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The Housekeeper - Chapter 62 Part 2 of 2

By Karen Singer

Chapter 62 Part 2 of 2

Doctor Jessica Parker breathlessly hurried into the exam room where Candy was supposed to be.  Even after several weeks, the compulsion to not keep Candy waiting and to give him the best care possible was just as strong as ever… and her impossible grey wall was even thicker than ever.  She couldn’t believe that she still couldn’t stand up or sit down without seeing the darn thing.  At least she was mostly able to ignore it now.  Mostly. 
“Candy,” she said as she hurried into the room.  And then she stopped dead and stared.  “You said you had gotten your hair cut… but I didn’t expect you to look so good with it.”
Candy blushed.  “Thanks,” he replied.
The doctor couldn’t take her eyes off of him.  With his hair cut, and his ears pierced, and… she didn’t even know what else, he looked far less like a man now than he did before.  Far less!  And it had only been a week since the picnic when she had seen him last.  “You look… so much more like a woman now,” she said cautiously… not to mention, disappointedly.
“Thanks,” Candy said again.  “I’m trying.”
She nodded.  “I can see that,” she replied.  But what she really wanted to see, was the man in Candy, not the woman that he was becoming.  Slightly flustered by it, she was all business as she went about giving him another very thorough examination.  Before she was done, the nurse came back with the results of his blood work.  No problems at all she noted.  And his hormone levels where within the range that she had expected. 
“I’m going to change your meds,” she said.  “Since we have to move you along as fast as possible, I’m going to give you something different that will be a lot stronger in your system.”
“Stronger?” Candy asked.  “Are you sure it’s safe?”
“Perfectly.  To a point.  But your blood work suggests that there are no problems now so I don’t expect this to cause you any trouble either.”
“Trouble?” Candy replied.  “I can’t tell you how much my nipples have hurt!”
“All to be expected I’m afraid.  And I’m afraid you’re going to have to get used to it for a while and just put up with it.”
Candy was more than a little disappointed in that. 
“Don’t worry,” the doctor told him, “I’m not doing anything here that I don’t do with many of my other patients.  I’m just upping the dosage on these new meds just a tad more than I do with most.  And actually, some of my patients do get the same thing I’m giving you now.”
Candy was only slightly relieved to hear that.
Five minutes later, Candy had the new meds along with instructions for their use in his purse.  The doctor left to finish with her other patients, and he headed for the small kitchenette to wait.  New meds.  Stronger meds.  He was already amazed at how fast the changes in him seemed to be going.  How much faster would they occur now?
Half an hour later, he was following Jessica from her office to her home.  “Where’s your kids?” he asked as he carried a change of clothes into her house.
“With my sister.  I promised I’d get them later tonight.  If I don’t, she’ll probably never talk to me again.”
“Where do you want to go after I get changed?” Candy asked.
“To the casinos!”
Candy chuckled a little.  “No seriously, did you have any particular place in mind?  You’re not… burdened with that pacifier anymore.”
“To the casinos,” the doctor said again.
“You can’t!” Candy replied, still full of shock. 
“I know,” Jessica replied.  “But that’s the only place I really want to go.  I just need you to distract me… to make sure I don’t try to go there.”
Candy smiled.  “My pleasure,” he replied.
“I hope so,” Jessica muttered under her breath.  “Mine too!”  A little louder she said, “Why don’t you use the shower in the master bedroom.  It’s nicer than the other one.”
“Fine with me,” Candy replied with a small shrug.
Even looking so much like a woman, there was a male strength in Candy that Jessica found hard to ignore.  Thoughts of him in bed with her were coursing through her mind as she led the way to her bedroom.  “Right in there,” she said, pointing to the luxurious bathroom. 
“Thanks,” Candy replied before disappearing inside and closing the door.  He was back a moment later though.  “Um… can you help me out of this stupid corset?”
A few minutes later, Jessica sat on her bed and listened to the water running in her shower.  Candy was in there right now.  Naked!  The doctor knew she was supposed to be changing her own clothes just then, but so far, all she could do was to sit on the bed and think about Candy… and his body next to hers.  “Move, damn it!” she told herself.  “Get changed!  Candy will be out of there soon.”
