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The Bet - Chapter 50 (Saturday – week 7 part 8 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 50 (Saturday – week 7 part 8 of 10)

     As far as Gloria was concerned, after dinner they could have gone straight back to her place, or her office, or his place for that matter.  But she let him take him to his “favorite” club instead.  She was starting to feel a bit tipsy from the drinks, but she didn’t really care.  She was having a great time with him.  Once she had finally managed to get the conversation away from Mel, he was wonderfully attentive and really charming.  And… fun!  She hadn’t danced so much since she was a kid!

     The steaks were good, even though the redness of Derek’s steak made her a bit queasy to look at.  But it seemed he liked his steaks mostly raw – Ugh!  Derek wasn’t nearly as attentive or charming as Ray had been, but still, there was something about him that she seemed to be instantly comfortable with.  Since she had gotten all dressed up tonight, Derek pulled a sport jacket out of the back seat of his truck before they went into the restaurant. She found she liked it on him, especially the casualness of it.  Casual, but sophisticated. 
     Instead of talking about her all the time as Ray had done, he talked mostly about himself, or rather, his job which she gathered was his whole life.  She fully understood.  Wasn’t she the same way?  And surprisingly, the time slipped by faster than she thought.  If it wasn’t for the waiter starting to cautiously press them to pay their bill and move on, they might have stayed there much longer. 
      “So where to?” Derek asked.  “Would you like a drink somewhere?  Or I know where a few clubs are, we could try one of those.  I know you like to dance.”
     But after the quiet comfortable conversation of dinner, Mel wasn’t really in the mood for anything loud.  And as much as she liked wine, she didn’t feel the need for anything intoxicating.  “I don’t know,” she replied.  “Something quiet I think.”
      “Quiet?”  Derek had no idea – other than his bedroom, which hopefully wouldn’t be all that quiet after they got there. 
      “Yeah,” Mel replied feeling a bit mellow.  “I just want to… maybe walk around a bit.”
     Derek wasn’t at all sure about that, especially in the city, especially at night.  “Okay,” he replied uncertainly.  “Let’s see what we can find.” 
     The comfortable conversation from dinner continued in his comfortable SUV as Derek drove around, looking for someplace… decent, where they could take a walk.

