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The Bet - Chapter 50 (Saturday – week 7 part 9 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 50 (Saturday – week 7 part 9 of 10)

     Chad was getting so tired!  The loud music, the hot stage lights, and mostly the women who kept coming right up to him to laugh or to just check his diaper.  And he had to keep acting like a total infant the entire time!  Just once he’d like to tell some of these women off!  But Sandy and Cassie both were keeping an awfully close eye on him and he didn’t dare.  Not that it mattered anyway.  No matter what he said to these women, he didn’t think they would listen to him anyway.  Not after seeing him looking and acting like the total fool that he now knew he was.  He felt so… helpless!  Like a baby.
     He had noticed that the number of women around him had tapered off greatly.  They only came around once in a while now to check on the state of his diaper.  Many of them actually asked him to move so they could see it better.  Some of them were bold enough to put their hands all over it and feel it.  And more than one was bold enough to rub hard on his chastity device as if to try to stimulate him inside.  The mean looks in their eyes told him they each knew he couldn’t succeed.  If it wasn’t for that chastity device, he’d probably enjoy it.  Probably a lot!  But as it was, it was nothing but a useless exercise on their part.  Mel had rendered him incapable of getting any kind of reaction there.  For all intents and purposes his penis was now useless – like the baby he was supposed to be.  It might as well not even be there, as if she had removed it physically and actually rendered him female.  He was feeling close enough anyway. 
     Emasculated.  Regressed.  Reduced.  Humiliated.  And Laughed At.  And he guessed he deserved every bit of it.
     One of the women who had been by a few times to check his diaper came back.  “Move over here Sugar.  Let me check you again.”
     Chad was too close to crawl, so he just rolled over to the edge of the stage and let the woman feel his diaper.  She examined it closely and even made him roll over to inspect the other side.  “Hey Sandy,” she called.  “Does this look like it’s leaking to you?”
     Sandy was there quickly.  “Nope,” Sandy finally decided.  “Not yet.  He’s soaked, but not leaking yet.”
      “Shit!” the woman exclaimed.  “Get him another bottle!  It’s coming up on the time I guessed!”
     Sandy had to dig through his diaper bag to find a bottle that was still full.  Despite putting so many bottles in the bag, she had made him drink so many that they were mostly all empty.  She handed the full bottle to the woman.  “Do you want to give it to him?”
     The woman took it and smiled and turned back to Sissy.  “Open up Baby.  You must be thirsty!”
     Chad was anything but thirsty.  He was drowning!  But instead of handing him the bottle, the woman knocked his hands away and held it while he started sucking on it. 
      “That’s it Baby.  You just keep drinking like that.  The more the better.  And don’t slow down!”
     Sandy picked up one of the empty bottles from his bag and turned to Cassie.  “We’re going to have to find something to refill these with.  We’re almost out!”
      “You’re kidding!  Is it healthy for him to drink that much?”
     Sandy shook her head.  “I don’t know.  Maybe not.  But the way everyone seems to be betting on him, we dare not run out.  I’ve been trying to cut back though to give him a rest.”
     Cassie nodded.  “I noticed, and I think it’s a good thing.  Here, let me take a few of them and see if Greta has anything she can put in them.”  She grabbed three of the empty baby bottles and carried them up to the bar. 
      “What’cha need?” Greta asked a moment later as she saw Cassie set the bottles down on the bar. 
      “Something to fill these with,” Cassie replied.  “We brought a lot with us, but he’s having to drink so much that we’re running out.”
     Since Cassie didn’t specify what to fill them with, Greta took the bottles to the other end of the bar where her beer taps were and filled them.  Then she brought them back to Cassie.  Cassie saw what was in them and was shocked, but she realized she should have been more specific in her instructions.  Babies weren’t normally given beer to drink!  She just hoped that Sandy wouldn’t be mad. 
      “More bottles for the baby?” a woman asked as she walked up next to Cassie. 
