly. “Yes Mistress,” he replied.
“Get dressed again, Sissy. You’ve got work to do.”
As Chad got up from the bed, he immediately noticed the weight was back again. But as tightly as Cassie had adjusted his bra, it wasn’t nearly as bad as with the girdle. In fact, it felt kind of interesting. The breast were heavy and he felt his bra straps now supporting the weight, but at least he could breathe better since the cups of the bra weren’t as small as the cups of his girdle had been. As he took a step toward the clothes he had left on the floor, he noticed the breast forms tugging ever so slightly with each step. He decided that maybe something to help hold them in place wasn’t a bad idea after all. While he doubted the forms would move much with the bra he had on, he figured the possibility did still exist.
He started to reach for his pantyhose, but Mel stopped him. “Wait a minute,” she said suddenly. She reached into the pile of new lingerie and pulled out one of the waist cinchers. She unzipped it and handed it to Chad. “Put this on first.”
Chad reluctantly grabbed it and wrapped it around his body. He had to pull very hard on the ends of it to get them to meet enough so that he could get the heavy duty zipper started. At least the zipper was in the front where he could grab it well enough. He struggled and struggled to get the zipper up the fist two inches. Mel finally came over to him and grabbed the zipper from him. “Suck it in,” she ordered. Chad tried as hard as he could to make his stomach as small as possible and Mel gradually pulled the zipper up further and further. Chad felt his body being compressed more and more as the zipper went higher and higher. Finally, Mel had it all the way up. Chad couldn’t believe how tight the thing was – far worse than the girdles he had been wearing – by a lot.
“Forget the girdle today,” Mel told him. “You don’t need it with what you’ve got on right now.”
Chad certainly agreed with that! He could hardly breathe. He also had a bit of trouble bending over to pick up his pantyhose because the waist cincher was so tight, and he found that stooping down was a whole lot easier. As he got dressed again, he was more aware than ever of the new breasts strapped to his chest. His dress seemed to fit tighter than ever around that part of him, but the waist of it was now a lot looser because of the waist cincher. And when he finally tied the apron back on, he really noticed how much smaller his stomach was. Now if he could just breathe and move a bit better, things would be a lot easier. He supposed that those were two things that Mel wasn’t all that concerned about for him, so he went back out to the living room and continued with the laundry.
As he came out of Mel’s bedroom though, he found the three women watching him closely from the living room chairs. He checked the dryer and found Mel’s few things were ready so he pulled them out and refilled it with the load containing the pants from the washer. He refilled the washer with other things and turned it on. Through it all, the three women continued to watch him closely.
“Sissy,” Mel finally called. “Come over here.”
Chad went around to where the women were sitting and dropped a curtsey. “Is there something you need?” he asked.
“Oh he is darling,” Cassie said. “Can we borrow him for a while?”
Mel smiled at her remark. But instead of saying anything, she pointed to his corner where she usually kept him standing while she ate.
Chad was surprised. Why should he have to go to his corner? He still had a lot of work to do. But as he walked around the furniture, all three women were getting up from their seats to follow him. And then he saw the device on the floor where he usually stood. He stopped short, totally surprised and bewildered. “What’s that?” he asked.
“That’s for you,” Sandy giggled.
“Me? What am I supposed to do with it?”
“Stand on it,” Mel replied.
Chad looked at her like she was crazy – which he was fairly certain she was.
“Go ahead, try it,” Mel urged him.
Reluctantly, and very tentatively, Chad approached the device in the corner. It was just a simple triangular board with two other boards sticking up, supporting a wooden bar between them. He looked back at Mel questioningly one more time.
“We’re waiting,” Mel said.
Fearfully, as if the thing would bite him, he looked back at the device.
“Rest your heels over the bar – both of them,” Mel instructed.
He looked back at her again to see if she really meant it. He quickly realized she did. He wasn’t sure the bar looked wide enough for both of his feet. He placed his left heel over it. His heel was held high up off of the floor. He braced his hand against the wall for balance and quickly brought his other foot up too. His two feet together did fit across the bar, but not by a lot. He realized he was a bit off balance by the bar, almost like he was falling into the corner. He also felt the slight added pressure of his new breasts as they both contacted the corner too. The pressure on his toes wasn’t all that pleasant and he tried to shift his weight more onto the bar which helped. It also kept him so he didn’t feel quite so much like he was falling against the wall.
He probably shouldn’t have said it. He realized that the minute it came out of his mouth. “Now what?” he asked.
Sandy broke out with laughter behind him. He heard giggles from Mel and Cassie too. “Just stand there,” Mel instructed, “and be quiet.”
Chad realized he was stuck standing in his corner again, although why they wanted him to stand on the bar he couldn’t tell, the darn thing was more than a bit uncomfortable. He heard the women behind him moving away, but they didn’t go very far. He heard them talking about different things, but what they talked about wasn’t anything to do with him – as if he was standing there forgotten.
Five minutes later, his legs began to really tire. The pressure on his toes was becoming awful too. He had to move his legs just a bit for relief, he just had to. He shifted his balance ever so slightly onto his right leg and tried to move his left foot back just a bit, but with his heels over the bar, he couldn’t move his foot backwards or forwards. He also discovered he couldn’t move it left or right either because the width of the bar was too short. He shifted his weight onto his left leg and discovered the same problem with his other foot. As long as he was standing on the bar, he couldn’t move his feet enough to get any relief! He suddenly realized that all three women had stopped talking.
