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The Housekeeper - Chapter 56 Part 1 of 3

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 56 Part 1 of 3

Early Wednesday morning, Roger was surprised to be rudely awakened extra early by Carol.  “Get up!” Carol exclaimed all too loudly.  “It’s final exam day and we have a lot to do before your class!”
“Before my class?” Roger asked as he struggled to come fully awake.  He looked at the window.  The sun wasn’t even up yet!  He turned back toward Carol who had only looked into his room to wake him, but she was already retreating.  “Hurry and get your shower!” she called as she disappeared into her own room.
Roger went to his dresser and found his watch.  It was nearly an hour earlier than usual!  Why?  And why the heck would Carol be so excited about it being the day that he was giving his final exams?  He wasn’t the only teacher who was giving them that day, the entire school had set aside this week for all the final exams.  As far as Roger could see, Carol should be anything but excited about taking his exam.  Breathing a sigh of frustration, he headed for the bathroom. 
His eyes watched his face closer than ever as he shaved.  Did his skin look different?  He had been wondering that for the last several days now whenever he did his makeup, but today, shaving, he was honestly afraid that his skin really did look… different.  He had been wondering about the way it felt too.  There were times when he had brushed one of his arms with his hand and had thought that the skin there felt different too… softer.  Was it possible that those changes that the hormones would make in him were already starting?  It was nothing but a frightening thought that he could do nothing at all about.
After his shower, he had barely gotten back to his room and gotten his panties on before Carol was there again.  “Forget the panties today,” Carol ordered.  “You’re going to need to wear something else instead.
“Something else?”
“Good morning Carol,” Janice called sleepily from the doorway to his room.
“What’s going on?” Roger chanced asking as he watched Carol walk over and give her mother a hug.
“I’m afraid that Carol has planned something special for you today in honor of your final exams.”
“Something special?” Roger asked, now growing more worried.
“Mm-hmm,” Janice replied.
“Is this something special, something I’m going to like… or something else?”
Carol laughed.  “I don’t think you’re going to like it all that much.”  She moved away from her mother and started looking around his room.  “Now, where are those diapers you had?”
Roger was suddenly aghast.  “The diapers!”
Carol opened his closet and peered in.  “There they are!” she exclaimed.
“Please… no!  I have to teach!  The kids!”  His only reply was to hear Carol giggle as she dug the large bag out of his closet.
Roger looked to Janice.  “Please…” He begged.
Janice only smiled.  “I’m afraid that you’re going to have to suffer a bit today… Candy.  My daughter rarely gets the opportunity to express her more… creative side, so when she told me what she wanted to do, how could I possibly refuse?  No, since I like to encourage Carol’s creativity, I’m going to indulge her completely… which in this case means… so will you!”
 Roger was growing more nervous by the second.  Before he could plead his case again, Carol added to what her mother had just said.  “Since you enjoy giving the kids tests so much and we have to suffer through them, then I’m going to make sure that you don’t enjoy it nearly as much today either.”
“Enjoy?” Roger exclaimed.  “But… I have to give the tests.  It’s a school requirement.”
“Never the less,” Janice told him, “as I said, we will be indulging Carol’s creative side today, and you will endure what she has worked out.”
“And what’s that?” Roger asked, afraid to find out.
“It’s a surprise!” Carol replied with total delight.
Roger merely looked at her as she pulled several of the diapers out of the package.
“If you need to go to the bathroom at all, you might want to do it now,” Carol said as she opened one of the diapers and began spreading it out on the floor. 
Roger took off for the bathroom to at least try to go again.  Diapers!  Ugh!  He had no doubt that he would be in misery all day long.  Another thought struck him.  Carol had said that whatever they were doing to him today was a surprise… which meant that the diapers were only part of it!  With that happy thought, his fear went into overdrive.
A few minutes later, Roger nervously went back to his room.  With her mother looking on, Carol was sitting on the floor with a pair of scissors cutting slits into the coverings on one of the diapers she had pulled out of the package.  Three diapers he noted.  His fear went up another notch.
Carol looked up at Roger with a gleam in her eyes.  “Come over here and lay down.  I’ll diaper you myself this time.”
Nervously, Roger did as he was told and laid down near her.  Carol grabbed the diaper she had been working on with the scissors and moved to between his legs.  “Lift your butt,” she ordered. 
Roger raised his ass in the air until she had put the diaper in place under him, then he lowered himself again… and felt the horrible feel of the diaper as she pulled it as tight as possible over and around him and taped it in place.  He had to do it again as she did the same with a second diaper… and again as she did it with a third.  Even laying on his back, he could feel the tremendous bulk now between his legs. 
