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The Bet - Chapter 26 (Wednesday – week 4 Part 4 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 26 (Wednesday – week 4 Part 4 of 6)

It was the middle of the afternoon. Chad had his head buried in his computer screen, reading and rereading what he had already written for Mel. Surprisingly, he had managed to write quite a bit, almost enough already. But the truth was, despite how much he had written, he really hadn’t learned anything. As far as he could tell, you could mix almost anything with anything else. It all depended on what “look” you wanted. He thought quite a bit about his personal “look.” Actually, he wasn’t sure he even had a personal “look” yet. He just did whatever Mel told him to do. Did she want him to develop his own look now? He hoped not. All his research had only confirmed that it wasn’t as simple or as cut and dried as it seemed. However, it did seem interesting… all those different styles of clothes. It really looked like so much fun. As he looked at the many pictures, he often wondered what it would be like to dress and look like so many of those models. The old feeling of jealousy reared its head again because he wasn’t born female and couldn’t ever possibly have a body like they did. Sigh!
“Hey Sissy, it’s break time,” Robin’s voice called from the entrance to his cubicle.
Suddenly panicked, Chad quickly minimized the report he had been writing for Mel so Robin couldn’t see it. Had she seen it? He hoped not. He turned to face her. “I don’t think I want to go right now,” he replied. “I’ve got too much to do.”
“Oh come on. We don’t exactly have a deadline on this stuff. You don’t have to try to get it all done today.”
Chad smiled, more so because it sounded like Robin hadn’t seen what he had been working on for Mel. “Yeah, I know. But sometimes when I’m going good, I don’t want to stop.” It wasn’t exactly the truth, but things did go that way sometimes.
Fortunately, he saw Robin smile in return. “I know what you mean. Have at it then.”
Chad was ever so glad she had agreed this time and wasn’t going to drag him down for more humiliation. He expected her to leave, but she didn’t. Instead, her face suddenly looked quizzical.
“Hey Chad, I heard you doing an awful lot of typing today with those nails of yours. More than I’ve ever heard you type like that before. What’s up?”
Shock and fear ran through him. Of course his nails had made a lot more noise on his keys. He should have realized that Robin would have heard it. “Um…” He searched for an explanation. “Sometimes I have a lot of code to type. Today was one of those days. That’s what I meant when I said I was going good and need to keep at it.” It was a total lie, but it sounded good to him. In fact, it really could have been the truth – under other circumstances.
“Oh, that makes sense,” Robin replied. She smiled and finally said, “See ya’.” And she was gone.
Chad breathed a small sigh of relief as she left. He turned back to his computer and brought up his paper for Mel and started finishing it. Overall, the paper had gone faster than he had expected. He was just glad to be almost done with it now. He was very surprised at how adept he was becoming at typing with his stupid long nails. In fact, it had actually been kind of fun… in a way. Well, different anyway.
As he worked, he suddenly realized that he had to pee yet again. “Geez!” he thought. “It seems like I just went.” As he glanced at his watch to start timing himself again, he thought back through the afternoon. Despite having very little to eat and drink for lunch, as he usually did now, he had been peeing more often. Much more. And as he thought back through the entire day, he realized that he had been peeing more all day. Why? Having no answer, he went back to finishing up his paper for Mel.
It didn’t take him long to finish it, and with a few happy clicks of his mouse, he emailed it to Mel. He leaned back in his chair, happy to be done with it so he could get back to work… not to mention so that he could stop worrying about Robin finding out what he had been doing. The pressure on his bladder was getting fairly intense, but he held on tightly.
“Hey Chad,” Robins voice suddenly interrupted his thoughts.
He looked up to see her standing at the entrance to his cubicle once again.
“We were talking during break, and everyone wants to know what kind diet you’re on. We’re all pretty impressed with how much weight you’ve lost… and so quickly.”
“What diet I’m on?” he asked, horrified at the question. Yes, he had lost a lot of weight since the bet had started, but he couldn’t really explain to Robin why it looked like he had suddenly lost so much more weight. He didn’t want to tell her at all about his waist cincher, or about how most of his meals had been nothing but baby food lately, or about a thousand other things. But he needed an answer. “Um…” he thought for a moment. “Like I said before, it’s really just a lot of basics. Plus I’m not eating as much as I did before.”
“What basics?” Robin asked.
“Well…” Chad thought for a moment. The pressure on his bladder was getting more severe. And then two thoughts hit him at once. The first was an answer to Robin’s question, and the second was that the reason he was peeing more today was probably because of the darn waist cincher pushing against his bladder. He tackled Robin’s question. “I got this new cookbook, all about diet cooking, and I’ve been doing a lot of that lately.”
“Really?” Robin asked excitedly. “Which book?”
Chad told her.
“Is it really that good?”
He glanced down at his body in answer. “I guess it’s working better than I thought it would.”
“How bad are the recipes… I mean how do they taste?”
Chad smiled. “Most of them are really good. But a few…” he shook his head.
“Isn’t that the way it always is? Well, I got to tell you, they’re sure working for you. Everyone was pretty impressed with how you’re looking. You ‘really’ should have been there this afternoon.”
Chad smiled once again. For once he had had a better excuse to avoid the humiliation. “No thanks. Besides, I did get a lot done while you were gone.”
“Glad to hear it,” Robin replied with a smile. Then she rolled her eyes, “All that clicking from those stupid long fingernails of yours on the keys was about to drive me crazy!”

