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The Housekeeper - Chapter 15 (Part 4 of 4)

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 15 (Part 4 of 4)

If Roger thought his toes were hurting before, it was nothing compared to having to stand on the ladder while he screwed the curtain hardware in place.  Actually, with the stupidly high heels he was wearing, the only thing he needed the ladder for was to hang the valance over top of the window.  The heels made him tall enough to do everything else without the ladder.  Unfortunately, he did still need it for the valance.  But standing on the ladder in those shoes meant he could only stand on his toes – which were tired enough already as it was.  But… having no choice, he managed it.  The curtains got hung as fast as he was able and he carried the ladder back to his room so he could hang the curtains there… only to discovered a few minutes later that Janice didn’t buy any curtains for his room.  Oh well, at least he had a bed now.  He sat down on it to ease his aching feet.
Roger was still sitting on his bed, staring down at the torturous shoes on his feet, when Janice made another appearance.  “There you are, Mr. Brinkley.  If you have nothing better to do, I would appreciate it if you could get started on… that special project I asked you to do.”
Roger immediately knew she was referring to the hiding place he had promised to build for her.  With a sigh of frustration, and his feet still hurting, he got to his feet again.  At least he could stand better in the stupid shoes now.  But how the heck was he supposed to get any work done in them?  He supposed he was about to find out.  Stupid!  Stupid!  Stupid!  Since he wouldn’t be hanging any curtains in his room, he carried the ladder outside since he was heading that way anyway.

Roger was currently having no problem at all with walking in his new shoes.  But that was only because he was crawling around on the ground underneath his house.  The really difficult part had been trying to lug the big piece of ductwork around that had been specially made for him.  That had been a real exercise in stupidity.  The shoes didn’t allow him to get nearly the traction he needed to pull the thing to where he needed it to be – despite the way they continually dug all too deeply into the ground. 
It had taken him a long time to cut the giant hole in the top of the ductwork, but that wasn’t the fault of the shoes.  Something like that would have taken him a long time anyway.  One end of the thing was already completely open, but the other end was totally closed.  The second hole that he cut in that closed end was just slightly bigger than the small ducting that was already running underneath the master bedroom of the house.  And now that he had modified the thing the way he wanted it, he was crawling under the house, trying to get the thing at least close to where he needed it to be.
“Mr. Brinkley!”
He turned and looked out the opening under the house to see Carol peering at him.
“Dinner time, Mr. Brinkley.  And Momma wanted me to remind you to wash your hands.”
Roger nodded.  “I’ll be right there,” he said as he started crawling back out from under the house.  He was getting a lot better now at walking in the stupid shoes.  He still held on for dear life going up the back steps, but he did it much, much easier. 
“How is it going, Mr. Brinkley?” Janice asked as he started through the kitchen towards the bathroom. 
He paused to nod his head.  “Pretty good so far.  It’s not going to be an easy job though by any means.”
“Just so long as it gets done right,” Janice replied.  She stared at him.  “Mr. Brinkley, I do hope you have some black shoe polish.  Those beautiful brand new shoes of yours are getting filthy!”
“It can’t be helped!” Roger complained.  “The ground is all muddy.  It would be much better if I didn’t have to wear them.”
“But you do have to wear them Mr. Brinkley.  And you will continue to wear them.  So I suggest you wipe them off as best you can while you’re washing your hands, then tonight you’re going to make sure they’re perfectly polished… just as you’re going to do with your boots as well.”
Roger wanted to roll his eyes, but he forced himself not to.  He merely nodded his head instead and headed for the bathroom.  He wiped his shoes off a bit and washed his hands, then made his way back to the kitchen where he found his food already cut up and waiting for him in his dog bowl.  He didn’t have to be told anymore.  He sank to his knees in front of it and waited for Janice to say grace.  Then he lowered his head to the bowl and without the use of his hands, ate his dinner as quickly as he could.  He simply wanted to get out of that humiliating position.
As soon as he could, he got up from the floor and grabbed the cup of now semi-warm coffee that Janice had left in a mug for him.  He carried it outside to his workshop to drink – where he could sit to take the strain off of his toes.

