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The Bet - Chapter 24 (Monday – week 4 Part 4 of 5)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 24 (Monday – week 4 Part 4 of 5)

Mel pulled into her parking space with only one thing on her mind – Chad. What was she going to do with him? Was she really going to punish him? Did he deserve to be punished? Not that it really mattered. According to the rules of the bet, she could punish him whenever she felt like it for no reason at all. But would that be a good thing? She trudged up the stairs and opened her door. The first thing she saw was Sissy coming quickly out of the kitchen in his maid’s uniform, large wooden spoon in hand. He dropped a quick curtsey and greeted her formally with a big smile on his face. Her entire mood brightened. Oh she loved this! Knowing that he was quickly becoming her greatest fantasy… and that he was doing so well really made her feel good. Punish him? Maybe not. She saw him motioning with the big spoon toward the kitchen. “Go!” she commanded. “Take care of it.” She smiled. Life was good!
The air in her apartment was filled with a rather pungent but interesting aroma as she put her things down on the table by the door. She wrinkled her nose a bit at the smell and wandered into the kitchen. “What’s cooking?” she asked.
Chad was just taking a tiny taste from the contents of one of the pans on the stove as she asked her question. The mixture was a bit stronger than he anticipated it would be. Not bad at all, just spicy. And it was hot! Way too hot! He opened his mouth and waved his hand to cool his tongue as tears formed in his eyes. Instead of answering her, he pointed at the cookbook on the counter.
Mel glanced down to look at the picture of the dish in the book. It certainly looked good. Colorful too. She glanced back up at Chad. He had reached into the refrigerator and grabbed a baby bottle full of tea and was drinking it quickly. He finally took the bottle out of his mouth with a huge sigh of relief. “Too hot,” he gasped.
She giggled. “How soon till it’s ready?” she asked.
“Just a few minutes. It’s taking a bit longer than I anticipated.”
“No problem.” She replied as she walked out on him. Having someone there every night to fix her meals and take care of her home was so nice. So wonderful. So great! Sissy might be a total flake, but he was just what she needed. Perfect! And the power that she felt from what she was forcing him to do was almost mind-blowing! Punish him? Why? It would only ruin her evening.
Chad dished the meal he had just prepared out onto two plates, his plate he stuck straight into the refrigerator as usual. Between how hot the food had been and his now burned tongue, he was actually glad to cool off his food for once. He put Mel’s dish, still steaming, on the table for her. He poured her a cold diet drink to go with it. Since he had needed a drink from his bottle to cool his mouth, then he had no doubt that she might need a cold drink too. He walked to the entrance to the living room. “Dinner is ready, Mistress,” he proclaimed.
Mel sauntered into the kitchen with a smile. “Please be careful,” Chad cautioned, “it’s still a bit hot.”
“Thank you, Sissy,” she said as she sat down. The food in front of her did look colorful. It smelled a bit stronger than she was used to, but not too bad. It looked like Sissy had been right about how hot it still was, she could see the steam still rising from it. She looked up at him and just stared.
Chad saw her staring at him and sighed. He knew what she wanted. He turned and wandered directly to his corner where he placed his feet over the bar and stood crammed into the two walls once again. Ugh! Just once he’d like to get away from this corner! Just once!
He couldn’t hear anything. Of course Mel was eating and wasn’t saying anything to hear. He couldn’t see anything either, except the two blank walls right in front of his eyes. He had to close his eyes to keep from going cross-eyed. He wasn’t supposed to move, so the only touching sensation he could feel was the two walls around him… and the growing ache in his legs and feet from having to stand on the miserable bar. He could still smell the dinner he had prepared. His stomach growled a bit. He realized he was hungry. He played for a moment with his slightly burned tongue. It felt a bit numb at the tip. He should have been more careful when he tasted the food. Bored, bored, bored! Stuck in his corner with no stimulation. Again! Ugh!
With nothing else to think about, his mind turned back to the topic that had occupied him happily for a while early in the morning. What would he do if he could finally get hard? A very interesting question. The problem was, he still had no real answers. No ideas at all. Oh he wanted relief for sure! But he wasn’t really sure he wanted to blow the experience too fast. He was to the point now where just getting hard would be an experience to savor. He supposed he would play with himself some, enjoying the pleasures… then he would stop and let things calm down again so as not to go too far. He figured he’d do something like that over and over again. It was a very wonderful thought. Very wonderful! In his imagination, he could almost feel it! Yeah, so nice!
But oddly, within his imaginary feelings, he suddenly found another part of his anatomy feeling some stimulation too – his backside. He found that very strange as his imagination went astray while he stood in his corner… His imagination was feeling stimulation from both his cock and his anus at the same time. Why? It troubled him a bit, yet it was only a dream – a pleasant dream, but a dream none the less. In the end, he was just thankful that even the imaginary stimulation and pleasure wasn’t making him get hard at all. He didn’t want to feel any pain from the teeth in his chastity device.
“Sissy! Get over here!”
