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The Housekeeper - Chapter 58 Part 1 of 2

By Karen Singer

Chapter 58 Part 1 of 2

Jessica Parker woke up Saturday morning, blinked, shook her head a bit to clear it… and spit the pacifier out of her mouth.  She laid back on the floor where she had been sleeping and looked up at the ceiling.  She had to pee… and she was holding it.  Finally!  Finally her ordeal was over with!  Excitement filled her almost as much as relief!  Working her way to her feet, she headed quickly for the bathroom.  She had to pull apart her smelly wet diapers to get them off… to finally sit on the toilet and relieve herself like a normal person for the first time in two weeks.  Human again!  Finally!
She would have never believed that what had been done to her could work that well… or that powerfully.  But she was living proof.  And she couldn’t tell anyone at all about what really happened to her.  She couldn’t even mention the woman who had done it to her… except to Candy.  But then Candy knew the woman far more intimately than she did.  And she didn’t want to ever come anywhere near that woman again!
Thinking of Candy, she remembered that she had promised to take him shopping later.  He had to work first so shopping during the morning or afternoon was out.  She had no doubt that it would be a fairly trying trip.  She wasn’t really looking forward to traipsing around the stores with a man dressed as a woman.  But she owed him, and she owed him big.  But it was more than that.  He was another victim.  A victim in far worse straights than she was… or than she had been… or both.  She felt a common bond with him because of that.  And… and there was one thing more.  Even as a woman, Candy Brinkley was the most decent guy she had met in a very long time. 
She wondered again how he would be in bed.  Damn, it had been a long time for her now since her husband had left her.  At least the gambling had helped take all that edge away.  What was she going to do now if she couldn’t gamble?  But… would the brainwashing that had been done to her really make her act like a baby again if she went to the casinos?  There was a chance that it wouldn’t…. as far as she wanted to believe.  She looked at the smelly diaper she had just taken off.  There was also a very good chance that her brainwashing would descend on her worse than ever too.  Did she dare try to find out?  She sighed.  As much as she really wanted to go gambling again, she really dared not.  Not yet anyway.
She had just spent two weeks in a totally unbelievable state.  And… she had to think of her kids.  Her thoughts turned directly to Jasmine.  She didn’t know that she could come so close to her own daughter, especially through the type of relationship they had been sharing over the last few weeks.  That relationship between them had been a total joy.  Could she manage to continue it… now… now that she was no longer… handicapped?
She forced herself to think of her son Jimmy.  What about him?  He hadn’t been able to relate to her baby mode over the last few weeks like his younger sister had.  In all too many ways, he was being left out of things.  She thanked God for her brother-in-law who was trying to fill the fatherless void, but all too often, couldn’t.  The bottom line was though, that Jimmy needed a father figure in his life.  Someone to teach him all the things that she couldn’t.  Someone to teach him how to be a man. 
With no way to do anything about that sad situation, she forced herself to get moving.  She picked up the dirty diaper and gratefully disposed of the horrible smelly thing.  Then she jumped into the shower, already thinking about her next order of business… to call her sister and let her know that it was all over now… and to thank her as profusely as possible!
Then she would get her kids back and… maybe just watch them for the rest of the day.  She wouldn’t be meeting Candy until later.  But what was she going to do with her kids while she was out with him?

Roger was silently going berserk.  It was all he could do to remain calm and outwardly act like there was nothing in the world wrong at all, while in reality he felt more like ripping someone’s head off.  And the problem wasn’t that he was doing construction work in heels, or wearing a wig that continually got in his way, or even his damn corset that was way, way too tight!  No, it was something different that was trying to make him irritable.  Something… weird!  His problem was… his nipples.  They were hurting like blazes! 
He had noticed them sticking out a bit more over the last few days.  But now there was this little knot of something behind them that seemed to be all too hard.  And the result was that his nipples – hurt!  Especially with his “C” cup breast forms pressing against them constantly.  He desperately wanted to rip his bra off and remove the forms… but he couldn’t.  Unfortunately, there would be no way to do that.  So he was forced to put up with… hurting and sore nipples.  Ouch!
His irritation was increased by the sound of his cell phone ringing.  He hurried to grab it where he had set it off to the side of his work area.  “Hello?”
“Candy?” the voice asked.
It was still somewhat of a shock to be called that… especially over the phone.  “Hi Doctor,” he replied, recognizing Jessica Parker’s voice.  “I guess you’re… done with your problems now?”
“Yes,” Jessica said.  “Finally!  But not until I woke up this morning.  What a relief!”
“I can only imagine,” Roger told her.  “So are we still on for later this afternoon, or do we need to postpone?”
“No,” Jessica replied.  “We can do it.  It’s just that…”
“What?  We can postpone if you like, or you don’t have to do it at all.  It’s just a favor for me.”
“No,” Jessica said again.  “It’s just that… how would you feel if my kids tagged along?  My sister is refusing to watch them any longer, especially since I’m home and I’m well now.”
“Oh,” Roger muttered.  “Um… I guess that’s up to you.  I saw your kids that one day, but I didn’t speak to them.  I don’t know how they would feel about it.”
“Yeah,” she said, “but somehow I get the feeling that they’re going to have to get to know you… at least somewhat.”
Roger wanted to tell her that he couldn’t see where it would be necessary, but since they shared the… Janice victim bond, then he had no doubt that they would be seeing each other more.  “So… you want to get the introductions over with today?” he asked.
“Yeah, something like that.  Can you meet me here at my house?  We can leave from here for shopping.”
“Sure. Why not?  Can I change clothes there too?  I don’t want to go shopping in clothes I’ve been doing everything possible to mess up all day.”
“Sure, no problem,” Jessica replied.  “You can even get a shower if you want.”
“Sounds like a good plan to me,” Roger replied.
“Okay,” Jessica stated.  “I’ll see you when you can get here.”