So she pried herself off the bed and started removing her clothes.  But she didn’t stop there.  She knew she had to get dressed again, but she didn’t.  Instead, she got completely undressed.  Completely! 
Her mind focused on only one thing, she quietly opened the bathroom door.  It was hotter inside, and far more humid.  She could vaguely see his body thought the sculpted shower door that diffused the sight of everything inside the shower, yet what she could see only made her more interested.  She almost turned back… but what would be the point?  Nothing ventured… nothing gained.  She opened the shower door.  “Move over,” she said as she entered with him and closed the door behind her.
“What are you doing?” Candy gasped.  Her naked body was right up next to his… she was making matters even worse as she turned around under the warm spray of water to wet her entire body.  He stood back to give her room, but when he did, she closed the distance again, continuing to rub herself right up against him.  “What are you doing?” he gasped again as he retreated to the very corner of the shower… only to find her right there with him.
“What do you think?” she asked as she now embraced him in her arms. 
Before he knew it, she was leaning her mouth toward his for a kiss. “Stop!” he pleaded.  “You’re hurting me!”
She stopped and moved her head back, looking at him questioningly.  “Hurting you?  How can I be hurting you?  I’m only trying to make you feel good.”
He shook his head.  “Trust me, you’re hurting me.  I… I can’t do this!”
She was shocked.  Not to mention disappointed.  “Do you find me that distasteful?” she asked.  “Do women turn you off that much?  I’m afraid I never considered that you might like men that much,” she told him disappointedly.”
“No,” Candy replied.  “It’s not that at all!”
“Not that?  You don’t prefer men?”
“Right now, I think doing something like this with a man is nothing but disgusting.  At least I think that’s what I think.  To be honest, I’m not all that sure anymore.”
“So I turn you off that much?” Jessica asked, moving further away from him now.  “I’m that far gone?  That ugly to you now?”
“No!  It has nothing at all to do with you.  Nothing!  Except…”
“Except what?” she asked disappointedly. 
“Except… that you are a woman.”
“So you find women distasteful?”  She shook her head.  “What do you like?”
“Nothing.  And you’re not distasteful!  Not at all!   In fact… you’re beautiful!  A bit too beautiful for me right now!”
She was confused.  “You’re not making any sense!” she said as she moved into him to try again.  “Just let me hold you.  Kiss me.  Let’s see how much you hate women?”
“No!” Candy pleaded, his voice now holding more than a hint of pain.
Jessica moved back and looked at him.  “Are you hurting?”
“Yes!” Candy replied, his hands now going to his privates to cover them up.
“You’re… actually hurting?  But I didn’t hardly touch you.  And I know I didn’t hit you down there.  I haven’t even touched you at all there!”  A sly smile crossed her lips.  “Except perhaps with my body a little when I rubbed against you.”  She quickly backed off as another thought crossed her mind.  “Oh no!  Did I somehow hurt you when I rubbed up against you?”
“Not like you think,” Candy replied, now in even more pain.  “Can you please leave the shower so I don’t have to see you naked?”
“Leave?  You don’t want to see me naked?”  She was shocked.  “I’m sorry, I never imagined you that kind of a prude.”
“I’m not!” Candy cried, the pain more evident than ever in his voice.
True concern registered in Jessica’s fantasy soaked brain.  She quickly turned the shower water off.  “Candy, let me examine you.  I didn’t see anything wrong down there earlier!”
“No!” Candy cried.  “Please.  You don’t understand what you’re doing to me!”
“Then tell me!  I can’t help you unless you tell me.”
“The cold!” Candy wailed in real pain now because the doctor’s naked body was still all too close to his.  “The cold!”
“What cold?”
“The cold that Janice makes me feel!”
The name Janice sent big red warnings at the doctor.  “This is something else that Janice did to you?”  She saw Candy, bent now in pain, nod his head. 
“What can I do?” she asked desperately.
“Get out and get dressed.  The less sexy the better!”
“I don’t understand…” she replied.
“Please!” Candy pleaded. 
Jessica wasted no more time.  She hurried out of the shower, closing the door behind her.  She grabbed a towel and quickly wiped just some of the water from her body.  She grabbed a robe and slipped it on.  “Okay,” she called.  “I’m all covered up.  Can I come back in now?”  But she got no answer.  “Candy?” she called.  This time, she did get an answer, but it wasn’t a yes or a no, it was the sound of Candy crying. 
She opened the door and found him huddled on the floor in the corner.  His hands were still covering his private parts.  He was crying pitifully.  “What is it?” she asked, only wanting to help.
