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The Housekeeper - Chapter 48 Part 4 of 4

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 48 Part 4 of 4

Janice walked away from the Doctor, leaving her to sit in her pee soaked chair with her thumb childishly in her mouth.  She walked all the way back to the table where Carol was.
 “Are you done now, Momma?”
“Not quite dear,” Janice replied.  “Since I’m only doing this one session with her, I need to redo a few things.  I’m afraid it’s going to be a little while yet.  How is your school work coming?”
“It’s fine Momma,” Carol replied.  “I finished all my homework a while ago.”
“Very good dear.  Hopefully, this last part won’t take too long.”  Taking another long drink of tea, Janice prepared herself to finish with the Doctor.  A minute later, she was standing in front of her again.  “Now Doctor,” she said, we are going to once again let you practice obeying me.  Take your thumb out of your mouth.”  The Doctor’s thumb came out just a fraction before Janice would have pressed the button on the remote.  “Now Doctor, let us begin.  Stand up!  Sit down!  Raise your left arm.  Raise your right arm.  Stand up…” 
Over and over again Janice gave her commands until she was certain that Jessica Parker was fully under her control.  It didn’t take very much at all.  After that, she again reminded her about the impenetrable wall that she would see every time she stood up or sat down… the wall that completely locked away the Doctor’s will to not do as Janice commanded.  She went over the fact that the Doctor would never be able to tell anyone what happened there and that the Doctor would always do everything possible to protect Janice.
Then she quickly reviewed all of the Doctor’s new rules for behaving like an infant as well as reinforcing the fact that the Doctor would now be paying for all of Roger’s treatments and would be giving him special preference over everything else. 
“Finally, she said, “Doctor, I’m going to wake you up in a few moments.  When I do, you’re going to come fully awake.  When I tell you, you will be allowed to get dressed and go home.  Since it is necessary that you drive your car, you will be fully able to do all that. And you will only suck your thumb to the extent where it will not interfere with your driving.  But all the rest of the time, you will suck on it until you can buy yourself some pacifiers.  And since you are already fully incontinent, I recommend that you stop as soon as possible and get all the baby supplies you think you’re going to need.  From the moment you get home though, you are going to be stuck in infant mode until it is necessary for you to do something as an adult again.  I suspect you’re going to have a very interesting and frustrating weekend… no to mention the next two weeks.”
Janice paused again.  She was finished.  She had poured everything she could into this one session.  She had no idea how well everything would work after just the one session, but she was somewhat confident that it would last quite a while.  She was actually hoping that Doctor Parker wouldn’t be able to break out of her conditioning for at least a year.  Hopefully much longer. 
“Doctor,” she finally said.  “Wake up!”
Jessica Parker was still trying to drag her brain out of the murky ooze it had been soaking in when her thumb found its way into her mouth and she started sucking on it.  It was a moment before she could look up at Janice… and she started crying.
“Get dressed,” Janice ordered.
Still crying, the Doctor got up immediately and headed for her clothes that were strewn over a small area of the floor.  Piece by piece she dressed herself, only removing the thumb from her mouth when she needed to. 
“You will find your car right outside,” Janice told her as she was finishing getting dressed.  “Your purse should be in it.”
Still crying and again sucking her thumb, the woman turned to Janice one more time before leaving. 
“Goodbye, Doctor!” Janice said sternly, and watched as the woman wet her pants right in front of her. 

