Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hi all

My old story “Girlish” came out on Fictionmania ( ) today.  The story is freshly edited and anyone who is interested in the story can find it there now. 

Here’s what I said there about the story:

Steve is a college freshman who just wanted a normal life. His new roommate however had other ideas for him. She decided to make him as absolutely girlish as she possibly could.

Written in 2005, this was the third story I ever finished and by far my most controversial.  It’s also one of my personal favorites.  Like my other early stories, I’m presenting it here in its entirety so you can enjoy all of it.

I marked a couple of sections in this story for their violent content, and one in particular.  If you have any problem with that, then I strongly suggest you skip over them.

Please remember that this is nothing more than a work of fiction.  It’s not real, it never was real.  None of the characters are even based on real people.  It’s all nothing but a simple crafting from my mind, so please treat it that way.

So I now invite you to print this out in whatever fashion works the best for you… curl up in a nice comfortable chair… and step into the shoes of someone who is about to have an incredible experience.  I truly hope you enjoy – “Girlish.”

Anyway, if you’re interested, please find it and enjoy it.

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