     Cassie recognized her as an old friend.  There was another woman with her too who Cassie didn’t like as much because she had a feeling the second woman had a bit of a mean streak.  She did her best to be polite the other woman while trying to basically ignore her and talk to the one she did like.   
     The second woman realized she was being left out of the conversation.  As she stood there with nothing to do, she saw all the bottles on the bar in front of Cassie.  “Are they for the baby?” she asked, interrupting the conversation.
     Cassie nodded.  “Yeah, I guess I need to take them back.”
      “I can do it for you if you like.  I don’t mind.”
     Cassie was surprised, but grateful.  “Would you?  That would be great!”
     With a smile, the woman picked up all three bottles filled with beer and headed toward the table where Sandy was.  But she held two bottles in one hand, and hid the other one behind her full skirt.  “Cassie sent these over,” she told Sandy as she got to the table, and set the two bottles down.
      “Beer?” Sandy looked up at the woman.  “Cassie should know better!  But I guess beggars can’t be choosers.  He’ll just have to drink it.”  She looked at the two bottles.  “I thought I had sent three for her to fill.”
      “I don’t know,” the woman replied.  “But I can go back and check for you.”
      “Thanks,” Sandy replied as she held up one of the now amber colored bottles.  With a shrug she set it down again. 
     The woman headed off, still hiding the third baby bottle.  But she didn’t go back to the bar with it, she went into the ladies room instead.  A few minutes later she came out feeling excited and happy.  She noticed that Cassie was still talking to her friend at the bar.  Good!  Halfway across the room she stopped hiding the third bottle and held it openly in her hand as she went back to Sandy.  “I found it,” she said.  “My fault,” she exclaimed.  “I had only picked up two of them and I guess Greta was still filling this one.”  She set the bottle down next to the other two and noticed that the slightly frosted color of the plastic made all three bottles look the same.  The one she had just set down though felt a bit warmer – but it was cooling rapidly.
      “Oh thanks!” Sandy replied.  “I appreciate that so much.  I keep getting people asking me to make sure he drinks more since his deadline is coming up.  So I guess I’m going to need it.”
      “No problem,” the woman replied.  She walked away, but she started keeping a closer eye on what Sissy was drinking.
     As Sissy’s deadline grew nearer and nearer, more and more women started surrounding him.  Over and over again they prodded at his diaper – some of them hoping that their prodding would make him leak.  But it wasn’t happening – yet.  Someone started watching the clock closer, and then in the last thirty seconds, she counted down the final seconds, her voice growing louder and more excited with each second.
     Chad felt defeated – again!  It didn’t take a rocket scientist to tell him he had failed to get his diaper leaking – again.  An hour and forty-five minutes was simply not enough time, no matter how much he knew he was peeing.  Some diapers were just stubborn!  It wasn’t his fault!  Yet he knew without a doubt that he was going to get punished all the same. 
     When his bottle was finished, Sandy quickly handed him another one.  But this one was filled with yellow liquid instead of Mel’s brownish looking tea.  He took a quick sip.  Beer!  Yuck!  He hated beer!  But maybe it would help him to keep peeing so he wouldn’t get punished too badly.  Besides, if Sandy handed it to him to drink, then he didn’t have much choice in the matter.  He put it back to his lips and continued sucking on the thing, even though he didn’t like it.
     In the crowd, there was one woman watching his face closer than any of the others.  She had seen his reaction when he had tasted what was in the bottle.  He didn’t like it, she could tell that much for sure.  Had it been her “special” bottle?  Or was it that he hadn’t been expecting to be drinking beer?  She really didn’t know.  Hopefully, she would be able to tell one way or the other before the night was over.
     It was six full minutes after his deadline before one of the women detected the leak – as slight as it was.  “Six minutes!” Sandy declared.  “She looked straight at Sissy.  “That’s thirty swats with the paddle!”
     Paddle?  Chad was confused.  What paddle?  But then he saw Cassie pull out the same paddle with the holes in it that Jillian and Stacy had used on him at their apartment.  A different kind of fear invaded his insides. 
