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The Bet - Chapter 51 (Sunday – week 8 part 1 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 51 (Sunday – week 8 part 1 of 8)

     He was on stage again.  The bright stage lights on him faded the audience into vague shadows.  But the lights did nothing to dull the taunting sound of all the women laughing at him.  He was a baby again – just as he had been a few hours ago, on stage, for real!  In his dream world, he was reliving every humiliating taunt thrown at him, every humiliating thing done to him, every humiliating thing he was forced to do, every humiliating bottle he had to drink… everything!  Everything including being fed that one rancid bottle by some strange woman.  Horrible! And even in his dream world, he realized that he was peeing profusely from all the delicious humiliation of it. 
     Over and over again his mind relived each thing done to him.  The more humiliating things seemed to work their way into his dreams over and over again.  To be replayed and savored – and appreciated.
     And then he noticed something different, something wrong, something bothering him.  It bothered him enough to vaguely pull him into a semi-wakeful state in the real world.  It didn’t take him long to realize that his diapers were leaking.  His bedding and babydoll nightie were already somewhat wet.  But it was still dark and his alarm hadn’t gone off yet – and he was so very tired.  Besides, there wasn’t much he could do about it now anyway.  It was just another little bother and humiliation amid so many other humiliating things.  With no effort at all, he dropped soundly back into his slumber, where he once again revisited sissy humiliation after sissy humiliation.  Where he was once again oblivious to the real world around him.
     His dreams began turning over and over again to that one really lousy tasting bottle that the woman had fed him personally.  He had no idea what was really in it, but he began to imagine that it really was pee.  While he had no idea of what pee actually tasted like, he imagined that that was it. 
     And as dreams often turned strange, so did this one.  In his dream, while he was being forced to drink the horrible pee, someone undid his diaper and stuck an empty bottle over his chastity enclosed penis, to fill it with his own pee.  When the bottle of pee he was drinking was finished, the bottles were switched so that as he continued to drink one, he was continuing to fill his next one.  Over and over again.  And the humiliation of being forced to do it… to have no control over it at all, kept him on the brink of a dreamlike rapture – though his one tiny organ that once used to be so much a part of his sexual stimulation, remained as tiny and passive as ever.
     He slept soundly, his head filled with the most delightful wicked things ever done to him.  Things his imagination had never conceived of before.  Things that he knew without a doubt would never be topped.  And why shouldn’t he sleep so blissfully?  Why would he ever want to leave such a beautiful dream?

     Mel opened her eyes and stared at the blank ceiling above her.  She breathed in deeply.  She felt… great!  Rested, relaxed… satisfied.  Derek had been really nice last night.  Not earth shatteringly great, but really nice.  There was just something about him that she liked, something she felt comfortable with.  But her thoughts about Derek were interrupted by the thought of how good some coffee would be just then.  Unfortunately, to get that coffee she would have to get up out of bed and make it.  She really couldn’t wait till Sissy would be there doing it for her – every morning!  How perfect would that be? 
     Her mood suddenly darkened a bit as she remembered the one big problem facing her with Sissy.  Five minutes!  Before she could have him bringing her coffee in bed every morning, first she had to make him totally incontinent. And things weren’t looking very good right now.  There were only… what, about twelve more days to go now before his testing even started?  How could she overcome five minutes in only twelve days? 
     With an angry groan, she forced herself to get out of bed.  She threw a robe around herself and went out to make her coffee.  Five minutes!  Five damn minutes!  How was she going to do it?  With growing frustration and concern that she fixed her coffee.  Even more frustration as she had to wait while her coffee maker was working.  It wasn’t until she had taken her first sip of the freshly brewed coffee that her mind really started working properly, and when it did, she was not only frustrated with how she was going to deal with Sissy, she was frustrated with herself!  “Damn!” she exclaimed softly.  She had forgotten!
     She glanced at the clock.  It was starting to get late, and he hadn’t called yet!  But her biggest reason for berating herself was that she had told Sandy yesterday not to set his alarm clock when they got home because she was going to do it herself.  Unfortunately, she had gone to bed since they weren’t back yet and she had slept through the night!  And now it was getting later than she wanted and there was still no word from Sissy! 
     She grabbed her phone and called him.  She listened to it ringing for a long time before she hung up.  Angrily, she grabbed her keys and pulled her robe tighter around her before opening her door.  Yesterday he had been in the shower when she called.  He better be in the shower today!  She didn’t want to wait around forever for him to get ready this morning!  She had things she wanted to do today! 
     She opened his door and stepped in.  Everything was quiet.  Too quiet.  Was he here?  His purse and diaper bag were on the floor so he had to be there.  And then her nose caught the scent of something that didn’t smell very good.  The scent grew stronger the closer she got to his bedroom.  She stepped inside and his bedroom and it practically reeked of pee!  She didn’t need the light to see that he was still sound asleep, but she turned it on anyway. 
      “Sissy!” she called, but got no response.  She went over and kicked his blowup mattress.  “Sissy!” she called louder.  But as she said it, she realized that her foot had encountered something wet when she kicked it.  As she saw him startle awake she realized that his bedding was completely soaked.  All of it!  And as he quickly turned over and his blanket fell away, she saw that the baby doll nightie he was wearing was soaked too!  How could he sleep like that?
      “Mithtweth!” Chad said in his sissy voice, totally surprised to find her there. 
      “Geez!” Mel replied as she thoroughly took in how wet everything was.  “How can you sleep like that?”
     Still laying down in his wet bedding, Chad finally realized how wet everything was.  “I was sleeping,” he replied.  “I didn’t know it was this bad.”
      “Well… get up and hurry up!  We have things to do today and it’s already getting late.  And don’t forget to phone me the minute you get your one diaper on again!”  She took note of one more thing as he was getting to his feet.  There was only one partially empty baby bottle on the floor next to his bed.  Not three!  Not wanting to stay there any longer, she hurried out and went back to her own apartment – and her freshly brewed coffee.  How could he have slept and not waken up if he was that wet?  And then another question hit her, why was he so incredibly wet?  She was tempted to go back to investigate, but she decided not to.  She hurriedly gulped down her coffee and went back to her own bedroom to get dressed. 

