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The Bet - Chapter 26 (Wednesday – week 4 Part 5 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 26 (Wednesday – week 4 Part 5 of 6)

A little while later, Chad had the kitchen totally cleaned to his satisfaction. But would it be good enough for Mel? She had never complained about his work before. In fact, the only comments she had ever made were about how good it was. As he looked around the kitchen, he didn’t expect to hear any bad comments from her at all.
He walked out to her living room where she was sitting staring at the computer in her lap. He dropped his usual curtsey. “Mistress, I’ve finished in the kitchen.”
She looked up at him, but she was a bit busy just then. “Find something to do then. Clean, laundry… just get to work on something. I’m a bit busy right now.”
“Yes, Mistress,” he replied, noticing that she was already back to concentrating on her work again.
As he headed for her laundry hamper in the bathroom, he heard her calling behind him, “Remember, only my laundry. None of yours!”
“Yes, Mistress.”
It took a little while, but Mel finally finished what she was working on. She didn’t usually mind bringing so much work home with her, it went along with the territory for having a high-paying career. It especially didn’t bother her much because she was single. But there were times lately when she’d really rather be doing other things. Things that were far more pleasurable.
But now the work she absolutely had to get done tonight was all finished. It was time to move into more “fun” areas. She looked over at Sissy. He was putting more wash into the washer. Now how could she have a bit more “fun” with him? She got up from her seat and sauntered over to where he was working. “Tell me, Sissy,” she said as he was stuffing the washer, “have you given any more thought as to if you’d really like me to train you so that you could only wear high heels and nothing but high heels? Have you thought about it at all?”
Chad was flabbergasted by her question. Yes he had thought about it. It was one of those little fantasies that had been fueling his horribly unsatisfied sexual need lately… mostly because she herself had been threatening him with it. Was she going to really do it? The very thought of it sent a small shudder throughout him… while at the same time, the very thought of it stimulated him greatly. No way to win! “Uh… Yes Mistress, I have thought about it.”
“Well, what do you think? Do you really want it?”
What kind of game was she playing tonight? Yes he did… but also, no he didn’t. While it would be horribly humiliating, he had no doubt it would also be a major pain – literally. But how should he answer? “Um… I think that should be up to you, Mistress,” he finally replied.
Mel considered his answer, then nodded her approval. “Good answer. Because it is up to me - and only me.” She watched him as he finished putting the clothes in the washer. “But I still haven’t decided yet,” she replied as if she barely cared.
Chad poured the detergent into the washer and closed the door. Then he turned to face her. “As I said, it’s completely up to you.”
“Yes it is,” Mel agreed again. She stood there staring at him for a few moments, then she put a wicked smile on her face. “Maybe we should kind of ‘try it out’ for a little while… to see how it might be.”
“Try it out?” Chad wasn’t at all sure what she was talking about, but he was suddenly very wary.
“Yes. I think that’s exactly what we should do. Tell you what, go home and bring back three or four pairs of your highest heels.” As she stood there looking at him, Chad wasn’t moving at all. Instead, he just had the most quizzical expression on his face as if he didn’t understand at all. “Well get going!” she ordered. “Get some heels and bring them back here. Now!”
Chad blinked several times as if trying to come out of a trance, then he almost ran for his purse by the door to grab his keys. Why did he need so many shoes? What did she have in mind? As he raced out her door, and even though he had worn heels an awful lot lately, he realized that tonight she suddenly seemed to be covering all new territory. But exactly what territory was that?
Mel chuckled as she watched him hurrying out. It was only a tiny idea, but the more she thought about it, the more excited she was getting. If she didn’t watch herself, she’d have to change her panties before long.
Chad hurried into his apartment and then into his closet. Three or four pairs of his highest heels? As he knelt down and compared all his different shoes… of which he realized he had quite a few… the thoughts of Mel training him so that he could wear only high heels and nothing else ran through his mind. Once again he cursed his predicament where he couldn’t get any sexual relief at all. It was becoming too much. She was doing this… fueling his fantasies… purposely! One thing was for sure, she really knew how to tease him and push his buttons.
He grabbed two pairs of shoes in each hand and hurried back to Mel’s apartment. When he got there, he found her sitting in her living room once again, waiting for him. He dropped an awkward, quick curtsey as he stood in front of her and held all the shoes out so she could see. “I brought these,” he said.
