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The Bet - Chapter 50 (Saturday – week 7 part 10 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 50 (Saturday – week 7 part 10 of 10)

     Ray’s head was spinning.  He had only had two orgasm’s – so far, but they had done it first on the couch in the first room, all four couches in the next room, on her office desk, and in her office chair.  He had only had two orgasms because she had carefully kept him from having any more.  The crazy woman kept saying things like…  I read about this in one of my psychology books and I always want to try it…  or…  One of my clients told me he did this…  or… I have another idea…  He had enjoyed every single thing they did – thoroughly, but he was beginning to wonder if the woman every got tired!  And that was when she opened her mouth once again. 
      “All this has been fun,” Gloria said.  “But I think my bed at home would be much more comfortable for us to continue.  Don’t you think?”
     Ray figured he had to take her home eventually anyway, what was a few more hours?  And besides, maybe once they got to her bed, she would let him lead the way for a change.  The woman was like a tiger!  A wild ferocious ravaging tiger!  All the experience he had, all the little tricks he had learned over the years, had been thrown out the window in the first minute with this woman.  He just hoped he could hold up a little longer!

     Mel closed her eyes and reveled in the luxury of Derek buried deep inside her.  He had been… awkward at first, not at all practiced and smooth as Ray had been, but he certainly had no trouble responding.  Once they were both ready, she had to help guide him into her with her hands, which she really didn’t mind.  But from then on, his deep pumping had been wonderful.  No little tricks.  Nothing special at all.  But it felt great!  And now he was still in her, and he was totally hard once again.  And it felt… wonderful! 
     Ever so slowly, he started moving again, pumping, almost involuntarily.  And as his excitement increased, he pumped harder which increased her excitement.  His big powerful body was on top of her, and while he was heavy, she could tell that he was trying not to crush her.  The result was that she felt warm and safe under him – and totally aroused. 
     Her arousal grew steadily as his pumping continued – steadily.  Till with one more big pump, he tipped her over the edge and she began yet another orgasm.  But her orgasm triggered his and together they rode the sensual wave as long as they could… all the way to the end, where he continued to stay inside of her, softening quickly, shrinking steadily.  Yet even then, when he was much smaller and softer, he still felt good in her. 
     But he suddenly rolled off of her.  She realized he was totally spent.  Well, he had been good.  Really good.  She herself felt fantastic.  He kissed her cheek and hugged her close.  Then he rolled over again and got up off of the bed.  She would have preferred that he stay and hold her for a while with his big beautiful body.  But like most men, once he was done, he was done. 
     She got up and slipped a robe over her and went into the bathroom while he got dressed again, without bothering to clean himself up.  By the time she got out of the bathroom, he was ready to go.  She walked over to him and pressed her body up against his and wrapped her arms around him.  “Thank you,” she said simply.
     He leaned down and planted one of those amazingly passionate kisses right on her lips as he hugged her tightly to him.  “No, thank you,” he whispered.
     She walked him to the door and followed him outside where they kissed one more time.  Then she watched as he walked down to his truck, got in it, and with a brief wave, drove off.  It had been a truly nice evening.
     It was only as she was turning to go back into her apartment that she noticed the empty parking space where Cassie’s car should have been.  They were still out – as late as it was.  Oh well, she supposed they were having fun. 
     Still feeling wonderful, she went back into her apartment, back into her bed, and fell deeply asleep.  What a nice evening.

     Once again the women were paying less attention to him.  Chad rolled over on his blanket further away from them and curled up into a ball with his back to them.  He wanted to go home.  But Cassie and Sandy were showing no sign of leaving yet.  He had a feeling that they wouldn’t be leaving till after this diaper started leaking again.  Hopefully, they wouldn’t stay any longer than that – he hoped!
     He realized that Sandy was going easier on the bottles she was giving him now.  Since his last one filled with beer she had let him go quite a while now without any.  He was glad, not only because he didn’t want anything more to drink, but because the beer was now making his head spin terribly. 
