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The Bet - Chapter 64 (Saturday – week 9 Part 4 of 7)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 64 (Saturday – week 9 Part 4 of 7)

     They took two cars to the mall.  Chad rode with Cassie and Sandy in Cassie’s car, Mel rode with Gloria, Andrea, and Robin in Gloria’s car.  Gloria didn’t give Mel a choice in that.  Mel figured it was only because Gloria was afraid that she might try to persuade Chad to throw the bet again.  And Mel knew that given the opportunity, she would probably do just that. 
     The two cars arrived together and parked right next to each other. 
      “Okay, Kiddo,” Cassie said to Chad as she turned the engine off.  “It’s time.”
     They all got out of the car just as the women in the other car were doing the same.  Cassie opened her backpack, and standing between the two parked cars, Chad pulled his diaper off and Cassie handed him a pair of thin satiny yellow panties that she pulled out of the top of her backpack.  She took the diaper he had just taken off and stuffed it into a large Ziploc bag she had taken from her backpack as well.  The diaper got thrown into the backseat of her car so she wouldn’t have to carry the thing.
     With six women all standing around him, Chad took the yellow panties and pulled them up his legs, praying all the time that he would somehow regain all the control he had lost over the last two months.  He had no illusions about that though.  The best he had managed to hold back at Mel’s apartment earlier had been maybe twenty seconds.  And he had been amazed that he had managed that! 
     The panties felt… totally strange.  It wasn’t the first time in his life that he had worn panties – not by a long shot.  But it was the first time in two full months that he had worn anything other than a diaper, and even one thin disposable diaper is thicker than any other underwear.  And the thin panties were thinner than most.  And in them, he felt totally unprotected and not secure at all.
     After pulling them up into place, he started to adjust his skirt again.
      “Wait!” Sandy said quickly.  “Let me see first!”  She bent down and grabbed the hem of his skirt and pulled it way up so not only she, but everyone else could see his panties as well.  “So far, so good,” she declared.  “But how long will they stay that way?” she added with a smirk.
     Chad stepped back and tugged his skirt back down, but he said nothing at all to Sandy’s little jibe.  He was worried about the same thing.
     As a group, they all headed for the entrance to the mall.  Chad wanted to move faster, but it seemed that large groups of people always moved slower than one or two – especially women.  He wanted to move faster, only because the bathrooms were all inside the mall – if he should need one… which he knew he would.  The only question was, would he be able to actually reach one in time?
     They all crowded through the doors and into the mall.  Twenty seconds later, Chad felt that first little urge – which wasn’t really little at all.  With what little control that he had, little was really huge!  He desperately clamped down and turned in a panic toward Sandy.  “I need a bathroom – bad!”
     The suddenness of Chad’s need took Sandy by surprise and flustered her a bit, but she recovered quickly.  She pointed across the floor toward a hair-cutting store just ahead.  “Come on,” she said as she started towards it.  “There’s one in there.”
     Chad’s need drove him into a run toward the store and Sandy had to run to keep up with him.  But Chad stopped before he even got near the store.  When he turned back toward her, she saw nothing but defeat on his face.  “Didn’t make it?” she asked as she caught up with him.
     Chad’s only answer was a disappointed shake of his head. 
     Cassie hurried over to him and set her backpack down and pulled another pair of panties out of it, a blue pair this time.  As all the ladies gathered around to protect him from view, Chad pulled off his soaked panties and dropped them into another Ziploc bag that Cassie held out for him. 
      “Want a wipe?” Cassie asked, before he put the panties on.
      “Please,” Chad said softly.  Protected by only all the women gathered around him.  He raised his skirt and cleaned himself off before putting on his second pair of panties.
     As they all headed once again in the direction of the food court, Mel said happily to no one in particular, “One down.”
     Sandy leaned over and whispered to Robin, “I told you we only needed about ten minutes!”
     As a group they headed up the escalator and into the food court not far away.  As they looked over all their choices, Robin moved over next to Chad.  “Chad,” she said, “let me get your lunch for you.  That way, if you have to… go… then you won’t be stuck in line.”
     Chad looked at her gratefully.  “Thanks,” he said. 
     He started to fish some money out of his purse, but she stopped him.  “My treat,” she offered. 
      “Thanks,” Chad replied with a bit of a smile.  “I appreciate it.”
