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The Bet - Chapter 25 (Tuesday – week 4 Part 1 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 25 (Tuesday – week 4 Part 1 of 6)

Her dreams were not peaceful. It’s hard to dream peacefully when you’re worried that you may have done something you shouldn’t have. But did she?
In some dreams her life was ripped, mercilessly apart, by unknown forces – she was condemned and punished, again and again, for deeds she shouldn’t have done. Yet in other dreams, she was proven justified in the end and felt exalted. Dreams of vindication, that were followed by dreams of doubt once again. Over and over again, in her dreams, she was fighting in a court of law over the actions of her life – constantly being judged by unknown judges and juries that always seemed against her.
And in the background of every dream, Sissy stood silently – always unspeaking, always unmoving. He was the only one, never trying to condemn her. Over and over again she tried to tell him she was sorry, yet he never showed any reaction to her words and feelings. He was just there. Like a statue.
She tossed and turned all night long, till she could take it no more. She woke up and sat up in bed, tossing her hair and running her hands through it again and again as the dreams faded gradually, leaving her to finally wonder what it was that she had been dreaming about. She sat there staring at nothing for a long time, her mind not yet ready to deal with anything at all. Finally, her brain began to gain some semblance of thinking. Her eyes focused somewhat. Her room was mostly dark, lit only by the faint glow from her clock radio and the tiny bit of light seeping in through her curtains from the parking lot outside. She groaned, it was early… way too early.
Unwilling to even try to go back to sleep, she pulled her legs out from under the covers and sat on the edge of her bed. She turned off her alarm so it wouldn’t go off later, and got to her feet. She slipped into her robe as she walked toward her kitchen.
Her kitchen was a mess… her fault she knew. She hated that. Why didn’t she have Sissy clean it up before she sent him home last night? Because she felt guilty for punishing him… that’s why! She didn’t want to have to face him for one moment more than she had to. Had she been right in punishing him? Or had she been wrong?
Damn it! She had the right to do it whenever she wanted to! There was no doubt about it. It was spelled out in writing and hanging on his living room wall as part of their contract! She was thoroughly justified! So why did she feel that it was so wrong? Damn it! It wasn’t wrong! She had the right! But did she have the valid reason she had thought she had?
Angrily, she picked up a pan off of the stove and stuck it into the sink. She turned the water on to start it soaking, then stopped. This was his job, not hers! She should let him deal with this mess. Could she wake him up now to get started on it? She could phone him and wake him up, as early as it still was, to come over and clean up her apartment… completely! Yes! A great idea!
But instead, she put some coffee into her coffee maker, filled it with water, and turned it on. She watched it dripping into the pot, slower than she’d like it to. She needed some coffee. While it was dripping, she suddenly moved off and found her purse in the living room. She pulled her cell phone out and stared at it. Should she really call him? At this hour? She had the right. But should she? It really wasn’t a very nice thing to do… But damn it, she was his mistress. She could make him do anything she wanted him to do. Hadn’t she proved that with him over and over again? She was his mistress… totally. She had the right!
Throwing all concerns aside, she quickly punched his number.

Chad also tossed and turned in his sleep… as much as all the stuff he was wearing would let him. Yet he didn’t sleep comfortably… or as comfortably as he possibly could have given his circumstances. Not only did the breast forms bother him, but so did his chastity device and his super long fingernails, and his now super-thick, wet and messy diapers. And worse, there also seemed to be a lot of irritation across his entire backside where she had punished him – and then not put any baby lotion on him afterwards.
An odd, insistent buzzing brought him out of his sleep. It took him a moment to figure out what it was… his cell phone! Who would be calling him at this hour? It wasn’t even light yet! But the buzzing of his phone wouldn’t stop and he felt compelled to get up and answer it immediately.
As he got to his feet, he was made immediately aware of just how thick and wet his diapers were… more than usual he thought. But he didn’t have time to dwell on that, his phone was still buzzing. He waddled, very wide-legged, as fast as he could to his living room and followed the sound to his purse. He fumbled to dig the phone out with his super long nails and quickly glanced to see who it was… Mel. What did she want at this hour?
“Yes Mistress,” he said, mumbling breathlessly into his phone around the pacifier that he forgot was still in his mouth. His brain still wasn’t awake enough to comprehend much yet.
“Get over here right now!” Mel ordered.
He was a bit shocked. It was so early. Was she still mad about something? He couldn’t tell. “I’ll change as fast as I can,” he replied through his pacifier, “then I’ll be right there.”
“Don’t change! Just walk out your door and over here now!”