Mel looked carefully at all the shoes in his hand. “Put them all on the coffee table so I can see them better.” She already knew every pair of shoes that he owned, but this was all part of her game. Yes, they were definitely all his highest heels, even though two pairs had the same heel height and were a bit shorter than the rest. She selected an open toed pair of sandals that had the highest, slimmest heel. He had been forced to wear them to work lately with his longer slacks. “Put these on, for now. ”
Chad picked up the pair of shoes she had indicated and sat down in another chair to put them on. He kicked off the comfortable pair of low heeled shoes he had been wearing and grabbed the right shoe.
“Wait a minute,” she interrupted. We want to test the difference… to see which would be better for you, high heels, or low. Just put the left heel on, then keep your regular shoe on your right foot.”
Chad gasped in surprise. “What?” What she had said made no sense.
“You heard me. Put the high heel on your left foot and keep the low heel on your right foot.”
“Are you going to argue with me? Because I can certainly arrange to beat you black and blue instead!”
“No, Mistress,” Chad replied hurriedly. He was still a bit bewildered by it all, but he quickly grabbed the left high heel and strapped it onto his foot, then he grabbed his right low heel and slipped that back on.
“Now get back to work,” Mel ordered.
Chad stood up again. Immediately he felt the awkwardness of having two drastically different heel heights on his feet. As he walked back toward the washer area, he realized just how awkwardly – and clunkily – he was walking. But there wasn’t any other way to move. He was totally off balance, not to mention uncomfortable. What kind of weird game was this? He hoped the dryer would finish soon so he could just stand still and fold clothes – slowly.
Mel almost burst out laughing as she watched him trying to deal with the two different heel heights. It “sort-of” gave him a slight limp as he walked – but really, it was more just an odd awkwardness. “I think the furniture needs dusting,” she prompted, trying to suggest an activity that would keep him walking around the room.
Chad wasn’t at all pleased with Mel’s suggested activity, but what choice did he have? He clunked his way over to get the dusting materials and started in on the table next to the door.
Mel had to get up from her seat to watch him working. But really, she was enjoying his plight so much that she couldn’t have sat through it anyway… at least not very long. Every time he had to take a few steps somewhere, she saw him turn and look at her. Each time, it looked like his face was getting redder and redder from embarrassment.
Chad moved on to the next end table. As he did so, he glanced quickly at Mel. She was certainly enjoying herself, watching him trying to walk in two different shoes. Dumb! The more he had to keep walking, the more difficult it seemed to get and the sillier he felt about it. His feet were getting tired too. With the two different shoes on his feet, there was no doubt as to which pair was the more comfortable – the low-heeled shoes for sure! It wasn’t long at all before he was wishing to have both of the low-heeled shoes on his feet once again. The high heels might be fun for a little while, but trying to do it like this was ridiculous!
Mel watched as Chad finished dusting the lamp on one of the end tables. He had been wearing the two different shoes for a while now. It was time to change things up a bit. “Ok, Sissy, let’s try something different.”
Chad was immediately afraid of anything she might suggest, but he held his silence and waited.
“Change feet,” Mel ordered.
“Put the high heel on your right foot instead and then put the low heel on your left foot.”
Ugh! Chad couldn’t believe it. Now she wanted to do the same thing, just switching feet. Having no choice though, he dutifully grabbed the shoes he needed and strapped the high heel onto his right foot and slipped the more comfortable low heel onto his left foot. Immediately he felt the sense of relief on his left foot as he slipped the low heel shoe on. Standing up also brought a sense of relief to his left foot… but it brought a feeling of extreme awkwardness to his right foot – not to mention a lot less comfort. He had just started to get used to having the heels the other way, now he had to switch things up and was once again feeling more off-kilter than ever.
“Vacuum the carpets,” Mel ordered, suggesting something that she knew would keep him on his feet and moving.
“Ugh!” was Chad’s only silent thought. Pushing the vacuum cleaner around was hard enough, but with the two different heels on his feet, the job was twice as hard, and twice as tiring. He was aware of Mel constantly watching him… and constantly laughing at him all the time.