“The cold,” Candy managed to get out through his tears.  “Intense, painful cold!  And I can’t…”
“Candy, you said that Janice did this to you?  What exactly did she do?”
Sniffing and still crying, Candy forced himself to look up at her.  Jessica still looked all too provocative dressed in only her robe… especially after she had come on so strongly to him.  It had been a long time now since he had felt the awful cold… other than a few twinges every now and then that quickly set him back in his place.  But now, tonight, what she had done… the pain was awful!  Most likely made worse since it had been so long for him now. 
“Her will,” he said through his tears, as much from self-pity now as from the intense cold.  “I can’t get past it.  It’s her will.”
She was shocked.  But she understood what he was saying all too clearly.  “What is her will?” she asked.  “What did she do to you?”
“The cold,” he wailed again.  “To protect Carol.  To protect Janice.”
“To protect them?”  She remembered all the things in her own brain that she couldn’t do… all in the name of protecting – Janice!  But what else had she done to him?  As calmly as she could, she asked.  “Is it possible for you to tell me what’s happening?”
“I… think so,” he replied cautiously.  “I’ve already managed to say most of it.  It seems that with you, I can say more than I can to anyone else.”
“Because we’re both victims,” she told him.  “We both understand the other.”
He nodded.  “The cold,” he said again, trying to bring his hurting emotions under control.  The pain from the cold was one thing, but his emotional pain was even worse.  “She did it to make sure I never tried to take advantage of her daughter… or her I guess.”  He tried to laugh, but it was forced.  “As if I ever would!”
“So what happens?” Jessica asked.
He tried to calm himself enough to talk.  “Any time a woman makes me feel the least bit sexually stimulated, I feel intense cold in my… cock.  The more stimulated I feel, the worse the cold, and so the worse the pain.”  He tried to focus his eyes a little more firmly on her.  “And I’m sure you know what happens to a man’s cock when it’s exposed to something cold.”
She sat back on the wet shower floor and stared at him.  “She has to be the most diabolical woman I’ve ever heard of.”
Candy only nodded his agreement.
“She’s deprived you of any chance for sex.”
He nodded again.
But she thought better of what she had just said.  “No, that’s not quite right. She’s deprived you of any chance at all of sex – with a woman!  If I hear you correctly, she’s left the avenue open for you to still have sex with a man.”
Candy only looked at her, totally horrified.
But Jessica was still thinking things through.  “But that’s only part of it,” she said, still thinking it over, “I think… that once you’ve had your transition… no, once you’ve had the operation and you no longer have a penis but a vaginal canal instead, at that point, her little curse on you would no longer have any effect since you wouldn’t have a penis anymore.  At that point, you would have no problem loving a woman if you wanted.”  She looked at him… staring sadly back at her.  “Of course, most likely, by then you’d no longer be interested in other women sexually.”
Candy broke down into another major crying bout.  Not from the cold, that was fading rapidly.  But the heartache of his situation was just too awful to think about.
Jessica moved over against the shower wall and pulled him into her arms, letting him cry on her shoulder.  She stared up at the far wall of the shower as she contemplated his situation… and her situation.  “I should have gone gambling,” she said.
Candy cried even harder.

 “Hello Janice?  This is Susan.  I just heard the strangest thing.  An FBI Agent was arrested today for taking drugs from a major drug bust and keeping them for himself.  Can you imagine?”
“Never!” Janice mockingly replied, trying to keep from laughing.  “Did they say if they ever found the drugs?”
“Right in his own backyard.  It’s simply incredible!”
“It certainly is!” Janice agreed with a laugh.  “We can’t even trust our own law enforcement officials.”
“Janice,” Susan said more seriously. “Have you thought about your next move?”
“To wait!” Janice replied.  “I’ll give them a few weeks.  If I don’t hear from the FBI about this after that, then I’ll have to find some way to casually get the right word out to my lawyer.”
“Good,” Susan replied.  “It sounds like you’ve already thought this out.”
“Of course,” Janice replied.
As she hung up the phone, Janice couldn’t stop the broad smile from coming to her face.  Agent Jacobs was toast!  And very soon she was going to sue the FBI for all she could get!

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