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The Housekeeper - Chapter 53 Part 1 of 2

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 53 Part 1 of 2

On Friday, Roger was depressed.  More depressed than he had ever been in his life.  Just as Janice had decreed, he was now faithfully taking his hormone pills every single morning.  He had always hated having to change himself into a woman.  He had always hated everything that had happened to him since Carol and Janice had come into his life.  But today it all somehow became too much for him.  He managed to teach his classes, but just barely.  And at lunchtime, he didn’t feel like facing anyone at all.  He didn’t feel like seeing anyone at all.  He just stayed in his classroom and brooded over his situation… and eventually started crying. 
He had cried very few times in his adult life, but this time he simply couldn’t help it.  He suspected that the hormones he was taking might have something to do with it, but things in his life were so miserable that he couldn’t really be sure.  All he knew was that he was depressed and he felt like crying. 
It took a great effort to eventually go out and just wash his face shortly before he had to teach his next class… the class that Carol was in.  He felt better with his face clean.  But he still felt depressed. 
As he waited for his next class to come into the room, his thoughts turned to Doctor Parker again.  What was she going through with the infantile behaviors that Janice had inflicted on her?  He was surprised that he wanted to see her again.  Despite their two situations, they both shared something important in common.  How was she coping with it all?  Did he dare call her and ask?  Would he be out of place in doing that?  Somehow, to him, he didn’t feel like calling her would be wrong in any way at all.  He just didn’t know if she would feel that way. 
As the students filed into the room, he felt a bit better.  Oddly, thinking about the Doctor had briefly taken his mind off of his own problems and he was now feeling better than he had all day.  So much so, that he decided that he would call the doctor… just as soon as he got home from school… and got changed into Candy again.

The man and the woman were back, and Halifax was glad to see them.  They had been in often to work on him… for hours at a time before leaving again and turning out the lights.  Halifax could only guess that days were passing, but he had no way to really gauge the amount of time he had been there.  Other than one other worker who delivered food to him… always dumping it out on the floor and then leaving, they were the only two people he had seen since his limbs had been made useless… even though they were now “almost” useless instead of totally useless. 
The black rubber moldings covering his limbs looked far different now than they did before.  The bulky rubber had been shaved down so that now he could roll over and move easily… well on his bent knees anyway.  What he could see of his legs, showed him that they were now rounded and contoured, following the shape of his own legs… somewhat… down to the bottom of his knees where everything had been simply rounded over.  Although he could tell that there was now several inches of that rubber extending beneath his knees. 
They had worked on the mass of rubber surrounding his penis as well, shaving it down, shaping it, carving it, but not into anything resembling what it used to be.  It was all left as a thick round ball, but at least he could pee though it. 
The part of him that he could see the best though, was his arms.  There, the rubber had been carved down as well.  From what he could see, the rubber was now maybe a quarter of an inch thick where it started slightly below his elbows, but it was rounded so that it thickened up a bit more as it extended that thickness down the length of his arms… where it now ended in two round balls… where he knew his hands now resided.  He could tell by the weight as well as the sight of it, that the rubber was even thicker there surrounding his hands.  The result was that he could now move his arms and his bent up legs.  He could once again move… sort of.  And the result because of that, was that now the heavy chain attached to the winch on the ceiling of the room was now attached to the collar around his neck with very little room for him to move far.  But at least he could move. 
He was forced to bend down now and eat the food given him with only his mouth, directly from the floor.  The only way he could drink now was to stick his head in the bucket and sip what he could.  His hands… as hands… were now useless.  Just as his legs now were as well. 
And now the man and woman were back again, and he could only hope they would do something else to make his situation at least a little bit easier.  But when he saw the tool the man had brought with him this time, fear again ran through him.  He had seen pictures… images of that tool, but he had never seen one in person.  He wanted to move away from them, but the heavy chain attached to his collar wouldn’t let him move more than a few feet.