     Everything was soaked.  Everything!  Chad hardly knew what to do with it all.  He gathered all his bedding up and stuck it all into the wet pillow case.  He pulled his soaked baby doll nightie off too and put that in with his bedding.  Then he opened a window to start airing the room out, but he had a feeling that the smell was going to be there for a while.  He finally went into his bathroom to remove his soaked and messy diapers – and to take a well needed shower.  As he usually did now, he used his pink razor on any parts of his body that needed a touch up to remove the hair.  It was becoming a routine he hardly thought about anymore. 
     When his shower was done, he grabbed another diaper as fast as he could and taped it in place.  He had to do it fast because on these weekends he never had a chance to try to hold back and there was too much chance now that he could pee on the floor again.  He was fortunate to not do that today!  The minute his diaper was in place, he found his phone and called Mel.  “I just put my diaper on,” he told her in his sissy voice.
      “Good!” Mel replied.  “Do your hair and makeup.  Then grab a clean bra, some clean sissy socks, and carry them over here!  You can go back for whatever laundry you need to clean later.  And hurry up!  We’re already later than I wanted it to be!”
     Chad was only surprised that she didn’t tell him to drink his usual three baby bottles.  In fact, Sandy had only made him drink one when he went to bed last night.  But judging by how wet everything was this morning, that had still been one bottle too many.  Of course, Sandy had also not put any plastic panties on him last night either.  That would have helped things a lot!  His stomach growled as he headed back to his bathroom.  He was hungry again.  Why didn’t Sandy feed him more last night?

     Clad in only a single diaper and nothing else, Chad picked up his purse and slung it over his shoulder.  He held his last clean bra and a pair of white lacy socks in his hand.  With his other hand he picked up his diaper bag, noting as he did so that it was a lot lighter than he had been last night!  Nervously, he opened his door and quickly made his way barefooted over to Mel’s apartment.  He noticed some people in the parking lot down below, but he did his best to ignore them.  He couldn’t do anything about them anyway and most of them had already seen him in embarrassing situations – some had seen him many times. 
     He knocked on her door, and was rewarded when she opened it only moments later.  He curtseyed as best he could with his hands full.  “Good morning, Mistress,” he greeted her as he did every morning. 
      “Good morning, Sissy,” she replied as she stood back out of the way so he could come in.  There wasn’t much about him to look over since he was only wearing a diaper and nothing else. She waited though as he set his things down under her little table by the door.  But when he stood back up, she heard an odd sound coming from him.  “What was that?”
      “Sorry, Mistress.  That was my stomach.  I didn’t eat hardly anything last night and I’m really hungry this morning.”
      “Didn’t eat?  Why not?”
      “Sandy didn’t feed me anything before we went out.  Then she only gave me a little bit several times during the night.”
      “Why?” Mel asked.
      “I don’t know.”
     Mel had been about to say something else, when she suddenly realized that something had been missing.  And it irked her!  “And I don’t know why you can’t remember to curtsey every time you open your mouth!” she replied angrily.  “I’ve been way too lax about that!  You can be sure we’ll be working on that a lot from now on!  Now get up in your highchair.  I’ve got your breakfast almost ready.”
     Chad curtseyed this time before he hurried off to his highchair.  He was hungry.  For once, baby cereal was sounding awfully good to him!
     A few minutes later, Mel leaned back against her kitchen counter with a fresh cup of coffee to watch him shovel the cereal into his mouth as fast as he could.  He wasn’t making as much of a mess with it anymore.  Practice, she guessed.  She did feel a bit guilty about not feeding him more for breakfast since he was so hungry, but she had only cooked what she gave him.  Well, she would give him a few more jars of baby food for lunch to make up for it.  She almost laughed at the thought.  Baby food – as if that would make up for anything! 
      “Andrea will be here for dinner tonight, along with Cassie and Sandy,” she told him.  “Do you need your cookbook to figure out what groceries you’re going to need?”
     Chad paused to consider that while he swallowed.  “No,” he finally replied.  “I think I can come up with something.”
      “Good,” Mel replied as she set her cup down on the counter.  “Hurry up and finish.  I want to get to the grocery store and back as soon as possible this morning.  We have to rehearse your dance!  You’ll be performing it tonight for everyone and I want you perfect!”  She left him to finish while she went to the living room to check his diaper bag.  When she opened it, she was surprised to find that all the bottles were empty.  All of them!  And there were a lot of bottles in there.  No wonder he had leaked all over everything this morning.  She pulled all the empty bottles out and put three fresh ones in along with some fresh diapers.  She was now ready.  All she needed was for him to finish eating.
     Chad slowed down his eating now that the edge had been taken off.  He was supposed to perform his dance tonight?  Well, he supposed that the circumstances could certainly be worse.  And the odd thing that made him mind it even less, was how serious Mel had been about teaching him to do it right.  There wasn’t all that much that was humiliating about what he would be doing – other than the fact that he was a grown man who would be dancing like a little girl.  Oh yeah, and that crazy ballet outfit she had gotten him.  That was more than a bit embarrassing too!

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