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The Bet - Chapter 25 (Tuesday – week 4 Part 6 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 25 (Tuesday – week 4 Part 6 of 6)

Yuck! Being forced to eat tasteless baby food while everyone else around him had delicious hamburgers… and fries… was not exactly pleasant! Chad eyed every hamburger and every pile of fries enviously.
“Aw,” Sandy said, noticing him looking at the food that had just been delivered. “Does the baby wish he could have a big ol’ yummy hamburger?”
Chad nodded his head. He would have said “yes,” but his mouth was still full of baby food. But Sandy saw him nodding his head and she suddenly looked cross. She quickly turned around to the counter behind her and picked up a wooden spoon. “Babies don’t talk, and they don’t answer by nodding their heads!” she said crossly. Then she brought the wooden spoon down hard on Chad’s knee.
“Ow!” Chad exclaimed, totally surprised.
Sandy started hitting him over and over again on his legs with the spoon. “Babies don’t say ‘ow!’ either,” she yelled as she kept hitting him. “They cry when they’re hurt!”
Chad had a plea for her to stop already on the tip of his tongue, but fortunately he held it there. Locked into the chair as he was, there was no way he could defend himself as she kept slapping him with her spoon. He just wanted her to stop! But if he said anything it would only bring him more pain! His plea for her to stop went no further than the look on his face.
“Don’t you dare use another adult word!” Sandy cautioned as she waved the spoon directly at his face.
Chad backed down and said nothing. His eyes were wide with surprise. He saw Cassie smirking softly behind Sandy. Then he realized that Mel was chuckling slightly. Didn’t anybody have any sympathy for him? Geez!
All three women sat at the table with their meals and began eating. Between bites of her own sandwich, Sandy continued to occasionally stuff the baby food into Chad’s mouth. Otherwise, he felt completely ignored as the women talked among themselves.
His baby food was gone long before Sandy finished her own meal. Paying only partial attention to him as she talked with Mel and Cassie, Sandy got up and wiped his face with his bib, then she took it off of him. She took the tray off and unbuckled him before she finally spoke to him. “Ok, Baby. Go back to your toys. I’ll be there with your bottle in a minute.”
Chad got down out of the highchair gratefully. At least he could get further away from the smell of the food they were eating. He almost took a step while still on his feet, but fortunately, he remembered just in time and got down on his hands and knees… and crawled like the baby he was supposed to be – back into the living room.
Did he have to pick up the toys and talk to them? The women were still sitting at the table talking and ignoring him.
“I don’t hear the baby playing,” Sandy called from the kitchen.
Geez! She wasn’t going to give him a break. Still feeling just as stupid as ever about it, he picked up one of the colorful shapes from the blanked and mumbled something incoherent at it.
A minute later, Sandy brought him a bottle of milk. He wasn’t exactly happy to see it, but at least it would be something to wash away the taste of the baby food. Unfortunately, as soon as he put the bottle to his mouth, he realized that it didn’t contain milk… it held baby formula instead. Sandy didn’t even stick around to watch him drinking it, which he did hesitantly. The formula tasted oddly sweet to him, adding yet a worse taste on top of the baby food.
A short while, later, Chad heard Sandy saying goodbye to both Mel and Cassie. From the way they were talking, it sounded like they’d both be back in a little while.
While he was still finishing his bottle, Sandy found her laptop and set it down on the edge of his blanket. He was curious now as he watched her plugging it in. So curious, that he stopped drinking his formula. Fortunately, Sandy didn’t mention it – he was tired of the sickly taste anyway.
Sandy laid down on the blanket in front of her laptop and turned it on. “Ok, come over here, Baby, and look at this.”
Chad set his bottle down gratefully and crawled over to her. He laid down on his stomach next to her where he could see the computer screen. As soon as the computer was ready, she opened a folder on the computer desktop. Chad noticed that it was filled with video files.
“I figured,” Sandy said in a surprisingly friendly tone of voice, “that since you liked the baby thing so much, that it only made sense for you to learn more about it. I mean… I figured you should know how babies really behave and talk and stuff.” She double clicked on one of the files and Chad saw her video player start to open. “So I downloaded all these videos of babies. The ones were going to look at tonight just deal with some of the different sounds that they make.”
