Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Magic Number

The magic number is 72.  I know this for a fact!  Why is 72 the magic number?  Because 72 is the total number of chapters in The Housekeeper. 

I finished it!

So what am I going to do now?  Now I’m going to finish a story I started last winter.  I want to have it completely written and totally edited before I start posting it.  I’m hoping that by doing it that way, it will take some of the pressure off of me to keep writing on time.  The stress in my life right now is almost too much for me to handle.  Doing it this way should also enable me to give you a much better story.

The new story is absolutely the most weird, crazy, totally insane thing I’ve ever created.  I’ve code named it:  H & H.  Draw your own conclusions!

Stay happy everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi I'm SO enjoying The Housekeeper right now. I read all of The Bet and loved that, too.

Hope you don't mind a note or two:
1. Where can I buy these amazing stilletto boots of Roger's that would last more than 5 minutes on a building site and not also involve serious personal injury?

2.In my head, Janice looks like the insane Boss/mother in the TV cartoon Archer. This is quite a good fit IMO, but...

3. Roger looks like John Lithgow to me (3rd rock from the sun, Garp). Big, fat, bald...Not sexy! Could you by any chance describe him physically?

4. And if I was Roger, I'd have killed myself several times by now. Mind you, his world is not as 100% bleak as it was a few chapters ago. And I love his doctor.

5. Proofreading. If I thought they would be well received, I'd send notes of Typos to you. There's not many, but there's not none.

I know: everyone's a critic... Feel free to ignore any or all of the above and just keep on writing!


The other me said...

I look forward to reading the remaining chapters.

sarah penguin said...

H&H? I'm ifnking it's a love story between two anthropomorphic letters *nodsnods*

Congratulations on finishing the Housekeeper, now you can post it all here tomorrow, right? :)

Karen Singer said...

Hi Nikki. I’ll briefly try to reply to some of your questions.

1. The boots I see in my head aren’t all that bad. And I certainly wouldn’t call them stilettos.
2. I’ve never actually seen Archer. Only the commercials. I’m afraid I don’t always give a very good description of my characters. Let your imagination wander.
3. Roger is definitely not big, fat, or bald! He’s a man in his mid-twenties and in fair shape. Again, have fun with your imagination.
4. A lot of people would agree with you, but suicide is sometimes more difficult than you think. And where would the story be then?
5. I know there are a lot of typos when I post. I only allow myself one quick read-through after I write a chapter and then I move on to the next chapter. Sometimes it’s all I can do to keep ahead of where everyone is reading. Every once in a while I get lucky and get way ahead – like now.
6. I don’t mind the critics so much. It’s good to know somebody is reading this stuff.


Rachel Belle said...

Hi Karen,

thanks for leeting us know the magic number - for some reason I do like to know how much of the story is left. I suppose I like to savour it?

I also think it's right that you don't describe the characters - but I can tell you that Roger looks a lot like me :) my younger days!

'Lil Melissa said...

72? I wonder, does that trump the answer to life, the universe and everything; which is 42? I sort of wish I didn't know how many chapters there are. Now I'll be counting down... Oh no, only so many left! It will only increase the anticipation for H&H.

Anonymous said...

HI Karen,
Love the Housekeeper- don't know how you keep coming up with all the twists and turns. You do a great job. Loved the Bet (as you know) but I think the Housekeeper is even better- more intriguing characters and multiple story lines.

Please send me a note when you can.