Doctor Jessica Parker had no idea she was going to wet her pants just then, it just happened.  She broke down in worse sobs as she turned and slowly made her way to the car.  She had been raped horribly.  Much more horribly than if it had been a physical rape.  A physical rape she knew she could recover from.  But this type of rape… she wasn’t sure she would ever recover from.
She found her car outside just as the woman had said.  She saw the large Chinese men keeping watch over it.  They gave her room to get to her car and didn’t interfere with her at all.  Her purse was there on the passenger seat.  She momentarily worried about her car seats since her pants were wet, but there was nothing at all she could do about that.  She would have to stop on the way home and get some… baby supplies.  She knew there was going to be no way out of it – the woman had willed it.  And she was going to need to buy herself some diapers… the evidence as to why she needed them was written all over her pants.  And that didn’t even count her thumb that she dared not remove from her mouth. 
The store she would have to stop at to buy everything would be one thing, but what was mainly on her mind was her kids.  What was she going to tell them?  How were they going to react?  She had no doubt at all that the minute she got home, her own brain would reduce her to total helplessness.  An infant… with only minor reprieves to go to work and take care of her job and the daily needs of life.
She had no idea where she was when she drove out of the parking lot of the warehouse.  She drove around until she recognized a major street name and followed it.  That finally led her to other roads that she recognized more. 
She knew she had to stop to buy baby supplies, there was no way around it.  And at that hour of the night she could only think of one pharmacy that she frequented that would be open twenty-four hours.  She headed straight for it.  She parked her car and grabbed her purse, all of it made awkward by her thumb that she continued to suck on.  Hating having to do it, she was forced to get out of her car and head into the bright store – still sucking her thumb… and also showing off her wet pants.  Buying the baby supplies like that was going to do nothing but show everyone exactly who those supplies were for!
She grabbed a hand-held basket as she entered the store and wandered up and down the baby care area, picking up this and that, anything her brain could think of that she might possibly need.  Just sighting the pacifiers made her yearn for one in her mouth badly.  She was very tempted to rip one of the packages open so she could start sucking on it right away, but with a great effort, she managed to put several packages of pacifiers into her basket.  She knew she had been able to do that only because she hadn’t bought them yet.  But she was having a hard time not thinking about them and how badly she needed to suck on one of them.  It would be such a huge relief! 
After the baby aisle, she went to the adult incontinence aisle where she finally selected two packages of adult incontinence pants.  Oddly, she found herself trying to find styles that resembled regular diapers over selecting ones that wouldn’t look nearly so bad.  She knew exactly why she did that – the others weren’t babyish enough.  She couldn’t suck her thumb now because she needed both hands to carry everything.  The yearning for the pacifiers became so much worse!
Having found everything she needed, she headed for the checkout.  The store was mostly empty of customers so there was no line, but as she approached the checkout counter, she felt her bladder giving out again.  Ugh!  She did her best to ignore the pee dripping down her leg – even though she could clearly see the surprise on the face of the guy behind the register.
She paid for her purchases, but as she did so, she found it difficult to take her eyes off of the pacifiers.  The moment she handed over her credit card, she couldn’t wait any longer.  She grabbed one of the packages of pacifiers and nearly went crazy trying to rip it open.  She finally succeeded, to the amazed amusement of the guy who was finishing up her sale, and as quickly as she possibly could, she popped one of the pacifiers into her mouth and started sucking on it.  Bliss!  Total bliss!  Not to mention total embarrassment. 
She signed for her credit card purchases and had to wait while the guy stuck everything into several bags for her.  She was very, very glad to get out of that store and back into her car. 
She stared the car engine and left the parking lot.  She knew without a doubt that the moment she got home she would become almost totally helpless.  She would become – almost totally infantile.  The woman had willed it and there was no way she could not do what the woman wanted.  The grey wall she saw when she had sat down in the car kept all her ability to not do what the woman wanted locked away.  No, no matter what, she knew she would become the total baby that the woman had decreed she would.
But she wasn’t home yet.  She could still think… even though her thinking was somewhat foggy.  Her brain was defiantly not what it usually was… not after what that woman had done to her.  But she was still thinking.  Her kids were with her sister.  Her sister was expecting to keep them for the entire weekend. 
Her big question was, once she got home, once the… curse that the woman had placed on her went into full affect, could she take care of herself?  How bad could it possibly get?  She thought about the fact that she was sucking so hard on her pacifier just then… and about how desperately she had wanted it while she was in the store.  She remembered peeing helplessly in her pants just before she had left that warehouse… and then again a few minutes ago in the store.  How bad could it get?  Her own brain would be dictating how she behaved.  Her own brain would be drawing from all the things she had experienced in the past. 
She well remembered how she had loved caring for her babies after they had been born. They were so precious.  So innocent.  So helpless.  Would she be that helpless?  That was the thought that worried her the most now.  That damn woman had even hinted at it.  She would be so helpless that if she was left alone she would need a babysitter.  She had said that her own kids would probably have to change her diapers for her.  Had the woman actually wanted her kids to change her diapers?  That was a very frightening thought.  The humiliation of it was beyond belief!  Her daughter was only eight!  And while her son was thirteen – he was a boy!  Neither one of them would know how to do it.  Neither one of them was old enough to know anything at all about caring for a baby… a baby such as she was all too sure she would soon be. 
There was no way she could put it off forever.  She had to stop driving around sometime.  She realized how close to her home she was.  She turned a corner and headed away from her house… just to keep driving for a while… just to maintain her adult abilities for a little while more. 
There was no way around it.  She was going to need help.  Lots of help!  And unfortunately, there was only one person in the world that she could call on for that – her sister.  Her sister who was already caring for her children.
But… how the heck was she going to explain her problem?  Knowing full well that her sister wasn’t going to believe a single word she was about to tell her, she fished her cell phone out while she continued to drive. 
She was right, her sister didn’t believe a single word of it.  But she soon would!


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*giggles* Curiouser and curiouser :)

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Can't wait to see how she explains this! Since she can't mention Janice at all, it should be an awfully big fib. ^_^

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I imagine the poor doctor will have to explain in baby gibberish.

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I've told you before but let me say it again ... I LOVE this story!!!!!!!!!