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The Bet - Chapter 25 (Tuesday – week 4 Part 4 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 25 (Tuesday – week 4 Part 4 of 6)

Chad eased himself into his seat at work a bit slower than usual again so as not to irritate his rash any further. The single question on his mind though, was Robin... and getting her to tell him the best way to cure his diaper rash… without letting her know that he was wearing diapers. Mission impossible! He couldn’t think of any way to do it at all.
Dejected, he turned to his computer. Work would take his mind off of his raw backside, but he didn’t have anything to work on. He checked his email again – still no word from the client. Now what?
“Hi Chad,” Robin called as she walked past, returning from lunch.
He swung his chair around to say hi, but she was already gone to her own desk so he didn’t bother answering. But he still wondered how he could talk to her about the diaper rash. Robin was back a minute later though. “No word yet?” she asked.
He shook his head, disappointed. “No. I just checked.” Could he just blurt out the question… without her knowing why?
“So what are you gonna’ do this afternoon?”
“I don’t know.” Did he dare ask her? “Maybe I’ll take a nap. I could use one. I was up really early this morning.”
“How come?”
How could he answer without giving anything away? “The darn phone rang.”
“Don’t you just hate that?”
“I did today.” The diaper rash! Ask her about the diaper rash!
“So what are you really going to do?”
“I don’t know. How about you?” Come on Chad, don’t chicken out… it hurts!
“I don’t know either,” she sighed as she started to walk off.
“Hey Robin,” he called, stopping her before she got totally away.
“Yeah?” she asked.
But the words stuck completely in his throat. He couldn’t bring himself to ask something that he knew she would jump all over and pry things out of him that he didn’t want her to know. “Nothing,” he finally replied.
“Are you sure?”
He almost gave in, but finally, he shook his head. “No. Forget it.”
“I’ll be right here if you need me,” she said. And she was gone.
He had chickened out. And it was probably a good thing.

“Hi Mel,” Sandy’s voice came over Mel’s phone.
“Hi Sandy.”
“Are we still on for tonight?”
“Still on, Sandy.”
“Great! I know this won’t probably be much fun for him yet, but I’ve got to start somewhere.”
“Fun for him, or you?” Mel asked humorously.
Sandy giggled.
“Hey Sandy.”
“Yeah Mel?”
“Do you know anything about curing diaper rash?”
“Why, does he have it?”
“Well, there’s some good creams out now. Of course one of the best ways… on a baby anyway… is to keep them totally naked for a while. Let it dry out. I think sunshine on it is supposed to help too.”
Mel giggled. “I don’t think I’ll be sending him outside into the sun totally naked… at least I don’t think I will be.”
Sandy giggled too. “But really Mel. From what I remember with my brothers, let them go naked for a while, and a really good cream. Just be prepared for little accidents if you’ve got them naked… for a real baby, anyway.”
“What do you mean? He is a real baby!”
Sandy giggled. “And by the time I get finished with him, he’s going to be even more of one.”

Chad opened up his spreadsheet one more time. He looked at his reasons for winning the bet – especially his three main reasons. Self-respect, friends, and a life. Good reasons. Very good reasons. Why had he even thought about throwing the bet earlier and losing? Was he really that stupid? He thought about the bet as a whole and where it had brought him already. Obviously, he was that stupid.
At the bottom of the column of reasons to win, he added the word ‘relief.’ Another, very good, reason to win! And another thing he wanted very badly. He closed the spreadsheet once again as he felt the urge to pee come over him. He glanced at the clock on his computer screen and started timing himself.

Sandy backed her car out of the parking space in front of the grocery store, put the car into drive, and pulled away. She glanced at the bag on the seat next to her. She had bought more baby food to feed to Sissy tonight. Mel had said she could grab all she wanted from her place, but tonight was her turn with Sissy. Cassie got him every day at lunch and Mel… well, Mel had him all the time. Sandy was just thrilled that Mel was now going to allow her some “special” time with him every week.
Cassie and Mel were more thrilled and interested in the cross-dressing side of him, but Sandy found herself far more interested in his baby desires. That was the part that she found the funniest… and quite surprisingly, made her moist in places that only Cassie could really take care of.
She had no doubt that tonight would probably be tedious… for both of them. But there was no getting around it. She had this idea, and she wanted to try it. Mel had agreed to let her. She might have to even punish him a bit. No, make that she would probably have to punish him a bit. There would be no getting around it if he was going to learn.
With those thoughts in mind, she drove directly home. She’d have to pick up the highchair and a few other items from Mel later when she collected Sissy. She couldn’t wait!

