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The Bet - Chapter 64 (Saturday – week 9 Part 6 of 7)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 64 (Saturday – week 9 Part 6 of 7)

     As the group turned the corner and started heading in the other direction on the opposite side of the walkway, Sandy was at Chad’s side again and pointed out that the next restroom possibility for him would be in either of two stores just ahead.  One in the back of the sporting-goods store, and the other in the back corner of home-goods shop.  She also mentioned that they were probably going to be stopping at the home-goods store since she wanted to show Gloria some ideas she had.
     The home-goods store was packed with things literally everywhere.  The aisles between everything were narrow and it was hard to simply walk anywhere without bumping into something.  While they mostly tried to stay together as a group, doing so was simply impossible.  Because of that, Chad did his best to “gravitate” closer and closer to where Cassie had told him the bathroom would be.  He managed to get close enough that he could actually see the doorway back there.  He figured that from where he was, hopefully, that doorway wouldn’t be too far away and he could make it.  But… could he? 
     The tiny feeling was again so slight he would have dismissed it if it were any other time.  But not this time!  Remembering how close he had come last time, he was already walking quickly in that direction when he called behind him, “Got to go again!”  He ignored the others as he moved as fast as he dared, zigzagging his way through the store toward the small dark doorway ahead. 
      “What was that?” Andrea asked as she turned back to see what Chad had just said.  But she quickly spotted him hurrying away between all the displays.  “He’s at it again!” she yelled to get everyone’s attention.
      “I’m on it!” Sandy replied as she hurried off after him.”
      “I’m with you!” Gloria added as she hurried in that direction as well.
     Chad’s delicate system simply had no strength anymore in those underused muscles.  Or at least not much strength.  So by the time he reached the door leading into the back of storage room, he was already fighting for all he was worth to hold it back.  He desperately searched for the bathroom.  Where was it?  He saw a door… that had to be it!  He hurried toward it, knowing that his tortured muscles were going to give way at any moment.  He opened the door…  Yes!  The bathroom!  He had found it!  He hurried in and pulled up his skirt… again, just as he felt himself losing what little control he had.  Some pee escaped, but he was able to stop it again, at least long enough to get his hand inside his panties and clamp down so nothing else could come out. 
     Sandy reached the bathroom first.  He hadn’t even closed the door behind him so she had no trouble at all getting inside.  She saw him standing right in front of the toilet with his hand inside his panties, desperately trying to pull them down with his other hand.  She heard Gloria hurry in behind her.
     With his right hand tightly clamping his penis closed, he grabbed the front of his now wet panties with his other hand and fought to pull the front of them down and out of the way.  He could feel the backpressure inside of him fighting to push everything out.  He did his best to aim his member at the toilet in front of him and he released the pressure.  The pee rushed out, hitting the toilet seat and the back of the toilet before he could aim it better and get it to go where it belonged.  Just as every other time he had peed, not much came out, but by his estimation, most of it went into the toilet where it belonged.  He felt some sense of accomplishment, but it wasn’t a lot.  As the stream of pee ended, he tried to decide if he had actually made it or not.  Mostly he had… but not entirely. 
      “Gross!” Sandy said as she looked at the pee all over the toilet seat.  “Remind me to never use this bathroom if I’m in here.”
      “It’s not really any worse than some women’s rooms I’ve been in,” Gloria noted.
      “True enough!” Sandy agreed. 
      “Chad,” Gloria asked, “how wet are those panties you’ve got on?”
     Chad was still standing there in front of the toilet like he still needed to pee… except, he was done.  He let go of his member and pulled his now wet panties up into place – the wetness didn’t exactly feel very good, but they weren’t as bad as any of the other panties he had soaked before.  With his skirt still held out of the way, he turned to face the two judges. 
     Gloria and Sandy both stared at the wet patch on the front of his panties, but neither of them said anything about it.  “I’ll go get the backpack,” Sandy offered.
     Chad was filled with mixed emotions.  He had made it, and he hadn’t.  He felt a sense of accomplishment, and at the same time, total disappointment with himself.
