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The Bet - Chapter 24 (Monday – week 4 Part 5 of 5)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 24 (Monday – week 4 Part 5 of 5)

Chad was taken completely by surprised. Had he said something wrong? If so, he didn’t know what. He found himself being roughly dragged by the arm into the living room. Why was Mel suddenly so angry? What had he done wrong? He felt her roughly pulling at his apron strings to untie them, then she quickly unzipped his maid’s dress. He stepped out of it as he let it fall to the floor. Faster than she had ever done it before, she stripped him completely, till he was standing in front of her in nothing but the breast forms that were thoroughly stuck to his chest – with no way to remove them, and his chastity device that was locked onto his penis – with no way for him to remove it either. He was totally in shock.
He was further surprised when she roughly dragged him around behind one of her living room chairs and shoved him so that he was bent over the thing. “What’s wrong?” he finally asked as she bent him over it.
“Shut up!” she commanded in a voice that left him no doubt that she was upset about something. Fear suddenly began to creep into him… especially when she quickly tied some rope to one wrist and fastened it tightly to the chair leg in front. The other wrist was soon just as securely fastened to the other leg. Bent over the back of the chair as he was, he couldn’t straighten up at all. But Mel wasn’t satisfied yet. She spread his legs further and tied his ankles to the legs behind the chair. He wasn’t going anywhere, that was for sure. His fear quickly grew stronger… and she still hadn’t told him what he had done wrong.
She left him for a few moments, then he heard her come back again. “Damn you!” she yelled. But before he could react to what she had said, he felt the burning pain from her yardstick as she brought it swiftly down on his completely exposed backside.
“Ouch!” he cried out with pain and surprise. But before he could ask again what was wrong, he felt the burning sting from her yardstick again… and again… and again!
“Damn you!” she yelled once again as she again brought down her yardstick with all the force she could muster. His entire backside was already a bright rosy red color. “You belong to me! Not to anyone else… me!” Again she swung her yardstick as hard as she could… and again… and again! “I’m your mistress! Nobody else! You should be focusing ALL your attention on me!” Again she brought down her yardstick three more times. “Damn you! I’m the only thing that should matter in your life. Not anybody or anything else!” Again she hit him as hard as she could, over and over again.
Chad was in pain and shock. What had he done? He still didn’t understand. Not one bit. The only thing he clearly understood was the beating she was giving him… and the fact that she was very angry. But exactly what had he done wrong? And underneath, because she was angry with him, he felt really bad about it. He had somehow disappointed her greatly… even though he didn’t really know why. Something about her being his mistress? And not focusing all his attention on her? He thought he was! So she was punishing him – and because she was angry at him, deep down, he felt really bad.
Early on, he felt the first few blubberings of grief escape his lips. Those few faint cries quickly grew more intense till he was weeping openly. He couldn’t help it. Not only was he in pain from her spanking him, but he inwardly felt so bad because she was somehow so disappointed with him. But what had he done? And he cried because he didn’t know the answer to that question either. He would do anything for her if only she would be happy with him once again.
Mel’s sudden anger had run its course and she finally stopped hitting him. Fortunately, her anger had been fairly brief. She knew she probably shouldn’t have punished him like this, but damn it, all she could see was him paying attention to everybody else more than he paid to her! It wasn’t right! Besides, the contract for the bet gave her the right to punish him whenever she wanted to… for no reason at all. That was one of her rights. He… he had no rights as far as the bet was concerned. None at all! She was thoroughly justified in what she had just done.
She put her hand over his backside. It was bright red and warm and bruised. She had hit him as hard as she could with her yardstick. She knew she should be feeling more remorse for him just then than she did, but damn it! She was still a bit angry at him. Besides, he probably needed this reminder of just who was the boss here! Certainly not him!
And what did he feel about it? For the first time since she started, she took a big enough breath to pay attention to his reaction… and she was amazed to hear him crying into the back of the chair. He was crying? Actually crying?
She threw her yardstick down on the floor pulled his head up a bit so she could see him. There were big tears rolling out of his eyes and he was blubbering like a little baby… make that a big baby. She stared in disbelief. He was actually crying… for real! Finally! She didn’t know if it was all from Gloria’s hypnotic suggestions or the severe beating she had just given him… or more likely from both. But none of that mattered. For the first time he was actually showing the remorse she wanted him to feel when she punished him. And she felt elated inside. Not because he was finally crying… but because finally, she had been the one to see him doing something new… making another breakthrough. Not some other woman. She, his mistress, the one who was supposed to see these little steps of progress, had finally been the one to see it.
“I don’t understand!” Chad blubbered through his tears. “Why?”
“Shut up!” she commanded with more anger than she really felt. She heard his crying intensifying once again as she released his face to bury itself once again in the chair back. He didn’t understand? He didn’t realize he was paying more attention to those other women than to her? Typical of a man! Typical! And stupid!
“Ok, maybe she wasn’t being fair. Maybe it was all just nothing… and a lot of coincidence. But damn it, it had still made her angry. She listened to him crying – still, and her heart melted a bit. “I’ll be right back,” she said with a bit more kindness.
Chad felt so bad. He still had no idea what he had done wrong. And it didn’t really sound like she was going to tell him. Why? And it felt so bad to cry like this. He hadn’t done that since he was a child. But it just felt so bad and he couldn’t help it. He pulled at the ropes holding his arms stretch tightly over the chair. They wouldn’t budge. He pulled again. Still no relief. He sobbed in frustration once again.
