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The Housekeeper - Chapter 16 (Part 2 of 3)

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 16 (Part 2 of 3)

Carol had gone into the bathroom shortly after they got home.  As she was coming back up the hallway, she noticed that Roger’s door was still closed.  He had gone in to remove his clothes as soon as they got back, but that had been a while now.  Why was his door was still closed?  What was he doing in there?  She opened the door just to look and was surprised to see him sleeping.  She was very tempted to wake him up, but decided to check with her mother first.  As soon as she got to the kitchen she said, “Mom, Mr. Brinkley is sleeping.”
“Are you sure?” Janice asked.
“He’s snoring!”
“Oh dear,” Janice said with a bit of a smile.  “Did he remove his clothes like I asked?”
“Yeah.  As far as I can see he’s just got his shoes and those knee-hi stockings on.  But he’s got a shirt thrown over top of him like it’s a blanket and he’s using some other clothes as a pillow.”
Janice thought about it and nodded.  “Let him be for a little while,” she decided.  “I suspect that the way he was tied up all night he didn’t get much sleep.  And after we eat, I don’t think he’ll be able to do much sleeping while you’re working with him.”
 Carol smiled broadly.  She knew exactly what her mother was talking about.  It was something she was very much looking forward to.
Janice allowed Roger to sleep a while longer while she and Carol enjoyed a light meal together.  In fact, she left him to sleep after their lunch while she and Carol spent some time making a few “preparations.”  But finally, Janice decided it was time to wake him up.  He did need to eat lunch after all.
“Mr. Brinkley!” Carol called from the doorway to his room.  “Mr. Brinkley!” she called again, much more sternly when he didn’t stir.  She was glad to see him starting to wake up.  “Wake up, Mr. Brinkley.  Momma wants you to eat your lunch now!”
Roger, his head still very groggy, slowly came awake.  Lunch?  He realized he was somewhat hungry.  Still somewhat sleepy, he started to work his way to his feet.
Carl smiled, but it was a wicked smile.  “Don’t bother getting up, Mr. Brinkley,” she said.  “Since you’re going to be eating like a dog anyway, you can just crawl like a dog into the kitchen instead.”
Oh hell!  Roger’s body never even paused as he found himself crawling behind Carol all the way out to the kitchen… where he found his dog bowl full of cut of chicken, and pieces of bread and… he wasn’t sure what else.  Not even caring, he lowered his head and began eating.
Carol watched him closely as he crawled to his bowl, then lowered his head right into it.  Perfect!  As far as she was concerned, the position really did seem to suit him.  She sat down at the kitchen table and continued to watch him eat.  She could hear her mother turning the TV on in the other room, but her mother had promised that she could have some fun with Roger today… after she took care of a little chore with him.  But that was a chore that was very much part of the fun she planned.  And in a way, it was the part she was looking forward to the most.
As she watched him eating, she realized that he didn’t have anything to drink.  Usually, after he ate, her mother had a cup of coffee or something ready for him to grab – that he usually took with him to wherever he went.  But that wasn’t going to work for her as well today.  The solution to that little problem was easy.  She grabbed a bowl from the kitchen cupboard and filled it with water.  Then she set it down next to his dog bowl.  “Make sure you drink all that too!” she ordered. 
Roger stared in horror at the bowl of water next to him.  Drink it?  Like a dog?  Of course like a dog.  He shouldn’t have expected anything different – especially from Carol.  He would have liked a drink to help wash down his lunch just then, but having to drink it from the bowl was another matter.  He ignored the water and finished his food first.  But that didn’t take all that long since he always tried to get this humiliation over with as soon as possible. 
But now he had to figure out how to drink the water.  Moving his head over the water bowl, he lowered it again… and tentatively reached out with his tongue to try to lick some of it up.  It worked – but mostly, it didn’t work.  He lowered his head further, and managed to purse his lips and suck some of it up.  It took a while, but he managed to get the bowl about half empty before the sides of the bowl prevented his face from going deep enough to finish the water.  Having little choice, he was forced to stick his tongue out and try to lick up what he could again.  Which mostly didn’t work at all.
Carol was having a good time watching Roger trying to drink the water from the bowl.  She wasn’t as happy when he started to suck it up, but she said nothing about that.  But now he was back to using his tongue again, and she liked that so much better.  She saw him raise his head and look questioningly at her.  “Keep going,” she commanded.  “I want you to drink it all!”
Ugh!  Having no other choice, Roger braced himself, and shoving his face a bit harder into the too small bowl, began licking at the water once again – over and over and over and over.  It seemed like forever before he managed to finally reach the bottom.  He looked up at Carol, hoping that what he had finished was enough.
Carol was smiling broadly.  “You did very well,” she told him as she got up from her chair.  “It took you long enough, but overall, you seemed to manage okay.  Maybe you’ll get better if you have more practice.  I’ll talk to Momma about that for you.  I’m sure you’d like to improve your drinking skills so that they’re just as good as the way you eat now.”  She let out a giggle at Roger’s expense.