     Gloria tried to read the expression on his face while they waited.  She knew he wasn’t feeling the best just then.  “You did pretty well that time,” she noted, trying to cheer him up.  “Yeah, your panties are wet again, but not that bad.  And we did see you pee in the toilet.”  She didn’t mention that they had also seen him pee all over the toilet seat as well.
     Chad tried to smile.  Was she telling him that he had made it?  “So I actually made it that time?” he asked.
     Gloria thought about that.  “I’m not sure.  I think we’ll have to discuss it.”
      “But it was close!” Chad noted, a hint of desperation in his voice.
     Gloria nodded.  “Oh yes, I think we can defiantly say at least that much.”
     But what Chad was thinking now was… was it close enough?
     Wearing a fresh pair of pale blue panties, Chad and Sandy left the bathroom.  When they reached the others, Gloria was whispering in Andrea’s ear what she had seen. 
      “How did it go?” Mel asked desperately.  She had seen Sandy come out for the backpack, but the way things looked, she couldn’t tell what happened.  She saw Chad give a rather non-committal shrug of his shoulders in reply, and she was able to guess what it was that nobody would tell her. 
     Robin checked her watch.  “It’s getting close to four o’clock and I’ve got a family to get back to.  Why don’t we head for the cars?”
     Since they had a bit of a walk ahead of them, they all agreed and the group moved out again, surprisingly, a little faster than they had managed to move so far.  Chad was glad they were going home.  He had totally embarrassed himself – over and over again in front of them.  Things had not gone nearly as well as he had hoped.
     To get back to the car, they had to either take the escalator down, or the stairs.  But the stairs were much closer so the longer route wasn’t even mentioned.  They went down all the wide steps and continued on toward the car.  But before they got near the entrance where they had come in, Chad suddenly stopped in horror.  “No!” he shouted.  “No, no, no, no, no!  Not now!  Not…”  But it was too late.  Having absolutely no control over his messing at all, his system had simply decided it was time, and released everything – straight into his thin blue panties. 
     Everyone stared at him to see what the problem was, but it was Mel who picked up on it first.  “Are you a little stinky now?” she asked, almost gleefully.
      “Damn it!” Chad exclaimed angrily.  “How can I help it with all those stupid suppositories you’ve been sticking up inside of me for so long?  You even put one up there on Thursday night – just as we were finishing with everything!  I’ve probably still got enough of that chemical up in me that it will take a month to clear out!”
      “No you don’t,” Mel replied calmly.
      “He never knew,” Cassie noted.  “He never figured it out.”
      “Figure what out?” Chad asked, still angry and now very uncomfortable because of the mess in his backside.  At least the thin panties had managed to hold it all – so far… he hoped.  But he knew they wouldn’t contain it for long.
      “You haven’t had anything put up inside of you for several weeks now,” Mel replied.  “And before that, we were gradually tapering you off for a long time.  So there’s nothing up there anymore.”
     Chad couldn’t believe it.  “But I felt you doing it!  You’re lying!” he accused.
     Mel shook her head, but it was Cassie who answered.  “No, she’s telling the truth.  I’ve been faking putting them up you for a long time now.”
      “And I’ve been faking it as well,” Mel added.  “You weren’t supposed to know… and obviously, you didn’t.”
     Chad was flabbergasted.  He simply couldn’t believe it.  “So… you mean… I’ve had none at all for… weeks?”
“None,” Cassie confirmed.
      “Well, not quite,” Mel admitted.  “I did shove three of them up in you last Saturday just before your little dance at the Riverwalk, but that was it.  We hadn’t used any before that for a while and absolutely none since.”
     Chad remembered how badly he had messed himself that day at the Riverwalk – right in front of a huge audience.  But the fact that they had totally fooled him remained hard to believe.
      “Come on,” Cassie said, let’s go find someplace to change you.  You’re starting to stink the whole place up.”
      “I’ll go with you,” Robin said as she glanced at her watch – she did have a family to get back to.  She looked up.  “Ladies, it’s just one minute now before four o’clock.  I’m thinking that this little exercise is over!”
     It took them five minutes to get to a restroom where they could help Chad change.  Actually, Robin and Cassie didn’t help him much at all, they stood back and handed him whatever he needed to clean himself up.  When he was ready, Cassie held out a pair of pink panties for him.  Chad started to reach for them… and stopped.  “Any chance I can have that other diaper now?  Just in case?”
     With a smile, Cassie put the panties back in her bag and pulled out the one extra diaper they had brought instead.  Once it was in place, Chad felt much more secure.  He felt defeated, but much more secure – and normal.  And of course, the minute it was firmly taped on… he wet it.  Without warning.