      “I won!” One of the women proclaimed.  “Let me have that thing!”
     Cassie handed over the paddle while Sandy climbed the stage with a couple of extra diapers in her hand.  “How do you want him?” she asked.
      “Bare bottomed for sure!” the woman replied.
      “Just let me spread these out under him,” Sandy told her.  “He’s probably going to pee a number of times while you’re spanking him.”
     Sandy spread open the diapers she had brought with her.  Then she removed Sissy’s soggy diaper and made him crawl over top of the new ones.
      “Turn him so we can see better!” someone in the crowd yelled.
     Sandy turned Chad around so that his now bare backside was facing all the women.  The woman with the paddle took up her position proudly at Sissy’s side and held the paddle triumphantly up for everyone to see.  “Ready?” she called to the audience.  Then, taking careful aim, she brought the paddle down with a hard loud smack right across Sissy’s backside.  The audience cheered!
     Chad was in shock!  The pain was horrendous!  He involuntarily crawled a bit forward in response to it as his backside suddenly felt nothing but pain!  But Sandy was right there and she backed him up again.
      “One!” the woman with the paddle declared.  Then she swung it again!
     The second blow was just as bad as the first, even though he knew what to expect now.  Why was he going through this?  It wasn’t his fault that his diaper hadn’t leaked on time.  Blame the diaper!  By her fifth stroke, the pain was so bad that he was down from his hands and knees to his elbows and knees as he tried to keep himself from crying.  By the ninth blow, he gave up trying not to cry.  By the fifteenth blow he was wailing so loudly he just knew that somebody would take pity on him, but the blows kept coming – slowly, but steadily, and all too strong!  By the twentieth blow, his knees gave out and he tried to lay down flat instead, but again Sandy was right there, forcing him now to pull his knees up under him.  He was so miserable he couldn’t even think of resisting.  And then the blows continued.  All the way to thirty.  All the way to unendurable.  And all of it in front of he didn’t know how many cheering women. 
He considered every one of those women to be nothing but cruel – especially the one wielding the paddle!  But then he knew they were all drunk – not only on alcohol, but on the excitement of what was being done – to him!  To them it was all in the name of having a good time.
     Totally miserable, he let Sandy roll him over so that he was laying on his burning backside.  He felt her pulling one of the diapers up between his legs.  Even though it was a disposable diaper, he could tell that it was already wet from where he had lost control during his beating.  And a minute later, she was sitting him up again, right on his miserable backside, and scooting him up to sit on the edge of the stage.  He was still sobbing miserably – he couldn’t help it and as much as he would like to stop, he couldn’t.  He was also fidgeting back and forth because the position he was in wasn’t the most comfortable with the itching raw pain all over his bottom. 
     Sandy yelled out a time into the room for his next leaking deadline.  And Chad noticed a scurry of activity among the women again.  Why couldn’t they just go home now?  He had been here for what seemed like forever.  But it seemed that he was doomed to endure yet more before the night was over.
     As hungry as he was, seeing Sandy coming at him with more baby food was the last thing he wanted to see.  He tried to stop his crying, but so far, he wasn’t having much success.  He wasn’t sobbing as loudly, but he was still crying. 
      “Here you go Baby,” Sandy said kindly to him.  “This will make you feel better.”
     Chad had to force himself to open his mouth enough for her to get the spoon in.  But with all the crying he was doing, he felt some of the food he had just taken in, spilling back out again through his lips.  He swallowed, and Sandy immediately brought the spoon back again with more baby food, and he was forced to open his mouth to eat it.  This time, he got it all… he hoped.  And when he was done with another two jars, Sandy let him crawl back further on his blanket and lay down, where she handed him another baby bottle – of beer.  Yuck!
     And in the audience, one pair of eyes watched him drinking his latest bottle.  His reaction hadn’t been all that great this time.  She figured that this bottle had to be beer for sure.  But had his first one been beer?  She wasn’t sure yet. 

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