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The Bet - Chapter 60 (Tuesday – week 9 Part 5 of 6)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 60 (Tuesday – week 9 Part 5 of 6)

     Mel rolled over, but she only got part of the way before she met with an obstacle.  Coming partially awake, she realized it was the back of the couch.  No wonder she wasn’t as comfortable as she should be.  She rolled back again and opened her eyes… and saw that Sissy was gone.  Where was he?
     She was still terribly tired, but she forced herself to sit up.  She heard quick footsteps somewhere behind her that disappeared into the distance.  She forced herself to her feet, knowing that Sissy had just disappeared into the kitchen.  She only got part way there before she saw him hurrying toward her – carrying a fresh cup of coffee in his hands.  She couldn’t help it, as tired as she was, there was still that tingle of sexual excitement as he curtseyed and offered her the coffee.  She felt a wave of appreciation as well.  “Thank you Sissy,” she said as she took the mug and brought it to her lips.  So good!  So good!  His second little curtsey wasn’t lost on her either.  Yes, she could easily get very used to this… but was it right?
      “What have you been doing?” she asked.  “I see you got dressed again.”
     Curtsey.  “Yes, Mistress.  I was just trying to figure out what to make for dinner tonight.”  Curtsey.
     Dinner?  She looked at the clock.  Damn!  She had slept most of the afternoon!  And worse, because of that, she had neglected to keep him on his wetting deadline!  “How many diapers are you wearing?” she asked quickly.
     Curtsey.  “Just one Mistress.  And…”
      “What time did you put it on?” Mel asked quickly.
     Curtsey.  “Just over an hour ago.  But I saved my last two so you could see how wet they were when I changed them.  And… I was three minutes early the last time,” he added proudly before curtseying again.
     Mel stared at him for a moment.  He had put himself back on the schedule – without being made to do it… and he had actually tried to leak early again.  And evidently, he had been successful!  “You saved them?” she asked, finding it hard to believe.
     Chad curtseyed then hurried away.  He ran back again with two plastic bags in his hands.  He curtseyed again when he got back.  Holding the first bag open, he said, “This was the first one.  It took me an hour and forty three minutes to get this one leaking.  I was afraid I wouldn’t make it.”
     Mel had no doubt that he would have been worried about not making it… but even while she was sleeping?  Talk about being honest!  She realized he was holding open the second bag. 
      “I got this one leaking in an hour and twenty seven minutes,” he said somewhat proudly. 
     The thing that struck Mel the most, other than the odor coming from the bag, was what an odd thing it was that he seemed to be so proud of. 
      “Will I still get those three minutes of reward time tonight?” Chad asked hopefully… before curtseying again.
     Mel nodded.  “Yeah.  I guess so,” she replied.  She was still somewhat in shock over the fact that he had done what he did.
     Curtsey.  “And how about all the times I was early yesterday?” Chad asked before curtseying again.
      “And how much did that come to?” Mel asked.
     Curtsey.  “I don’t know,” Chad admitted.  “We were working so hard, I never really checked the clock.  But Andrea will know,” he reminded her.  Curtsey.
      “I don’t know,” Mel replied.  “I’ll have to think about it.  And I don’t want to call Andrea about it either to find out.  She’s probably sleeping,” she added, thinking that she herself would like to do nothing better than to go back to bed.  But at this time in the afternoon, she would do better to stay up for a while and simply call it an early night.  But there was also Sissy to consider… and his training.  “So you’re getting ready to make dinner?” she asked.  As she asked it, she realized that she was hungry.
     Curtsey.  “Yes Mistress.  I was just trying to figure out what to make.  What would you like?”  Curtsey.
     But Mel had no idea what she wanted to eat.  “Surprise me,” she said rather flatly.  She watched as he curtseyed again before hurrying back to the kitchen.  Not knowing what else to do with herself, she followed.  She was a bit surprised to see a bunch of empty baby food jars out on the counter.  “What are these?” she asked between sips of her coffee.