“Are you enjoying the different shoes?” she asked at one point.
Chad searched for an answer, but he really couldn’t come up with one. Yes he was enjoying it… sort of, but at the same time, it was awkward and very uncomfortable. And she was laughing at him the whole time.
“How do you find the two different shoes?” Mel finally asked.
Chad stopped what he was doing and turned off the vacuum cleaner so he could talk. “I’m really starting to appreciate the low heeled shoes a lot more now,” he replied. I always knew they were very comfortable, but when you compare them to the higher heels at the same time… there’s really no comparison.”
Mel smiled wickedly at his answer. “So are you still fantasizing about me training you so you can’t wear anything but high heels anymore?”
Chad shrugged. “I haven’t had time to consider it again. But I guess so. It was just a dumb fantasy.”
“But how many of your dumb fantasies have I brought to life now?”
Chad only thought about that for a moment. “All too many,” he replied with a bit of fright. Was she really going to do this to him now? Add another humiliation on top of everything else? Would she? He had no doubt at all that she really would… if she wanted to.
“Ok, Sissy. Change up time again.”
Huh? Now what?
“Grab another pair of heels and put them on. Both feet this time.”
Chad shouted a mental hooray! Finally, he could at least walk better! He quickly grabbed another pair of shoes and strapped them onto his feet. He stood up and had to take a few steps before it felt normal to have the same heel height again. What a pleasure – even if they were high heels.
“Back to work, Sissy,” she ordered.
Chad gladly dug into his vacuuming chore once again. At least having heels the same height made the task a lot easier, even if it was a lot more difficult than trying to do it in low heeled shoes.
But as Mel watched him, she wasn’t getting nearly as much pleasure out of it as she had before. “Hold it, Sissy,” she ordered.
Chad turned the vacuum cleaner off again. Now what?
“Go back to the way we started. Highest heel on your left foot, low heel on your right.”
It was all Chad could do to not scream loudly with frustration! He strapped his highest heel back onto his left foot again and slipped the low heeled shoe back onto his right foot. After having heels the same height for a few minutes, he immediately felt the awkwardness of it again. But this time, he got used to it a lot faster. Once again, he clumped around clumsily as he vacuumed Mel’s apartment.
Mel was enjoying his plight much more now that he was having to deal with the two different heel heights again. But the more she watched him… maids dress, makeup, hair curled, super long red fingernails, and now two different pairs of shoes… not to mention the diapers he was wearing underneath… the more it was starting to get to her. She was absolutely loving it – forcing him to do things that were so far off from what a normal person would do. The more she watched him, the more “drunk” with power she was becoming – not to mention excited.
She could see though that he was quickly becoming used to the two different shoes again. Time to change things up again. But what could she do that would be different? She considered that question as she watched him shoving the vacuum cleaner around her bedroom. It was a stupid idea that hit her, but still, it was a different idea. And… it kind of appealed to her. “Ok, Sissy. Time for something different again.”
Chad turned off the vacuum cleaner so he could hear her better. He was a bit apprehensive, but really, he was now getting used to the two different heel heights so it wasn’t nearly as much of a problem. He fully expected her to have him switch the shoes again like she did before.
Mel led him back out to the living room where she picked up a pair of three inch strap on sandals from the pile on the coffee table. “Here put these on,” she ordered. She could clearly see how surprised he was by her request, but there was a slight look of satisfaction on his face as he sat down to remove the shoes he was wearing and put the new pair on. As soon as he had them strapped in place, she had him stand up and walk over to stand in front of her. “Do those shoes feel good?” she asked.
He smiled. “Yes, Mistress. And it’s certainly a lot easier to walk when both heels are the same height.”
She nodded, “Good. I’m glad it’s easier… because now we’re going to make things harder!” With that, she picked up a pair of three inch heeled pumps from the table and grabbed his left hand. She held up one of the shoes. “Stick your hand in!” she ordered.
Chad’s first instinct was to shy away and pull his hand back as he mentally gulped. But he did as he was told and shoved his hand all the way into the high heel she was holding out. She held the other shoe up for him and he shoved his right hand into it like the first one. He was less sure than ever now of what kind of game she was playing tonight. He felt her tugging slightly on the heels of the shoes as if to pull them off of his hands, then she seemed to reverse herself and push them back onto his hands as hard as she could.