     Easing up on the amount he was drinking though still wasn’t having much of an affect on the amount he was peeing.  With his system so overloaded with liquids, it was still practically pouring out of him almost continuously. 
      “How’s that diaper coming?” he heard a woman ask from the front of the stage. 
      “Roll over baby,” Sandy called to him.  “Let this nice lady check your diaper for you.”
     Ugh!  Instead of rolling over, Chad got to his hands and knees again, made sure he was drooling a bit around his pacifier like Sandy wanted him to, and he turned and crawled back to the front of the stage where he sat on his still burning bottom right in front of Sandy and the woman.  The woman reached out and started feeling his already soaked diaper.
      “Wow,” the woman said.  “It hasn’t been very long since you put this thing on him, and it’s already starting to feel soaked.”
     Sandy felt his diaper too.  “Gee, you’re right!  It’s starting to look like he’s going to make his next deadline with no trouble.”
      “You’re sure?” another woman asked.  “I haven’t seen him drinking anything in a while now.  Nothing at all.  I’ve got a couple of bet’s in the pool and one of them is pretty early.  I’d sure like that one to win!”
      “Feel it for yourself,” Sandy replied.  “It’s only been a little while, but he’s feeling pretty wet to me.”
     The woman reached out and felt all over Chad’s diaper.  Then she nodded.  “He does feel real wet, but I’m not sure he’s wet enough to start leaking anytime soon.  And since he’s not drinking as much, he’s probably slowing down.”
     Sandy nodded.  “Maybe, but you’re right about it being a while now since he’s had anything to drink.”  She picked up the last of the bottles from the table and handed it to Sissy.  “Time for another one.”  Then she turned away from him and sat back down to talk with Cassie and a few other friends again. 
     She had almost missed it because she wasn’t paying as much attention.  But something had made her turn her head at just the right moment to see Sandy handing him the last bottle.  Her attention was fully on him just then and she got up from her table and walked closer to him so she could see better.
     The last thing Chad wanted was another bottle. But he supposed he should be grateful that he had been allowed to go a little while now without one.  He crawled back to the center of his blanket where he sat and pulled his pacifier out of his mouth.  Then he put the bottle in and automatically started sucking on it.  The first taste shocked him.  Whatever was in the bottle wasn’t beer!  With his head spinning so much, he couldn’t even figure out what was in it.  In fact, it tasted more like pee than anything else!  What the heck kind of liquor did they put in it?  He now had a really bad taste in his mouth after just the one sip.  He knew for a fact that he didn’t want to drink any more of the foul stuff!
      “Ab ko ba ba ib bay!” he shouted at Sandy to get her attention.  How could he tell her that he couldn’t drink this stuff?
      “You need another bottle!” Sandy replied.  “Stop complaining and just drink it!”
      “Ab ba ba ba ba ba!” he shouted emphatically.
      “I told you,” Sandy replied.  “You have to drink it.  Now I’ve been real nice and let you go without any for a while, but now you have to drink it up!”
     Chad started to shake his head no.  He got partially into the motion, but the instant look of absolute anger on Sandy’s face froze his muscles so he stopped, totally frustrated.  He knew he wasn’t allowed to even shake his head yes or no.  “Ag ga ga bib!” he replied angrily in his frustration.  How could he tell her that whatever in this bottle tasted totally rancid?
     The woman was fascinated.  She had no doubt at all that the bottle he now had was her “special” bottle.  But what fascinated her the most, was that even in his distress, Sandy had him so well trained that he stayed totally in character.  He was totally limited to reacting like a baby, and only a baby.  In fact, she had seen all night long that he hadn’t done anything at all that a baby wouldn’t do.  Nothing! 
     She walked up to Sandy.  “Aw,” she said.  “It sounds like the baby doesn’t want his bottle.”
     Sandy recognized the woman. She had talked with her a few times in the past and was the one who had brought the baby bottles back that Cassie had taken to get filled.  “He’s being a bit stubborn about it this time,” Sandy agreed.  “He’s not usually like that.  He’s usually very good.”  She sighed with exasperation.  “I don’t know why now, of all times, he decides to get… cranky!”
