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The Housekeeper - Chapter 49 Part 1 of 2

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 49 Part 1 of 2

No . . . way!  No way in hell!  Kate watched dumbfounded as her sister Jessica lay on her living room floor, crying like a baby.  She hadn’t believed one word of what Jessica had told her on the phone the night before.  She hadn’t believed it to the point where she had refused to head to her house last night to “help her out.”  All she had agreed to do was to keep her kids away for the weekend – like she always did. 
But now this morning, after trying and trying to phone her, she had simply gone to Jessica’s house to check on her and to see if she was really home – which she found hard to believe.  Jessica always stayed the entire weekend when she went off gambling, so she had been somewhat shocked to see Jessica’s car in the driveway… not in the garage where she always put it when she came home, but in the driveway!
She had rung the doorbell several times and gotten no answer.  Figuring that Kate might have gotten too drunk last night, she had pulled her key out of her purse, only to find the front door already unlocked.  And the moment she had opened the door, Jessica had crawled towards her, laughing and giggling, with a pacifier in her mouth and her pants full of piss and shit.  It had been all Kate could do to get around her so she wouldn’t get any of Jessica’s filth transferred to her.  And after several repeated attempts to get to her, Jessica was now crying her eyes out… and acting so much like a baby it was unbelievable. 
No . . . way . . . in . . .  hell!
The story that Jessica had told her last night on the phone had been ridiculous!  Or rather the “lack” of story she had told, because Jessica hadn’t been able to say what exactly had happened to her, she had only talked about what would happen… which was all too stupid sounding and unlikely.  A baby!  Ha!  Yet here she was looking at her sister acting like… a total baby! 
“Sis!” she yelled.  “Stop this!  I refuse to believe any of it!  Now go get a shower.  You’re filthy and you stink to high heaven!”  But all she got for her yelling was unintelligible crying and babbling out of her sister, babbling that still wouldn’t have been intelligible even without the stupid pacifier in her mouth.  “Stop it sis!” she yelled.  But again her yelling did no good.
With a shake of her head, she headed for the door.  “I refuse to give in to your silly delusions.  Don’t you dare try to make me do anything for you at all!  Pull yourself together because I’m not playing your silly game!  And since you’re home, I’ll be bringing your kids back right after lunch!  That gives you…” she checked her watch, “three hours to get yourself and this house cleaned up!”  With that she walked out muttering curses under her breath. What the hell was her sister trying to pull?  Ridiculous!

Since his hands were full, Roger shook his head, trying to get the hair from his wig out of his eyes so he could see.  What a nuisance!  He had dressed completely as Candy again for this job – boots, wig, makeup, “C” cup bra, and all.  In fact, he was wearing exactly the same clothes he had worn the night before for that job.  The only difference today was his corset.  He hadn’t planned on wearing it at all, but Janice had gotten up just before he left the house.  She had been very pleased by his appearance for going out to work, especially since he was wearing a bit of makeup again.  In fact, she had been so pleased, that she had woken Carol up, just to lace him into his corset as well.  He really hoped he wouldn’t be doing anything too strenuous on this job… he could barely breathe!
Setting the heavy door down, he kept it from falling with his right hand, while he left hand immediately went to the hair of his wig and pushed it back behind him on both sides.  If he was going to continue to wear the wig to work in, then he had to find a better way of containing it.  There was no doubt about that!  Besides, letting all the hair just hang long and loose all the time could be dangerous around some of his tools.
He propped the door up so it wouldn’t fall while he worked on it and grabbed his plane out of his toolbox.  He had already marked the areas where the door had swollen and was now keeping it from opening easily.  As he worked, he remembered Jennifer’s suggestion that he get his hair styled – his real hair.  Was it really long enough that they could do anything with it?  He supposed it was possible.  Many women now wore their hair very, very short.  And they still looked great!  But he was under no illusions about the way he looked.  He considered the long hair to be something that people would associate more with women and would therefore help make him look more… feminine.  He hoped anyway.  It was hard to tell exactly how he looked in that bathroom mirror. 
That was another thing he was considering, getting a larger mirror for his room.  Since he was now going out all the time in public dressed as a woman, he was more worried than ever about how he looked.  But that was only part of it.  The real truth was… he was starting to get darn curious about how he really looked.  Plus, with the larger mirror, maybe he could somehow make himself look more feminine than he did now.  It would be really nice to go out once in a while and not get so many strange looks from everyone.  The way he felt now about how he looked was nothing but downright embarrassing.  And the customer he was working for today had almost turned him away when he had arrived because of the way he looked, just like his last customer.  It was totally embarrassing!
If he was going to have no choice at all in turning himself into a woman, then in order to be accepted better, he was going to have to put more effort into… his transformation.  As much as he didn’t want to do it at all, he didn’t see any other choice.  And with school ending soon, his time being a man in any way at all was quickly running out.  He would soon be dressing and living as a woman – all the time!  No matter what his body looked like underneath his clothes.  Just as he was doing today. 
Like it or not, he was going to have to get his brain wrapped around the concept of not just becoming a woman, but being a woman and living his life as normally as he could that way.  His biggest problem doing that though, was that he had no idea where to start or even how to really do it.
He remembered Cass’s Hen Party that was scheduled for tomorrow after church.  Hopefully he could get some good advice there.  From what it sounded like, everybody at that party should be able to help him somewhat.  Up until now, he had planned on going to that party, not because he wanted to, but because he more or less had to.  Now, maybe going would be a very good thing.  He didn’t have any psychologist he could go to for this, he didn’t have any support group to go to either.  But he did have his friends.  And so far, his friends had been nothing but supportive and helpful.  Did he dare lean on them a bit more?  Yeah.  Like it or not.  He was going to have to do just that!  If he wanted to be considered somewhat “normal” in this new life… at least some of the time, then like it or not, he was going to have to put more effort into it, and change more than just his clothes.