      Curtsey.  “They’re from my lunch,” Chad replied.  “I left them there so you could see what I ate.”  Curtsey.
     Mel nodded.  “Good!” she replied a bit shaken by what he had done again.  She turned her attention quickly back to Sissy as he let out a rather disturbed sounding grunt.  The look of distress on his face concerned her for a moment until she realized what was happening – in the back of his diaper.  “Go home and shower if you want,” she told him as she looked at the clock.  “But your next time period has just started.”  Purposely she turned away from him and carried her coffee out to the living room where she sat in one of her chairs to enjoy it.  She watched as Sissy hurriedly left her apartment to get cleaned up.
     He was being so good!  He had done everything perfectly… without her telling him to.  Why?  He had the perfect opportunity to cheat… or at least get away with something.  And he had to know that she wouldn’t punish him for it this time.  Yet he didn’t cheat!  And she realized that she was actually grateful that he hadn’t.  Somehow, despite her not ordering him to, he had stayed on his strict regimen… in every way!  He even ate the baby food for lunch!  Why?
     She couldn’t help but remember how all night long he had proven how smart he was.  And something in her associated that with having a little bit to do with his self-respect.  But now he was purposely doing things that were just the opposite.  Things that would do anything but give him self-respect.  He wanted self-respect?  But at the same time, he was doing everything to throw it all away!  Why? 
     The word sissy popped into her brain.  He wanted the self-respect, but he needed the humiliation.  Want… versus need.  It was like there were two halves of him that were constantly at war with each other.  She supposed that before their bet started, his need for the humiliation always took a back seat to everything else.  But now, under the terms of their bet… a fantasy life for him… it was all turned around backwards.  Everything else came second to the humiliation that he craved.  But even still, in the midst of this humiliating life he was currently living, he still yearned for the normal aspects of his old life.  Self-respect, friends, and a life.  But when living his old normal life, he yearned for nothing more than diapers, humiliation, and subjugation.  Talk about a complicated psyche!  Gloria would probably have a field day with him… if she let her.
     Her thoughts turned to her own dreams.  They were crazy dreams… only because she could have anything she wanted – if she would just spend the money and buy it.  But it had been only since Sissy came into her life that she had started moving seriously forward toward making them a reality.  Only since Sissy. 
     She wanted a house.  A big fancy house.  She could easily buy a dozen without blinking an eye.  And a staff to take care of them.  But she hadn’t even considered buying a house… not till Sissy.  She smiled.  His brilliant mind would have no trouble managing the everyday necessities of taking care of a nice mansion.  He could probably do it in his sleep!  If she won the bet! 
     But the terms of his continued service were only for one year.  What then?  What would she do after that?  She supposed that she would be forced to hire others to take care of her home then.  A major pain.  And she really didn’t like strangers going in and out of her house all the time.  Despite growing up with that kind of environment, it felt more like she was living in a hotel… not her “private” home.  She would lack the privacy she really liked.
     But Sissy…  Having Sissy there to take care of her needs somehow felt different to her.  Very different.  She wanted him there… with her.  And she wanted him there badly! 
     So how could she overcome his weird warped needs?  Needs that were in direct opposition to each other.  She still didn’t have a clue.  But that thought made her remember one more thing.  Was it really right for her to do to him what she was contemplating?  Was it right? 
     He was a sissy!  But he still had a very good brain in his head.  And one more troubling thought forced itself upon her.  Did that brilliant mind of his somehow know for sure that he would win?  That was the basis of their bet!  It was a troubling thought!
     The sound of her phone ringing snapped her out of her numb-minded reverie!  Saved by the bell!  She hurried to answer it.  “Hello?” she said breathlessly. 
      “I hope I didn’t wake you,” Derek’s voice replied.
      “No, I was just sitting with a cup of coffee.”
      “So how did everything go?  Did you find the proof you needed?”
      “Oh yeah!” Mel replied.  “It was incredibly well hidden, but we dug it out.”
      “So you managed to stop the deal from going through?”