     The woman laughed.  “Maybe what he needs is someone to pay a bit more attention to him and feed him the bottle.  Would you like me to do that for you?  I wouldn’t mind.”
     Feed him the bottle?  Sandy turned that over in her mind for a second, then smiled.  “Sounds fine with me.  Have at it.”
     With a big grin that turned a bit more evil as she turned away from Sandy, the woman sat on the stage and swung her legs up so she could get right next to him.
     Chad had heard the entire exchange between the woman and Sandy.  And now this woman thought she was going to feed him the bottle?  The bottle he didn’t want to drink?  He had to get the point across somehow to Sandy that there was something wrong with the bottle! But how?  “Ba ba ag bat go go!” he shouted at Sandy. 
      “There, there Baby,” Sandy replied a bit testily.  “You be good for this nice lady.  She’s offered to feed you your bottle.  The least you can do is to be good and appreciate it.”
     Before Chad could make any other reply, the woman was pulling on his arm, pulling him down from a sitting position to a laying position – with his head right in her lap.  “Ag ga ga!” he protested.  And then she was bringing the foul bottle back to his mouth.  It almost seemed like slow motion as his eyes watched that nipple coming closer and closer to his mouth.  He opened his mouth to protest one more time, and found he couldn’t because she had suddenly stuck the nipple between his lips.
      “Now be a good baby and drink it all down,” she said mockingly.
     Chad wanted to fight her, but there was no way.  He tried to turn his head to look at Sandy but he couldn’t move it very far.  He did see her out of the corner of his eye standing right in front of the stage with her arms crossed angrily in front of her.    He looked up at the woman now trying to feed him the bottle.  The woman looked – determined!
      “Now drink it down,” the woman said softly but in a no nonsense tone of voice, “because you’re not getting up from my lap till I make sure that every drop is gone from this bottle!”
     Chad didn’t know what to do.  He didn’t want to drink the foul stuff –  whatever it was.  But he had no way of protesting and no way of getting out of it. 
      “Drink!” the woman commanded softly and shook the nipple in his mouth a bit to get his attention.
     Chad had no choice at all.  No way out.  Hating it, he closed his lips tighter around the nipple and sucked.  Again the foul tasting liquid entered his mouth.  It was all he could do to swallow it. 
      “Good baby,” the woman crooned evilly.  “Very good.  You just keep drinking like that and soon it will be all gone.”
     Having no choice, Chad was forced to keep drinking.  What kind of liquor had they put in it?  Once he got used to it, it wasn’t quite as bad, but he still thought it tasted like piss. 
     The woman was delighted.  More so because she was sitting there feeding him the bottle.  She could tell he hated it, but he was so well trained that he couldn’t really protest.  He was forced to do as he was told.  What a sissy!  What an incredible sissy!  Sandy had really done a good job with this one.  She almost envied her.
     Not once, not even for a moment did she take her eyes off of him drinking the bottle.  She watched him swallow every little mouthful.  Every little drop.  And when the bottle started to run dry, she tapped it a few times to make sure he got all of it.  “There!” she said with more than a hint of satisfaction as she finally pulled the empty bottle away.  “That wasn’t so bad now, was it?”
     Not so bad?  It had been horrible.  But Chad had no way of telling her that at all.  His mouth tasted miserable.  His stomach was rolling a bit.  But he was grateful that it was finally over.  The woman let him sit up.  He was surprised that the drink hadn’t made him even more drunk.  He felt lucky about that.  The woman got up and got off the stage.  He was glad to see her go.  There was something about her that bothered him – more than most women.  He didn’t know what.  But something.
      “You better fill a few more bottles again,” Sandy said to Cassie.  “And this time, see if you can get water or something a little safer for babies.”
     Cassie smiled.  She had already apologized for getting beer the first time.  “I’ll find something better,” she replied as she picked up three empty bottles again.  A little while later, she brought them all back – filled with water.
