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The Housekeeper - Chapter 15 (Part 2 of 4)

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 15 (Part 2 of 4)

For the first time in weeks, he didn’t sleep naked.  Well, not exactly naked.  He was naked… except for the knee-hi hose and the freshly polished boots on his feet.  Because of those boots, his ankle was free from the chain for once… although the rest of his body wasn’t free from it at all since it was now cuffed to his right wrist instead.  She simply wasn’t going to let him go unchained at night. 
But in the very early, still dark hours of the morning, he was awakened by pain.  Those freshly polished boots on his feet began hurting like nothing he ever imagined.  It was as if they were suddenly way too tight! 
His brain was at war with itself.  He wanted desperately to remove the boots so he could get some relief… but as she herself had chained him up for the night, she had expressly told him he could not remove the boots for any reason.  So now, despite how badly he wanted to remove the stupid boots, he simply couldn’t.  As much progress as he seemed to be making toward ridding himself of her miserable compulsions to do whatever she wanted, he still could not defy her orders.  Not yet at least.  But he was still working on it.  The grey wall had diminished to just a sometime thing again, and even the girls in class hadn’t sent quite so many cold pains into his tortured cock every time he looked at one of them.  Although Jennifer White still had that dreaded effect on him. 
The pain in his feet wouldn’t let him sleep.  He had to have some relief.  In desperation, he got to his feet, and discovered that standing up in the boots helped to relieve much of the pain.  The new position was somewhat of a relief.  He wanted desperately to straighten out his foot… or better still to bend his toes.  But the miserable boots prevented that kind of movement totally.  He stood and paced the bathroom for about five minutes before he laid back down on the floor again… and covered his naked body with the bath towel.  The brief change in position had helped… somewhat.  But could he go back to sleep now?  Restless, he tried. 

“Mr. Brinkley,” Janice’s voice called from the bathroom doorway.  “Wake up!” 
“Huh?”  Roger jerked at the sound, realizing that he had actually managed to fall asleep.
“You said last night you needed to get as early a start as possible on those rooms to finish them.”  She came all the way into the bathroom and unlocked his wrist from the chain.  “I suggest you get yourself cleaned up and get busy.”
“Yeah,” Roger managed to mumble sleepily as he tried to lever himself to a standing position.  His mind was totally foggy, and his body felt much the same.  For Roger, the long lingering shower he took that morning was an extra welcome treat… if only because it was a few minutes when he could be out of those miserable boots!  And just the chance to bend his ankles and toes a little bit was a very welcome opportunity.  Unfortunately, all too soon, he was back in the silly boots again.

“Oh Carol, I think that one looks lovely on you!  What do you think?”
“Yeah, Momma,” Carol agreed as she looked at herself in the mirror.  They had been out shopping all morning now while Roger was painting her new room.  First they had picked out new bedding for the temporary bed that would be in the room and now they were buying her a new dress to wear to church Easter Sunday.  Actually, Carol only somewhat liked the dress, but since her mother liked it on her so much, she was more than willing to wear the thing.  Besides, it did look pretty good on her.  She would just prefer something a bit more… sexy. 
Once the dress was purchased, Janice took her daughter to a large shoe store to find shoes to go with the dress, a delightful process that took a very long time.  But while they were there, Janice kept a close eye out for a new pair of shoes for Roger as well.  And as Carol was trying on another pair, she spotted some that she deemed – perfect!  As soon as Carol was satisfied with the shoes she wanted, Janice grabbed a box of the type she wanted for Roger in his size.
“What are those for?” Carol asked a she saw her mother grabbing another box of shoes.
“For Mr. Brinkley,” Janice explained.  “He doesn’t seem as fond of his new boots as I hoped he would be.  So I thought that making him wear these for a while might help him see the light.”
Carol stopped her mother long enough to open the box and peek inside.  She giggled all the way to the register.