Roger was just preparing to drill some “marker” holes up through the floor of the house when he heard Janice calling him from the back door.  He crawled out from under the house to see what she wanted now.
“Mr. Brinkley,” she said when she saw him finally appear, “Will you be working much longer?  It’s going to be getting dark soon.”
Roger nodded.  It was getting late.  He hadn’t noticed because he had several lights rigged up under the house so he could see better.  As much as he’d like, it would probably be best if he stopped for the night before going any further.  What he needed to get into next would be better done during the day.  “I just need to turn the lights off and close up the opening here,” he replied.  He saw her nod then leave.  He was ready to stop for the evening anyway.  He was really looking forward to going to bed tonight – in an actual bed for a change.  He was definitely tired of sleeping on the hard bathroom floor.
He soon made his way inside and went directly to the bathroom where he washed his hands and did his best to clean his new shoes – that had turned his toes totally numb now.   If he could just flex his feet a bit!  But they were locked into the most hellish position possible.  And women wore these things all day?  Ugh!  Since Janice didn’t seem to need him for anything, he found his black shoe polish in the laundry room and carried it back to the bedroom where he sat on the floor and stared working on polishing the shoes he was wearing – and couldn’t take off.  He would still have to do his boots next. 
Once his new shoes were gleaming, he started working on the boots he had been wearing earlier.  Since he wasn’t wearing them and could more easily reach them, he sat on the bed instead of the floor.  But as he worked, he wondered if he could ask about blankets and possibly a pillow for the bed.  Leaving the boots unfinished, he got up and made his way into the living room where Janice and Carol were watching TV. 
Janice saw Roger waiting to talk with her.  “What is it, Mr. Brinkley?” she asked softly so as not to disturb Carol watching the program. 
“I was wondering if I could have any blankets or maybe even a pillow for my bed.”
Janice pursed her lips.  Then she got up from her chair and led the way back to his bedroom.  She saw that most of his clothes were now hung up in the closet, but there were still bags of things that should go into the dresser – that she couldn’t allow him to use yet since it would be going back to the store soon.  Carol’s dresser and bed would also be going back, but as far as she was concerned, Carol could use them all she wanted while she had them. 
She sat on his bed.  “I see you’ve been busy,” she said.  “Most of your things are hung up nicely and your new shoes look very good again.  Are you done with your boots yet?”
“Not yet,” he replied.  “I’m still working on them.”
She nodded and said, “Sleep and obey, Mr. Brinkley.  Sleep and obey.  Sleep and obey, Mr. Brinkley.  Sleep and obey.”
Roger’s head suddenly went spinning.  He had no defense… not that any defense was even possible as his brain suddenly started sinking deeply into trance… even as Janice kept saying those dreaded words over and over again.  Then she was saying other words to sink him deeper.  Deeper and deeper… deep into a hypnotic trance. 
She had taken him by surprise again.  As strong as she suspected his mind was, it was much safer to do it this way.  He would have no chance at all to fight her… just as he had no chance tonight.  She was glad to see how well his conditioning had immediately taken over and how easily she had been able to take full control of him.  She worked with him for a while, making sure he was deeply hypnotized.  She switched places with him so that he was the one sitting on the bed and she was standing.  Then she went through every bit of his former instructions, making sure that everything was still firmly set in his mind – and that it would remain firmly set. 
It took a little while, but going over everything he was supposed to remember was something that had to be done… once again.  Soon, very soon, she would be giving him more instructions, but tonight wasn’t the time.  Now that Carol was living full time in the house, she spent a few extra minutes on his instructions to freeze his cock whenever he became sexually excited.  She also reinforced the idea that he had to follow all of Carol’s orders just as much as her own… with the caveat that Carol’s orders would always be secondary to her own orders.
Once she was sure that everything was firmly planted in his brain once again, she woke him up.
Roger’s head was spinning again.  That always seemed to happen after one of Janice’s little “instruction” sessions.  Every time he started to get hopeful about breaking out of some of the things she had imposed on him, it seemed that she was right there, reinforcing everything again, and making everything that much harder for him.  His head finally cleared, but all he was capable of doing was to stare up at her.
“Now, Mr. Brinkley,” she said.  “I’d like you to take the mattress and box spring off of that bed frame and lean them up against the wall.  You won’t be using them.  Until I decide otherwise, you will continue to sleep naked on the floor… like an animal.”
Roger’s body was already moving to do as she ordered, even as her words sank in… and she walked out of the room.  Like an animal?  Well at least the carpeted floor would be a lot softer and much more comfortable than the tile bathroom floor had been.  And at least there was no chain anymore to fasten him to the toilet.  He might not be able to sleep in the bed, but he would be much more comfortable. 

