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The Bet - Chapter 60 (Tuesday – week 9 Part 4 of 6)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 60 (Tuesday – week 9 Part 4 of 6)

     Mel sipped her coffee at the kitchen table as Sissy pushed the vacuum cleaner around her living room carpet.  He was pushing the thing with one hand while drinking from his baby bottle with the other.  Now that she had eaten, she was starting to feel a lot more tired – more like sleeping.  She supposed Sissy deserved a little more sleep as well, even though he had already had some sleep.  It was the only reason she hadn’t made him change into a fresh diaper yet.  And she had to get him back into his leaking routine soon!  But since she had already decided to let him take a little nap… 
     She got up from the table, leaving all the dirty dishes right where they were.  They weren’t her responsibility anymore, they were Sissy’s job.  “Turn that thing off!” she shouted over top of the noisy vacuum.  It was a moment before silence was returned to her apartment.  “I’m going in to lay down for a while,” she told him.  “Are you still tired as well?”  Actually, she could see from his face that he was.
     Chad curtseyed.  “Yes Mistress.  Very!”  Curtsey.
      “I figured,” Mel replied.  “Go put some plastic panties on over those diapers and you can nap on the floor by the couch for a couple of hours,” she told him.  “As wet as those diapers look now, I don’t want to take a chance that even two of them might leak before you wake up.  And you better not sleep too long!”
     Chad felt totally elated.  He curtseyed before saying “Thank you Mistress.”  Then naturally, he curtseyed again before hurrying off to find some plastic panties. 
     Mel headed straight for her bedroom.  Her bed looked so good!  So comfortable!  Still in her clothes, she climbed up on it and laid back against the pillows.  So comfortable!  So nice!  She closed her eyes and tried to sleep… and tried to sleep… and tried…  But her mind wouldn’t let her sleep.  It kept replaying the frantic hunt they had done last night for those clauses in the contract.  She would get all the credit of course, but it was Sissy who had pointed the way and really found what they were after.  Sissy!  She owed him big for that one! 
     With a grunt, she rolled over and tried to sleep again.  And tried… and tried… but now her brain had moved on to thinking about Ray and the way he had behaved last Sunday.  What an asshole!  He had only been after her money all that time!  But at the same time, she not only felt betrayed, she felt like she had lost something.  He had been a big strong handsome man.  Good in bed too!  Okay, very good in bed!  And yet, under it all, he was still another male jerk!  The asshole!
     She rolled over again, still trying to fall asleep.  She was so weary!  So tired!  Why couldn’t she sleep?  Her thoughts now turned to Sissy.  She really should have put him on his hour and forty-five minute time limit again.  She supposed she was being too nice to him right now.  But right now, she was simply too tired to worry about it.  She need some sleep… and so did he.  There would be plenty of time after they woke up to get him back into the habit again.  Besides, he had been drinking his bottles almost continuously since they had gotten home, so she wasn’t so worried about it. 
     But thoughts of Sissy wouldn’t go away.  There was only… what day was this anyway?  Tuesday!  There was only today, tomorrow, and Thursday to go.  On Friday he would be free to be himself again… and possibly regain all of his bladder control.  That thought worried her.  She could only pray that he wouldn’t.  The very thought that he might actually manage it scared her. 
     Self-respect, friends, and a life!  The three things that drove him to want to win.  How could she possibly overcome them?  She thought about what he had done last night.  He was so smart.  She was fairly certain that what he was capable of doing had a lot to do with his self-respect.  But he was a sissy too!  How could those two things possibly go together?  And she remembered one other disturbing thought that had hit her earlier… was it right for her to do with him what she was contemplating doing?  The feeling was unbidden, but she felt scared that what she had planned for him was in reality very, very wrong! 
     Frustrated at not being able to sleep, she finally got out of bed again and headed for the living room, but she stopped in the doorway.  Sissy appeared to be sound asleep – on the floor right next to the couch as he had been told.  She stood there and watched his slow heavy breathing.  At least one of them was able to sleep! 
     Why was she placing all her dreams in him?  A sissy!  A crazy sissy!  But at the same time, he was an incredible sissy.  An incredible person as well.  Quietly, she walked over and stepped carefully around him to get to the couch.  She laid down, staring at his prone form.  He looked odd wearing a bra with those falsies of his.  The waist cincher still around his waist didn’t help matters either.  And yet, something about the puffy sight of his diaper and plastic panty clad bottom thrilled her.  He was the one person she could control.  The one person she didn’t conflict with in any way.  Even Derek… and Ray… and every other guy who had ever been in her life, she conflicted with.  Every last stinking one of them!  But not Sissy. 
     She had this dominant streak in her personality that she simply couldn’t get past.  And Sissy had his submissive streak.  A very, very big submissive streak.  He had a host of other oddball fetishes as well, but every last one of them were nothing but fodder for her to play with – to her heart’s content!  Sissy!  So smart!  Yet so submissive as well.  Her tired brain couldn’t find any conflict with that part – smart and submissive. 
     Laying on the couch just above him, she reached her hand out and gently touched his hair.  Of all the men in her life… if she could really think of him as a man… he was the only one that never upset her.  The only one who seemed to really understand her.  The only one!
     She closed her eyes… and fell asleep.