      “I’ll stay here with him,” Andrea offered, “so if he has to make a sudden dash for the ladies room, one of us will be here to go with him.”
      “I’ll stay too,” Sandy added.  She passed on her order to Cassie who in turn handed Sandy the backpack to hold while she was getting their food. 
     Sandy, Andrea, and Chad found some empty tables and pulled two of them together to make one large one.  Chad sat down, but he was mentally calculating the fastest route to the large open space below the “Rest Rooms” sign.  Despite the fact that it was past the busiest lunch hour time, there were still a lot of people there and a lot of tables in the way.  Why couldn’t they have chosen a couple of tables right next to the rest rooms?  He looked over that way, but all those tables appeared to be taken.  He guessed that was the reason, not to mention that none of them had thought of it.
     He was still waiting for his lunch and still watching the people between him and the rest room when the sudden urge hit him again.  “Urrgghh!” he grunted as he bolted out of his seat and made a bee-line toward the bathrooms ahead. 
      “Oh shit!” cried Andrea as she hurried after him.  Sandy followed, but much slower.
     Chad had figured his best route, but someone moved their chair back forcing him to go around that table in the other direction, then a couple of kids playing got in his way, all of it slowing him down in his desperate quest.  But he hadn’t even gotten halfway through the sea of tables when he suddenly slowed to a defeated walk.  He kept going, but it wasn’t any longer for the purpose he hoped it would be.  He stopped before going through the entrance leading back to the rest rooms. 
     Andrea caught up with him.  “Geez!  Already?” she gasped a she tried to catch her breath.  “I wasn’t expecting you to have to go that soon.  You haven’t even had anything to drink yet!”  Only then did she realize that he had not only slowed, he had come to a complete stop.  He was still facing the restrooms, but he hadn’t bothered to go any further.  “Lost again?” she asked as kindly as she could.  The look he gave her was all the answer she needed.
      “I take it that’s two down?” Sandy asked as she finally caught up with them.
     Chad nodded.  “I guess I’m going to need another pair,” he said discouragingly.
      “Let’s go on into the ladies room,” Andrea suggested, “it will be a bit more private there.”
     A few minutes later, all three of them were crowded into one of the stalls in the ladies room where Chad removed his now wet panties and wiped himself clean again.  Sandy handed him another pair – yellow again, but these were totally covered in outrageous ruffles.  “Aren’t they darling?” she asked as she handed them over.
     Chad looked at them questioningly.  He didn’t want to admit that just looking at them was turning him on.  Once they were pulled into place, he realized that they were thicker than any he had worn so far.  Not that it could possible help him in any way.  Together, all of them went back out to their tables where the others were just starting to return.
      “Did he have to go already?” Cassie asked.
      “He took off like a shot!” Andrea said.  “It’s a good thing we were here with him.”
      “So how did he do?” Gloria asked.
     Andrea shook her head. 
      “Not so good,” Sandy replied.
     Chad sat rather dejectedly at the table and Robin soon took the seat right next to him.  She passed the lunch he had requested over to him along with a medium sized coke.  “Don’t forget, you have to drink all of that,” she reminded him.
      “I know,” Chad replied sullenly as he picked up a French fry instead.  He was now regretting all the coffee he had drank earlier.  Drinking anything else now wasn’t going to help his cause at all.
     The talk around the table was light and fun – for the women anyway.  None of them however even mentioned Chad and what they were really there for.  But as the conversation came to a small lull, Robin turned toward Chad.  “You really should have been at work this week!  You wouldn’t have believed what Ray did!”
      “Ray?” Chad replied.  “I heard he somehow got things mixed up and he thinks I had lost the bet a long time ago.”
      “Not just that,” Robin replied, but…  She went on to tell him, and everyone else, all about Ray… and Derek… and what went on in the company.  But what she didn’t tell Chad, was that she wasn’t just trying to fill him in on what went on.  One of her main jobs today was to distract his mind… to keep him from concentrating all the time on whether he had to pee or not – just like any normal situation would be.  People didn’t go around constantly worrying about whether they had to pee all the time… they had other things to think about instead.  This was all part of the testing they had decided on for him. 
      “…  So anyway,” Robin continued.  “After I passed Gloria’s little message on to Ray, I went straight down and told everyone!  You wouldn’t believe what a ruckus the girls made over it!”
      “Oh, I believe it!” Chad said.  “I totally believe it!  I know what those women are like.”