Roger left his job site as early as he dared.  He was already halfway to Jessica’s house, but the drive was still somewhat long.  He pulled into the driveway and grabbed the slacks and blouse he had decided to wear, along with his purse that was a bit overly stuffed with his makeup.  He wasn’t nervous about seeing Jessica, but he was about being more formally introduced to her kids.  What would they think of him?  What would they say?  For that matter, what would he say to them? 
Feeling more than a bit nervous about it, he approached her front door and rang the doorbell. 
Jessica already knew that Candy was there.  She had seen his truck pull into the driveway.  She was simply… delaying things.  She had already talked to her kids to prepare them as much as possible.  But as always with kids, there were no guarantees.  She wasn’t really looking forward to dealing with her kids around him… just as she wasn’t really looking forward to going shopping with him… or anywhere else in public.  Candy was still at… the totally embarrassing stage to be around.  But she owed him… and she owed him big!  Besides, the two of them shared a bond together that seemed to draw them together.  The fact that she still wondered how he would be in bed didn’t even consciously cross her mind.  She opened the door with a smile.  “Hi Candy.  How was your day?”
“Pretty good,” Roger replied, trying to smile.  “Mostly anyway.”
“Problems?” she asked as she stood back to let him in.  She carefully noted the way he was dressed.  All women’s clothes, but she noted that they were definitely clothes that were well suited to the job that he did… other than his boots.  She figured he must have changed out of whatever work boots he probably wore on the job and just pulled these boots over top of his pants.
Roger looked around.  There was no sign of her kids.  “Kind of,” he whispered.  “My nipples are killing me!  They have been all day!”
“I’m afraid that’s to be expected,” Jessica told him.  “You know it’s from the hormones.  Your breasts are starting to develop, that’s all.”
“Well they’re still painful,” Roger complained.
Jessica only nodded.  “I’m sure,” she replied as she led him down the hall toward her living room where her kids were watching TV.  “Let me get the introductions out of the way, then you can go take a shower.  You do smell a little.”
“Don’t I know it!” Roger replied.  “That’s another thing I’ve noticed in the last day or two, I seem to be more aware of how I… and everyone else smells!”
“More early hormone affects,” Jessica told him as she stopped at the entrance to the living room.  “Kids…” she called to get the attention of her son and daughter who were watching cartoons on TV.  “This is Candy,” she said.  “This is who I was talking about earlier.”
Roger was a bit surprised to see both her kids stand.  “Hi guys,” he said somewhat nervously.
“Hey,” Jimmy mumbled softly.  Other than that, he didn’t make a move or another sound.  He only stood there with a somewhat uncertain look on his face.  But Roger was a bit surprised to see Jasmine moving over to another chair that was closer.  She knelt on it looking over the back of it. 
“What kind of Candy are you?” she asked jokingly with a big smile on her face.
Roger was caught totally off guard.  It was a moment before he could find a suitable reply.  “Um… the kind that you like to eat the most, but your mother won’t let you.”  He was rewarded for his answer by Jasmine giggling.  “He’s funny,” she said to her mother.
She’s funny,” Jessica corrected her.  “Remember what we talked about earlier?”
“It’s okay,” Roger replied.  “I’m not used to anyone referring to me as a she.”
“I’m afraid that’s another thing you’re going to have to start getting used to… eventually anyway.”
Before Roger could reply, Jasmine left the chair she was kneeling in and was now walking around it so she could stand in front of him.  He looked down at her to see what she wanted.
“Momma says that you helped her when she was real sick.”
Sick?  Roger supposed that it was a good way to explain things to the kids.  “Um… I’m not sure exactly how much I helped her.  I just did what I could.”
“She said you helped a lot!” Jasmine exclaimed. 
Roger looked over towards Jessica with a somewhat embarrassed look on his face.  But before he could say anything, he felt Jasmine taking one of his hands.
“Thank you for helping her,” she said.
Roger couldn’t help it.  His eyes immediately started tearing up.  It was all he could do to keep from crying outright.  “You’re welcome,” he told the young girl.
“Momma says you’re changing yourself from being a man into a woman.  How come?”
The million dollar question for everyone that Roger knew… and the one he could never tell the truth about.
“Jasmine,” Jessica intervened, “that’s kind of a personal issue for Candy.”
“No,” Roger replied quickly.  He looked down at Jasmine again.  “Some people are born in the wrong body,” he explained.  “It used to be that they had no choice but to live their entire life without being able to do anything at all to fix that.  But now there are doctors like your mother who can help those people.  I’m not sure that I was exactly born in the wrong body, but your mother is doing everything she can to help me with my problems… and I’m very grateful to her for it.  I need all the help I can get to learn how to be a woman.”
Jasmine reached out and grabbed his neck, pulling him down so she could hug him.  “You helped my mother when she needed it.  So if she’s helping you, then I’ll help you too.  All I can.”
The tears that had started in his eyes earlier, fell full force as he grabbed Jasmine and hugged her back.  “Thank you,” he said, trying hard to not sound too much like he was crying… even though it was evident that he was. 
Their hug ended and Roger stood up, embarrassed that he was crying.  As he stood, he noted that Jimmy was still standing just as he had been, but with an even more uncertain look on his face.  And Roger couldn’t blame him one bit.  “Maybe I better get that shower now,” he said through the tears that were still falling.  “Can you help me with this damn corset?”

