Friday, May 24, 2013

The Next Story

I’m afraid that I must confess that since I finished writing The Bet, I haven’t done hardly any “new” writing at all.  I have done an awful lot of editing though – in fact, just editing The Bet was a very major undertaking.  But that part is finally finished now and other than just posting the chapters out to Fictionmania twice a week, I’m going to try to put the whole story behind me and move on.

So what’s next?  I’m sure you all would like to read… something!  I’m guessing that’s why you come here in the first place.  But never fear!  There is a plan in mind!  (I’ll get to it here eventually).

I have to tell you that over the last few years, I’ve come to love writing.  I have two “legitimate” novels that I’ve totally finished.  The first is a wonderful Sword and Sorcery Fantasy novel that I haven’t tried to market yet – but I really need to.  The second one is a FBI novel about a very down-and-out bum with the most amazing psychic ability anyone has ever come across.  This book came out pretty much fantastic, and I’ve tried somewhat to find an agent to represent it, but so far no luck.  I know I need to keep trying, but I’ve been lazy!  Wish me luck because I will keep trying with it.  And yes I’m aware of the e-book route.  But just once I’d kind of like to see one of my stories in an actual printed book!  And this one deserves to be that way.  So does the first one for that matter.

But you certainly won’t be reading either of those stories here.  So the question remains, what’s next?

For a long time, my plan was to actually ask you for ideas for the next story… either a story line idea, or just a title, or any tiny little thing that I could grab onto for inspiration to write about.  But I eventually discarded that plan because I have so many other “books” in the works already.  What are they?

Along with at least two other “legitimate” books that I’m working on (that you won’t be reading here either) I also have several other things started that could be definite candidates.  Let’s see…

There’s Revenge of course, the story I was posting here before I interrupted it to write The Bet.  I do still need to finish that one.  But now I’m thinking that I really should rewrite the thing and improve it.  It’s really a pretty good story – if I just put some work into it and finish the darn thing. 

There’s also one I started a very long time ago called Jane.  I have about a dozen chapters of it finished.  But this is a story that will probably never be finished – even though it may be my absolute favorite thing I’ve ever written, not to mention some of the best writing I’ve ever done.  You see, I got so enamored with the main character that I totally forgot to write the story line.  And it’s a great story line.  The way I’ve been writing it so far though, if you thought The Bet was long, if I finished Jane like I’m going with it now, it would be about a hundred and eighty-nine chapters long and somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 to 10 million words!  Just a little bit too long. 

Then there’s one called Dog Training with Wolfie that I wrote eight or nine chapters on.  It’s actually a story that has me very interested, not to mention intrigued.  It’s a story about someone who through female domination gets turned into a human dog.  This one really needs to be finished too.  Great story – much better than Revenge.

And then there’s one called The Housekeeper.  I wrote about ten chapters of it at about the same time I wrote Dog Training with Wolfie.  Hmmm!  What else can I tell you about this one?  I guess not a whole lot because…

This is the story I’m going to bring you next!  The Housekeeper!

Okay, I have to tell you that I did an awful lot of soul searching about publishing this one.  An awful lot!  There are reasons for that.  First of all, I know right off that with this story I’m going to lose a lot of my readers.  I just hope a few of you remain.  If you do stay with me, I can promise you a really good spine-tingling tale – that at times will probably make the hair on the back of your head stand up!

Secondly, I really worried about the fact that with this story I’ll be releasing a new evil into the world.  Actually, two new evils.  Evils by the name of Janice and Carol Stokley.  Mother and daughter.  I can just see some stupid high school kid trying some of the things this girl does and getting into serious major trouble!  But that’s one of the dangers every writer faces with every book they write.  Believe me, I know!

Actually, I see The Housekeeper as kind of a melding of the minds.  It will be a cross between the suspense novels my male persona writes – and the female domination novels that I write as Karen.  And that’s one of the things that will make this story so very unique!  Trust me!  From what I’ve noticed, you all seemed to be very interested in the story content of The Bet almost as much if not more than the humiliation content.  Well this one may wind up with more story content than anything else… eventually.  I wonder which half of me will dominate writing this one… my male half, or my female half?  I guess we’ll soon see.

Finally, I decided to write The Housekeeper now, because more than anything else I’m working on, that’s the story my brain seems to want to think about.  I decided a long time ago, that when I write something, I write for me!  I don’t write for anyone else, I write what I want to write… what I want to read.  If I did anything else, I would be shortchanging not only myself… but my readers.  And many of you have stayed with me through thick and thin for a lot of years now, so I think the plan works.