“I think he’s got the point now,” Mel said. Chad heard the other women giggling a bit. Mel walked up next to him and spoke softly near his ear. “It looks like now you’re going to have to learn to keep your feet still when you’re standing in your corner. As you know now, that bar is going to make things a lot more difficult for you.” She paused for a moment, then she continued in almost a whisper. “Just think how affective this little thing could be if I ever decide to train you so you can only wear high heels.”
Chad was so surprised by the statement that he actually turned his head quickly away from the corner to look at her.
“Back into the corner, Sissy!” she lashed out quickly. Chad quickly turned back to stare at the nothingness of the corner. Mel spoke in her whisper voice again. “I still haven’t decided to do that to you yet. But you can keep thinking about it. I do have this nice new tool after all.”
Chad felt Mel moving away from him and heard Sandy and Cassie giggling behind him. With the position his feet were locked into while he was standing there, he had no doubt that it would help train him – if she ever decided to do that to him – train him so he could only wear high heels. That thought and his current situation immediately sent gallons of fuel into the flames of his vast sexual need and the tiny pricks from his chastity device began burning around his unfortunately flaccid cock – or maybe it was fortunate that it was so flaccid, because the device could really hurt!
As Chad stood there, staring into his corner, he was surprised to hear Mel escorting Sandy and Cassie out the door. He dared not move as he closed his eyes and concentrated on the pain that was now radiating up and down his aching calf muscles – pain that mixed with his all too stimulating thoughts of being unable to wear anything but high heels – all of which mixed with greater pain from his chastity device, reminding him of his totally denied sexual state.
As he worked harder and harder to stand as still as possible, the repressed sexual need in him wanted to make him shout and punch the walls around him in frustration. But instead, he breathed in deeply, over and over again, closing his eyes to the blank walls on either side of him, forcing himself to realize that outbursts of frustration would do no good at all. The miserable device that was locked onto his cock wouldn’t let him come close to anything except more pain and misery.
He wanted badly to ball his hands into tight fists while he stood there fighting against his need and the pain. But the nails on his fingers wouldn’t let him do even that. He wanted to cry at the frustration of it all, but instead, he tried desperately to keep his body as relaxed as possible as he stood on the bar, pressed all too tightly against his corner.
And as he stood there, mentally wailing against being so denied, the images and fantasies of being unable to wear anything but high heels continued to run rampant through his brain. And when he felt the need to pee a little while later, he didn’t think about holding it back. Instead, he gloried in the burning sensation as he forced it out past the tight restriction of the spikes that were digging into his cock, out into the diapers he loved to pee into. Pleasure, on top of pain, on top of pleasure – on top of pain.
“Ok Sissy, get out of there now and get back to work.”
Mel’s voice completely startled him. He was that absorbed in his own lost fantasy world. He had to blink a few moments before he pried himself out of the corner and very carefully lifted each foot straight up and off of the bar. His calf muscles and his toes were aching. He bent his knees and flexed his ankles in blessed relief. But as he got back to work on laundry and cleaning up a few things around Mel’s apartment, the darn fantasies continued to work their way through his brain. And despite the continued mild pain from his chastity device, he loved it!

Mel worked a bit on some things for work while Chad was busy cleaning. She also made several fresh batches of tea and filled every empty baby bottle she could find – which amounted to quite a few. By the time that Chad had finished all of his laundry, she had separated some of the bottles and put them into bags to carry back to Chad’s apartment. As Chad began carrying his loads of laundry back to his place, she grabbed the heavy bags of bottles and followed after him.
While Chad was in his bedroom putting things away, she went directly to his refrigerator and restocked it. Then she wandered into his bedroom to wait while he was out getting another load. She noticed the mirror still leaning up against his closet door. She was glad he had gotten it. She also noticed the small pile of screws and brackets on the floor next to the mirror. As Chad finally came back with the next load, she asked him, “Why didn’t you hang the mirror?”
Chad looked at her as he immediately remembered his frustration of trying to do just that earlier. “I tried to, but I can’t do it with these nails,” he replied testily. “Plus, I don’t have a screwdriver anymore.”
Mel broke out laughing. “Aw. What you need is a good strong man around to take care of these things for you.”
Chad wanted to kill her for that comment, but at the same time, her words sent another minor wave of fuel at his sexual need. He dropped everything in his arms down onto his blow-up mattress.
“Let me see if I can find something for the screws and we’ll hang it together,” Mel offered.
Chad nodded, “Thanks.” He was grateful, but at the same time it frustrated him. He was a man. He shouldn’t need help with something so simple.
Mel came back a few minutes later with a small plastic kit that contained some rather tiny put-together tools. The kind of tools that he could barely call tools. Yet he hoped they would be good enough to do the job. He pointed out the correct screwdriver head to Mel and she loaded it into the handle. Chad tried to pick up the screws again, but again he was having trouble. Mel giggled and grabbed them instead. “You hold the mirror in place and let me do this part,” she suggested.
Chad felt more frustration as he watched Mel struggling and then finally succeeding in putting in the first screw. He was a man, yet he had now been reduced to almost useless. And as Mel put in more of the screws and brackets to hold the mirror in place, he felt even less useful, especially when it was obvious that the job would go easier if he stood back out of the way. He was a man. It should have been his job. Such a simple task, but he could no longer manage it. He felt like such a sissy. Ok, more of a sissy. Somehow, the roles had now been reversed.

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The hallmark of a good attorney is attention to detail, and it has become clear that poor Chad had no idea what he was getting into when he challeged Mel to The Bet. The methodical way she has asserted her control over her "sissy-baby-maid" is truly mind boggling. And we are only in Week 3! I can't even imagine what his physical and mental state are going to be at the half-way point, let alone at the end of the Bet!!! This story rules.