     It was the kind of dream he hadn’t had in a long time.  The kind of dream where he was once again all powerful… all knowing.  He was simply the best and everyone knew it. 
     The frantic search through Mel’s contract played foremost in his mind.  But in his dream, he wasn’t a sissy at all.  He was his old self… dressed as his old self… behaving as his old self.  And everyone was in awe of what he was doing.  Yet in his dream, as he mapped contract section after contract section – to everyone’s amazement, he yearned for something else.  He wanted that other part of him that he dared not let anyone know about.  And he wanted it badly.  But right now, he was proving to everyone how great he really was.  And unfortunately, they needed him.
      “Here!” his dream self stated.  “Here’s another of the links you couldn’t find!”  Everyone looked, and everyone was once again impressed with him.  He was so good!  So good!  But what everyone didn’t know was that secretly, he wasn’t good at all.  He was bad!  Very bad!  Because he harbored a secret about himself.  A secret he still yearned for – even in the midst of how great he was.  And it was a secret that if anyone knew, they would no longer think him great at all.  All his respect would be gone if anyone found out.  All of it!  Yet that didn’t stop him from yearning for it desperately. 
     How much longer till this job was done?  How much longer till he could get out of there.  He wanted desperately to go home… home to where his sissy things were.  Home to where all his wonderful play things were.  Home… to where he could be himself. 
     His frustration at having to work grew.  And grew.  And grew!  Until he finally shouted at everyone.  “Find it yourselves!  I’ve shown you how, now figure it out!”  And his dream self ran out.  The wonderful thing about dreams is that you can be anywhere else in a blink of an eye.  And that’s what happened as he suddenly found himself unlocking the door to his apartment.  His empty apartment.  Empty, but not really empty.  The things he treasured the most were all there.  He needed little else. 
     In his dream, he rushed to his closet.  There… there they were.  All his wonderful pretty things.  He grabbed his silly sissy pink dress and pulled it out.  He looked at all the shoes on the floor and grabbed the pair of pink patent high heels.
     And in his dream… he was finally free to be… whatever he felt like being!  Himself!  His sissy things were his refuge from the stress and cares of his “other” life. 
     He was once again attired in the sissy dress, with the sissy shoes when he got the call.  He had to go back!  No!  His dream-self changed clothes in the blink of an eye, and he was once again back in Mel’s office helping them find the impossible.  Which he did, but he still yearned for his escape… his refuge.  And once again he shouted that he was done with it.  They had to do some of it themselves – just so he could get back to his sissy things and be who he really was. 
     And moments later, he was just that, relishing the feelings of being a sissy.  The delicious feelings he simply couldn’t ignore.  There were two halves to him.  Two!  He wasn’t like everyone else.  It was the combination of both halves that made up who he really was.  One simply couldn’t exist without the other.  One half of him was all man… all work, but it was his sissy half that balanced that other half.  It was his sissy half that enjoyed life the most.  Until they called for him again!