He heard Mel come back. He heard her doing something behind him. Then, suddenly, he felt a warm washcloth cleaning his backside for him. He would rather it had been cold, but he was grateful for what she was doing… except that her attention was hurting his bruised skin. He felt her running the cloth as far under him as she could, trying to clean around his chastity device too. Then she was done and the cool air washing over his damp skin felt wonderful. He finally stopped crying completely.
Unfortunately, between the warm wet washcloth and now the cool air running over him, he suddenly had to pee, really badly. But he didn’t really want to pee all over her floor or the back of her chair. He clamped down tightly to hold it back. “Mistress,” he cried.
“Hush!” she commanded as she began untying his legs.
He was startled. But he had to warn her that he needed to pee… or she might be punishing him a lot worse. “Please…” he started to say.
“I said hush!” she commanded once again as she started working on his other leg.
Chad was in shock. He had to pee so badly that he didn’t think he could hold it very long at all. And Mel wasn’t letting him even warn her! What was he going to do? She was taking an awful long time getting the rope off of his second ankle. He continued to try as hard as he could to hold back. Mel finally went around to the front of the chair to start releasing his wrists, but not fast enough for his need. In his fear of wetting all over her floor and furniture, he was pulling back on the ropes too hard, making them harder to untie than they should have been.
Finally, she got the last of the ropes off of him and he stood up quickly. As he did, he felt a few drops of pee that had leaked out, running down his leg. But standing up and changing position only seemed to make his need to pee worse. “Mistress,” he began once again as he tried to grab his penis with his hands to stop the flow. But the hard plastic encasing him didn’t allow him any contact with that part of his body at all. His hands couldn’t squeeze his penis closed at all and yet more of his pee escaped.
Mel was about to yell at him to be quiet once again when she saw him grabbing himself. She instantly realized his problem, especially when she saw a bit of pee squirting out of the chastity device to land on the floor. “I laid out a diaper on the floor for you. Lay down on it,” she commanded quickly.
Chad finally noticed the diaper she had put down and as fast as he could, laid down on it and brought it up between his legs and held it there. With a small grunt of relief, he let himself pee into the diaper – thoroughly. He sighed. He knew he had wet her floor a bit, but fortunately, the vast bulk of it was going into the diaper she had put out. He had just barely made it.
Mel watched him fascinated. He obviously still had some control, but also just as obviously, not very much. She was kind of glad that he had managed to not pee all over her chair, but at the same time, she was disappointed too. If he were truly incontinent then he would not have been able to help himself. Obviously, he still had a ways to go… but just as obviously she was making pretty good progress. In the future, she’d have to be a bit more careful about that if she punished him again… or rather, when she punished him again – because she had no doubt that eventually she would do just that. “Stay there,” she commanded as she walked off to get another fresh diaper for him.
Chad still wanted to know why she had punished him, and severely at that. His backside felt like it was on fire as he laid on it. Not comfortable at all. In fact, very painful. He really wanted to rub it… but not with a wet diaper. For once, he was looking forward to being dry for a while. Hopefully, she would put some baby lotion on it and that would make it feel better. He hoped anyway.
Mel finally came back with a fresh diaper and put it under him. “Mistress…”
“I don’t want to talk about it!”
He was startled once again. He wanted to ask her why not… along with a host of other questions. But she didn’t seem to want to talk. Did she think that her reasons should be obvious to him? Because they certainly weren’t!
He was rather disappointed when she shoved two suppositories up inside of him and then began pinning him into the thick layers of his night diapers – without putting any baby lotion on him at all. None in fact. Was she being purposely cruel? Or had she just forgotten? He couldn’t be sure either way. But what could he do about it? She wasn’t letting him answer any questions at all.
A few minutes later, dressed in just his super thick diapers and plastic panties, she led him out her door to his own apartment. He had never even started to clean the dishes from dinner. Her kitchen was still a mess. She also hadn’t asked him to clean up where he had peed on her floor a bit. That surprised him too. And now she was obviously getting rid of him for the night. What had he done wrong? But she still wouldn’t talk about it.
She led him into his bedroom and put one of his onesies on him for the night over everything else he was wearing. The falsies stuck to his chest inside of it now made it look even stranger on him than it ever had before. She almost laughed… but she wasn’t really in the mood. She made him lay down on his blow up mattress, putting him to bed much earlier than usual while she went into his kitchen and pulled four baby bottles of her tea mixture out of his refrigerator.
Chad was surprised to see her bringing four bottles instead of the usual two or three. “Four?” he asked tentatively.
“You’ve got plenty of time,” she replied.
Chad wasn’t sure, but he thought there was still a hint of anger in her voice. He put one of the bottles to his lips and began sucking on it as he laid his head back against his pillow.
Mel walked back to the entrance to his bedroom and turned off the light. The room was instantly plunged into odd shadows as the light from outside cast a strange glow across everything. She looked back at him and paused. Should she have punished him? Did she really have a valid reason? Deep inside, she knew she didn’t. Yet she had thought so at the time and she had done it. Why? Why should it matter so much to her?
She watched him suckling on his bottle, watching her watching him. Almost as an afterthought she walked back to him and knelt down next to him. She kissed him lightly on the forehead. “Goodnight baby. Sleep well.”

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