It wasn’t till very late in the afternoon that Mel had a chance to check her email and read the paper that Chad had sent her. She didn’t really care much about the contents, she had been more interested in keeping Chad away from Robin. But did it? She could only hope so. It seemed like he had finished it fairly quickly, and overall, it was mildly disappointing, telling her that he really didn’t know much about fashion – even after doing the paper. But that hadn’t been her main goal anyway.
She had told him that she would spend some time with him tonight, sorting out some outfits that he could wear to work. She’d discuss it more with him then. But sorting out outfits wasn’t the only thing she had planned for tonight. She sat back in her chair and closed her eyes… and smiled. Yes, she was definitely looking forward to later. Opening her eyes again, she quickly began typing an email to him, relaying her instructions for the evening.

Chad drove home with only one main thing on his mind – getting out of his wet and messy diapers and getting cleaned up! He had been peeing more than usual all day. He realized now that that was because of the waist cincher and all the extra pressure it was keeping on his bladder. At least the total amount that he had peed didn’t seem to be any worse than usual. Not as far as he could tell anyway. He was just doing it more often.
Mel’s instructions for the evening were exactly what he had expected – get cleaned up and into his uniform and get dinner started. For once, he was looking forward to a normal evening, one where he wouldn’t be subjected to humiliation after humiliation – he hoped.

Mel unlocked her apartment door and opened it to the smell of something delicious cooking. Even before she stepped inside, she closed her eyes and breathed the delicious smell in fully. “Mmmm.” Continuing in, she dropped her purse and laptop bag on the table by the door and walked into the kitchen. Sissy was there, in uniform of course, working on dinner. His back was to her as he was working at the stove. “Smells good,” she said as a way of announcing herself.
Chad turned his body as he was in the process of tasting some sauce from the wooden spoon in his hand. He quickly dropped the spoon back into the pot and turned around. Dropping a curtsey as he was supposed to, he said, “Welcome home, Mistress.”
Mel smiled with delight. Oh how she loved this! “How’s dinner coming?” she asked.
“Almost done. Just a few more minutes.”
“No hurry,” she replied with a small wave of her hand as she turned and walked out. “Just let me know when it’s ready.” As she walked off, she thought again about Chad. Yes, he was really getting to be perfect. A man… a man that she was forcing to act more and more totally like a woman… all the time… and not just a woman, but her maid… and… the darn guy was a great cook! Yes, perfect! And the thought of it sent a small wave of sexual excitement though her… which immediately set her to thinking about – later.

Mel savored the flavor of the food in her mouth – delicious! Her eyes were focused mostly on Sissy who was standing as usual in his corner, on his bar. He hadn’t moved hardly at all the whole time she had been eating. He was really getting much better at it. She wondered briefly what he must think about as he stood there with nothing else to do and no other stimulation at all. Not her problem. But it was certainly her delight to see it.
With her meal finally done, she picked up her drink and wandered into the living room. Instead of releasing him, she selected a chair where she could sit and watch him better. She had no doubt he knew she was no longer at the table. But she was pleased to see him not moving anyway. Did the bar he was standing on hurt as much as she thought it did? He was certainly tolerating it well enough. She thought again about his fantasy of being trained so that he could wear nothing but high heels all the time. Should she do it? His perch was certainly good training for that. Just keeping him in heels all the time would probably do it. But heels weren’t practical shoes for a maid and the work a maid needed to do. But was his work that difficult anyway? Would it matter? She really wasn’t sure. It was something she’d have to think about a bit more.