      “For now.  I’m sure it will still happen.  They just have to go back and rewrite everything.  Actually, I expect that Sunshine will just decide to go the easy route and buy them out forcefully instead.”
      “I’m surprised they didn’t do that in the first place,” Derek’s voice replied.
      “It would have cost them a lot more money,” Mel explained.
      “So now that you’re finished, what are you doing tonight – besides keeping an eye on Sissy.”
      “Sleeping!  I took a nap this afternoon, but I’m still exhausted.”
      “Too exhausted for any company?”
     Mel stopped to think about that for a minute.  “You can come, but don’t expect me to be up for anything much more than some easy conversation.  And I mean that!”
     Derek laughed.  “Good enough.  I want to talk to you about something anyway.”
      “I’ll let you know when I get there.”
      “You’re coming now?”
      “Do you need me to wait?”
      “I guess not.  I’ll tell Sissy to make you something to eat as well.  I don’t even know what he’s planning to make me for dinner yet.”
      “Don’t bother,” Derek replied.  “I’ll bring my own dinner.”
      “That sounds stupid.”
      “It’s okay,” Derek replied.  “I’m not in the mood for a six-course meal.”
     Me’s foggy brain wasn’t sure what to think about that.  “Okay,” she replied.  “See you when you get here.”
     She had to wait another ten minutes until Sissy returned.  “Derek’s coming,” she told him as he was heading straight for the kitchen.  “But he’s bringing his own dinner, so don’t worry about him.  And I just want something light to eat.  I’m still too tired for anything heavy.”
     Chad just curtseyed and said “Yes, Mistress,” before curtseying a second time and continuing on toward the kitchen.  Actually, he had only planned on fixing a salad for her for that very reason.

     It was another thirty minutes before Derek arrived.  Chad had long finished preparing Mel’s dinner salad and had been keeping it waiting in the refrigerator since Mel wanted to wait for Derek.  As he went to the door to open it, he was reminded of that last time he had answered the door for someone – the time that Ray had arrived and he and Derek had argued!  That had turned out a bit scary.  It still sent shivers down his spine.  He was very glad this time to see Derek as he curtseyed and invited him in.
     Derek headed straight for the kitchen table and Chad saw Mel give him a quick kiss on the cheek to greet him.  Something inside of him felt a twinge of… something… at seeing it.  But he quickly put those feelings aside.  He was a sissy.  A big sissy.  He wasn’t allowed to have feelings like that.  Or at least, he wasn’t supposed to.  Not that it mounted to much of difference.
     As he set Mel’s meal out on the table for her, Derek unwrapped a huge sub sandwich.  To Chad it looked like it was big enough to easily feed four people.  And he knew that without a doubt, Derek would finish every bit of it.  Had he ever eaten that much?  Yeah, once upon a time.  Now he ate almost nothing… and it took almost nothing to fill him up.  Just the thought of eating that much in one sitting now made him nauseous.  Derek had a large size drink with him as well so he just poured Mel another cup of coffee.
      “Back to your perch Sissy,” Mel told him as he finished pouring for her.  She looked briefly at Derek and remembered the crazy earrings he had brought last time to hold Sissy’s head in place.  “And see if you can get those earrings on your head yourself.”
     Chad wasn’t at all happy about having to go back to his corner again.  And he was a lot less happy about having his head locked in place.  And worse, he would have to hook himself up!  But he should have realized that he would be banished to his corner again.  That’s where he usually spent most of his time while Mel was eating. 
     He took another very long drink from his baby bottle – more to delay the inevitable than for the liquid he got, then he headed for his perch in the corner.  One foot at a time, he climbed up onto the bar of his perch, forcing himself into the corner and forcing his feet into a very painful position that he was now all too used to.  A position where the only way he could move his feet was to lift them straight up off of the bar to get out of his corner again. 