“Wait a minute kids,” Kate said as she parked her car in her sister’s driveway.  She was having second thoughts now about barging in with Jessica’s kids… especially after her last little visit earlier in the day.  There was no way she wanted to expose any kids to a mess like that!  “Stay here while I go in and check to make sure your mom’s… decent,” she told them.
She got out of the car and headed for the door.  It was still unlocked.  “Jessica?” she called as she walked in.  She saw no sign of her, but the house smelled even more like pee and shit.  “Jessica!” she called a bit louder.  But what she heard wasn’t what she wanted to hear.  She heard her sister crying like a baby.  Angrily, she headed for the sound.  The house was an absolute mess!  Things were strewn all over the place as if someone had just knocked them around.
She found her sister on the floor of her bedroom, crying her eyes out and still acting like a total baby.  “Sis!  Get a grip!  Come on now.  Get up from there!”  But Jessica only continued to wail away with that stupid pacifier still in her mouth.  The room was dim since the curtains were drawn so she switched on the light to see better.  She nearly died.  Jessica’s pants were simply dripping pee all over the place.  And it was obvious that she hadn’t done anything about the load in the back of her pants either.  “Jessica!” she yelled.  She shook her head. “Damn you!”  She quickly turned around and headed for the door.  There was no way she could let her kids into this kind of mess! 
As quickly as she could, she drove the kids back to her house.  She told her husband that Jessica was sick and she had to go help her.  Then she drove back to her sister’s house again… to try to talk some sense into the stupid woman!  But as she drove, foremost on her mind was the dumb things that her sister had told her last night.  None of which seemed believable.  Yet now she was left wondering about it.  So far, all she was seeing was proof that it might be possible… at least as far as Jessica’s brain was concerned.
When she entered the house, Jessica was still crying, but not as desperately as she had been.  She headed straight for the master bedroom.  Jessica was still laying right where she had been.  Kate couldn’t stand the look of desperation on her sister’s face as she looked up at her.  “Damn you Jess,” she said softly.  “What the hell have you gotten yourself into?  Come on,” she said, “let’s get you into the bathroom and get you cleaned up.” 
She headed for the master bathroom and turned the water on in the big shower stall there, waiting for it to get warm.  “Jessica!” she started to call, but just then, she saw her sister awkwardly crawling towards the entrance to the bathroom.  She had to push her some, but she managed to get her disgustingly messy sister crawling straight into the shower stall – clothes and all.  The “baby” actually laughed a bit as she sat under the warm spray and splashed some of the water.  Kate shook her head and got fully undressed.  It was becoming more and more obvious that her sister was almost totally helpless – all too much like a real baby.  Wasting no more time, she got into the shower stall with her and undressed her, throwing all her disgusting clothes into a corner of the shower. 
She reached down and pulled the silly pacifier out of her sister’s mouth… and was shocked at the display of desperate screaming that came out of her.  She quickly put the pacifier back in again, and her sister sucked on it strongly, slowly calming down until she was happy and playing with the water again.  Kate did everything possible to clean Jessica as much as possible – all while her sister insisted on continuing to act like a total infant. 
When she was done, she turned the water off and left the “baby” in the shower stall.  Since she was still naked, she grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself while she went out to see what she could find.  She remembered Jessica telling her last night that she had bought diapers and baby supplies.  She remembered seeing some of them on the floor by the front door.  She grabbed the large package of disposable diapers and also some of the baby lotion and baby powder she found nearby.  Then she went back to her sister… who had crawled out of the shower and was now sitting in the middle of the bathroom floor playing with her clothes that she had left there when she had undressed.  “Those are mine,” she said as she walked over to her sister. 
She knelt down and struggled to open the package of disposable diapers leaving Jessica to play where she was for a moment.  At least she wasn’t crying.  She finally pulled one of the diapers out of the package.  “Okay girl, let’s get you diapered.  And I can’t tell you how weird this is for me…  Jessica!” she suddenly screamed… as she saw her sister peeing all over her clothes that she was playing with.  And the strangest part, was that Jessica hadn’t even seemed to notice that she was doing it.  “Damn you!” she muttered as she pushed her “baby” sister over onto her back and slid the diaper underneath her.  Jessica’s skin was all red from going so long without being changed.  She rubbed plenty of the baby lotion onto her and added a healthy dose of the powder as well before pulling the diaper up and securing it with the tapes.  “There,” she said, “at least you won’t make such a mess of things now… I hope.”