Chad stood on his perch with his eyes closed, trying extra hard to not move at all. He had heard Mel come out and sit down near him… he guessed anyway. Why wasn’t she releasing him? There was work to be done. Dishes to clean. Not to mention the fact that he was getting really hungry. Just eating baby food for breakfast, then a really light lunch had left him fairly hungry. And he hadn’t eaten a lot of solid dinners lately. Baby food just wasn’t very satisfying. Come on, Mel. Release me! His toes were aching from standing on the bar. His calf muscles were aching from standing on the bar. He wanted to move his feet and legs so badly, but the damn bar prevented that. His whole body wanted to move, but he dared not, especially with Mel so close by. Come on, Mel! Release me!
He suddenly felt the need to pee again. Timing himself wasn’t really an option just then since he couldn’t glance at his watch, so he let it out. Pleasure, pure pleasure. Not to mention a brief distraction from his corner predicament. Unfortunately, it was too brief a distraction.
“Ok, Sissy. Get your dinner.”
The words were like a gunshot, breaking the silence in the room and actually startling him a bit. But they were very welcome words. He painfully extricated himself from his corner perch and flexed his ankle and leg muscles a bit before heading back into the kitchen. He pulled his dinner out of the refrigerator and carried it over to the table and set it down. He might have had to keep it in the refrigerator while Mel was eating so it would no longer be hot, but even cold, it would be a very welcome change from all the baby food he had eaten lately.
Very much aware of Mel’s scrutiny, and knowing she wouldn’t approve of him sitting at the table with it, he pulled the tray off of his highchair, climbed up into it, and pulled the tray back in place. But with the big tray in the way, locking him into the chair, he couldn’t reach his plate of food that he had left on the table. “Um… Mistress,” he called. “I seem to have a problem.”
Mel got up from her chair and headed toward the kitchen mildly amused. “Aw… Does the baby need some help?”
“Yes, please.” He felt so childish sitting in the highchair, unable to even put his own dinner on the tray in front of him.
Mel picked up his plate and set it on the highchair tray so he could start eating. But instead of going back into the living room, she chose another chair at her table to sit down where she could watch him. His hands and face were quickly becoming a mess since he had to eat everything with only his fingers. He quickly looked more juvenile than ever, despite the fact that he was wearing his maid’s dress instead of one of his more babyish outfits. She felt a slight tingling in her sexual regions from just watching him. Later, later, later… but not much later. She doubted she could hold out that long.
“So did you get to spend much time with Robin this afternoon,” she finally asked. That was the primary question on her mind. Did her assignment do the one thing she wanted it to?
He looked at her, his face and hands incredibly messy from his dinner. She had to stifle a giggle. “I couldn’t,” he replied. Between all the work I have to do on our project, and then that writing assignment you made me do, I didn’t have time to do anything else.”
His words made Mel very happy. It had worked! She’d have to come up with a few more assignment like that for the future.
Chad went back to eating his dinner, while Mel just sat and watched him. For as hungry as he was, he was very surprised to find himself very full before he even finished. He had to force himself to eat the last few bites that he ate, and still he left some of his meal unfinished. He looked up at Mel, slightly surprised at being unable to finish his meal. “I can’t eat anymore.”
Mel looked at him slightly surprised. “You don’t like it?”
“No, I love it. It’s really good. I’m just so full suddenly.”
Mel just shrugged and got up from her seat. Instead of pulling his tray away from him right away, she got a washcloth and washed his hands and face with it… like the baby that he was gradually becoming more and more of. She picked up his plate and set it on the table, then pulled the tray away so he could get down. He quickly dropped another curtsey and said, “Thank you, Mistress.”
She smiled with delight as she handed him the tray. “You’re welcome, Sissy. Clean up the kitchen now.” She wandered back into her living room to watch some TV for a while, while her maid did “her” work.
Chad grabbed a baby bottle of Mel’s tea to help wash down his dinner while he worked. He was still surprised that he hadn’t been able to finish his dinner. He had been really hungry before he started, but he just hadn’t been able to eat as much as he usually did. Too many really small meals lately, he decided as he put a pan into the sink to wash it. And then the urge to pee suddenly hit him again and it made him think about his waist cincher that had been causing him to pee more often all day. That was another reason he probably couldn’t finish his dinner. Maybe the main reason. His darn waist cincher was compressing his stomach too much. If he had to wear one too often, he figured he’d be losing even more weight. Sigh!

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