“Okay,” Carol said as she got to her feet.  “Go find some pantyhose and put them on.”
“Pantyhose?” Roger asked, fearing what he thought she had just said.
“That’s what I said, didn’t I? Carol replied in no uncertain terms.  “Put some on!” 
Roger moved quickly to his dresser and pulled out one of the pairs that he usually wore to church.  The uncomfortable bulk of all the diapers she had put on him hampered his movements.  Pulling the pantyhose up over top of the very bulky diapers he was wearing made him realize more than ever how thick the three diapers were.  One thing was for certain, the diapers were nowhere near as comfortable as the frilly panties he wore every day.  In fact, after this, he would probably never complain about the panties again!
With the pantyhose in place, Roger looked up to see Carol grinning evilly at him… as she held out his corset.  “Put a camisole on next,” she told him.  “Unfortunately, Momma won’t let me make you wear a bra to school.  She said that was part of the deal she had made with you once and she won’t break it.”
The fact that Janice was keeping her word about not having him wear a bra to school wasn’t lost on Roger, but with everything else Carol was dressing him in, the bra would have only been a minor little thing.  He slipped a camisole on and stepped into his corset, and waited as Carol pulled all the strings in place, pulling it tighter, and tighter, and tighter.  When she was done, he was sure she had pulled the darn thing tighter than it had ever been before!  He could barely breathe!
“Okay,” she said when she had tied his corset off.  “Get dressed.  Oh, no socks today.  You won’t need them.”
“I won’t?” Roger asked, surprised and horrified.  But the only reply he got from Carol was one of her devilish grins as she left his room to get dressed herself.  What the hell was she planning today?  His corset bit uncomfortably into his chest.  He tried to pull at it a bit, but the effort was useless.  He just hoped he didn’t pass out today from being unable to breathe!

It was a half hour earlier than Roger and Carol usually left for school when Janice asked her daughter.  “Do you have everything you need?”
“Yes, Momma.  I made sure of it.”
“Then I guess we’re ready,” she declared.  “My car today Candy.  I’ll be driving you to school.”
Roger’s nervousness went up yet again.  Why would Janice need to drive them to school… today of all days?  But he had long since been trained to do whatever Janice told him to do.  There was simply no choice in the matter.  Carrying his heavy expandable briefcase… stuffed with exams that his students would be taking all day, he headed to the garage and got into the back seat of Janice’s car.  He wondered if Carol’s backpack didn’t look a little fuller today than it usually did.  But then he knew she had been studying pretty hard all week so it was most likely full of books… but then he was also aware that there was something odd going on today that he was worried about too.
He was further surprised when once they got to the school, Janice parked in one of the guest parking places and got out of the car with them. 
“Will you need to let the office know that I’m going in with you?” Janice asked.
“Are you staying through any of my classes?” Roger asked uncertainly.
“Oh no,” Janice replied with a grin.  “I’ll only be here for a few minutes I’m afraid.”
“Then I think we can just go straight to my room.”  As they walked, Roger was very aware of the fact that he wasn’t wearing any socks.  He was glad they were early enough that there would be fewer people around to notice the hose at his ankles.  He was also more than a little aware of the huge bulk of diapers he was wearing under his pants.  The diapers were so bulky he could hardly get his pants on earlier.  It was almost a relief when they all got to his classroom so nobody could see him… except that in a little while, his room would be full of all too many people – his students!
As soon as she got into his classroom, Janice closed the door behind them.  “Kindly remove your shoes and your pants… Mr. Brinkley,” she ordered.
Roger looked at her horrified, and gulped.  “My… pants?” he asked, even as his hands were already starting to unbuckle his belt… that was buckled several notches tighter than usual because of the corset around his waist.
Janice didn’t reply, she simply watched as he nervously removed his pants, kicking off his shoes in the process before lowering the pants and stepping out of them.
“I’ll take those,” Carol declared happily.  She grabbed his pants and picked his shoes up from the floor, and she placed them on one of the desks at the front of the room.  Then she opened her backpack and pulled out… the skirt from the grey suit they had shopped for last weekend.
“You… want me to wear… that?” Roger asked, totally horrified.
“Put it on!” Carol ordered in no uncertain terms. 
“But I can’t wear a skirt to school,” Roger said, even as he took the dreaded garment from her.  “The kids!  I’ll be thrown out!”
Carol only grinned.  “That’s the beauty of what I’ve got planned today,” Carol replied with a big grin.  If you do what I tell you, nobody is going to know!”