Chad was startled by Mel’s voice. Quickly he climbed off of the bar he was standing on and allowed his dreaming to fade. But what an interesting dream it had been. He’d have to try dreaming about it again the next time he was stuck there. “Yes, Mistress?” he asked as he hurried toward the kitchen.
Mel was just getting up from the table. “Dinner was ok,” she said, “but not as good as the other things you’ve made so far. Cross this dish off your list.”
“Sorry, Mistress,” he apologized. “I didn’t have any way of knowing.”
“I know. Just don’t make it again. I know we can’t expect everything to be good. Get your dinner out now.”
Chad hurried to the refrigerator, very glad that for once he was going to get to taste something he had prepared – even if it wasn’t as good as some of the other dishes. He was also glad that Mel had been very understanding that he didn’t know how the recipe would taste. He saw Mel taking the tray off of his highchair as he pulled his dinner out. “Put it on the counter,” Mel instructed as she waited for him with the tray still in her hands. He did as he was told, then climbed up into the chair and held his arms out of the way as Mel put the tray back into place, trapping him in the chair. At least she didn’t bother with the seatbelt again. Of course there wasn’t much sense in the seatbelt anyway.
The fact that dinner hadn’t been as good as she had hoped had spoiled Mel’s mood a bit, but really, she did understand. Everything he was cooking was something out of a book and was new – to both of them. Even still, it was a bit of a disappointment after the other things he had made so far. She grabbed a bib out of her drawer and fastened it around his neck, then she placed his dinner on the tray in front of him. Having nothing but his fingers to eat with, he began picking up bits of the food and putting them into his mouth.
Mel pulled out another one of the chairs at her table to sit and watch him eat. She giggled just a bit. The food was covered with sauce and was a bit messy, and since he had to eat it with just his fingers, his face and hands were quickly becoming a mess… just like a baby. God, she loved making him behave so ridiculously! She couldn’t help it, it was just plain fun! “So how was your day today?” she finally asked.
Chad was a bit surprised at the question as he tried to shove a long thin piece of vegetable into his mouth. The vegetables were covered in a sauce, most of which wound up on his face. He had to stop to consider her question. “Strange,” he finally answered.
That surprised her a bit. “Why?”
Chad shook his head as he selected yet another long piece of vegetable. “Well, we got our project to the point where we sent it for the client’s approval, then we both discovered that we had nothing else to work on.”
“You and…”
“Robin, of course.”
The damn Robin woman again. Mel was suddenly sorry she had asked about his day. She knew it wasn’t right, but she still felt very annoyed every time he mentioned her. She bit back her irritation and asked, “So what did you do with your free time?”
He shrugged. “You wouldn’t believe it. We sat and read women’s magazines together for most of the day.”
Mel blinked, then stared. She wanted to laugh, but the fact that he had been doing it with Robin sent more irritation though her. “You read women’s magazines together?”
“Mm hmmm,” he replied as he chewed on a messy piece of meat.
“I didn’t know you liked to read women’s magazines… although since you’re a sissy, I’m not a bit surprised. Do you do that often?”
He shook his head as he picked up another piece of messy meat. “First time. I’ve never really bought any before.”
“But you bought some today?”
“No, these were some that someone had stuck on my desk for me last week. Then this afternoon Robin bought some more.”
Robin again! And what else was he doing with her? Her irritation had gown just a bit once again. She carefully tried to control her temper. “And did you enjoy reading the magazines?”
He shoved yet another piece of meat into his mouth as he considered the question. “It was ok, I guess. To be honest, I didn’t really understand most of it that well. I mean, I want to, but I just don’t have much experience with makeup and clothes and stuff. It was nice to have Robin there to answer a few questions. And at least she didn’t make me feel like I was doing anything wrong.”
Mel took in his answer. Fully. Especially the part about Robin. And the more she thought about it, the less she liked it. It sounded like he was far too comfortable with his friend Robin. And worse, Robin was getting to do things with him that she herself couldn’t do. She was missing out on too many things that she’d like to be seeing first hand with Sissy. First there had been Cassie, watching him lose control of himself right in front of her. Then Cassie had learned about his growing fascination with his back end. Then Sandy had done something with him in that regard that must have been fairly intense when she had babysat with him. And now Robin was continuing to make further inroads and was getting closer and closer to him. It wasn’t fair! He belonged to her… not any of the others. His mind and focus should be only on her and nobody else. She was his Mistress, not Robin! In her mind, she could just see him, dressed as he had been that morning, locked in the arms of a beautiful younger woman.
Her anger suddenly flared and she got quickly up from the table. She found her small collection of ropes and threw them all down onto her coffee table, then she went back into the kitchen. He still hadn’t finished his dinner yet, but she didn’t care. She quickly removed the plate from in front of him and put it onto the counter. His face and hands were such a mess that she didn’t want to touch him yet, so she grabbed a wash cloth and roughly wiped him clean. Then she removed the tray that had locked him in and pulled him into the living room.

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