She looked down at the clothes she had worn into the house.  Her panties and bra seemed to be okay, but her jeans and top were wet with pee.  Ugh!  Slipping her underwear on, she headed for Jessica’s closet and grabbed a light housedress to cover herself up with.  Then she pulled one of Jessica’s tops off of a hanger and went back to the bathroom where she pulled that onto the top half of her sister.  And the whole time, Jessica continued to act like nothing but a total infant!  She simply couldn’t believe it.
She picked up the rest of her clothes and put them out of “the baby’s” reach.  Jessica’s smelly clothes that she had worn since last night she left in the shower.  They could stay there as far as she was concerned.  She looked down at her… sister.  “I guess you haven’t had anything to eat or drink since yesterday either, have you.  But Jessica only made some happy baby noises and didn’t appear as if she understood anything at all that Kate had said.  With a sigh, she headed for the kitchen. 
With Jessica sitting on the floor, she handed her sister a glass of iced tea.  She watched as Jessica reached for the glass with both hands like an infant would.  But the moment she awkwardly brought the glass close to her face, she dumped the contents all over herself.  “Damn you!” Kate exclaimed yet again.  She took the glass from her and wandered back towards the front door where some of the baby supplies had been scattered.  She searched for the bottles that Jessica had said she had bought last night but didn’t see them.  On a whim, she went outside to her car.  It was still unlocked, and in the back seat she found another large package of the disposable diapers and another bag of baby supplies.  Still unsure of what had happened, she wanted to guess that her sister had gotten into the house last night with the first load of things… and had simply lost all her marbles right then and there. 
She carried everything back into the house.  The bag of supplies held a package of three plastic baby bottles.  With a sigh, she grabbed them and went back to the kitchen.  Five minutes later, Jessica finally allowed the pacifier to be removed from her mouth as she reached out almost desperately for the baby bottle and started sucking on it.  “What the hell have you gotten yourself into, sis?” Jessica muttered. 
She searched the kitchen for something to feed her and found a box of cereal in the pantry.  She poured some into a bowl and set it on the floor by her sister.  She was glad to see Jessica reach into the bowl with one hand and pull a few out.  The bottle came out of her mouth and she stuffed the cereal in… and the bottle went right back to her mouth again.  At least she could feed herself. 
Knowing something had to be done about her sister, Kate wandered around a bit.  The house was a mess from where Jessica had most probably tried to “play” with things.  And there were the things she had brought in with her last night strewn around as well by the front door.  She picked up what she could.  The baby supplies she would have to sort through later.  Right now, she needed to figure out what to do with her sister.  She still didn’t believe this, not at all.  At least… she didn’t want to believe it.  But whether she believed it or not, she was somehow stuck with dealing with it.  But how?  What was she going to do with her… not to mention with her kids?
Having no answers she went back to the kitchen to check on Jessica.  She was still sitting there eating and drinking.  She watched as Jessica reached a hand awkwardly into the bowl of cereal and pulled out a handful.  Most of the cereal went into her mouth, but more than a little wound up on the floor.  In horror, she watched as Jessica looked down at some of the spilled cereal and picked some of it up.  “No!  No!” Kate cried.  But it was too late.  The cereal from the floor was already in the “baby’s” mouth.  Ugh! 
With a shake of her head, she went back to Jessica’s bedroom where she found a fresh top to put on her.  She didn’t change her though until after Jessica had finished eating… which was when she realized that her diaper was wet again.  Double ugh!  Twenty minutes later, Jessica was changed and was sleeping with her pacifier in her mouth on the living room floor.  There was no way Kate was going to even attempt to lift her up onto the bed. 
Hoping she would sleep for a long time, Kate left her.  She had to talk to her husband… and most likely Jessica’s kids as well.  What the heck were they going to do with her?