The video player started playing what looked like a home video clip of somebody’s baby. Sandy turned the sound way up on the computer so he could hear the sounds the baby was making. It was a short clip and ended quickly.
“Ok,” Sandy said, “I’ll play the clip again and you try to duplicate the sounds the baby makes.”
Chad was still shocked that she had come up with this plan… and was carrying it through. By the time the quick video ended, he just barely realized that she was expecting a response from him – and he hadn’t really paid all that much attention to what kind of sound the baby in the video had made. He opened his mouth and let out a soft, “Aaahhh.”
“Oh come on!” Sandy complained. “You can do better than that! Now listen carefully.”
She played the video again, and this time, Chad caught a bit more. He tried to duplicate it, but all he got was the basic sound.
Sandy wasn’t the least bit satisfied. She pointed at the video. “Look at that baby! He’s putting effort into making that sound. He wants to make a statement of some kind. Now put some feeling into it!”
Chad tried making the sound again, only this time louder and more like he really wanted to do it. He was surprised at the results. He was particularly surprised to see Sandy smiling.
“Better,” she said approvingly. “Much better.” She moved on to the next video.
Chad watched five more videos of babies making short sounds, each time trying to duplicate them. Most of the sounds were surprisingly difficult to make. Sandy vowed she’d give him plenty of practice though.
The next video was a longer one though, much longer. It showed a baby playing and talking for a very long time. Sandy rolled over on her side and just watched Chad as he was looking at the video. When it ended, he looked at her. What did she expect him to do? It was a long film and the baby had just kept talking and making a ton of different noises.
But Sandy’s mind wasn’t totally on the baby sounds just then. “You know,” she began, “Mel and Cassie love the cross-dressing thing you’re into. They really do – a lot. But me… for some reason I’m more fascinated by the fact you like being a baby. I don’t know why that is. Maybe it’s because I had to spend so much time taking care of my brothers while they were growing up – and I resented it so much.
“I think it’s so interesting… not to mention silly… that you like wearing the diapers. I really can’t see why you would! I mean… it’s so stupid! And don’t you hate being wet and messy and smelly all the time?”
Chad wondered if he should answer or not. This time he chose to be silent.
“Damn,” Sandy continued. “I can’t think of anything more embarrassing than a grown man running around in diapers, pretending to be a baby! It’s got to be sooo… embarrassing! And the fact that you’re really doing it fascinates me. And, I hate to say it… it turns me on a bit too.
“Yeah, I love seeing you in your dresses and pretending to be a woman too, I really do. But damn, it’s seeing you acting like a baby that really interests me. And making you act like even more of a baby… well, it just makes it better and better. When you leave tonight and Cassie gets home… well, let’s just say I can’t wait!
“And how about you? I know Mel has that thing locked on you so you can’t get any… satisfaction. But do the diapers really turn you on that much? Do you really like wetting yourself all the time?”
She had been talking so sincerely, so casually, that Chad didn’t even think about not answering. “The truth is,” he replied, “I never would have believed that I like wetting them so much. It feels so good…” He wanted to say more, but the sudden look of anger on Sandy’s face was positively frightening.
Faster than he could have imagined, she was on her feet and running into the kitchen. She was back in a flash with her wooden spoon and Chad suddenly found himself the victim of blow after blow, all over his body. And Sandy wasn’t holding back in the least! “I warned you not to talk! Babies don’t use adult words. That’s what tonight is all about! You’re a baby! You talk like a baby!”
Everywhere Chad tried to use his hands to stop her from hitting him, only made her move quickly to some other exposed area of his body. “Ow!” he said over and over again. “Stop it!” But his complaints had just the opposite affect.
“I told you before that babies don’t say ow!” Sandy yelled as she kept hitting him. “They cry when they’re hurt!”
Chad was surprised that a simple wooden spoon could hurt so much. And he did want to cry but he just wasn’t quite there yet. Fortunately, Sandy slowed down and with a few final strokes so he would remember it, she stopped. She set the wooden spoon down on the blanket where she could reach it quickly and turned back to her computer. She opened up another video. “This is how babies express pain!” The video showed a mother slapping the hand of a small baby in a highchair. The baby instantly had a very hurt look on its face and started crying. When the video ended, she played it through again. “Now you do it!”