     Chad noticed as Cassie brought back the bottles.  He also heard her telling Sandy that the bottles now contained water.  As much as he didn’t want another bottle, his mouth tasted so bad now that he would welcome anything to get the rancid taste out of it.  He held out his arms toward the bottles like a baby would do, opening and closing his fingers as he said, “A ba ba go gee!”
     Sandy looked over at Chad.  “You want another one?” she asked with some surprise.  “You didn’t even want the last one!”
      “Ag bot  ba ba!” he said, trying to make her understand that he really didn’t want it, but he needed it to rinse out his mouth!
     Sandy just looked at him skeptically.  “Or are you really just wanting someone else to feed you the bottle like that last woman?”
     Chad almost started to shake his head no, but since babies didn’t do that, he was forced to stop himself again.  Again he held out his arms and said, “Ba ba ba ba ba!”
     Sandy was a bit surprised but she picked up another bottle.  “Well, if you really think you want it already, here you go.”
     The instant Chad got the fresh bottle, he put it to his mouth and started drinking.  Ah!  Water!  So good!  So very, very good.  He downed the whole bottle quickly, but it did little to remove the taste from the last bottle he had finished.  Whatever had been in it, he had a feeling it was going to bother him all night long!
     It was only a little while later when one of the women walked up to the edge of the stage to check on him.  “Oh my God!” she cried.  “Look how wet he is already!”
     Sandy came over for a closer look.  “Yeah, he’s really peeing like crazy now.”
     The woman looked at the clock, then back at his diaper.  “I don’t remember what time I bet on!”
     Sandy watched the woman run off.  She turned back to Sissy.  “Do you want another bottle?”
     Since he couldn’t adequately reply, Chad turned his back to her and laid down on the blanket again.  How long did it take for a spinning head to calm down after drinking three beers?  No, make that two beers!  Because whatever had been in that last bottle had certainly not been beer!
     One hour and eighteen minutes into his time limit, the shout rang out triumphantly through the entire room.  “I won!  He’s leaking!”
      “I think he just set a new record,” Cassie noted to Sandy.  Sandy could only agree.
     Chad was quickly changed in front of all the women again, and then he was sat on the edge of the stage just like before.  And the winning woman fed him another two jars of baby food.  He was still hungry – famished, despite all he had been drinking.  But the best part of the baby food was that it helped to get rid of the lousy taste that was still in his mouth.  Some of it anyway.  Two jars of baby food wasn’t nearly enough. 
     A little while later, he noticed that the room was starting to clear out.  Sandy came up on the stage and actually changed his diaper that was far from leaking, but this time she cut slits in the covering of two of them and carefully taped three diapers onto him.  Were they finally going home?  He really hoped so.  He was fairly sure  they were going home when Sandy removed his pink baby dress and replaced it with the top to his baby doll nightie.  Home!  He just wanted to go home!  It had definitely been one of the most humiliating days of his entire life – from start to finish.
     Cassie picked up all his baby toys and folded up his blanket.  And then he was allowed to crawl off of the stage, bumping his padded bottom down the steps till he could crawl again across the large room.  Only when they reached the door, did Sandy tell him he could stand up and walk.  He got to his feet, but his still spinning head made him a bit unsteady for a moment.  But he made it, and with Sandy once again holding his hand, walked all the way back to Cassie’s car. 
     He was so glad when they home.  So glad when Sandy let him into his apartment.  So glad when she took his shoes off him and helped him into bed.  And even more glad when she only gave him one baby bottle of water to drink before he went to sleep.  He was still peeing like he had never peed before.  Totally helplessly.
      “Good night Sissy,” Sandy said with a slight giggle.  “You were very good tonight… mostly.”
     Chad knew what that mostly referred to.  But there was nothing he could do about it now.  He just wanted to go to sleep.
     Sandy said goodnight one last time before she turned off his light and he heard her opening and closing his apartment door.  What a day!  What a horrible, humiliating… wonderful day!

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