      “And I think I can safely say,” Gloria added, “that Ray isn’t going to give you much trouble anymore.  At least… he better not… or he’ll answer to me!”
     There was laughter among the women… but not from Chad.  Instead he suddenly let out a rather loud, “Oh shit!”  He quickly slid his chair back and glanced down at his skirt.  “Damn!” he swore.  Angrily, he looked over at Cassie.  “I think I’m going to need another pair of those panties you’ve got.”  He was very angry at himself.  He had missed that one totally!
      “That’s three now,” Sandy said to no one in particular.
     Mel was smiling.  “I guess we can chalk another one up for Team Melissa!”
     Chad didn’t notice it, but there were more than a few knowing looks that were passed among the judges.  He stood up quickly before the back of his skirt could get any wetter.  Now he was going to have to deal with that problem too!
      “Come on,” Cassie said, “I could use a trip to the ladies room myself.”

     Wearing a fresh pair of pink panties, Chad walked with the women out of the food court area and into the mall.  All the women were chatting among themselves about several different topics.  He did notice though that not one of them ever seemed to mention how they thought he was doing – as if he didn’t know.  It seemed to be the one topic they were purposely staying away from.  And oddly, it was Robin who seemed to be paying the most attention to him… was she trying to show him that she was still his friend?  If so, he was grateful.
      “Maybe we can find you another skirt or two,” Robin said as the group of them passed by a trendy clothing store.
     Knowing that his skirt was a bit wet in the back, Chad agreed.  “Maybe that might be a good idea.” 
      “Any favorite places you like to look for clothes?” Robin asked after a minute or two.
      “Mel has this one store she took me to a few times.  But it’s not in the mall.”
      “I meant… here in the mall!  Someplace where we can find you a skirt… today!”
      “I know.  Sorry.  I just haven’t been buying most of my clothes here.”
     Mel had heard them talking.  “Macy’s is just up ahead.  They have lots of nice clothes there.”
     Chad shrugged.  “Sounds…”  He suddenly felt that awful feeling again.  “Uh oh!”  He turned towards Sandy.  “I need a…”  But that’s as far as he got.  “Shit!” he cursed after a moment as he felt himself lose the battle all too quickly.  Way too much to drink!  Way too much!
      “Four,” Sandy said, slightly mockingly.
     Chad turned on her.  “I thought you were supposed to be keeping me posted on where all the bathrooms are!  I didn’t know which way to run!”
     Sandy was more than a bit surprised by the sudden anger directed at her.  “It looked to me like it didn’t matter much!” she replied.
     Chad didn’t know if he was more angry with her, or with himself.  He quickly decided, himself.  It hadn’t really been her fault at all.  He had simply… failed… again.
     Pink was also the color of his next pair of panties… given to him inside one of the stores while they were all crowded behind several clothing racks.  Chad was grateful for the small bit of privacy they all seemed to be trying to give him.  It made his situation a lot more bearable.  But he was getting disgusted with himself to the point where giving up was starting to look better and better. 
     Robin noticed the slight change in his attitude as they went back out into the mall.  “Hey,” she said, “don’t let it get you down.  This thing isn’t over yet.”
     He shook his head.  “It might as well be.  I haven’t managed to make it to the bathroom even once yet.”
      “But you tried to make it earlier.  You managed to at least try to get there.  Don’t give up, this contest isn’t over yet.  You may do better later.” 
      “It’s not looking like it,” Chad replied sullenly.
      “Don’t give up!” Robin quietly urged again.  “When we met last week and again this morning, a lot of our discussion was about how we were going to decide if you really are incontinent or not… we had to figure out how to define incontinent.  So don’t give up!  You never know how this might come out later.  Just try!”
     Chad looked at her and nodded.  “I’ll keep at it.  But it’s looking more and more like I was wrong about everything… and maybe Mel was right.”
     And slowly he continued to walk along with the women… trying his best to concentrate on figuring out when he had to pee or not.  He was a little irritated every time Robin kept trying to talk to him about different things – because he couldn’t concentrate on his bladder as well, but he  didn’t say anything because he was grateful that she was still being so nice to him.
     One minor thing changed from that point, not only was Robin walking next to him all the time, but so was Sandy.  And over and over again Sandy pointed out every store that had a bathroom and she told him where he would have to go in that store to get there.  Chad appreciated that part a lot!

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