     Find it!  Find it!  Find it! 
      “Mel!  Did you find those problems yet?”
      “No Daddy, I’m working on them.  I’m trying!  I promise!” Mel’s dream-self replied to her father.
      “Then work faster!  We’re almost out of time!”
      “I’m trying Daddy!” she repeated.  Her father disappeared and she went back to work reading the impossible legal phrases in front of her.  She had to find it!  She had to!  It was here somewhere!  But where!
      “Got it!” Sissy said from the floor.
     She jumped up and took the paper from him.  Yes!  This was it!  She ran out of her office, across the hall and into her father’s office.  He was seated as usual behind his desk.  “I found it!” she replied enthusiastically as she crossed the office toward him.  But she didn’t get far.
      “Who found it?” her father accused.  “You or Sissy?”
     She stopped short in the middle of the room.  “Sissy found it,” she admitted. 
      “So you did nothing!”
      “I tried!  I really tried!  He just found it first.”
      “But it’s not you that did it!  He did it!  He deserves the credit, not you!”
      “No, we both…”
      “He found it!  Not you!”
     In her despair, she watched in horror as her father faded in front of her.  His image becoming more and more transparent.  And somehow, she knew that her father was gone.  Totally gone!  Forever gone.  She would never see him again.  All because she had failed.  He was that disappointed in her. 
      “Daddy, come back!” she wailed.  “Come back!  Please come back!”  But she knew he wouldn’t.  He was too disappointed in her.  She hadn’t found it herself.  She had failed.

      “Hello, beautiful lady,” Ray said with a big smile on his face as he walked up to the table Gloria was sitting at.  He came over to her and planted a quick kiss on her cheek before sitting down. 
     Gloria smiled at him but didn’t say anything else.  Damn!  Did he have to be so handsome?  She had purposely gotten to the restaurant a little early so that she would be there ahead of him, and to get a good table since the restaurant was so crowded.  As soon as he was seated, she stood up and took two steps toward him… and slapped his face as hard as she could!
      “You lying, cheating, conniving bastard!  How dare you do that to my best friend!  How dare you take information that should have been kept quiet and use it like that!  How dare you go after someone as sweet as her… for her money and nothing else!  You bastard!  I hope you rot in Hell!”
     With that, she walked out on him, knowing full well that she had the eyes of every person in the entire place.

     He rolled a little to get more comfortable… and came up against the coffee table.  And he woke up.  He opened his eyes and saw Mel sound asleep on the couch right in front of him.  She was so beautiful.  Even in her sleep.  His mind played back some of the “special” moments he had shared with her – bathing her in her tub… the few times he had been in bed with her while she was naked.  None of those times had he ever seen her naked body.  He wasn’t allowed.  He didn’t deserve to.  He was a sissy.  And as such, he didn’t deserve the honor.  But his hands had certainly enjoyed it.  He was certain that through his hands he knew her body better than she did.  Well, maybe not, but it was a very pleasing thought that he hung onto.
     The floor was uncomfortable, but not horribly.  At least her carpet was somewhat soft.  He didn’t want to wake her.  What was she doing out here in the living room?  She had gone into the bedroom to sleep.  He took some time to study her face – her beautiful face.  He had long ago memorized every detail of it, and now he did it again, in greater detail.  She was so amazing.  And he was… a damn sissy. 
     He knew perfectly well the kind of man she needed.  The kind of man she went out with.  He had seen her often enough with both Derek and Ray.  And she deserved them, not someone like him – someone who was nothing but a total embarrassment – only fit for everyone’s amusement and nothing more. 
     But even sissy’s can have dreams.  He wished she could at least know how much he worshiped her… adored her.  Even though she would only laugh.  And she was so amazing in the things she made him do.  He had never in his life expected to find any Mistress… let alone one who could push his buttons and take such total charge of him the way she did.  Amazing!  She was so amazing!  And she would never know. 
     And their little bet would be over with all too soon.  In only a few more days.  And she would be gone from his life… forever!  What was it that Andrea had suggested?  Should he purposely lose the bet?  There were things about that idea that tempted him, but he knew for a fact that he could never do that.  He would play it out as best he could.  And no doubt, by Friday afternoon at the latest he would be totally in control again.
     And then what?  What would happen after he had won the bet?  The future would have to grant him what it could.  But one thing he knew for sure, Mel would be nothing more to him after that than his next-door neighbor.  Unfortunately.  Something inside of him felt a huge loss.
     Not wanting to wallow in despair, he decided he needed to get up… and the only reason he could think of to do that was to get another bottle.  There was no other reason to do it, and he didn’t need another reason.  The bottle would help wash away the morbid thoughts that had started running through his head.
     Very quietly, he got to his feet and tiptoed in his pink high-heeled shoes out to the kitchen.  The cold tea he was drinking a moment later felt good against his dry throat, and further down his body he felt a brief spurt of pee escaping him in appreciation.  Peeing.  The two diapers he was wearing were totally soaked!  Totally!  He supposed he better change them right away.  Immediately!  But not before making her a fresh pot of coffee.  She might sleep the rest of the day, but he would make sure she had fresh coffee available as soon as she woke up.  It was the least he could do for her.
     Once her coffee maker was at work, he tiptoed quietly toward the bathroom to change.  He paused once again to admire her sleeping body.  And as he did so, he felt an odd mixture of total appreciation for what she had done with him and what she was… mixed with feelings of regret that it would all soon be over with.  He forced himself to turn away from her and head for the bathroom.  All good things must come to an end.
     He put on only one diaper and he checked the time as he did it.  She was sleeping, but he would put himself on his hour and forty-five minute schedule anyway.  And who knows, maybe he could even rack up a few more bonus minutes to use later – if she believed him as to when he actually put the diapers on. 

