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The Housekeeper - Chapter 56 Part 3 of 3

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 56 Part 3 of 3

Three diapers!  Three soggy wet diapers!  He could certainly feel the added bulk between his legs.  His bottom felt hot and wet and uncomfortable!
It was his last class of the day.  If he could just manage a little bit longer, then he would make it with nobody finding out what he was wearing.  Just… a… little… bit… longer!  He had done everything possible all day to keep from having to get up from his desk.  Fortunately, being the teacher, he had managed most things fairly easily.  He had been the most afraid while Jennifer White had been in the room.  Luckily, she had soon let him get back to his lunch… and grading his exams. 
Another of his students walked up and he again panicked slightly as he waited for him to place the exam in the pile on his desk.  He breathed a soft sigh of relief as the student left… only to be replaced by two more heading his way.  He unconsciously drew his feet closer to his chair to make sure nobody would notice them.  One by one, each of the students finished the test and dropped off the exam.  The clock ticked closer to the end of the period.  From what he could see, there were only two students still taking the test.  If it wasn’t for them, he would have dismissed the class already. 
Movement at the window in the door made him turn his head in that direction.  Carol was already outside waiting for him.  She must have gotten out early today.  He wasn’t sure if he was glad the students were taking so long so they would delay Carol coming in, or if he wanted them to finish soon so that the whole class could leave.  Unfortunately for the last two students taking his test, the bell rang before they finished.  “Bring me your tests!” he called as the rest of the class headed for the door.
Two more tests landed in the pile on his desk, and the room slowly emptied out.  And the minute the last student left, Carol walked in with a big grin on her face… once again leaving the door wide open.  Since Roger wasn’t about to get up from his seat – even though he desperately wanted to, he wondered if he should tell her how well she did on the test?  He couldn’t help but remember her grade.  “In case you’re wondering,” he said as she approached his desk, “you passed.”
Carol was a bit taken aback by the subject.  She had been expecting him to tell her how miserable he was instead.  “I was already pretty sure I passed,” she told him.
“Do you want to know your grade, or do you think your mother wants you to wait till everyone else finds out tomorrow?”
She grinned.  “What did I get?”
“Ninety six!”
The look of elation on her face was hard to miss… even as she said, “Darn!  I was really hoping for a hundred!”
Roger shook his head.  “You did pretty darn well!” he exclaimed.
Her face turned almost sheepish.  “Thanks,” she replied.  “I studied hard enough!” she added.
“Obviously,” he replied.  “And obviously it showed.  You should feel really proud of yourself. Two months ago it was all you could do to keep from failing.”
“Thanks,” she said again fairly softly.  “I still wanted a hundred for Momma.”
“I think she’ll be very pleased,” Roger told her.
Carol nodded.  “Yeah,” she admitted softly.  He had taken all the wind out of her sails.  She had come into the room intent on taunting him over his situation, but instead he had started praising her instead over her test results.  Now she wanted to tease him horribly… and she was finding it difficult to know where to start.  “And how about you?  How did you manage today?” she asked… a lot more nicely than she had planned.
“I... got through it,” he replied.  “And I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to your mother bringing my pants back so I can get out of this chair!”
She laughed.  “How wet are you?” she asked, knowing it was one of the things he hated the most. 
“Miserably!” he replied.
She laughed again.  “Did anybody notice anything wrong today?”
“Not that I saw.”
“So you really can’t complain, can you?  In fact, you should be grateful!”
“Yeah!  Because half of you got to be Roger today… and the other half got to be Candy.  It’s almost like Candy had a chance to teach school today.”
Roger’s head went spinning at the logic.
“Since it worked so well, we should try it again real soon!”
Roger’s head went from spinning into panic mode.  “Let’s not!” he replied.  “You have no idea how scared I was all day.”
“Scared!  Of what?” she teased.
“Of someone finding out!  I could get fired for this!”
Carol only shrugged.  “You’ve already got another job,” she replied.  “It wouldn’t matter in the least.”
Roger didn’t exactly see it that way.  “I wonder what’s keeping your mother?” he wondered.
“Who knows!” Carol replied.  “You can feel free to get up and walk around if you need to.  School is over now.”
“No thanks!  There’s still too many people around!”