“Hey Chad,” Robin called, coming into his cubicle.
“I’m going for more coffee. Want to come?”
Chad shook his head. “No thanks. There’s probably going to be more of your girlfriends down there… even now. I don’t need that.”
“Oh come on! Don’t be so stubborn. Did it hurt you at all to talk with Donna earlier?”
Donna? Was that her name? “No,” he admitted. “But…”
“Then get off your backside and come with me. You’re gonna’ get stuck to that chair if you don’t move once in a while.”
Chad shook his head. “No…”
But Robin had had enough. She grabbed his arm and pulled. “Come on! Get out of here. It’s just a cup of coffee!”
Chad reluctantly allowed himself to be pulled out of his chair and he reluctantly followed Robin out into the hallway. He didn’t really want another cup of coffee in his system. He was trying very hard to hold everything in… and so far, he was succeeding. Since he had wet himself the last time after lunch, he was currently in the process of timing himself yet again. And he was already up to eighteen minutes… although he wasn’t sure how much longer he was going to last.
When they got to the break room, Chad noticed a few guys talking together at one of the tables in the corner. He saw them glance quickly up as he and Robin walked in, then they looked away again… as if they didn’t know he was dressed any differently than he should be. Was it possible they didn’t realize he wasn’t a woman? He glanced at the men again, they still weren’t paying any attention to him.
“No donuts this time,” Robin complained as she poured herself a cup of coffee.
“I don’t need anymore donuts,” Chad replied.
“That’s right, whatever diet you’re on probably doesn’t include them… as if any diet I know of would! Unfortunately.”
Chad chuckled as he poured his own coffee. He really wanted to head back to his desk where he would be out of sight, but Robin was already sitting at one of the tables. He sat with her, cautiously, choosing a chair where his back would be to the table where the men were sitting. He sat down slowly and carefully again. The chair under him was hard plastic and even through all the padding on his backside, it hurt him more than the padded chair at his desk. He winced as he sat.
“You ok?” Robin asked, noticing his tortured look.
“Oh, yeah. It’s nothing.”
“Like the nothing you were going to ask me about earlier?”
“Just… nothing,” Chad replied. He took a sip of his coffee, and suddenly he couldn’t hold his pee back any longer. He let it out while he glanced at his watch. Twenty six minutes this time. Getting better!
“I can’t believe we still haven’t got the go-ahead on this project,” Robin said.
“Me either,” Chad replied. For the next few minutes, the two of them sat and talked about work and what they might be doing next. It was a very pleasant conversation for both of them… especially for Chad since nobody came in or made fun of him.
Sudden movement quickly caught Chad’s attention as the men in the room stopped to refill their coffee cups. Chad was instantly concerned. None of the men in the company even came near him any more. He didn’t know these men by the coffee pot, but that didn’t matter. He wasn’t really in the mood for any humiliation just then… as if he ever was.
The man at the coffee pot finished filling his cup, then turned around and smiled at Chad and Robin. “Uh oh!” Chad thought. “Here it comes.”
The second man finished filling his cup and turned around too. Both men smiled charmingly at Robin and Chad, then carried their cups out of the room.
Robin giggled and nudged Chad playfully. “He was eyeing you girlfriend.”
Chad was a bit confused by their behavior and wasn’t completely sure. In fact, it was entirely possible that they had been eyeing him. We’re the men blind? Or was it possible that he looked so much like a woman now that he had fooled them?
“They were pretty good looking too,” Robin added. “Which one did you like?”
Chad looked at her like she was crazy. “Neither of them. I was scared shitless!”
Robin giggled. “See, you don’t even have to be afraid of the men anymore… let alone the women.”
Chad knew better though. The men would have nothing to do with him at all… and as for the women, they could be the cruelest of all. He gulped the rest of his coffee down in one big gulp. “Come on, let’s get out of here,” he said as he stood up.
Robin was still giggling as they walked out. “How does it feel to know you’re making the men hot?” she teased as they entered the long hallway.
Ugh! “Don’t make me laugh,” he replied, seriously.
But Robin burst out laughing as they walked… which was just as well, because that was the exact point where Chad felt the suppository that Cassie had put up inside of him going to work. Yuck! And there was no stopping it… not that he even tried. By the time they got back to his desk, he was more worried than ever about his diaper rash getting worse – and he had no way to change himself. It was going to be a very long afternoon for sure!

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