     Mel and Chad were again separated on the drive home.  But what angered Mel was that neither Gloria, Andrea, nor Robin would talk to her about how they thought Chad had done.  Nothing!  “We’re not going to discuss it in front of you!” Gloria finally told her.  “So stop asking!”
     The rest of the trip was pretty much in silence.  But Mel couldn’t help but wonder what the judges were all thinking.  Did Chad manage to do enough to convince them that he had regained his control?  Or at least enough so that he would win the bet?  In the silence of the car, she worried more and more about that.
     In the other car, Chad noticed that Cassie and Sandy weren’t saying much of anything either.  He was actually glad.  He felt bad enough as it was.  But he had to wonder, did he have a chance?  Did he have any chance at all?  Did he do enough to prove he had regained his control?  Or at least enough to prove that Mel hadn’t been able to make him incontinent?  That was the big question on his mind.  Did he do well enough?
     As soon as both cars had parked, Gloria sent Mel and Chad to Mel’s apartment to wait for them.  “We have to discuss this,” Gloria told them.  “We’ll be over as soon as we come to a decision.”
     Before Mel even unlocked her door, she and Chad watched as all the judges disappeared into Sandy and Cassie’s apartment.  Finally going inside Mel’s apartment was like coming home – for both of them, and yet, her apartment felt subtly different – for both of them.
      “I’ll make coffee,” Mel said, more for something to do than anything else.  She was edgy with nerves.
      “I’ll help,” Chad offered for the same reason.

     The women all gathered around the table in Sandy and Cassie’s kitchen.  “Before we start,” Gloria said, “let’s just see a show of hands of all those who think that Mel won this bet.”  She looked around the table and nodded.  “And how many think Chad won?”  Again she looked around.  “Somehow, I didn’t think this was going to be easy.”