Carol chuckled.  “Aw!  You’re just being shy.  It’s a very nice skirt you’ve got on… and it goes really well with your jacket.  We made sure of it when we bought it.”
“That’s okay,” Roger replied.  “I still think I’ll stay right here!”
Carol looked up at the clock.  “I wonder what is keeping Momma?  She said she would come right to the room when she got here.”
“Maybe she’s having trouble getting into the building?” Roger suggested.
“I’ll go check,” Carol replied as she hurried out of the room. 
Roger really hoped there was nothing delaying Janice… he was starting to have to pee again pretty badly.  Damn all the liquid Carol had made him drink at lunchtime… and damn the stupid diapers she had made him wear… and damn the whole outfit she had put him in today – at school!  And damn his whole life!  It was all getting to be too much!  Way, way, way too much!  He felt like screaming his head off!  His irritation and anger over his situation was growing swiftly by the moment.  His irritating thoughts were interrupted by the sight of Carol and Janice hurrying into the room. 
“Sorry I’m late,” Janice said, “I simply forgot to watch the time!”
Roger was about to move his chair back, when he noticed the classroom door still open.  “Can you close the door for me Carol?” he asked trying his best to control the irritation he felt and also trying to sound somewhat polite.
Carol turned and looked at the open classroom door.  “Why?” she asked teasingly.
“Carol!” Janice warned.  “Please close the door so Mr. Brinkley can change.”
It was obvious from the look on Carol’s face that she had only been teasing to begin with.  Roger breathed a small sigh of relief the moment the door was closed.  He gratefully pushed his chair away from his desk taking the time to stretch his legs a moment in the process.  Then, very slowly and carefully, he stood up.  The bulk of the very wet diapers was not only uncomfortable, it was now making just standing a bit of a chore.  And the act of standing up seemed to increase his need to pee.  “Can I have my pants now?” Roger asked. 
As Janice started pulling his pants and shoes out of her bag, Roger unzipped his skirt in the back.  He started pulling it down, but he found that getting it down over top of the bulk of diapers was more of a chore than he thought it would be.  Even unzipped all the way, it was a tight squeeze to get the darn thing off.  He quickly sat down and unbuckled his shoes and pulled his feet out of his heels, stretching his toes for a moment as he did so.  He quickly stood up and grabbed his pants and pulled them up his pantyhose covered legs… and had to fight with them to get them over the bulk of his diapers as well.  But once he got them up to his waist, he had a major problem fastening them.  In fact, he couldn’t fasten them at all!  It wasn’t even close.  He looked up at Janice with a totally horrified expression on his face… while Carol broke out laughing.  “I can’t fasten them!” he exclaimed.
“Yes,” Janice agreed.  “I can see that.”
“What am I supposed to do?”
“I don’t know, Mr. Brinkley,” Janice replied.  “I hadn’t foreseen this bit of a problem.”
“Can I take the diapers off now?” Roger asked.
“No!” Carol exclaimed quickly! 
Janice and Roger both looked at her questioningly. 
“I want him to wear them for the rest of the day,” she said.  “He’s wearing three diapers,” she explained.  “That should be enough to last until he goes to bed tonight.  I wanted him to… enjoy them all day.”
“Enjoy?” Roger asked… his mind boggled at the concept.  And he still had to pee badly!  He would be even wetter all too soon!  And she wanted him to stay in the diapers?
Janice only smiled.  “Well…” she exclaimed.  “Since we are indulging Carol’s wishes today, I guess you’ll have to keep those diapers on… wet or not.”
“Indulging?” Roger repeated horrified, and nearly losing the battle with his bladder just then.  “But how am I supposed to get home?”
Carol started laughing again.  She picked up the skirt her mother had draped across one of the desks and handed it to Roger.  “Here,” she said.  “We know you can get this on… with a little bit of work.”  She truly loved the look of horror on Roger’s face.  “It’s either that, or you get to wear just the diapers below your jacket and nothing else.”  Carol couldn’t help it, she felt nothing but totally delighted with the situation.
Roger was practically hyperventilating.  He looked to Janice for help.
“Please get dressed Mr.… Candy.”  She laughed at her little joke.  “I’d like to get home eventually today.”
