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The Bet - Chapter 25 (Tuesday – week 4 Part 5 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 25 (Tuesday – week 4 Part 5 of 6)

The first line of the text message from Mel told him to go straight to her apartment after work. The second line told him to not bother getting changed. And the last line said, don’t be late! But Chad didn’t follow those directions exactly. He was too worried about his diaper rash, which now felt worse than ever since he had messed himself after lunch.
He made a quick stop at a drug store first. He knew he had to hurry, so he grabbed his purse and hurried in. He looked up and down the aisle of baby products. So many creams. Which ones were best for diaper rash?
Having no idea what to buy, he quickly went back to the pharmacy to see if he could get some help. He was lucky to find a pharmacist who wasn’t too busy. The pharmacist looked at him pleasantly – at first. Then, before Chad could ask his question, the man’s face changed to astonishment. Still, he was fairly polite when he asked if he could help.
“What’s the best thing to use on diaper rash?” Chad blurted out quickly.
The face of the pharmacist showed even more surprise. Chad wasn’t sure if it was because of his question or because of his male voice… or both. But at least the pharmacist remained polite and quickly made several suggestions. Chad hurried back to the aisle where the creams were and grabbed the first one he could find that had been suggested.
He hurried to the cash register to pay for it. The woman there ogled him from the moment she caught sight of him. Her teasing tone of voice irritated Chad the entire time he stood there, but there was nothing he could do about it – as usual.
As soon as he could, he ran for his car and drove quickly home. Did he have time to shower and change? Mel had said not to. She had said to go directly to her place. But he needed to change… badly! His rash needed attention right away. What should he do? What should he do?
He was getting panicked over the situation. Mel would be home any minute! Realizing that, he ran out of his apartment towards her apartment. As he did, he caught sight of her car pulling into the parking space below. At least she was home. Instead of going into her apartment, he waited – impatiently – outside her door for her to get there.
“You’re just getting home?” she asked, surprised to see him there.
“I had to stop at the drug store,” he explained. “Um, Mistress. I’ve got…”
“Diaper rash?” she finished for him with a slight chuckle.
He was rather ashamed of the fact, but it was the painful truth. “Yes, Mistress,” he admitted as she opened her door and he followed her inside. He figured that Cassie must have told her.
“Don’t worry, I stopped at the drug store too,” she said as she held up a small bag she had in her hands. “Go start getting undressed in the bathroom,” she instructed. “Let’s get you fixed up.”
Chad didn’t usually undress as fast as he did then, but itchy pain and the hope of a little relief can be a powerful motivator. Mel had him take a shower as soon as he was completely naked, being careful to not hurt his backside any more than she had to, while at the same time making sure he was completely clean.
Once he was out of the shower, she helped to dry him off, taking extra care around his rash and examining it carefully. His backside wasn’t just red, it was full of little bumps that were obviously highly irritated. “It looks like you’ve got it bad,” she noted with a bit of amusement.
“It hurts… a lot!”
“I’ll bet it does,” she replied with a slight chuckle. Chad couldn’t see anything the least bit funny about his situation.
Instead of using the cream that Chad had bought, Mel used her own. He winced and hissed through his teeth the moment she started spreading it over the rough red area, but he forced himself to stand still and let her work on it. A few minutes later, he was on his back while she taped two fresh diapers onto him. He actually realized he felt better the moment the diapers were in place. They didn’t exactly feel good against his rash, but the diapers felt very comforting and normal to have back on again.
Once his plastic panties were back in place, Mel had him follow her into her room again. Since she hadn’t told him to bring his maid’s uniform, Chad figured that he’d be once again wearing one of the silly costumes she had gotten him last week. So he wasn’t the least bit surprised when she told him to sit down on the bed while she stuck the frilly socks with the blue lace on his feet again. The socks were soon followed by the blue little-girl shoes.
He waited for her to bring out one of the dresses with the outrageously full skirts for him to wear, but instead, she brought out a new dress. “See what I’ve got for you for today?” she said as she held it up for him to see. Chad looked at the dress she was holding and immediately felt the pressure directly in his groin where he would have gotten hard – if he could have gotten hard. Just the sight of the dress immediately sent waves of horror, humiliation, and excitement throughout him. It was obviously the most babyish looking dress he could imagine. While it didn’t have a super-full skirt fluffing straight out all around it like the other dresses she had put him in so far, it did look to be very loose and the material looked soft. In fact, it really looked like it would be fairly comfortable to wear. The pink checked design over most of it set the frilly white top off perfectly. Even the two bows he saw on the front seemed to add to his humiliation-excitement. Then he noticed one other thing about the dress – it looked awfully short! And suddenly he noticed the first tiny stings from the teeth inside of his chastity device. Oh no!