      “He’s leaking!” one of the women at the edge of his stage yelled out loudly.  “What time is it?”
     Chad felt totally embarrassed.  They had been making him sit there with his legs splayed wide apart for quite a while now while all the drunk women gawked at him and kept watch for any sign of leakage.  And he was so tired of drinking bottle after bottle that he wanted to cry just because of that! 
      “I win!” he heard someone in the background exclaim. 
     Chad couldn’t have cared less about who had won.  He just wanted to get out of there – which he knew wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.  And he was still hungry!  Why hadn’t Sandy fed him any dinner?  Baby bottles full of Mel’s lousy green tea didn’t help! 
     Amid lots of noise in the background, Sandy soon appeared on the stage next to him with a fresh diaper in her hand.  “Just lay back, Baby, and we’ll get you changed right away,” she said. 
     Chad couldn’t believe it… no, he could believe it.  A number of women were now leaning over the stage to watch closer as he was getting changed.  And the position that Sandy had him in, put his crotch right in front of them where they could see – everything!  He felt Sandy pulling all the tapes open, then she cautiously pulled the front of the diaper down between his legs.  But the moment she did, one of the women right in front of him screamed loudly.  She had seen his stupid chastity device!  A moment later, they were all clamoring to have a look at it.
      “Wait a minute,” Sandy finally told them.  “If I don’t get a fresh diaper under him then there’s going to be a mess.”  It took her only moments to pull the soaking wet diaper out from under him and slide a fresh one in its place. But she only brought the thing up between his legs, she didn’t fasten it.  She looked around for a good way to do what she wanted to do now.  She quickly noticed the front of the stage that was crowed with women, many of whom were leaning far enough over that they could have diapered him themselves.  “Here, Baby,” she said, “sit up for me now.”
     Sit up?  Chad wasn’t sure he had heard her right!  She hadn’t even started to fasten the diaper tapes yet!  But with her pulling on his arm, he sat up.
      “Okay, now scoot up so that you’re sitting on the edge of the stage.”
     Chad knew he didn’t hear that right.  There was no way she had just told him to sit on the edge of the stage.  But he soon found her hand on his back, pushing him slightly in that direction while her other hand held the front of his diaper over top of his chastity device in case he started peeing.  Chad had no choice but to scoot the little bit so that his legs were now dangling over the edge of the stage.  There were so many women so close to him now that he didn’t know what to make of it.  He was scared – he knew that much!
      “Okay ladies,” Sandy said loud enough so that they all could hear over the music.  “I’m going to uncover this thing, but I have to warn you, there’s no telling when he may start squirting.  So if you’re standing in front of him, it’s at your own risk!”  Then, very slowly and carefully – to make sure he wasn’t peeing just then, she pulled the front of his diaper down, totally exposing his chastity device.  It was as if the women hadn’t heeded her warning at all.  Immediately, several of them reached out to touch the thing or to even pull on it or wiggle it back and forth.
     And then, one of them near the side said “Hey!  Look at his nails.  What’s on them?”
     Before Chad knew it, someone had grabbed his left arm and was pulling it out so she could see his fingernails.  A moment later, someone was holding his right arm too!  He felt more than trapped!  Stuck sitting on the edge of the stage, women holding his right arm and examining his nails there, women holding his left arm and examining the nails on that hand.  And the ones in the middle fondling and playing with his chastity device.  It was no wonder he let loose with another uncontrollable gush of pee.  Someone quickly pulled the front of his diaper over it, but not soon enough.  He expected to hear the woman in front of him complaining, but all she did was to laugh – along with everybody else.  How ashamed was it possible for a person feel?  He had a pretty good idea just then.
     It was a little while before someone finally asked.  “Hey, when does he have to be leaking again?”
     Sandy looked up at the clock and after a bit of consideration, named a time. 
     But Cassie realized what she had done.  Hurriedly, she whispered, “But that’s only an hour and a half!  Mel always gives him an hour forty-five!”
      “I know,” Sandy replied quietly.  “But he’s managed to make it in just over an hour and a half the last two times now.  And everybody wants to see it.  No sense ending the party just yet.”
     Cassie said nothing more about that.  Instead she asked.  “Are you going to feed him now?”  To which, Sandy only nodded with a big grin on her face.
      “Okay, Ladies,” Sandy said, as she interrupted the gawking of the women at the edge of the stage.  “We need to get him diapered again.”  Immediately, there were shouts as to what time they thought he was going to be leaking.  Sandy smiled.  The impromptu betting pool was certainly attracting a lot of attention.
     Instead of pulling Sissy back from where he was sitting on the edge of the stage, she just had him lay back instead.  Since the diaper was already under him, all she had to do was to do was to pull it up and fasten the tapes.  Then she had him sit up again, right where he was.  “Don’t forget to drool!” she whispered in his ear.  She walked off the stage and left him to the hands of the women right there.  A couple of them reached out and felt his diaper.  One of them ran her hands over the fabric of his dress.  Chad wasn’t at all pleased by their attention.  Not one bit.
     Sandy got down off the stage and searched through one of the bags she had brought with her.  She pulled out two jars of baby food and a tiny rubber coated baby spoon.  Then she pushed her way through the women.  “Are you hungry baby?” she asked Sissy as soon as she could get close enough.
     Chad was very hungry.  But his only reply was to say, “Ag ak op up boo!” as emphatically as possible, to which all the women laughed.  He didn’t care.  He was hungry, and he didn’t want another baby bottle!
      “Give him another bottle!” Someone shouted from behind her. 
     But Sandy ignored the woman and opened up the first jar of baby food instead.  She dug the tiny spoon into the jar and pulled out some green colored mush. 
     Chad was hungry and he immediately not only opened his mouth wide to get it, he leaned forward go get it sooner – at which, the women started laughing at him again.  Food!  Baby food, but it was still food!  And he was starving!  He swallowed it all too quickly and opened his mouth as if to show Sandy that he was ready for more.
      “Let me feed him!” one of the women asked.
      “No, I want to do it!” another women interjected.
      “No me!” A third woman added.  “I won the pool.   I think I should get to feed him!”
     Sandy looked at the three women.  She looked longer at the one who had won the betting.  With a smile, she turned the spoon and jar of baby food over to the woman so she could feed Sissy.  The minute she did, she could hear more women betting on what time he would start wetting.  After realizing what was going on, Sandy decided to make a small change in her plans.  “I’ll let the next winner either feed him if he makes it on time,” she called out.  “Or if he doesn’t make it, then the winner can punish him instead!”  She was rewarded by a lot of enthusiastic noise from everyone!  And the betting picked up once more.