Chad was totally surprised. And worse, he realized she was serious. When he hesitated too long, she reached for her wooden spoon. Fear motivated Chad into action. Before she could hit him with it again, he let out a small, fake cry. Not much like the baby, but it was an effort anyway.
“Not very good!” Sandy declared. “Here, watch it again.”
Just as with the other baby sounds, Chad had to endure trying to imitate the crying sounds too. And not just for when the baby was hurt. She had videos that showed babies who were hungry, babies who needed changing, and babies who were crying for reason’s nobody knew. And every baby and every reason had a different crying sound.
Chad was actually glad when Mel and Cassie came back a little while later. Anything for a break from practicing crying! “How’s he doing?” Mel asked.
“Not so great,” Sandy said, sounding fairly dissatisfied. “This is going to take more work than I thought. I’m trying to teach him some different crying sounds right now, but I think he probably needs some better motivation. He’s only making sounds with no reason behind them.”
“Like what?” Mel asked, trying to get a better idea of what Sandy was talking about.
“Like when he’s hurt, or when he needs changing, or whatever.”
“Is his diaper rash a reason for hurting or needing changing?” Mel asked.
Sandy brightened. “Definitely!”
“Here,” Mel said as she walked closer. “Let me try something.”
Before Chad knew what was going on, Mel was kneeling down next to him. And suddenly… she was yelling at him! “You’re not showing Sandy how much of a baby you really are?” Before he could fully react, she brought her hand down hard, right on top of his well padded backside. Her hand hitting his thick diapers wouldn’t have normally done much, but he certainly felt the diaper rash under his diapers hurting a lot more. Over and over again, she hit his backside while yelling how disappointed she was. The diaper rash hurt him a lot, but it was the fact that Mel was somehow disappointed and mad at him that really got to him. Mommy Mel wasn’t happy with him again. And just as the hypnotic programming had taught him, the reactions he had once had as a small baby came back. He let out a sob… then another one… then more. And by the time she finished spanking him, he was crying… just like the baby he was.
Sandy’s eyes were wide. “Wow! Look at him… he’s really crying. And he does cry like a baby… for real!” She looked straight at Mel. “How’d you do that?”
Mel shrugged as she got to her feet again. She didn’t want to tell her about what Gloria was doing with him… at least not in front of him. “I guess because he belongs to me. He knows he has to please me.” She looked down at Chad who was still lying on the blanket crying his eyes out and spoke sternly. “I suggest you try harder now to do whatever Sandy tells you to… or else!”
Her words and tone of voice caused Chad to cry harder again. All he could think about was that Mel wasn’t happy with his behavior. He felt like even more of a child than ever… especially now since he was crying again! And he couldn’t help crying. It was as if the crying he had done last night had opened something up in him. He couldn’t help it!
He struggled to sit up despite the pain from his diaper rash. Tears were streaming uncontrollably down his face. The women were all watching him crying… acting like a total infant. He knew he had to look ridiculous, but he couldn’t help it. He was crying like a baby… making him even less of a man! He was a baby, baby, baby! And a sissy, sissy, sissy! He cried harder still.
“Ok, ok! Enough already!” Sandy proclaimed. But Chad was still feeling so sorry for himself that he couldn’t stop crying yet. Sandy looked up at Mel, “God, I never thought he was that much of a baby.”
Mel had a very satisfied look on her face though. “He didn’t used to be, but he certainly is now.” She thought about some of the things she had put him through in the last month, and certainly Gloria’s hypnotic training had helped. But Mel was still more elated than ever to see where it had finally taken him.
“No doubt about it,” Sandy proclaimed. She turned her attention back to Chad. “Ok! Enough already!” She picked up his bottle with what was left of the formula she had given him to drink earlier. “Here, drink this! Maybe it will help.”