     The coffee was brewing, but neither Mel nor Chad paid any attention to it.  Once it had started dripping down into the pot, they both headed out to her living room.  Mel took a seat on her couch.  Chad stood and looked at her.  He didn’t know if he was afraid, or nervous, or both.  Both!  Definitely!
     Mel looked up at him, the worry in her stomach made it difficult to sit still, but she forced herself.  “That didn’t quite go the way I thought it would,” she said.
     Chad shook his head.  “It didn’t go anything like I thought it would either!”  He looked at her for a few moments.  “How long do you think it will be before they’ll be back?”
      “I wouldn’t think more than a few minutes.”
     He nodded… then shook his head.  “I just don’t know how I did.  I mean, I did sort of make it… a few times.  But then, most of the time I was nowhere close.  I just don’t know if what I managed to do was close enough.”
      “I know what you mean.  I feel exactly the same way.  I can’t tell if what you did was enough either – and it’s driving me crazy!”
     There didn’t seem to be much else to say, so Chad nervously began pacing around the living room… much as he had done earlier in the day.
      “Will you please sit down!” Mel complained.  “You’re making it twice as bad!”
     With a silent grunt of frustration, Chad headed for the chair.
      “Here, sit next to me,” Mel offered as she patted the sofa next to her.
     Chad changed direction and sat where she suggested.  “What’s taking them so long?”
      “Who knows!” Mel replied.  “Maybe there purposely trying to build up the suspense.”
      “They’re getting on my nerves!”
      “That’s for sure!”
     The two sat next to each other and stared blankly at the opposite wall, each one lost in their own personal thoughts. 
      “So tell me,” Mel finally asked, “yesterday, when you said you hadn’t started to try to hold back yet… why was that?  Why didn’t you try from the moment you woke up?”
     Chad felt himself blush a little.  Embarrassed, he replied, “You don’t really want to know.”
      “No!  I’m serious!  Why?”
      “You’re going to think it’s silly!”
      “So?  In some ways, isn’t your whole life silly?”
      “Well… some of it,” Chad confirmed.
      “Some of it,” Mel agreed.  “So why?”
      “It’s just that… and I know it’s silly but… I just… I wanted… I was trying to decide if….”
      “If… you felt anything at all for me like I feel about you.”
     Mel was shocked.  “Like I feel…”
      “I know!  It’s stupid!  Especially since you go out with Derek all the time, but… I don’t know… I guess a guy has dreams sometimes.  Especially me,” he added softly.
     Unbidden the words, “I would kiss you till your body shudders, and you know how I feel about you,” flashed through her mind.  “Dreams?” she asked, somewhat surprised by what he had said.
      “Well… yeah!  Dreams!  I can’t help it, but somewhere in all this mess… I developed… feelings for you.  You became someone I wanted to care about!”
      “You want to… care about me?”  Mel was still somewhat shaken by that.  She shook her head.  “Damn you!  Let me tell you about dreams!  And I know it’s stupid and there’s no real reason for it, but… but somewhere along the way I started tying you directly to my dreams for the future.  I wasn’t going to have us live here in the apartment project anymore.  I was going to go out and buy us a proper house.  A nice house.  A big house.  Someplace we could be proud to come home to.  I just needed…”  She stopped, as if afraid to admit it.
      “You needed what?” he asked softly.
     She took the easy way out.  “Someone to take care of it for me.”
      “You needed a maid!”
      “Well… yes… and no damn it!”
      “No?  That’s what you just said.”
      “No!  It’s more than that!  A lot more!”
      “Like what?”
     Her voice was almost a whisper.  “I needed… someone to share it with.”
      “Like Derek?  Why not Derek?  He’s a great guy!”
      “Yeah he is.  But…”
      “But what?  You just needed a maid?”
      “No!  I needed…”  She stopped to collect her thoughts.  It was hard to admit.  “All my dreams.  In every single one of my dreams, you were the one who shared my house with me.  Yes, you were my maid, and my personal sissy, and… whatever else I wanted, but you were also the one single person I wanted to be there with me… always.”
      “So yesterday, when I was still trying to figure out if I should go ahead and throw the bet or not, I picked the wrong direction?”
      “You were actually considering throwing it to stay with me?”
      “That’s what I said.”
     She started to lean over and kiss him, but something held her back.  The two sat together for a moment more before she asked.  “What made you decide to not throw the bet?”
      “Huh!  A couple of things.  First there was Derek.  He’s the kind of guy you like to hang around with.  He’s the kind of guy you need… not someone like me.  And then there was something else I realized.  You have… friends.  Lots of friends.  And if I lost, then not only would I permanently lose all the friends I have now – if I even still have any, but I would never be able to make any friends again.  Everyone would know about me.  No friends, and consequently… no kind of a life.  Yes, It would be great fun for a while, but it certainly wouldn’t be any way to live my life.  At least not for long.  So I would have no kind of life… and if I spent a whole year living in total sissy mode, then I certainly wouldn’t have much self-respect anymore.  I mean… how could I?  So I finally decided… well, you know.  I had to win.”
     He had just hit her with the very same things she had tried to fathom for so very long.  And even now, she didn’t have much more of a clue how she could have solved those issues for him.  “It’s a shame,” she finally said out loud.  “Maybe we could have figured something out.  Your dreams… and mine.”
      “Yeah, he agreed.  It’s a shame.”
      “And it’s too late now.   The ladies will be here any minute!”
      “I don’t know what’s taking them so long,” Chad replied.
     Mel didn’t know why she did it, maybe for mutual support, but her hand reached out and found his hand.  And she clasped it loosely – just as he held her hand.  And once again staring blankly at the opposite wall, she whispered to herself.  “It’s too late now.”
     Chad glanced at the clock.  “I can’t believe how long this is taking!”
     Mel checked the time too.  More than half an hour!  “I have no idea what could be keeping them.  It should be simple enough.”
      “Should be,” Chad agreed.  “I’m starting to not care how this turns out… just so we can finally have a decision.”
      “I know,” Mel replied.  “I know.”
     And once again, the waiting continued.

     The women all looked around the table at each other.  There wasn’t a single smile on anyone’s face.  They were that serious. 
      “I guess we better get over there now and bring them the news,” Robin said.
     Andrea nodded.  “Somebody’s not going to be happy!”


sa said...

Yay they finally discussed their feelings. Silly sissy go for the love of your life, dufus!

Anonymous said...

Karen.. I must say this is one of the better stories that had read in quite a while. I want to both thank you and commend you on this journey. I look forward to your next story. Thank you very much. BillC.