Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Catching Up

Hi All,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything other than the story. I’m afraid I don’t have much to talk about here either.

First off, another huge thank you to all who have posted comments. You don’t know how much I appreciate them.

Next. I’m probably going to miss the next usual posting of the story on Friday due to a little vacation I’m taking with the family. Don’t panic, I’ll be back – I hope.

A short while back, one reader suggested that I post the parts of the story more often. I wanted to particularly address this. Yes, I’d really like to do that. I know this story must be really frustrating to follow since I don’t put up much of it each week. But…

I went through kind of a writing slump not long ago – and it lasted almost two months. I didn’t write hardly a word. Not only that, I was kind of depressed about other things too. I really wanted to write… but I just couldn’t seem to do it. The result? You are all now a lot closer to were I am in writing the story than I’m comfortable with. Yes, I am writing again – fortunately. And I have regained a tiny bit of the ground in front of you back again, but not much yet. In fact, since the slump, I’ve only completed one chapter that I had started before it, one more complete chapter, and I’m now halfway through the next chapter. But I’ve done all that in less than three weeks, so I’m fully back into it again.

If I ever finish this story, (in about a thousand years I think) then I’ll start posting faster – maybe.

On a very sad note – to me. I have gone ahead and gotten rid of all my “fetish stuff” I had hidden in the attic. I’m very, very sad to say that. I hate it. But my life has changed now. I can see that I’ll probably never be left alone again… at least not for a very long time. My step son has moved into the house with us permanently, and more often than not, at least one of his two daughters are always here. Not only that, but we desperately need to do some repairs to the house – right around the area where I had every thing hid. Not a good thing!

I’m still recovering from my heart attack too. It’s going to be a longer road than I ever thought. I fee pains and aches all the time that have me worried that I might be having another one. It’s very frustrating! I’m trying so hard to regain strength and get back to “normal” again. But it’s just not happening. A good friend of this blog suggested that I need to get used to a “new normal” instead. I can see more and more where he’s probably very right. I just have to figure out what that “new normal” is. I want so much to be like I used to be. I just don’t know how to get there. Getting older probably isn’t helping matters much either… I celebrated yet another birthday last month.

So a huge thank you to all who are reading and enjoying this blog and story. You’re all the reason I keep going.

Smile today!


Anonymous said...

Just a short note to express my gratitude for your wonderful story and contributions to our 'community'. Rather than more frequent postings, I actually enjoy the anticipation of another update.

As one who has reached your point in life and also recently had to purge, you'll find it won't make a substantial difference. For me, they were reminders of a wonderful past .. but were rarely used. Those memories will persist.

So, again .. thank you. My best wishes to you and for ongoing health and happiness.


Pretty Sissy Dani said...


So glad you haven't are now where I was 30 years ago, after I married. Keep writing--it may be the only thing that keeps you sane now! As for your "new normal", you need to have an honest talk with your doctor about what you can expect.


Anonymous said...

Dear Karen,

sorry to hear about your health problems and storage problems.

I have been lucky to avoid a heart attack so far but still have to watch myself and I also suffered from the "maintenance threat". In my case I was able to move my "stash" to the home of a nice lady who stored it for me for a year, (for about $70 a month).

I am sure that over time you will find ways of gathering and storing new stuff, it just may take a while before the inspiration comes and you realise the "perfect place".

Maybe you need to get yourself out of the house to a place where you can dress safely, under the guise of a new hobby to help with your fitness.

In my case I came up with walking and quickly moved that to include walking with a walking group and then invented a several day trek.
My wife was only too pleased to support this "healthy" activity :)

Anyway - with your wonderful imagination I am sure you will soon come up with something that you could reasonably ask to do, and the rest of the family would not want to join you.

I live in the UK but maybe one of your grateful followers who lives a bit closer will be able to help with the storage.

By the way - I also enjoyed getting late night petrol on a US trip while wearing a skort!

best wishes for a full recovery over time,

Rachel Belle

Anonymous said...

I meant to leave a comment the other day but got distracted, sad to see no one else has commented here. Karen what ever you do in the end you should do it for you. I love reading your work and look forward to each installment but the important thing here is that you enjoy writing the stories. You owe nothing to the people who read your works especially those who do not even take the time to thank you for your work. I hope that you find happiness in what ever you choose to follow and if writing more stories is one of the choices I for one would be very grateful.

Anonymous said...

I also want to express both my gratitude and appreciation for your story. And I agree that the anticipation of the next chapter, whatever it may bring, is well woth the wait!
As for your heart and health- the hardest thing after a heart attack, or related heart surgery, is to learn to trust yourself again- that is to learn that you can continue with your life and not fear that you will have another attack. It takes time and patience. It also means taking care of yourself, eating right, exercising and listening to your doctor.
As to the purging of your sissy stuff it is ok-it will relieve you of the stress of wondering if someone will find your things.
so take care, keep writing and feel well.