While Roger was off working… and Carol was off somewhere with her friends, Janice sat alone and looked through the file folder on FBI agents Ted Jacobs and Sid Forsyth.  She wasn’t exactly worried about Forsyth, but she hadn’t seen or heard anything from Jacobs in quite a while now… and that worried her!  Yes, it was way past time to do something about that… man!  Ugh! 
She looked again at all the material Susan had sent on him.  She looked closely again at the pictures of his house.  Something told her she should start there, with his house.  Monday, she told herself.  Monday she would drive out there and look around.  Maybe take some of her own pictures.  She would do it late Monday afternoon – and maybe into the evening.  If she was going to check his house out, then it would be best to have as much information on it as possible.  She closed the folder and returned it to her room.  Monday!  So much going on, and this was another thing.  But she would feel much better with Jacobs out of her way!

“Um… kids… um… I’m afraid your momma is ill.”
“What’s wrong with her Aunt Katie?” Jasmine, Jessica’s little girl asked.
“Well,” Kate replied, trying to find the words.  She looked over to her husband for help, she had discussed this with him earlier, but right now, he was being no help at all.  “Something happened to your Momma’s brain,” she said.  “I’m afraid your Momma kind of thinks she’s a baby again.”
“A baby!” Jessica’s son, Jimmy, exclaimed, disbelievingly.
“Really?” Jasmine asked… sounding all too delighted with the notion.
“Um… really,” Kate confirmed.
“What do you mean?” Jimmy asked.
“Well,” Kate said, “as far as I can tell, she doesn’t understand much of what I say at all.  She can’t seem to walk or talk except some baby babbling and she literally crawls everywhere.  She screams every time you try to take the pacifier out of her mouth, she can’t seem to drink from anything but a baby bottle without spilling it.  And she just, plain… um… acts like a baby.”  She hesitated a moment before adding, “And, I’m afraid she definitely needs diapers right now.”
“Diapers!” he exclaimed with a look of disgust on his face.
“Just like a real baby, Aunt Katie?” the younger girl asked.
Kate nodded.  “I’m afraid so.”
“Does she need a doctor?” the boy asked.
That was a question that was high on Kate’s mind.  “I don’t know yet,” she replied.  “We’re still considering that.”
“Can I see her?” Jasmine asked.
Kate looked at her dubiously.  “Well, that’s what I wanted to discuss with you.  We think she’s going to be like this for a couple of weeks.”
“A couple of weeks!” Jimmy exclaimed. 
Kate nodded.  “We… think so anyway.”
“I wanna see her,” Jasmine said.
Kate looked at her.  “Well, that’s what I wanted to find out.  But if you do go home, you have to remember that your mother is not… your mother right now. At least, she can’t seem to act like your mother right now.  She is still your mother of course.”
“I don’t care!” the little girl said.  “I still want to see her.”
Kate nodded, then looked to the boy.  “And you?”
The boy seemed to consider it, then he shrugged very uncertainly.  “I guess,” he replied.
“You don’t have to if you don’t want to.  You’re both going to be staying here for the next few weeks until she’s better again.  But we do have to get more of your things from home.”
“I’ll be okay,” the boy replied bravely.
Kate nodded.  “Okay then.  I need to go back and check on her now anyway, so this is as good a time as any.  Please just remember, your mother may be big… she still looks just like she always did… she just… can’t act grown up at all right now.  Okay?”
The boy nodded. 
“Can I play with her?” the girl asked.
Kate smiled.  “I’ll bet she’d like that.”

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