Mel had him stand up and she quickly pulled it over his head. He automatically put his arms into the short puffy sleeves as she pulled it into place. As she buttoned it up in the back for him, he tried to look down at himself. The dress was very light and soft… sensual. Yet the design was so babyish that it made him feel extremely babyish to have it on. The teeth in his chastity device began hurting a bit more. He did his best to ignore the pain though, and ran his hands down the soft material from under his glued on breasts to the hem of the dress… and then he realized that his fingernails were touching his diapers below the hem. He felt further around the bottom of the dress with horror. The dress only came about halfway down to the bottom of his diapers. Anybody who looked at him would see his diapers – easily! Another surge of horror, humiliation, and excitement ran through him. The wicked teeth from his chastity device began sending major pain into him. It was a good thing that nobody other than Mel… and maybe Cassie or Sandy… would see him in it. That thought alone saved him from going crazy. The dress was for privacy… and only privacy – like the other dresses she had bought him! But the brief thought of wearing it in front of someone else, showing off how much of a baby he was, sent an additional moment of sexual thrill throughout him.
“It’s a shame the shoes don’t match,” Mel said with a bit of disappointment as she was looking him over. “But I guess they’ll just have to do.”
Chad did his best to ignore his pain and looked down at his blue shoes with the blue socks. He supposed they really weren’t the right ones for the pink checked design of the dress. Yet they still looked so positively childish. He took a few steps over to where he could see himself in her mirror. The dress was everything he both hoped it wouldn’t be – and hoped it would be! Totally babyish! And there was no missing the nursery print on his plastic panties peeking out below it! The breast forms that were stuck on his chest pushed the front of the dress out more than it probably should have been. They actually spoiled the babyish affect – somewhat. Yet the sight added another element to his feelings of humiliation. He reached down to grab his crotch as the pain from his chastity device increased yet again. The pain in front of him was actually worse than the pain on his backside. He looked back at Mel as if to ask what he was supposed to do about everything.
Mel enjoyed watching him look at himself in the mirror for a moment. He really was funny looking and it was clear to see that he was totally humiliated by the dress… and obviously turned on too – not that he could do anything about that. But there was something missing from his outfit. Something… She had it! “Wait there,” she said as she hurried out of the room. She came back a minute later and shoved his pacifier into his mouth. She stepped back with a look of total satisfaction. “Much better!”
Chad looked at himself in her mirror once again. Now, with the pacifier added, he looked more babyish than ever – there could be no denying that. And worse, that’s just how he felt – babyish! Pain… major pain… front and back! And what could he do about it? Nothing!
“Ok Sissy, into your corner for a while,” Mel said as she left her bedroom again.
“Now?” Chad asked through the pacifier in his mouth. “You don’t want me to fix dinner for you?”
“Not tonight. You’ve got other plans tonight.”
Other plans? What was she talking about? Wondering what was going on, he slowly walked out to his corner, put his feet over the bar and leaned into the corner. He was trying hard to not think about his humiliation, or his pain, hoping that both would subside. Standing on the bar in his corner was becoming very routine for him and eventually he could think better again. What plans was she talking about? What was going on tonight?
He suddenly heard Mel talking and realized she was on the phone with someone. “Ok, Sandy. He’s changed and all set… Great I’ll be waiting.”
A minute later there was a knock on the door, Chad wondered if he was supposed to answer it, but fortunately he heard Mel opening the door almost immediately. “Hi Mel,” he heard Sandy’s voice say. Sandy! That figured. He realized that he hadn’t heard anything about Cassie, so for once Sandy was alone.
“You’re going to love the new dress I’ve got him in,” Mel said as the two women walked toward Chad’s corner. “Wait till you see it!”
Chad heard the two women stop nearby. He made sure to remain extra still in his corner while they were so near. But they weren’t saying anything… yet. Still, he waited – impatiently.
Sandy giggled. “I can see his diapers and plastic panties under it.”
“It is a bit short,” Mel replied. But there was plenty of humor in her voice.
“Short and sweet… and perfect!” Sandy proclaimed. “I love it. Let’s see the whole thing now.”