Roger couldn’t figure that part out at all.  All he could think about was that he couldn’t wear a skirt in school… even as he pulled it up over his bulk of diapers and zipped the zipper up in back.  The skirt was tight around his legs with only a small kick slit in the back.  With the huge bulk of diapers on his rear, it was now very tight around his ass as well.  And then he saw Carol remove his shoes from her backpack and hold them out to him – the high heeled shoes that he wore to church every week.  “Those too?” he asked horrified.  But Carol only giggled.
Having no choice, Roger sat in his chair and buckled the high heels onto his feet.  Then he stood up again.  He was dressed as a man, on top anyway.  He wore a white dress shirt complete with a jacket and tie.  He hoped that the jacket hid the corset he was wearing underneath.  But he knew that his jacket did nothing to hide what he was wearing below his waist – a skirt, pantyhose, and his high heels!  And he was sure that his skirt couldn’t hide the bulk of diapers he was wearing under it.
“How am I supposed to dress like this today?” he asked.  “I’ll be thrown out of school!”  He briefly wondered if that was Carol’s plan all along, to get him thrown out so that she wouldn’t have to take his final exam. 
Carol walked over behind his desk chair.  “Sit down,” she ordered. 
Worried, Roger sat.
“Now push yourself forward so that you’re as far under your desk as you can get.”
Roger pushed himself forward… a bit more than the point where he usually sat at his desk.
“There.  Perfect!” Carol declared happily as she looked at him from the side.  “See Momma, you can’t tell he’s wearing a skirt at all when he’s sitting like that.  His jacket hides some of it, and his desk hides the rest.”
Janice nodded approvingly.  “And how about his shoes under the desk?” she asked.
Carol hurried to the back of the room and sat in one of the desks.  She slouched down just a bit to make herself lower.  “Put your feet forward more,” she ordered.
Roger pushed his high heeled feet out toward the far end of the desk.
“Now pull them back just a little,” Carol told him.  She watched as part of his feet disappeared.  “Back just a little more,” she ordered.  “There!” she declared happily.  As long as you don’t extend your feet any further out from under your desk than that, then nobody will see your shoes.”
“I…  I’ll have to sit here all day, just like this!” Roger said, his voice full of horror.
“That’s the idea,” Carol declared happily.  “If we have to suffer through your tests, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t have to suffer too.”
“But… I won’t be able to move!” Roger exclaimed.
“Like I said,” Carol replied.  “That’s the idea.  And now you know why you’re wearing all the diapers.  You won’t be able to leave that chair without anyone seeing what you’re wearing.”
Roger was simply horrified.  He noticed Janice walking around the room.  Inspecting him from all angles. 
“It looks perfect!” Janice declared with more than a hint of amusement in her voice as she got back to Roger’s desk.  “I’m sure you’re going to have a very interesting day today.  Carol will bring you some lunch later so you have something to eat, and I’ll be back with your pants after school.”  She picked up Roger’s heavy expandable case and set it on top of his desk so he could reach it.
“But… what if someone comes in?  What if I have to get up for any reason?”
Janice shook her head.  “You’ll just have to work something out.”  Her face turned more serious.  “Actually, I’m not overly worried about anyone finding out about what you’re wearing.  The school year is all but over, and Candy Brinkley is soon to become a permanent part of the world and Roger Brinkley is being removed!”  Her face lit up in a smile that Roger could only call evil.  “Have a nice day today… Mr. Brinkley.”
Roger watched as Carol and her mother walked out together, leaving his classroom door totally open.  How was he supposed to survive the school day?  It wasn’t possible!
Since he could do little else, he pulled all of the printed exams out of his expandable case and set the case on the floor.  He sorted the exams into piles that would be ready for each class.  As he sat, he was very aware of the miserable bulk of diapers under his skirt.  He couldn’t close his legs… even though the tight skirt was trying to force his legs completely together.  The tightness of the bulk at his crotch between his legs was more than a bit uncomfortable, yet there was nothing that he could see that he could do about it.   
With nobody in the room, he chanced stretching his legs out, aware that his high heeled feet would show below the other side of his desk.  But the moment one of his students entered the room, he quickly pulled his feet back again.  He had a feeling that he was going to get very tired sitting like he was all day.
When all the students had arrived, he asked one of them to close the door.  Not daring to get up or even move in his seat, he told two of the students in front of him to come to his desk where he handed them the exams to pass out for him.  Five minutes later, the exam had started and he dared to push his chair back away from his desk for a little while and lounge back in it as much as his stupid corset would allow, while the students took the test.  He might not be able to get out of his chair, but with everyone concentrating on the test, he could at least move a little bit to be more comfortable for a while.


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