It was nearly an hour later before Candy was dressed again – corset relaced and all… although thankfully Jessica hadn’t pulled it nearly as tight as Carol had that morning. But then Carol was a lot more cruel than Jessica was.  Surprisingly, the shower… and even the application of some fresh makeup… all combined to help Roger actually feel pretty good – despite the fact that he was going out in public as Candy again. 
With his dirty clothes and his purse draped over his arm, he waited as Jessica rounded up her kids and they all headed out the door.  Roger went first to his truck to drop his dirty clothes off. 
“How come you’ve got a truck if you’re changing into a woman?” he heard Jimmy ask as he was leaning in to set his clothes on the seat.
Roger turned, surprised not only at the question, but at the fact that the boy was talking to him.  He did his best to smile.  “Because I do construction work and I need it to carry my tools and supplies.”
“If you do construction work, then how come you’re changing into a woman,” the boy asked next.  “Are you going to do something else now instead?”
“No,” Roger replied. “In fact, I’m actually a teacher right now.  I’m quitting that to do the construction work instead.”  Roger could see that Jimmy was having trouble assimilating that. 
“But… you’ll be a woman someday anyway,” Jimmy said, sounding confused.
“That’s right,” Roger replied patiently.  “Woman can do construction work too.  You just don’t see too many of them doing it.”
“But you’re going to do it,” he stated.
“That’s the plan.”  Roger watched as Jimmy thought about that then finally tried to accept it. 
“So… do you have any tools in your truck now?” he asked.
“Of course,” Roger told him.  “I just came from working a job.”
“Can I see?” he asked.
“Sure,” Roger replied, more than a little surprised by the request.  As he headed toward the back of his truck, he flashed a questioning look at Jessica… who seemed to be equally surprised.  He lowered the tailgate and stood back and watched as the boy seemed to just stare at everything. 
“Cool!” Jimmy breathed.
“Climb up,” Roger suggested.
“Can I?”
“Sure,” Roger replied.  He watched carefully as Jimmy figured out for himself how to step on the bumper before stepping up onto the tailgate.  Then the boy just got down close to some of his tools for a closer look.  But the tools only fascinated him for a few moments before his eyes caught sight of something else. 
“Is that a fishing pole?” he asked, noticing one of Roger’s spare rods that he always kept in the truck with him.
“Of course,” Roger replied.
Jimmy shook his head.  “You like tools and do construction work… and you like fishing too,” he noted.  “And yet you’re changing yourself into a woman.  Are you going to stop fishing or anything else?”
“Not if I can help it,” Roger told him.  “Fishing has always been one of the things I like to do the most.”  He could see Jimmy struggling with the concept again.  And then he looked up towards his mother.
“Mom, are there other women who like fishing and who work with tools and stuff?”
“Of course,” Jessica replied, obviously surprised by the question.  “You just don’t hear about them too much.  Those things have mostly been associated more with men than women.  But things are changing now,” she said as she looked straight at Roger.
“Why should being a woman, make me not like to fish?” Roger asked the boy.
“I don’t know,” Jimmy replied.  “It’s just…”
“Not normal?” Roger suggested.
“I guess.”
“Don’t you like fishing?” Roger asked him?
“I don’t know.  I’ve never tried it.”
Roger’s mouth hung wide open in surprise.  It wasn’t right for a boy to have never even tried fishing!

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