“It get’s even better from the front,” Mel replied. “Ok, Sissy. Turn around.”
Sandy watched as Chad carefully pulled himself out of his corner and off of the bar he was standing on. As he turned to face her, she couldn’t help but to let out a laugh. After just coming out of the corner, and with the pacifier in his mouth – plus the added affect of the whole dress, he looked totally bewildered and… well, childish. She watched as he blinked and some of the bewildered look quickly left his face. But it didn’t change his appearance all that much, he still looked like a big baby. A very big baby. But there was really no other way to describe him other than as… a baby! “I love it!” Sandy exclaimed. “It’s the best dress yet!”
“Yeah,” Mel admitted. “I hate that the shoes don’t match, but they’re the best we had.”
“Oh, they’re not so bad. Much better than heels with that outfit.”
“That’s what I thought.”
“Ok, Sissy,” Sandy said, “time to go.”
Go? Chad didn’t really want to go anywhere.
Sandy and Mel headed toward the kitchen. Chad followed them.
“I put the things you asked for in this bag,” Mel said as she handed a small plastic bag to Sandy. “Are you sure you don’t need any baby food?”
“I’m sure. I’ve got plenty!” Sandy replied with a wicked look back at Sissy.
Baby food! Chad’s stomach was already growing queasy just thinking about it. And worse, she said she had plenty! And worse… he was sexually thrilled by the idea.
Sandy walked over to the highchair and started to pick it up. “Wait a minute! You carry this,” she ordered.
Chad wasn’t the least bit happy about it, but he did as he was told and picked up the highchair and carried it toward the front door. With the big tray on it, the chair was fairly heavy.
Sandy was waiting for him next to Mel’s front door. “Wait a minute,” she said directly to Chad. “Put that thing down.” Chad did as he was told, gratefully. The chair was awkward to carry. “We’ve got to go over some of the basic ground rules for tonight.”
Ground rules? Now what?
“First of all, like it or not, you’re going to be a complete baby tonight! Secondly, from the moment you enter my apartment, you can no longer walk or talk… got that?”
Chad nodded.
“Good! You crawl and babble like a baby and nothing else! Or you get punished… and I’m going to make sure you don’t like whatever I do to you! Any questions?”
Chad first shook his head, but before Sandy could continue, he did think of something. “Why?” he asked.
She smiled wickedly at him. We’ll discuss that along with other things later. Well… actually the only part of the discussion that anyone will be able to understand will be whatever I say… you will only be able to babble like the cute little baby that you’ve got locked up inside you.”
Locked up inside him? Chad figured he had lots of things locked up inside of him just then – especially a horribly monstrous sexual need. And it sounded like tonight was only going to pile more of that need on top of what was already there!
“Now pick up that chair and let’s go,” Sandy ordered as she opened the door. “Bye Mel.”
Chad stared wide-eyed at Mel as he picked up the highchair and walked out. What was he getting himself into?
“Don’t worry, Sissy,” Mel said as he walked past her. “I’ll be checking on you off and on all night. Bye-bye.” And with a cute little wave and a chuckle, she closed her door behind him.
Chad carried the heavy highchair past his own apartment, all the way to Sandy’s place. She was waiting for him there. She put her key into the lock and opened her door and went in. Chad carried the highchair inside, but he couldn’t take it very far, Sandy was standing directly in his way, preventing him from going in any further. She was glaring at him. He set the chair down and immediately got down on the floor.
“Better,” she said as she finally closed the door behind him. Then she walked off toward her kitchen, leaving him alone, right where he was. “Now what am I supposed to do?” he wondered.
Sandy didn’t come back right away, so, bored and curious, he crawled toward the kitchen. He felt like such a fool… and a baby. He was more conscious of the pacifier in his mouth with every foot that he crawled. The dress he was wearing draped way down and constantly brushed his knees as he crawled. He had to be careful not to trip over it… even crawling. How did real babies manage these things?
He finally got to where he could see all the way into the kitchen. Sandy was there doing something up on the counter that he couldn’t see from where he was on the floor.
“There’s the good little baby,” Sandy squealed in an excited voice – as if she were talking to a real baby.
Chad wanted to roll his eyes at her obviously stupid tone of voice, but he caught himself just in time. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to make her mad… especially so early in the evening.