Roger was nothing but terrified by what she was saying.  The damn kid was nothing but cruel!  Very, very cruel!  He only hoped that this time she was joking!  Now that he was finished, he started to get to his feet.
“Don’t get up!” Carol commanded.  “You can crawl back to your room and wait for me.  I’ll be in to see you soon.”
Ugh!  Roger wasn’t happy to continue crawling around like he was, but the part that worried him now was hearing that she would be coming in to see him.  His plans to hopefully get in a little more sleep today suddenly weren’t looking too good!
Roger reached his room again and seriously eyed the pile of sweatshirts he had used for a pillow… and seriously wished he could go back to sleep again.  But knowing that Carol was on her way would spoil any chance he had to gain some rest anyway, so he sat in the middle of the floor and waited.  And when Carol did come into the room, his stomach gave more than a little lurch of protest – as he saw the pile of rope she brought in with her.
Carol looked around the mostly empty room.  She needed to tie him up in a specific way, but that wasn’t looking too good right now.  Her eyes finally lingered on the empty bedframe and a smile crossed her face.  There were wooden slats running across the frame to support the mattresses that were now leaning against the wall.  She dropped all her rope in a pile and started pulling the bedframe out toward the center of the room more.  “Give me a hand,” she told him as she struggled to shove the bulky piece of furniture around.  Even with Roger on his knees, the two of them were able to move the bedframe much more easily.  “That’s good right there,” she finally decided.
She herself removed the slats that ran across the frame, tossing them aside where they would be well out of the way.  “Lay down in the middle there,” she ordered.
Still on his hands and knees, Roger climbed over the low sides of the bedframe and did as he was told – nervously and unhappily, but he did it.  Before long, his arms were pulled tightly and secured to each of the legs on the headboard and his legs were secured to the legs of the footboard.  She had tied him spread-eagled.  And then he watched as she simply walked out.  Oh well, at least he was lying down and was somewhat comfortable.  Closing his eyes, he did his best to relax and try to find some more sleep.
Carol stopped in the doorway and almost giggled.  He was snoring again!  Quietly she entered the room and set the things in her hands down on the carpet.  She went back out to find her mother, who was watching another of those home repair shows on TV.  “He’s sleeping again!” she said quietly and with a giggle. 
Janice smiled. “Oh my.  Are you going to wake him?”
“I think I just start working on him.  I have no doubt he’ll wake up fast then.”
Janice nodded and watched as Carol headed back to the bedrooms.  But she was curious to watch, so she got up and followed.  She didn’t go fully into the room.  She just stopped in the doorway – just to watch.  Roger was indeed sound asleep, despite being tied the way he was to the bedframe.  She watched as Carol silently grabbed her supplies and took them all over near him.  As she suspected, the moment he felt the hot wax being applied to his chest, he woke up fast!
“What?” Roger exclaimed as he felt something hot suddenly hit his chest.  The sensation had jolted him out of the light sleep he had been in.
Carol giggled slightly.  “Shh!  Just lay still,” she commanded as she continued to spread the wax further.  “Oh, I guess you can’t do anything except lay still like that, can you?”  She giggled slightly again at her own little joke.
Roger pretty much ignored her words as he bent his head to watch in horror as she continued to spread the hot wax.  He fully remembered the last time she had done this to him – that had been one of the most painful things he could ever imagine having to endure.  And now she was doing it to him again.  His nervousness increased as she took the long strip of material and pressed it down on top of the wax.  He saw her look at him with that totally delighted evil look.  And then the pain erupted as she ripped the wax off.  He yelled at the sudden pain, but he was quick to note that while it hurt, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it was the last time.  After the second strip didn’t hurt as much either, he quickly figured that this time his hair hadn’t had time to grow out all that much so the whole process, while bad enough, wouldn’t be nearly as bad as the last time.  He mentally breathed a sigh of relief – even as he jerked in pain once again as the next strip was ripped off.
Carol slowly worked her way down the entire front of his body, spending some extra time around his very sensitive genital area – that she decided to do twice even though it only needed one application.  But gee, he didn’t like that so much so why shouldn’t she do it twice?  And when she got to his feet, with her mother’s permission, she removed his shoes and the knee-hi hose as well.  Then she waxed the front of his feet before turning him over and securing him so that she could do his entire back as well. 
Roger wasn’t exactly having fun.  This certainly wasn’t his idea of a way to spend a holiday.  Carol, on the other hand, seemed to be loving it!  But then he had known from the start how cruel she could be.  He was very glad though to finally have those stupid shoes off of his feet.  Carol had been able to easily do what he couldn’t do himself – remove the damn shoes!  Now if they could just stay gone – forever!