Chad grabbed the bottle, and began sucking on it. He didn’t like the taste of the formula in it, but the sucking felt good and helped to calm him. All three women watched him as he sat on the blanket, dressed like a baby, surrounded by baby toys, sucking on a baby bottle. He wanted to cry again. Once again he felt lower than he had ever felt before. He felt totally humiliated. And then to make matters worse, the formula finally stimulated his need to pee. Already feeling like such a baby, he let it out immediately… and started crying again because it made him feel even more humiliated and drove home even more what he had become… a baby. A complete, total, sissy, baby! And these women weren’t going to let him be anything else.
“Now what’s he crying about?” Sandy asked… staring at him in amazement.
“I don’t know,” Mel replied, equally mystified. “Maybe he needs changing.”
Sandy looked up at her. “Couldn’t be! He never cried for that before when he was wet. Besides, he just told me he loves to wet himself.” She looked back and forth from Mel who was mystified and just shrugged her shoulders, to Chad who was still trying to stifle his crying.
“You wanted him to be a baby for you tonight,” Cassie said. “So treat him like one.”
Sandy looked at Chad. His crying was finally coming to an end, as was the formula in his bottle. His face looked a mess from all the crying he had done. She took the bottle from him. “Lay down, baby and let me check your diapers.”
Chad was in no mood to be anything but compliant after being punished – and especially after all the crying he had just done. Besides, he was wet. A moment later Sandy wiggled her finger up inside his diapers through the leg opening to feel around. “Well, he is wet, but it would be hard to believe that he was crying because of that.”
“Why don’t you just ask him?” Cassie suggested.
“Because he’s just a baby and can’t talk yet!” Sandy replied vehemently back.
Cassie rolled her eyes. “Come on Mel, let’s go back to your place and finish up.”
Mel nodded. “Have fun,” she told Sandy. She looked down at Chad and pointed her finger. “And you better make sure I don’t have to come back and punish you again!”
Chad was shocked. And worse, her threat made more of an impression in him than he thought it would. As he watched her walking out, all he could think about was how far he had sunk.
“Ok, baby,” Sandy said. “Let’s get back to work.”
Chad looked around him at the toys scattered on the blanket. He saw the hem of his dress and the little girl shoes and socks on his feet. The bottle that Sandy had taken from him was lying nearby, and he felt himself wanting it. He was a baby. And Sandy was trying to make him even more of one… if that was possible.
The sight of his bottle triggered something inside of him and he desperately found himself wanting something to suck on. He stuck his thumb in his mouth instead, then pulled it out again. His long fingernail was a major nuisance. But he still needed something, so despite his long nail, he stuck what he could of his thumb back into his mouth and started sucking on it. Sandy’s small chuckle startled him. He felt even more embarrassed when he saw the amused look on her face. Embarrassed, he pulled his thumb back out again and laid down where he could see her computer again. He had sunk so low… so damn low. He felt like a total baby… and a total sissy!
Sandy went back to having him study different baby sounds again, but not crying anymore. Every time she talked to him, and especially when he thought she wanted answers, he was careful to not say anything… except once in a while to repeat a baby sound when he thought he should.
He was really glad when Sandy finally decided she’d had enough and packed up her laptop. Chad had decided he’d had enough before they had even started. Sandy left him to “practice” with his toys for a while. His stupid baby sounds sounded even more babyish now. Something he wasn’t all that glad to realize. He was sinking lower and lower, and yet… the realization of just how much of a sissy baby he was becoming still fueled his sexual excitement as never before. Damn! If he could just get some relief! But his super thick diapers, and especially the chastity device, killed all but the thought of that.
Sandy came back a few minutes later with another bottle for him, again more baby formula. He wasn’t all that glad to see it, but he sucked on the nipple gratefully, just for something to suck on.
He heard the door open again as Mel and Cassie came back from whatever they had been doing. “How’s it going,” Mel asked as she spotted Chad now drinking his bottle.
“Much better,” Sandy declared happily as she came out of the kitchen.
“Any more crying problems?”
“Uh… We didn’t get back into that.”
Mel giggled, then had to wait as Sandy walked right up to Cassie and planted a big kiss on her lips. Mel saw her whisper something, then kiss her quickly one more time. As the two women separated, Mel couldn’t help but notice the look between their faces. She stayed quiet though, she didn’t want to get that far into their private life.
“So are you done with him for tonight?” Mel finally was able to ask.