Sandy walked back around from the counter toward him with a stupid grin on her face the whole time. As stupid as the grin on her face was, Chad felt even more stupid sitting and crawling on the floor like he was. “Hi baby,” Sandy said, still with the silly tone of voice. “Did you come to see what Auntie Sandy is doing for you?”
Chad figured it was a good thing he wasn’t supposed to talk, because any comment he would have made just then would have only gotten him into trouble.
But Sandy walked past him, then turned to look at him. “Come, baby. Can you follow me into the living room? I’ve got all your toys laid out for you in here. Come on, baby. You can do it.”
Geez! She was really laying it on thick! But Chad dutifully crawled behind her into the living room while she called her encouraging words all the way. In the living room, Chad saw that she had laid a blanket out on the rug once again… obviously just for him. And the blanket was again loaded with all the baby toys she had bought before, and it looked like a few more.
“There you go, baby. Now you just play here real nice with your toys. And don’t forget to talk to them.”
Yuck! She wasn’t going to make this easy for him. That much was for sure. He picked up one of the bright plastic blocks and held it up. “Gaanniigg,” he mumbled incoherently past his pacifier.
Sandy leaned down. “Such a good little baby!” she proclaimed. “Now you just stay there and play while I get your dinner ready.”
Chad was actually glad to see her walk off. His only problem now was that he was sure she would be listening to make sure he continued to “talk” to his toys. God! What fun! He felt more stupid and babyish than ever as he picked up this toy or that and made some kind of stupid sound at it. “Babyish enough for you?” he mentally screamed.
Sandy came back a little while later, all smiles. “Oh what a good baby you’ve been. Is the good baby ready for din-dins?” Chad made yet another mental effort not to roll his eyes at her language. He wondered if nodding his head counted as talking. But the truth was, he wasn’t sure if he was ready for “din-din.” Baby food didn’t really sound very appetizing to him just then. But a big thick juicy steak? Now that would really hit the spot!
“Come along, baby. Let’s go to the kitchen.” Chad crawled behind her all the way into the kitchen. He noticed that she had moved the highchair for him and by the time he got there, she had the tray off and was waiting for him. “Ok, baby. Climb up,” she coaxed, still as if she were talking to a real baby.
Chad climbed up into the highchair and tried to settle himself in the hard seat so his diaper rash wouldn’t hurt. Unlike Mel, Sandy was careful to strap him in with the seatbelt. “Hands down in your lap, Baby,” she instructed before she put the tray into place. Chad wasn’t happy about that command at all. It meant that his hands would be totally useless while he ate. But having no choice, he kept his hands in his lap while Sandy pushed the tray tightly into place.
A minute later, Chad had a bib tied around his neck and watched as Sandy brought the divided dish, piled with baby food, over to him. “Mmmm… doesn’t it look yummy?’ she asked as she set the dish on his tray.
Chad looked at the food in his dish. Yummy? Not really. It looked colorful – very colorful. But as to yummy… not at all! He knew from experience that it was a bit hard to tell the taste of one baby food from another since it was all rather bland. Why couldn’t he have steak instead?
Sandy scooped up a spoonful with the tiny baby spoon and held it out toward his mouth. “Open wide… Here comes the airplane…” Oh brother!
His dinner was about halfway gone when the tone of Sandy’s voice changed and she suddenly began talking to him more like a real person – as she continued to shovel the mostly tasteless baby mush into his mouth. “You know, I’ve got something special lined up for you tonight.”
Chad wondered what she could possibly have for him to do that was so “special.” Sitting on a blanket in her living room, making stupid noises at his toys wasn’t exactly what he would call “special.”
“I got the idea last week, and since Mel gave me the go-ahead, I’ve done lots of research.”
Research? What research could she possibly need to do? The only research he was really interested in was how to cure his diaper rash as quickly as possible.
“I’ve been downloading stuff from the internet all week and editing it all just for you.”
Just for him? Now Chad was really curious. And downloading from the internet? It no longer sounded like she was planning on him just sitting in her living room and playing with the toys she had.
That was the point though where he heard the front door open and Cassie and Mel walked in together. They were both carrying bags from Chad’s favorite fast-food restaurant. “I got you your usual,” Cassie said as she set her bag on the counter and started pulling stuff out of it. Mel set her bag on the table and pulled a hamburger and some fries out and set them on the table in front of her. Chad’s senses were suddenly assaulted by the smell of very good hamburgers.
“Great!” Sandy replied. “I’m starving!” Then she shoved another spoonful of mush into Chad’s mouth.

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