He watched as the man and the woman stopped right in front of him.  They said something in Chinese to him that he didn’t understand.  But a quick kick from the man and then a harsh shove from his hand and he quickly found himself standing on his hands and knees again… the only way he could affectively move anymore.  It was obvious now that from the way they had shaped his new appendages, this was intentional. 
Once in position, they spent some time looking over their work carefully.  And then they stood again.  And Halifax saw the man pick up his tool… and the woman did something… and blue flame blew out of the blowtorch in the man’s hand.  He watched in fear as the flame was adjusted, making it bigger.  And then they approached.
The woman bent down and grabbed his collar… hard.  Choking him somewhat and preventing him from moving while the man moved around behind him.  He could feel little of what was being done.  But eventually he noticed the rubber encasing his legs growing slightly warmer in places – especially up higher where it was thinner than further down.  As usual, the man and woman talked and pointed as they worked, and as usual, he had no idea what they were saying. 
He was forced to spread his legs wide.  Then wider.  Almost painfully wide.  And as he stayed like that, the man went back to work with his blowtorch, now on the inside of his legs.  Fear really gripped Halifax when he suddenly felt his penis and balls growing hot inside the rubber there.  And he knew what part of him they were now working on.  He suddenly cried out in major pain as his flesh around his genitals, just outside of the rubber ball, got burned.  But all the sympathy it got him was for his collar to be held tighter and a quick painful cuff in the back by the man to make sure he stayed still. 
And then they were done… with his legs.  He was repositioned, sitting up on his knees. The woman grabbed one of his arms and held it out straight, and the man went to work with the torch on the rubber surrounding his arms.  He watched as the flame moved quickly over the rubber, and he watched as the rubber took on a totally smooth appearance.  Every inch of both arms was done… just as they had done all the rest of the rubber now attached to his body. 
The torch was extinguished.  He was placed on his hands and knees again.  And they spent a few minutes inspecting their work.  Then they stood and moved away to inspect him from further off.  And Halifax was guessing that they were done with him. 
They left him again.  But the lights weren’t turned out as they usually were.  He sat back on his knees and took the time to inspect their work.  Yes, they had smoothed the rubber everywhere.  It almost had a bit of a sheen to it now.  He spent some time like that, waving his semi-useless arms around in the air for exercise.  He could no longer bend his wrists of course, but just moving his elbows and shoulders like he did was a welcome relief. 
The weight of the rubber balls at the ends incasing his hands was somewhat hard to get used to.  His arms looked more like clubs than anything else to him.  Thoughts of actually defending himself with them ran through his head.  But trying to fight someone like that from his knees would be somewhat useless.  But still, he decided that he had a weapon now in those arms. 
He was still waving them around, exercising them, when the woman, Susan Wu, suddenly appeared along with the two who had carved his limbs into their current shape.  The woman stopped near the entrance and watched him waving his arms… and he could tell by the look on her face that she didn’t look happy.
They approached him and he knelt there waiting.  Susan said something to the man and he came over and kicked him back to his hands and knees again.  Halifax heard them talking for a while.  He saw the woman kneel down and inspect everything they had done to him very closely.  But there was an edge to her voice when she spoke that told him she wasn’t happy.  Wu stood again and moved away from him as he stood there on all fours and she seemed to look at him for the longest time.  She said something in Chinese to the man and woman, and then they all left again.  This time, turning off the lights. 
Halifax took the opportunity to crawl over to his bucket of water for a much needed drink.  After which he moved as far as the chain would allow and peed… raising his leg slightly so that it would go further away from the small area the chain allowed him to occupy.
Later, he was almost dozing when the lights were snapped on again.  And the man who frightened him most was there… alone.  The man who had brutally ripped out his fingernails!  He realized now that they had been removed so that his hands could be encased in the rubber like they were with no danger of his nails causing complications later on. 
Fearfully, he rose to his hands and knees… the position he could move the best in to get away, even though he couldn’t go far.  Thoughts of using his hands as clubs again ran through his mind.  But the man merely knelt down and examined all of his new rubber bindings.  But he seemed to examine the work for a very long time.  Then he stood and left, and again the lights were turned out… and Halifax breathed a sigh of relief.