“Push your hands all the way in,” she ordered.
“They are,” Chad replied.
Mel frowned. This wasn’t working like she hoped it would, the shoes weren’t made for his hands and would fall off too easily. “Follow me,” she said as she turned and led the way over to her desk. A minute later, she started wrapping tape around the shoes and his hands – taping them into place so they couldn’t fall off.
Chad was aghast as he watched Mel wrapping layer after layer of tape around the shoes on his hands and then his wrists, making sure that they couldn’t be pulled off. His hands were now totally useless. It also felt odd to have his fingers stretched out straight and locked together inside the shoes. It also felt odd because the fingers were bent backwards a bit due to the curve of the shoe. It wasn’t exactly comfortable, but he had no doubt that his comfort was not exactly on Mel’s list of priorities for the night.
When she had finished, he held his shoe covered hands up in front of him and waved them around a bit, trying to get the feel of them. His hands were totally useless now and there was really no way that he could remove the shoes himself. And because of that, he felt a huge stirring from his ever-present sexual need. Even this was stimulating him enormously!
“Go finish vacuuming now,” Mel ordered.
He looked at her like she was crazy. He had no hands! He couldn’t do anything! “How?” he asked as he waved his shoe covered hands in the air again.
But Mel was almost laughing at him now. “You’ll just have to figure something out.”
Chad stared at Mel for a moment, taking in the wicked grin that never left her face. She was serious! Sort of. He did realize that this was all just a game for her. Actually, he supposed it was all just a game for him too. That thought made him feel a bit better about what was going on. It was all just a game. Everything was all just a game.
Feeling a bit better about it, he turned and went back to her bedroom where the vacuum cleaner was. As he walked, he almost lost his balance because he wasn’t used to the heels on his feet anymore, and with his hands locked away in the shoes, it felt like they were throwing his balance off a bit too. He recovered quickly though and carefully continued on.
He was very aware of Mel leaning against the doorjamb as he stood looking down at her vacuum cleaner. His first problem was figuring out how to turn the darn thing on. Not a big problem. He just pressed the switch with the toe of one of the shoes. But then he had to push the thing… and he had no way to grab it with his hands. He tried to pin the handle between the soles of the two shoes on his hands, but he couldn’t pin it hard enough and when he tried to push it, the slippery soles just slid along the handle and the vacuum cleaner stayed right where it was. He tried doing the same thing with the sides of the shoes instead, but while he finally managed to push it just a bit, it was too hard to manage and he mostly had the same problem.
The darn shoes on his hands made things much more difficult because there wasn’t really a lot of sole on the bottom of them that he could work with. Mostly, just under the toe and that was all. Finally, he placed the bottom of the toe of his right hand against the tip of the handle and locked the heel on his left hand under the handle to steady it and hold it up. And it worked. He heard Mel laughing and clapping for him from her doorway spot.
But pushing a vacuum cleaner forward was only a tiny part of the battle. How was he supposed to pull the darn thing backwards again? Ugh! He tried grabbing the handle by putting both heels around it, but the shoes on his hands just didn’t let him grab it hard enough to let him pull it. Finally, in desperation, he wrapped his elbow around the handle and squeezed with it. It worked, but it wasn’t easy! And through it all, Mel laughed at him. As he once again pushed the cleaner forward a few feet, then reversed his position to pull it back again, he supposed he would be laughing too – if her were in her position.
As he worked, he became more aware of the heels on his feet than ever. Even though they weren’t as high as some pairs that he had worn, the extra difficulty of his task and the fact that he needed to constantly brace himself with his feet was still made that much more difficult because of the heels. His feet sometimes slipped, and if he wasn’t careful, he could easily have broken an ankle each time he didn’t set his feet right. Between the shoes on his hands and the shoes on his feet, he was having a very difficult, tedious time of it.


Anonymous said...

A delicious immersion into Sissy's high heel fetish and a new level of humiliation for Mistress Mel! i hope She keeps pushing his submissive envelope further and further in every way possible!!!

David said...


I have only recently discovered your wonderful blog and just wanted to thank you for taking the time to share this amazing story with us.

Best wiahes,