Having no choice at all, Roger stepped into the skirt again and began working it over his mass of diapers.  With a final stretch and tug, the waist slipped over top and he was able to fasten it in the back… only to find Carol holding his high heeled shoes out for him to put on again.  He was nearly shaking with worry and fear as he buckled them back on his feet.  He was going to have to walk from his classroom… out through the halls… outside to the car – wherever Janice had parked it… all the way while wearing a skirt and heels!  This wasn’t going to be like when he was dressed as a woman… as Candy!  This was totally different.  He would be going out there dressed as Roger on top… and Candy on the bottom!  He was going to get laughed at!  And most probably get fired!  And he had… no… choice!
“Come along Mr. Candy,” Janice said as she turned toward the door.  “I still have to finish dinner.”
Roger picked up his very heavy expandable case that was stuffed with all the exams the students had taken.  He hesitantly started walking toward the door.  The huge bulk of diapers between his legs hampered his walking horribly.  The way his legs were forced apart was making it even more difficult to not wet himself.  The tight confines of the skirt only added to his walking difficulty.  He was so used to wearing heels now that he never even noticed if they were bothering him – which they weren’t.  But he couldn’t help but notice the sound of his heels loudly click clacking across the floor… and especially out in the hallway. 
Waddling for all he was worth, he did his best to stay as close to Janice and Carol as possible so maybe he wouldn’t be noticed as much.  He didn’t dare look around – he couldn’t face the possibility of knowing who else might be watching him.  All the way through the halls and out the door into the bright sunshine.  Why couldn’t it have been pouring rain that would hide him somewhat?  Down the steps and out to the parking lot where he saw Janice’s SUV.  Waddle, waddle, waddle – desperately!  How many people were watching him?  How many people were laughing at him?  Don’t look!  Don’t look!  Wait for the car to be unlocked.  Hurry in and close the door.  Relief! 
Only then did Roger dare to look around – out through the heavily tinted windows.  There were several small groups of students still on the grounds… and several looking in his direction.  He had definitely been seen!  He had no doubt at all that his life was now over!  The tears started flowing immediately.  He couldn’t stop them if he tried.  Total humiliation! That’s what he now felt.  That’s what he now faced every time he looked at one of his students… every time he looked at anyone associated with the school.  Total humiliation!  Feeling more despondent than ever, he cried pitifully all the way home.
He was still crying as Janice pulled the car into the garage.  His mind could only think of how cruel Carol had been… and how cruel his whole life was now.  His mind dwelt on that… and his emotions followed suit as anger over his situation started to build within him again.
With tears still streaming down his face, Roger waddled from the garage into the kitchen, trying his best to keep from wetting himself yet again… and knowing that he couldn’t remove his diapers anyway.  But the moment he actually got into the kitchen, he felt himself losing the battle with his bladder once again.  The warm pee flooded his diapers and he couldn’t help but stop and break into worse sobbing. 
And then it was as if a major switch had been thrown in him.  He turned back toward Carol as total rage suddenly filled him.  “You didn’t have to do this to me today!  You didn’t have to be so cruel… again!  I had to give that test… whether you liked it or not!  I always have to give tests whether you like it or not – because the school requires me to.  It’s my job to give them, and it’s your job to take them!”  As the anger still built in him, he said, “You’re nothing but a cruel little bitch who only likes to hurt people!”
“Candy!” Janice yelled angrily, totally horrified over the things Roger had just said.  “That’s enough!  Now go to your room and don’t come out!”
Roger ran for his room.  The anger he felt was more than he had felt in a long time and he couldn’t control it… just as he couldn’t control how hard he was crying once again.
“I don’t believe he said that!” Carol exclaimed angrily.  “I ought to tie him up and beat him black and blue for what he just said!  And then leave him tied up for the rest of the night!”
“No dear,” Janice replied, doing her best to control her own anger.  “Not this time.  I’m afraid we’re going to be faced with a lot of this for a little while.  I read that his body is probably trying to adjust to the sudden total shift of hormones in his entire system now, and he literally won’t be able to control these emotional outbursts for a while.  I’m afraid we’re just going to have to be firm with him… and patient at the same time.”
“But for how long, Momma?” Carol asked.  “He should never have said that.  It was awful!”
Janice nodded.  “Yes it was!  But hopefully it will only last a few weeks… until he’s able to adjust.”
“I hope it doesn’t last longer than that!”
“It better not!” Janice agreed.


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