Jessica Parker sat in her office and sucked on her pacifier… and thought about gambling.  It was Friday.  She always went to the casinos on Friday… well, she had tried to go last week but her journey had been… interrupted.  And now she was cursed with a problem.  But her mind wasn’t focused so much on that problem just then as it was on what she would do with all the money she was sure she would win.  She was way overdue for a big score.  Way overdue.  It was her time.  She could feel it in her bones.  Tonight she would win for sure!  There was simply no way she couldn’t win!
Okay, she was cursed for another week yet with a problem.  But… she knew now that it would only hinder her.  As long as she kept doing things and didn’t go home, she could manage.  She had no doubt that if she left tonight for the casinos, she could easily stay up all night and gamble all day tomorrow as well.  It would be a chance to win even more money!  She had done it many times in the past, gone without sleep so she could stay in the casinos.  It was a perfect idea… and it would keep her in adult mode where she could function for much, much longer! 
Yes, maybe this little curse that she had been forced to endure would get to her and make things even worse for her.  But maybe it wouldn’t!  She had already discovered a few ways to keep going longer than she knew she was supposed to… as long a she kept busy and didn’t go anywhere near home… or even a place to spend the night.  She had tried going to her sister’s house one evening instead of home.  That had been a disaster.  She had dropped into baby mode again the moment she got through her sister’s front door.  Her damn sister had actually spanked her over it!
There was one bright spot though that she had discovered about being forced back into babyhood – her daughter.  Many times during the days now her mind thought back to the times she and Jasmine had played together – every single evening.  Yes, it was humiliating and their roles were totally reversed, but it was always so much fun!  Right now, while she was still stuck with this baby problem, her daughter was the one thing she looked forward to the most. 
But not as much as getting back to gambling!  That was where her true fun lied.  That was where she had to be.  Gambling was her life’s blood.  Gambling was part of her soul!  She was born to gamble and she was good at it!  And it was Friday, and the casinos beckoned.
She was bothered by her desk phone ringing.  Ugh!  She picked it up.  “Yes?” she asked her receptionist after she removed the pacifier from her mouth.
“Candy Brinkley is on the line for you.”
“Candy!”  She didn’t know how many times she had thought about him during the week.  But what did he want now?  She prayed there was no problems from the hormones she had given him.  She pushed the button on her phone to connect to his call.  “Hello?”
“Doctor Parker?” Roger said.  “This is Candy Brinkley.”
“Yes Candy,” she replied quickly.  “Is anything wrong?”
“No.  I just wanted to check on you… to find out how you’re coping with… your problem.”
She relaxed and allowed herself to smile.  “I’m… trying,” she replied.  “Actually, I’ve discovered that I have perhaps the most fantastic daughter in the world.  I can’t tell you how wonderful she’s been with me.”
“Your daughter?” he asked.  “How old is she?”
“Eight,” she replied.  “And we play and play together every evening.  It’s been the height of my life all week.  The one and only bright spot for me.”
Roger was quite surprised.  “Well,” he finally said, “I’m very happy for you.  It sounds like something is working out for you then.”
“It’s only a tiny little something,” she replied, but I find that holding onto that one good thing helps with all the rest of the shit I have to endure.”
Roger knew he shouldn’t, in fact, he had no idea what Janice would say about it, but while he had the doctor on the phone…  “Um… Doctor,” he said.
“Um… I was wondering if we could get together tomorrow and go shopping or something.  You did offer to take me.  That is, if what you have to endure will let you.”
Her face clouded at the memory.  It wasn’t that she was against going shopping with him.  But…  “Oh Candy, I’m sorry!  But once I get home, I’m so totally out of it and helpless that I can’t even think straight until Monday morning.  At least, that’s the way it was last weekend… and I suspect it will work the same again this time.”
“Oh,” Roger replied, surprised to find that he was disappointed about it.
“Besides,” she continued, “I’m going to be busy anyway and I don’t expect I’ll get back till tomorrow night sometime.”
Roger was confused.  “You what?  What do you mean?  Don’t you have to go home?”
“I don’t think so,” she replied.  “At least, not right away.  I’m heading up to the casinos instead.  I figure if I stay up all night there, I can delay what will happen to me until I get home, and have a bit of fun while I’m at it.”
“But Doctor,” Roger replied, totally horrified, “I thought you mentioned that what you have to go through will get worse for you if you gamble again.”
“Maybe,” she replied.  “And maybe not.  I don’t know that for sure, but I think it’s worth me trying to get back to what I do best!”
Roger realized she was crazy!  She was addicted to gambling far worse than he thought.  “Don’t do it!” he practically yelled into the phone.  “I can tell you for a fact that what was done to you will ruin your life.  Don’t take that chance!  Don’t go!”
She shook her head.  He just didn’t understand.  “I’m sorry Candy.  But I think I can do it.  Furthermore, I have to do it.  I can win this time.  I know it for sure!  There’s no way that anything is going to keep me from winning back that money!  No way!”
“Doctor, don’t do it!” Roger pleaded again.  “Don’t do it!”
“Sorry Candy, my mind is made up.  I’m leaving right after work today.”
“Don’t do it!  Don’t go!” Roger screamed into his phone.
“Candy, stop it!  I’m a big girl.  I can take care of myself.  And I’m going to win some money tonight… and more money tomorrow!”
“Don’t!” Roger tried again.  In desperation, he tried the only thing he could think of at the time.  “Doctor Parker, I command that you see me tonight!”
It was like a switch was thrown in her brain.  “You… you…”  But she couldn’t say the word command.
“Doctor,” Roger said again.  “I demand that you seem me tonight!”
As much as she desperately wanted to head for the casinos, Doctor Jessica Parker discovered that she couldn’t ignore his request to see her.  She had no choice in the matter.  She had to give him the absolute best care that she possibly could.  She took a deep breath before sadly replying, “What time will you be here Candy?”
“I don’t know.  I’ll have to clear it with my housekeeper first.  But no matter what, I will be there eventually.”  He thought of something else.  “You can tell your staff to go home when it’s time.  You should be able to take care of me yourself.  It may be late, but I’m coming to your office and I expect to see you there!  Wait for me!”
Everything he was saying was delaying her trip to the casinos.  She would take care of him as best she could.  But once she had seen him, she would be off to gamble again.  He was only delaying her a little bit.  She still had all night and tomorrow ahead of her to do what she couldn’t wait to do.  “Okay Candy.  I’ll be here,” she replied.  “I’ll wait for you.”
Roger breathed a small sigh of relief.  Now he just had to clear it with Janice.


sarah penguin said...

That was neat and unexpected :) I wonder if he'll end up telling Janice she's planning on gambling regardless of her baby time punishment. That could end up with an intensification of her punishment...Hmmm. Though I wonder if he could order her to stop gambling altogether just to be available at any minute for Candy on the weekends and off hours.

'Lil Melissa said...

Looks like Ben-Ben is shaping up nicely. ;) Typical little one, always trying to get away w/something. Lucky for Jessica that Candy was on the ball enough to put a stop to it. Though I have a feeling this won't be the only time. Thoroughly enjoying this!