She did seem angry still. “Yes, Mistress,” he said with a mental sigh. He closed his phone and dropped it back into his purse. He stood still, just staring at his purse for a moment while he collected his thoughts. Go now? Damn. He wasn’t even awake yet. He grabbed his purse and opened his front door, praying that nobody would be outside at that hour to see him. As he waddled toward her apartment, he became more and more aware of the irritation on his backside. Damn. After the beating she had given him last night, he figured he was developing a diaper rash on top of it. And it didn’t feel like it was going to be fun!
He knocked softly on her door because of the early hour and stood back half a step. Mel opened it a minute later with a cup of coffee in her hand. “Good morning, Mistress,” he greeted her as he usually did. But this time, Mel didn’t return the greeting, she just stood back and waved him in as she took a sip of her coffee. He entered and set his purse down in his usual spot next to the table by her door. He turned to ask what she wanted him so early for, but she was walking away.
“Clean up the kitchen,” she said as she walked off, completely indifferent to anything else as she headed to her bedroom.
Chad stood where he was, staring after her for a few moments before he moved. Clean the kitchen. He couldn’t believe it! No, he could believe it. Shaking his head, he waddled awkwardly into her kitchen and stared around. It was still a mess from his cooking last night… a meal she had been less than happy with.
The light on her coffee maker caught his attention. She wasn’t around just now. A cup of coffee would be really good just then to help wake him up. He was very tempted to pour himself some, but he didn’t. If she came in while he was drinking it… from a cup… he knew he’d be in trouble for sure. He went to her refrigerator and pulled out one of his baby bottles instead and exchanged it in his mouth for his pacifier. It wasn’t coffee, but the cold liquid felt good going down his throat. With his bottle in one hand, he picked up a pot with his other hand and carried it to the sink to start cleaning up.

Mel stepped out of her shower and dried herself off. She felt a lot better. She quickly threw on some panties and a bra, followed by some jeans and a t-shirt. Then she picked up her empty coffee cup from the bathroom counter and wandered back out to the kitchen to check on Sissy.
She poured herself another cup of coffee before she sat down, noticing as she did so that the kitchen looked much better now. The dishes were all done, and he was just starting to wipe all the counters down. He was almost finished… already.
She watched him as he worked. The diapers inside his onesie were so huge that they wagged widely back and forth as he scrubbed the counters. She wanted to laugh. How did he walk in those things? Not her problem though. In fact, she was delighted to watch him in them. “You’re almost done already,” she finally said.
Chad turned and curtseyed to her. “Yes, Mistress. It wasn’t that much.”
Wasn’t much? It sure had seemed like a lot to her. At least a lot more than she wanted to deal with… which was why she wanted Sissy in the first place. Such a joy! “I noticed your diapers are… incredibly thick again this morning.”
“Yes, Mistress,” he replied once again. “They’re like this every morning,” he said with a small sigh. “Although I do think they may be a bit worse today than usual.”
She smiled although she really wanted to laugh instead. “I think it’s hilarious watching you try to work when they’re that bloated. Maybe I should keep you like that more often… a lot more.”
Chad said nothing in reply. But his face turned a bit red as he looked sheepishly down at the floor. But before he could look up again, he felt some very slight stings from the teeth inside of his chastity device beginning to make their presence known.
“Ok, Sissy. Go make my bed, then you can go home and get cleaned up.”
Chad waddled as fast as he could into her bedroom to make up her bed. Mel followed him and watched him with a huge smile on her face the whole time. He looked so humorous waddling around in his baby onesie with his breast forms jiggling around on top and his super bloated diapers stretching the seat of his onesie on the bottom, causing him to walk with nothing but a very wide-legged waddle.
When he finished, he dropped an awkward curtsey. “Will there be anything else before I get ready for work?” he asked.
Mel glanced at her clock. Things were running a bit late now. “No Sissy. I’ll see you back here in a little while. You’d better hurry now.”
Chad attempted to run toward his purse by the door, but all his thick diapers would allow him to do was a faster version of the waddling he had been doing. Since he had gotten up, he had wet himself two more times while he was cleaning her apartment and now his diapers were even thicker than before. He was more than ready to go home and get into the shower, especially since the itching on his backside seemed to be getting worse from all the moving around he had been doing. Dropping one more quick curtsey toward his mistress as he paused briefly by her door, he hurried out to get changed.
His alarm clock was blaring loud rock music throughout his apartment when he got home. He chided himself for not turning it off before he left… but really, Mel had just called so early that he didn’t think of it. Plus, he didn’t know he would be gone so long. He just hoped the neighbors wouldn’t complain.