Janice had watched the entire process, silently from the doorway.  Her daughter had taken great delight in tormenting the poor man, yet she hadn’t really hurt him at all.  It was no more than what any woman going to a salon would have to endure.  But she had promised her daughter some fun with him today – just as soon as this little chore had ended.  And as she had suspected, her daughter had enjoyed this little job quite a bit. 
“Mr. Brinkley,” Janice said as Carol was beginning to tackle the knots that bound his legs to the bedframe, “I’ve given you to Carol to be her plaything today.  I suggest you do everything you can to keep her very happy.  I’m starting to get very concerned about not having another training session with your collar.”
It was all she had to say.  Roger immediately grew more afraid than he had been.  Whatever demented things that Carol wanted to do with him today, he had better do everything he could to please her… like it or not!  The last thing he wanted was another session with Janice and that dog collar.  Just the thought of it frightened him nearly to death!
“Now Mr. Brinkley,” Carol said as she finished untying him, “I think I’d like to see just how good a doggie you can be again.”
Roger’s spirits sank even lower.  But then he should have expected this. 
“But I think that I’d like to see how well you can manage it… without me having to resort to using those magic words to make you behave that way.  So until I say otherwise, I suggest that you start thinking of yourself as my pet doggie, and that you so everything you can to act that way!”
Her pet doggie again?  Ugh!
With a laugh, Carol jumped up and ran from the room.  “Come on, doggie.  Follow me!”

The TV was on, showing yet another of the home repair shows, but Janice wasn’t really watching it. Her attention was focused instead on Carol playing with Roger… although to be honest, her attention was focused more on Roger himself.  She had plans for him now.  Drastic plans.  Plans that she had never even thought of trying before – and she was quite sure she would never try again.  But Roger wasn’t one of her usual victims.  He had never done anything to warrant the treatment she was forcing on him.  She and Carol had simply forced themselves on his life – ruining it in the process.  But desperate was desperate, and she had been desperate.  And despite everything else, now they were here and her plans were proceeding. 
She was going to have to have a talk with him soon.  Unlike with her other victims, she was going to have to tell him what she wanted of him.  And she knew without a doubt that he would fight it to the very end.  The intense brainwashing she did with her other victims made the conversation she would have with him soon, unnecessary.  Every last one of her prior victims had no chance to avoid their fate – a fate far worse than what she now hoped for Roger.  She would work with the collar somewhat intensely with him – soon.  But she wouldn’t go nearly as far as she did with any of the other men she had ruined. 
This was the first time she had used the dog shock collar for the brainwashing.  She liked it a lot, but it wasn’t as intensely painful as her previous methods.  But there was no doubt that it did work well.  Roger simply had one of the stronger minds that she had come across so far.  Unless she found a way to make him accept his fate – willingly, she would have to rip that strong mind right out of him.  And from everything she had seen so far, he didn’t deserve that.  However, leaving him as he was… as he had been before she and Carol had come into his life was simply unthinkable.  She could never take that chance!
So she needed some way for him to not fight it.  She needed him to, if not embrace his new fate, then at least he needed to accept what the future would hold for him.  She watched as Carol threw the stuffed duck across the room again and Roger was forced to race after it and pick it up with his mouth… and attempt to chew on it in the right spot to make the thing “quack.”  She smiled at the silly sight of it… and realized that the answer to her problem was staring her right in the face. 
She got up from her seat and headed to her bedroom where she retrieved her notebook and a pen… and the dog collar for Roger.  She carried them back to the living room with her.
Roger saw Janice coming back… and he particularly noticed the frightening collar in her hands.  With the toy duck in his mouth, he stopped dead… fearfully unable to take his eyes off of Janice and that collar.
“Doggie…  What are you doing?” Carol complained.
“Just give me a moment, dear,” Janice told her as she approached Roger.
Roger wanted to run.  He wanted to hide anywhere.  He wanted to protest.  But his body was locked in fear – of that collar.  With wide, fearful eyes, he sat back, the stupid toy duck still in his mouth, and he stayed still as Janice herself buckled the horrible collar around his neck.  And then she walked off, and the collar was still on his neck.  Would she start shocking him now?
“Sorry for the interruption, dear,” Janice said to Carol.  “But I just thought that a dog should be wearing his collar.”
Janice giggled yet again.  “Thanks, Mom.  I should have thought of that before.”  She turned her attention back to Roger.  “Come on, doggie, fetch the duck.”
Still not recovered from the shock of having the collar on his neck again, Roger continued bringing the stuffed duck back to Carol… where he dropped it on the floor in front of her… sat like a dog… and barked.  What fun!
Janice sat in her chair again to watch Roger and Carol playing, but this time she opened her notebook.  As the afternoon wound on, she occasionally jotted down notes for the future in her book.  She had a lot to think about… a lot to consider… a lot to plan.  Her lazy afternoon became time well spent.


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