     Gloria had had enough dancing.  She had enough drinking too.  If she didn’t get him into bed soon then she would be too wasted to really enjoy him.  And since she was fairly sure she would probably never see him again, she was determined to make the absolute most of her time with him – especially in bed, the one place where she felt her life suffered the most!  “Take me out of here,” she said to him as the dance ended and she quickly wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled his neck.
     Ray got the message loud and clear.  It was about time too!  “Where to?” he asked politely as soon as they had gotten out of the building and away from the loud music. 
     Gloria considered that.  With a bit of a wicked smile she asked, “Would you like to see my couches?”
     Ray needed no further prompting than that and before long, he was driving through the city as Gloria gave him directions.  Her office turned out to be a stand-alone brick building.  Small, but adequate, he figured.  He parked in her small parking lot right in front of the door.  But as she was unlocking that door, his eyes noticed the lettering on the glass sidelight right next to the door.  Just below her name, was a list of her degrees, including one that said PhD.  Something about that startled him.  “Doctor?” he asked.
     Gloria mentally cursed.  She just hoped he wasn’t one of those guys who was turned off by smart women.  She pulled him close to her and asked, “Is that a problem for you?”  Then she kissed his lips passionately. 
      “No problem at all,” he replied as her kiss ended.  The kiss had been enough to make him mostly forgot all about the fact that she had any kind of degree at all.  A minute later, she had opened the door and he followed her inside – and watched as she locked the door again behind them. 
      “This way,” Gloria said with that same sexy smile on her face.  She led the way to her first room where she turned on the light.  “This is where I usually do most of my sessions,” she told him.
     Ray looked around.  The room was nicely decorated, but had very little furniture in it other than a strange looking contoured couch covered in black leather.  There was another small chair in the room too, but it was pushed out of the way.  As he looked around at what little there was to see, he heard her close the door to the room.
     Gloria reached up and grabbed his head in her hands.  She pulled him down so she could kiss his lips.  She rubbed her body a bit against his.  “Want to try the couch?” she asked.
     His answer was a foregone conclusion!

      “That’s an interesting one,” Mel said as she pointed to the painting they were passing. 
     Derek looked, “Very nice,” he agreed, although he really couldn’t have cared less about it.  He had lucked out by finding this art gallery that was still open.  Not that he was into paintings, he wasn’t!  He couldn’t have cared less about art.  But he had seen the lights on as he drove past, and now he and Mel were walking slowly around the gallery, her arm linked in his as if they had been a couple for many years.  It felt nice.  Nice enough that he was willing to prolong the experience as much as possible. 
     Mel was enjoying herself.  The Derek she had seen on the double date with Sissy was a different man than the Derek she was out with now.  That other Derek had hardly spoken a word all night long.  But while they didn’t really talk all that much, she found that he was very open with her.  He wasn’t nearly as exciting or sophisticated as Ray had been, but that wasn’t anything she could hold against him.  He was simply… different. 
     They reached the end of the gallery.  It hadn’t been all that big to begin with. 
      “I think that’s it,” Derek noted as they found themselves right back where they started.  “Do you want me to take you home?” he asked politely.  But where he really wanted to take her was back to his place.
     Mel nodded.  “Yes please.  I think it’s time.”
     Derek was disappointed, but he politely agreed and soon they were back in his big SUV heading back to her apartment.  He pulled into an empty parking space.  “Do you want me to walk you up to your door?”
     Wide-eyed, Mel turned to him.  “You better!”
     But it was the look in her eyes that mattered most to Derek.  He was suddenly very hopeful of his chances once again.  Her place or his place, what did it matter? 
     As Mel got out of his truck, she looked around.  Cassie’s car was still gone.  She wasn’t sure if she should be surprised by that or not.  It was late, but not that late.  Still, she was fairly sure they would be back soon.  When they got up to her door, she unlocked it and turned to him.  “You ‘are’ coming in, aren’t you?”
     Derek smiled.  “If you let me.”
     Mel pushed her door open with one hand and grabbed his sport jacket with the other.  She literally pulled him in and closed the door behind her.

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