He went to his kitchen to check for her note and found it as usual on his counter. It was very much like always, but this time it held one item that he wasn’t too happy about. Mel had left strict instructions that he was to wear one of his waist cinchers under his girdle to work. Oh joy! As he stepped into his shower, his mind clearly remembered how tight and uncomfortable his new girdle had been all day yesterday. Now he was supposed to wear the waist cincher – and the girdle? Ugh! He wasn’t looking forward to it at all.
A while later, his hair and makeup were done. He was dressed in two diapers with plastic panties, one of his new waist cinchers, and his girdle was strenuously pulled up over everything he was wearing and stretched tightly over his breast forms and shoulders. He grabbed a pair of pantyhose and found himself struggling more than usual to get them on. Way more than usual! Between his super-long fingernails and now the waist cincher under his girdle, the job was nearly impossible. He was so tempted to leave the damn pantyhose off, but he kept at it because it was another layer of protection to keep anyone from smelling his diapers. He struggled to bend far enough to get them onto his feet, but then grabbing and pulling them – without ruining them due to his long nails presented another challenge. The waist cincher plus the girdle made it hard to breathe and he had to stop twice just to catch his breath. But finally he got them pulled into place. Next time, he decided, he would chance not having the extra protection against the smell. Struggling to get them on wasn’t worth it… as long as Mel didn’t mind.
As he walked toward his closet to select his clothes for the day, he felt the added pressure against his backside from the pantyhose he had just put on. Between the girdle pressing on his diapers and now the tight pantyhose too, the raw area seemed to be even more sensitive. He wanted to scratch it but he didn’t dare. He tried to rub it a bit, but through the thick diapers and everything else, the rubbing did no good at all. He only hoped that all the baby lotion he had spread over the area would help… but so far, it wasn’t doing anything. As he opened his closet door, he wondered how long it usually took to clear up a diaper rash.
He stared for a few moments at the clothes in his closet… only female clothes now. The thought sent a minor wave of sexual thrill throughout his body… he was trapped now into only having women’s clothes to wear – once a major fantasy for him. But the reality was mostly fear and humiliation.
He quickly selected a pair of slacks and a blouse he had worn before and put them on. Just as it had been yesterday, his slacks rode down a lot further on his hips because of his new tighter girdle. But this time, because of the waist cincher, the problem was even greater. He had to select a pair of shoes with even higher heels to compensate for how much lower his slacks were. What would he do when he had to wear the one pair of longer length slacks he had? He didn’t have any heels that would be high enough. It was a problem he’d have to take to Mel for sure.
He added what little jewelry he had and stared at his reflection in his bathroom mirror. Robin had suggested that he get his ears pierced and start wearing earrings. Should he? Could he? It was another fantasy that sent minor waves of sexual thrill through him. He decided he better watch himself, he didn’t want any pain from his chastity device to make his day any worse.
He finally stood in front of his full length mirror and looked at himself fully. He immediately noticed his smaller, more constricted stomach. Did the waist cincher really make that much of a difference? Obviously it did. Did he look even more like a woman? Maybe. Only maybe.
He sat and drank yet another baby bottle of Mel’s foul tea. He was becoming very used to the drink now – so used to it that he hardly noticed the taste anymore. As he sat drinking his bottle, staring at his blank wall, his mind began wandering once again to his penis trapped inside of the chastity device… trapped inside of his diapers… trapped under the girdle and the pantyhose. Trapped where he couldn’t ever get hard or even have a prayer of touching it. What would he do if he could finally get hard? As he sucked on his bottle, he closed his eyes and dreamed about it.
In his imagination, he was touching it… pulling it… massaging it – and it felt wonderful. In his imagination, he could see it growing hard and powerful in his hands. It would feel so good. He tried to remember what it felt like to put his raging cock into his wife – make that ex-wife – when they had sex. He knew it had felt wonderful, but for some reason he couldn’t quite remember exactly how it had felt. He opened his eyes once again, still concentrating on his trapped cock. He wanted to feel something there again. He could almost imagine feeling something. He could definitely feel all the sexual desires he had raging through him – but all those feelings seemed to reside, spread out through his entire body now, no longer centered solely in his cock. In fact, his cock was probably the one place that felt those desires the least now, almost numb. He had no doubt that the reason for that was the chastity device… the damn chastity device… the damn device that prevented him from feeling anything at all. Oh how he wished he could remove it. And oh how he wished he could get some relief!

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Love the way Mel just keeps upping the ante!!! When she tells Sissy she might have to leave him in bloated saturated diapers "a lot" more often, it made my pulse race!!