“Just about,” Sandy replied. “I was just going to change him for the night and … well, you know.”
Mel giggled. “Ok, I’ll go get something to dress him in while you get started.”
Chad was still drinking his bottle a few minutes later when Sandy and Cassie both came over to him together. Sandy had a bunch of disposable diapers in her hands, along with the plastic bag that Mel had given her earlier. Cassie carried another bag.
Sandy had him lay down on his back with his bottle while she started undressing him, completely. A few minutes later, Chad was totally naked except for his chastity device – and the bottle that was still in his mouth. Sandy reached into the bag and pulled out the new diaper rash lotion and spread it all over his front while Cassie looked on. Her hands weren’t as practiced as Cassie’s were, but Chad found himself enjoying her touch.
His bottle was empty now, although he was still sucking on it – paying no attention to the fact that it was empty. Sandy finally pulled it away from him. “Roll over, Baby,” she said as she pushed gently on his side to help him. Chad rolled over, but as he was doing it, he caught a quick glimpse of Sandy and Cassie sharing one more quick kiss.
He heard the door opening again and Mel announcing that she was back.
“Just in time,” Cassie replied. Chad heard more giggling from all the women after that. Then a moment later, more giggling still, but Chad couldn’t hear or see any reason for it.
He did feel Sandy carefully cleaning his backside with a wet washcloth. He could tell she was trying to be gentle over top of his diaper rash, but it still hurt. Then he felt her applying the new rash cream. It was cold to the touch and he jumped, but not much.
“Ready?” he heard Cassie ask. Huh? For what? “Ok, Sissy. Knees up under you again. You know the position.”
Chad knew exactly what was coming now. Once again, he got into the position he assumed every day at lunchtime when Cassie worked on his backside. Once again, he felt the hard point of whatever it was that she usually stuck inside of him – he had yet to see the thing though. And once again, he pushed against it, trying to get it inside of him. He felt it going in and felt a mental surge of excitement. He pulled away, then pushed back again. He was doing it again – fucking himself on her toy. Just like a total sissy! Why did he like this so much? And the answer was right there in front of him – because he was a sissy, and he couldn’t help it. He would have cried again, but he was too enthralled in the feelings coming from the ribbed toy Sandy was helping to move in and out of his asshole.
More, more, more! He wanted more! He needed more! It felt so good! Yet, as always, it wasn’t enough. He would have peed right on her blanket if he felt any need, but the urge just wasn’t there. There was nothing else to feel except her toy going in and out – as good as it felt.
Eventually, he grew tired and he felt her pull it all the way out of him. He sighed. It was over, finally. He heard one of them whispering something, then he felt a finger sticking something far up inside of him again. Another damn suppository. Yuck! He hated the damn things.
“Roll over, Baby and let’s get you finished,” Sandy finally said. He rolled back over onto his back and laid still while she taped three disposable diapers onto him. “I wish I could put the cloth ones on you again,” she said as she did it, “but these are better with your diaper rash. He was actually grateful.
Sandy dressed him in one of his onesies and popped his pacifier back into his mouth before she let him sit up – getting to his feet wasn’t allowed.
“Ok, Baby,” Mel said. “Crawl to the door and let’s get you home. You’ve got another big day tomorrow.”
Chad just looked at her. Another big day? What could she possibly have planned to ruin him further? Whatever it was, he was sure he wouldn’t like it. He crawled to the door while Mel grabbed the bag of things she had given to Sandy earlier. Mel opened the door and he crawled outside. “You can get up and walk now. It’s over.”
Chad gratefully got to his feet. He wanted to ask something, but he was still afraid to talk. Mel led him to his own apartment and had him get into bed. She went to his refrigerator and brought back three more bottles of tea for him to drink.
“Can I talk now?” he finally asked, taking a chance that she might let him.
She giggled. “Of course. You’re not in Sandy’s apartment anymore.” Chad gave a big sigh of relief. “Did you enjoy yourself?” she asked.
Chad thought about that for a moment. “Not really. I didn’t enjoy getting punished at all. I never do.”
“How about the rest?”
His answer surprised her. “I can’t believe how low I’ve sunk – so fast!”

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