     Very carefully, by feel alone, his left hand found the earring hanging down by the chain attached to it.  He brought it up to his ear, but he needed two hands to attach the screw-on earring properly.  And in the corner like he was, it was very difficult.  So difficult, that he couldn’t manage it.  And he realized that even if he did manage it for the first ear, it would be almost impossible for him to attach the second earring to his other ear.
      “Mistress,” he called.  “I can’t do this by myself.”
     Mel had been watching him try to do it.  Derek had turned around in his seat as well.  They had both been briefly entertained by watching him try to figure out how to manage the task.
      “I’ll get it,” Derek said as he pushed his seat back.
      “No,” Mel stopped him.  She called back to Sissy, “See if you can figure out a way!”
     Derek turned his seat a bit more so he could watch better while he ate. 
     Find a way?  Chad had no idea how he was going to do that.  He stepped back off of the perch to take a better look at the situation.  He was glad that Mel didn’t say anything about him getting down off of the stupid thing. 
     He stood back and assessed the situation.  The earrings were hanging by chains from hooks attached to each wall.  But the hooks were bent up a bit so it would be easier to slip the chains on and off of them.  He thought he had it figured out.  He removed the left earring from the wall and screwed it onto his ear.  It was a bit heavier than he expected, but he realized he was suddenly starting to find it a bit exciting.  He took the second earring and attached it to his other ear.  Then he stepped up onto his perch again.  Reaching up with his left hand, he found the chain attached to that earring and fumbled around with it until he managed to slip it over top of the hook.  His head was now attached to the left side of the wall.  One down.  He reached up with his right hand and found that earring chain.  He had to push his head harder into the corner and pull hard on that chain as he tried to find the top of the hook and manage to slip the chain over it.  And suddenly, the chain dropped into place… and his head was locked in place between the two walls of the corner.  Carefully he lowered his hand again.  He could distinctly feel the pull of the earrings on his earlobes.  He must have inadvertently made them tighter than Derek had done last time.  And there was absolutely no way he could move his head at all!
     He was not only stuck on his perch in the corner, he was attached to that corner.  At least this time he didn’t have his hands tied behind his back.  He had been totally helpless then.  So now what?  As usual, he could do nothing but close his eyes and stand there without moving.  He had nothing but his thoughts to occupy his time.  He was put away again – out of the way… as if he was useless.  Well, maybe not useless.  He had a feeling that Mel somehow found it entertaining to see him stuck here like this – like a piece of art.  A picture on the wall or perhaps a statue.  He did feel like that a bit.  But then he was a sissy.  His only lot in life was for the enjoyment and amusement of others.  He still found it amazing that he got such a kick out of it… such a thrill.  He didn’t know why that was, other than the fact that he was a sissy.
     But how much longer was he going to keep getting this kind of thrill?  After today, there would only be Wednesday and Thursday.  After that, the dream would be over.  Over.  Over.  He was forced to wonder, as Andrea had suggested, if he should throw the bet?  Should he purposely lose?  He knew he would have to do it on purpose because he was still sure he could win.  There was just no way that anyone could become incontinent in only two months.  It was impossible!
     But if he won, he would have a wonderfully furnished apartment.  So many things he needed since he had gotten nothing from his divorce.  So many things he had always wanted but never had the money to buy.  So many things!  And yet, he felt nothing but sad because he would lose so much as well.  Chief among them was Mel.  Wow!  She had been great these last two months.  Amazing!  He had done things he never imagined.  And it was all going to be over with soon, unless he purposely lost. 
     She was in there right now with Derek.  Derek.  He remembered the quick kiss Mel had planted on Derek’s cheek when he had arrived and how he had felt… what?  Jealous?  Yeah, that was probably it.  But he was a sissy.  What else could he expect?  But did he want to spend another year enjoying the life of a super sissy, and watching while Mel kissed and made love to Derek… or who knows who else as well?  He was absolutely not sure about that one.
     And as he stood there, totally immobile, he remembered the feeling of Mel kissing him after he had bathed her a few days ago.  The brief feeling of pee spurting out of him coincided with the remembered feeling of her kiss.  His body shivered with delight – all over!

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