Roger was sorely tempted to hurry the job along by just putting one coat of paint on the walls.  But he knew that if he did that then the white primer underneath would show through all too much for his taste once the paint dried – and shrunk.  Besides, if you’re going to do the job at all, then it should be done right.  And two coats of paint was the right thing to do.  So it took him all day to properly paint both rooms… all day of shifting his weight back and forth to try to relieve his aching feet.  Obviously, Janice had no clue as to what “work” boots really were.
By the time Janice herself chained his wrist to the bathroom toilet again late that night, with the explicit instructions that he still couldn’t remove his boots, he had completely finished everything in the room next to the bathroom – the room that would be Carol’s bedroom.  The only things left to do in the other room were to install the closet shelf, the bar for the clothes, and hang the closet doors.  The work of less than an hour. 
He was very tired, but his feet weren’t just tired, they were numb.  Of course, in the middle of the night, his feet went from being numb to showing just how much pain they could cause him as those stupid boots on his feet put him in total agony – again. 

“Wake up time, Mr. Brinkley,” Janice announced as she came into the bathroom and unlocked his wrist from the chain.  “It’s a special day today,” she said brightly, “and we still have much to do before Carol gets here.  You get yourself cleaned up, and I’ll get breakfast ready.”  With that, she turned and headed directly for the kitchen.
Ugh!  Breakfast.  Breakfast eaten like a dog – from a dog bowl on the floor – without the use of his hands.  Ugh!  Roger wasn’t sure what time it was as he climbed to his feet, but it seemed like morning came a lot faster than he thought it would.  But then, chained to the bathroom toilet as he had been, he had no access to any kind of clock to actually see what time it was.  The dim light filtering through the small frosted window wasn’t much help either as Roger noted the light rain tapping against it.  It was proving to be an amazingly wet spring.  He didn’t think he could ever remember one like it.  He consoled himself over the fact that he wouldn’t be going fishing with his friends by the fact that all this rain was going to make the fishing miserable – if they could even get into the streams.  The rivers had to be getting close to flooding stage.  But still, he would much rather be out there trying to fish… than having to endure being at the mercy of Janice and her daughter.
All that went through is head, as his body automatically began going through the motions of getting shaved before jumping into the shower – the only time he was allowed out of his stupid new “work” boots. 
As he rinsed his body clean under the water spray, his mind started to remember what was going on today.  Carol would be moving in for good later today.  That was bad.  But before that could happen, the house was going to be full of people.  The men were coming to install the new carpeting in the bedrooms… as well as the men who would be delivering some new furniture for the rooms as well.  And then there would also be the guy from the Child Welfare agency sometime this afternoon.  With all those people coming into the house, would Janice still make him keep his stupid new “work” boots on?  Not to mention his equally stupid bra with the socks stuffed inside of it.  He didn’t see Janice allowing him anywhere near any of them in his silly attire – especially the guy from the Child Welfare agency.  He just didn’t see it at all!  So he was hopeful that he would soon be out of his stupid boots again – at least for a little while. 
As he was getting dressed, his mind roamed over another possibility.  They were delivering new furniture today as well… for both rooms!  Would he actually get to sleep in a bed after this?  He was hoping that with Carol living in the house that Janice would much rather have the bathroom free for her in case she needed it during the night.  He could only hope about the bed!
Once he was dressed to finish working on the rooms, he made his way out to the kitchen, where he found his dog bowl already filled with breakfast cereal.  Ugh!  It was awfully demeaning to have to eat all your meals like a dog.  And now with school out, he didn’t even have the respite of being able to eat normally during lunch.  No, eating like a dog was definitely getting old.  But he was also glad that she was feeding him normal “human” food.  He had seen the cans of dog food she had just waiting for him on the shelf.  When his dog bowl was empty, he climbed to his feet, and gratefully accepted the cup of coffee she handed to him… which he carried straight back to the bedroom area to drink as he continued working.
He was still hanging the closet doors when a noise outside made him glance through the window.  There was a van pulling into the driveway with a trailer behind it loaded with the new carpeting.  He hurried out and found Janice already looking through the living room window at the approaching workers.  “Mrs. Stokely,” he said to get her attention. 
“They got here early!” Janice said excitedly.  “I was hoping they would!”
“Yes,” Roger replied.  “But now that they’re here, wouldn’t it be better if I took off these boots and removed the socks from my bra?”
Janice looked at him with and expression of mocked surprise.  Mocked, because she had actually been expecting the question from him.  “Not at all Mr. Brinkley.  Those items will remain – both of them!  I’m afraid you’re going to have to get used to other people seeing you in them.”