     Ray’s phone rang as he was still driving back toward the office.  “Hello?”
      “I expect you here at nine o’clock tonight!” Gloria said in a very no-nonsense tone of voice.
      “Gloria?”  She was the last person he expected to hear from.  And now she wanted to see him tonight?
      “Nine o’clock!” Gloria replied.  “Don’t be early!  Don’t be late!  Nine!”
      “Will this involve me getting slapped again?” he asked somewhat sarcastically.
      “Only if you want me to,” Gloria replied.  “Nine o’clock!”  She hung up before he could say anything else

     Baby bottle in hand, Chad quietly checked on Mel again.  Still sleeping.  He knew it didn’t really matter, but he also knew that she preferred seeing him in his maid’s uniform.  Did he dare go out and get changed?  What if she woke up?  He watched her a few moments longer.  So beautiful!  And something in him made the decision.  She preferred his maid’s uniform so he would take the chance.  Very quietly, he grabbed his purse, and with his diaper still fully on display, he opened her door and snuck out.  He only hoped she wouldn’t wake up… and that she’d approve.
     He hurried as fast as he dared.  Not having to change his diaper sped things up quite a bit.  Basically, all he did was to slip the maid’s dress on, tie his apron in place, and step into his shoes.  Since he was in such a hurry, he didn’t dare even look at his makeup or fuss with his hair, but he was sure that Mel would approve of his efforts anyway.
     As quietly as he could, Chad went back to Mel’s apartment.  It was a lot less nerve wracking going between their apartments dressed in his maid’s outfit than just wearing a diaper.  As strange as it sounded, he almost felt normally dressed in the uniform.  He opened her door and closed it again as quietly as he could before tiptoeing over toward the couch where he breathed a sigh of relief.  She was still sleeping. 
     But now that he was back and dressed, and Mel was still sleeping, what was he supposed to do with himself?  He certainly didn’t want to wake her.  He headed for the kitchen where he was less concerned about doing anything that might wake his Mistress up.  He found his latest baby bottle again and automatically put it to his lips as he scanned the kitchen for something to do.  And his eyes finally fell on the cabinet that held all his baby food.  It was lunchtime… a little past actually.  And he was hungry.  Would Mel mind if he made his own lunch?  But he had no doubt that if he ate anything other than the baby food in that cabinet that she would be really angry over it.  So he opened the cabinet and stared at the colorful selection of jars inside.  And one by one, his hand that wasn’t holding his baby bottle started to pull jars out and set them on the counter. 

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