Okay, I know that The Housekeeper will probably not be what many of you want to read.  Heck, it’s the total opposite of what The Bet was.  The domination in this one is completely nonconsensual.  While the story will contain some diapering, that’s not the focus of the story at all.  It will have a large degree of forced cross-dressing though.  One of the interesting things about this story (for me) is that this storyline will give me a chance to explore other subjects than the things most of my stories have contained so far.  What those things will be, I can’t tell you.   We’ll have to wait to figure it out. 

As with most of my stories by the time I get to this point, my mind has had a vision of the end… the final scene.  All I have to do now is to figure out how to get from the beginning where I am now, to that final scene.  And I have no idea yet how I’m going to get there.  But rest assured… I will!

Perhaps the one single thing that I find most fascinating about this story is the character of Janice Stokley.  She is a woman of seemingly endless contradictions… and yet, she always remains true to herself.  Amazingly.  I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a character quite like her – anywhere!  So I’m looking forward to crawling into her skin and writing about her.

I’d love to tell you much more about her.  I’d love to tell you more about her daughter Carol – the monster!  And I’d also love to tell you a whole lot about our main character, Roger Brinkley, a high-school math teacher and a victim of last resort who gets caught up in something major that he knows nothing at all about.  But I’m afraid that I’m not going to tell you anything at all!  You’ll have to read it to find these things out.

So instead, I’m going to leave you with a small conversation between Roger Brinkley and Janice Stokley.  A small excerpt from chapter 8 of The Housekeeper. 

      “You’ll excuse me, Mr. Brinkley, but I’ve had a quick look at your bank accounts.  You don’t have much in there.”
     He was surprised, but he realized he shouldn’t have been.  “Not much for you to steal!” he replied with more than a hint of anger in his voice.
     She laughed.  “Mr. Brinkley, I’m not interested in your money at all.”  Then she corrected herself.  “Well… not mostly.  I’m afraid we’re going to be needing access to your accounts for another few days until I can make other arrangements.  And of course, I’ll be keeping up with all your bills from now on.”
     Roger had no idea what she was talking about.  Other arrangements?  Was she leaving?  He could only hope. 
     Once they reached the back of the garage, she headed straight for his workshop.  She hadn’t bothered to look in there before.  She reached out and tested the side door, expecting it to be locked.  The handle turned and opened at her touch.  “Not locked?”
     He shrugged, “I don’t think thieves have ever been a problem around here before.”
     She walked inside and found the light switch.  She spent a few minutes looking around.  “You have a lot of tools.”
      “I inherited most of them from my father.”
     She thought about that for a moment.  “So I take it he’s dead?”
      “Three years now.”
      “And your mother?”
      “A few years before him.”
     She nodded.  “Any other family?”
      “No.  Not really.”
      “And you’ve never married either?”
      “I was engaged once, but it didn’t work out.”
      “Family is important.  Carol is the most precious thing in my life.  You have no idea how much pleasure she brings me.”
     All Roger could think about was how much misery she had brought him.  “Your daughter is a monster!” he replied.
     Her voice was shear ice!  “I will thank you to never refer to my daughter as a monster again, Mr. Brinkley!”
     He made no reply, but his eyes narrowed and they stared at each other as if they were both engaged in as test of wills.  He gave up first, knowing that his situation was useless.  “Why don’t you just kill me now and get it over with?”
      “My dear Mr. Brinkley, I have never killed anyone in my life, and I have no intention of starting now.”
     He didn’t believe her.  “Isn’t that what they always say, just to get the victim to do what they want?  And then they kill him anyway when they’re done with him?”
     Her eyes narrowed to mere slits.  “Let’s get one thing straight, Mr. Brinkley.  I have no use for men at all.  As far as I’m concerned, you’re all nothing more than the lowest form of sludge that infests this planet!  And don’t think you can win me over by being nice.  I’m way past that point.  I’ve destroyed more men than you’d want to think about Mr. Brinkley.  And most of them still wish they were dead instead!  But I have no intention of actually killing you!”

My next posting will be the start of chapter 1.  I sincerely hope that you will all join me for the ride. 

So now the question is…  Are you ready to match wits with Janice Stokley?


Kammi said...

Well, I for one look forward to this new story. You have proven yourself to be a very good, inovative writer. Thank you.

sarah penguin said...

Looking forward to your new story. Will there be as many interesting dreams in your new story? :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely looking forward to your next story, and all of your writing!!