Roger was horrified!  “Other people?”
“Of course, Mr. Brinkley.  As I’ve told you before, those items will remain from now on… except of course for your bra during school hours… once you finish my little hiding place that is.  But at all other times, those items are now a permanent part of your wardrobe.”  The smile she leveled at him was positively evil.  “So get used to it!”
Nearly shaking with nervousness, Roger retreated to the safety of the room he was still working in.  As he entered the hallway though, he could see that the chain was now missing from the bathroom at the end of the hall.  Well, that was one good thing that was gone.  But would it stay gone?
Pure chaos reigned in the house from that point.  Total chaos!  Since it was lightly raining outside, the workers carried all the plastic wrapped carpeting into the house and set it down in the living room.  Janice directed them to start in the room that would be Carol’s room first… while Roger tried to stay out of sight in the other bedroom.  But staying out of sight wasn’t all that easy.  He couldn’t miss some of the odd stares he got from both the carpet layers every time they saw him.
While they were working in one room, Roger finished in the other bedroom and then just “hid out” for a while.  But he couldn’t hide that long because in order for the carpet layers to do their job in the room he was in, all his things had to be removed from the room first.  And the only place he could put all his belongings was in the living room.  So bag by bag, armload after armload, he carried everything he owned out of that bedroom and stacked it into the living room where it would be out of the way, having to step over mounds of carpeting and carpet padding in his high heeled boots in the process.  Fortunately, the carpet layers mostly stayed back in Carol’s bedroom where they didn’t have to see him… as much. 
But before he could finish with that, a knock on the door hailed the arrival of the new furniture.  With the carpet not quite done yet in the first bedroom, they had to bring the new furniture into the living room as well… and Roger was forced to move his belongings into the kitchen instead – where he used everything to hide his dog bowl from the sight of anyone who happened to walk in that far. 
There were now four strange guys in the house who had all seen his “pert” little breasts and the women’s boots on his feet.  Fortunately, they were all fairly busy with their work so they didn’t have time to linger at the strange sight of him.
Carpet laying in a small room doesn’t take very long, and shortly after Roger got all his things moved from the living room into the kitchen, the workers started laying the carpet in the second bedroom and since the furniture movers were still there, they carried one bed and mattress combination, and one dresser back to the now finished bedroom where they set everything up.  Roger hid out in the kitchen while Janice was directing operations in Carol’s room.  He took the opportunity to pour himself another cup of coffee.
The furniture movers soon finished and it was just down to the two men laying the carpet in the second bedroom… and the furniture in the living room that still needed to be moved.  By the time Roger had finished his coffee, the carpet layers were packing everything up.  Unfortunately, Janice came looking for him then, asking him to please move the furniture that was still in the living room to the second bedroom.  Roger had no choice but to take his “pert” little breasts and his shiny women’s boots and start assessing the job he needed to do… while the carpet workers were still there. 
Once again, both workers looked him over all too carefully as Roger did his best to ignore them while he checked out the rooms with the new carpet and took a look at the furniture that needed to be moved.  The carpet layers delayed leaving for a few moments as they watched him carrying the bed frame pieces back through the hallway in those high-heeled boots.  When all the workers were finally gone, Roger breathed a small sigh of relief… before tackling carrying the twin-size mattresses back to put on the bed frame.  Surprisingly, his boots weren’t proving to be any hindrance to him at all as he moved everything.  And fortunately, they weren’t even hurting him today.

Janice directed Roger as to where to put everything, just as she had directed the men who delivered the furniture where to set it up in Carol’s room.  Not that it mattered too much.  In a few days, all this furniture would be gone and would be replaced with brand-new furniture… well, at least in Carol’s room.  She wasn’t sure yet what she was going to put in Roger’s room, but she had some faint ideas for that. 
She had desperately wanted to go and pick up Carol earlier, but things had gotten so hectic that it had been impossible.  But now that the workers were all gone and the furniture was all in place, she had nothing to stop her from finally going after her daughter.  She phoned Carol quickly as she grabbed her new raincoat and headed for the car.  Over the phone, Carol told her she was all packed.  Everything she owned that was at the foster home, which wasn’t much, was sitting by the front door and was ready to go.  Finally Carol was going to be officially transferred into her care again.  Finally!  Mr. Fitch had promised that over the phone!

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