It was growing late when the TV show Janice and Carol had been watching finally ended.  Janice looked over at her daughter.  “Bedtime dear.  Tomorrow is Easter Sunday.  And after the busy day we’ve had today, I’m hoping that tomorrow will be much easier.”
“I’m just glad to be with you all the time,” Carol said as she got out of her chair and hugged her mother.”
“Carol dear,” Janice said as soon as their embrace had ended, “would you do me a favor please.  I know how much you enjoy putting Mr. Brinkley in some very… uncomfortable positions.  We can’t chain him in the bathroom anymore since I want you to be able to go in there anytime you like.  But I’d still like him to be confined to his room a little more than he is now.  The chain is still under the bathroom sink, will you take care of that little chore for me?”
Carol beamed.  “Gladly, Momma!”
Janice had thought that would be her answer.  Everything had gone so perfectly all day.  Well, almost everything.  The one thing she was still worried about was that she still hadn’t heard back from Mr. Wu.  And that was beginning to become a much bigger worry to her.

Roger was naked again… except for the painful and stupid high heel shoes that might just as well have been locked onto his feet.  For all he wanted to remove the crazy things, he simply couldn’t do it.  Giving up on that possibility, he laid down on the soft carpeting.  He pulled some of his flannel shirts over top of him to use as a blanket.  A couple of his old sweatshirts were folded up for him to use as a pillow.  He laid down.  It was the best bed he had had in quite a while. 
He was just drifting off to sleep when his door opened.  He quickly raised his head as Carol switched on the light… and he could see the heavy chain in her hands.  Oh no!
Carol was enjoying herself.  She didn’t know why… in fact she didn’t even bother to wonder about the whys… but she simply enjoyed tying him up in whatever interesting ways she could think of.  She saw him raising his head up from his makeshift pillow as she entered the room.  He had some shirts pulled over top of him instead of a blanket.  Those really high heels were still strapped on his feet – where she knew her mother wanted them to remain.  “Just stay there,” she told him. 
She set everything in her hands down on the floor.  Then she grabbed the shirts from his body and threw them aside.  She didn’t have any rope tonight, so she couldn’t get very creative in what she would do with him.  Besides, her mother had kind of sprang this on her quickly so she didn’t really have any time to think about what she wanted to do, but foremost, she figured she should keep his hands away from his feet so he couldn’t remove those shoes.  “Roll over,” she ordered.
Fearful, Roger rolled over onto his stomach.  Why?  Why couldn’t Janice just let him sleep without being chained up? 
Carol went back to her pile of things on the floor and grabbed just the handcuffs.  She brought them back to him, then sat down right on his back.  She grabbed his left arm and pulled it behind him and fastened the cuffs to it.  A moment later, both his hands were fastened behind his back.  He couldn’t easily get at his feet now to remove the shoes.  With that taken care of, she got off of him and grabbed the heavy chain she had brought in with her.  She wrapped it several times around parts of the bedframe, then brought the rest of it over to him.  Not knowing if it would work or not, she bent his knees and tightly wrapped the chain several times around his lower legs, then she let his legs drop back to the floor before running the chain up through his handcuffs and pulling the chain tightly back to his ankles again.  Then she took the lock and fastened the chain that way.  Nodding with satisfaction, she was fairly sure he would stay that way all night. 
“Good night, Mr. Brinkley,” she said with all too much delight in her voice.  “Sleep tight!”
Ugh!  Roger watched the light go out and the door get shut.  Sleep tight!  Tight was right.  He was very uncomfortable.  And he had a feeling that just trying to get out of however she had wrapped him up was going to prove impossible.  He wanted to pound his fists against the floor in frustration, but that was also impossible.  He was tempted to pound his head against the floor instead, but he figured that would only hurt him more than he already hurt.  He laid his head down on the floor.  When he had rolled over, he had rolled slightly away from the sweatshirts he was going to use as a pillow.  Now he couldn’t even reach them. 
It was going to be a long, difficult night!

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