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The Housekeeper - Chapter 62 Part 1 of 2

By Karen Singer

Chapter 62 Part 1 of 2

Aaaahhh!  The relief was almost magical.  Candy slipped the errant strap of his bra back over his shoulder and cupped his hands over his breasts.  The new breast forms he had just slipped inside his bra were nothing but incredible!  They were still a “C” cup, but they weren’t as heavy as his former pair.  The big difference in the new forms however, was the inside.  They were concave, giving him plenty of room for his growing breasts.  And as a major bonus, they kept anything from rubbing against his sore and itching nipples. 
He pulled his hands away and stared at his bra against his body… and noticed again the area where his cleavage would be… actually, it was starting to look more like where his cleavage already was.  Not much, but the flesh of his breasts had puffed up enough now that he could almost imagine there was actually cleavage there now. 
He briefly cupped his breasts over his bra with his hands again, pushing in on them.  No pain at all from the pressure!  It was so much better!  He should have made better breast forms a bigger priority!
With that happy thought, he finished getting dressed.  Work clothes.  Comfortable clothes… if you didn’t count the waist cincher or the high heeled boots or his bra for that matter.  But for all other intents and purposes, they were comfortable.  Familiar.  Even the damn waist cincher now. 
School was out and there was no longer anything keeping him from working his handyman… handywoman jobs full time.  The only problem was, he only had the one job to work on that he would most likely finish up today or tomorrow… more likely tomorrow.  It was a big job.  But what about after that?  For a while there he had more jobs than he could handle, but lately his phone hadn’t rung at all.  He knew very well that it was very common for things to go like that, but now that he wasn’t teaching school anymore, it worried him a lot.

“This… is not good!”
The three men from FBI Internal Affairs sat around the small table.  All wore serious long faces. 
“I’d bet my right arm he didn’t do it!” one of them exclaimed.
“I know Ted Jacobs.  There’s no way he’s dirty!” the third one added.
The first man opened the folder again and pulled out the lab report.  He threw it onto the middle of the table where none of them were interested in even touching the thing.  They had all seen it… unfortunately.  “As much as I’m inclined to agree with you, the evidence though shows otherwise.”  He got only sad nods from the other two men.
“It’s hard to believe,” one of them said.  “The exact same chemical signature from another haul… years ago!  Even the same wrappers!”
“But the kicker is,” the third man added, “that he was the one who counted all that dope and signed it all in!”
“Which only makes it more reasonable that he did take some,” the first man pointed out.  It was a moment before he saw the others nod their agreement.
“But the question is, how much did he take?” one of them asked.  He got only blank looks from the others. 
“You both know where we have to go from here,” the first man said.  “As much as we all don’t like it, it’s our jobs!  And it’s our responsibility to make sure that our agents aren’t the ones breaking the laws.  Especially with something like this!  Move fast, and move hard.  Separate him from his partner and keep them both under wraps for now.  Question them both and anyone else you think might know something.  As bad as it looks, I’d rather get to the bottom of it all as fast as possible before this gets too far out of hand.  Agreed?”  He got back only nods in reply.  “Move!”

The stir throughout the entire FBI building in Atlanta wasn’t just a little, it was enormous!  When Internal Affairs came down and grabbed Agents Jacobs and Forsyth, they did it with more than enough men and they had the two agents in separate holding rooms before anyone could make sense of anything.  Their boss, Phil Goodman was hauled into a separate room as well.  None of them were allowed to talk to anyone else.
Internal Affairs let Jacobs and Forsyth sweat while they tackled Phil Goodman for information first.  The open mouthed, unbelieving attitude of Goodman pretty much mirrored the opinions of Internal Affairs, but evidence is evidence, and Phil Goodman was having a very difficult time accepting it as anything but a plant!  The minute he was let go, he set three of his best people to quietly look into the business… despite the fact that it wasn’t their business to do so and they’d all probably get reprimanded for it later.
There was simply no way that Ted Jacobs was guilty!  The guy was a one-track minded bloodhound! 

Sid Forsyth was simply scared.  He had no idea why he had been arrested and no idea what he could have possibly done wrong.  But they were holding him and not letting him talk to anybody!  He desperately feared for his family… even though he couldn’t for the life of him figure out a reason for it.  He got so worked up worrying over it, that by the time the two agents from Internal Affairs finally came in to talk to him, all he could blurt out was, “What the hell is going on?”
Forsyth listened with disbelief to the questions put to him by Internal Affairs.  He was very relieved to find out that the questioning was all about his partner, but the questions did nothing but stir anger and disbelief in him.  “Wait right there!” he said at one point, stopping the questioning cold.  “There’s no way the Jacobs stole anything!  No way that he would ever do anything wrong!  I know the guy.  We’ve been working together for years now, day in and day out!  There’s nothing about him that I can’t tell you!  And I can tell you for a fact… that he didn’t… do it!  You’ve got the wrong guy!”
And then they told him about the evidence against Jacobs.  Forsyth shook his head again.  “It’s not him!” he insisted.  “Someone is setting him up!”
“That’s what we’re hoping,” one of the men from IA replied.  “But you know as well as I how serious a charge like this can be.  And when all the facts point in only one direction, we have to look at it very seriously.”
Forsyth was only a little more mollified.  He allowed the Internal Affairs guys to ask him a long list of dumb but necessary questions.  Most of which he knew were from a standard battery of things they had to ask.  He pretty much knew the answers to all of it.  Most of it was simple.  Ted Jacobs didn’t have a family to worry about.  And as far as he knew, Jacob had only been seeing one woman for the last few years, and that relationship wasn’t even anything serious… for either of them. 
“And the girlfriends name?” the IA agent asked, just because he had to fill in the paperwork.
“Monica something,” he replied, trying to remember the woman’s name.  “Monica Williams.”
Sid Forsyth was kept in isolated holding until very late that night.  Only then was he allowed to go home to his frightened family.  And he went, it was with orders to stay at home and not go anywhere until he was called.

Ted Jacobs was simply mad.  Furious was more like it.  He denied everything vehemently, but Internal Affairs only expected that.  In fact, it wasn’t until they had laid the evidence out in front of Jacobs that one of the IA agents saw the glimmer of recognition in Jacobs eyes… that made him suddenly doubt their theory that Jacobs was being set up.  But when questioned further, Jacobs still denied everything… as he expected.
Unlike Forsyth, Jacobs wasn’t allowed to go home that night.  He wasn’t allowed to go anywhere.  Like it or not, he was taken to the basement level and put into a small holding cell until they could get to the bottom of it.  But by that time, in order to protect himself, Jacobs had already asked for a lawyer, and wasn’t saying another word to anyone until he got one!  Internal Affairs didn’t like that, but they each secretly decided it was a smart move.

“Hi Doctor,” Candy said into his phone fairly early Friday morning.
“Candy!” Doctor Parker replied, actually glad to hear his voice despite the fact that she had been called away from another patient because he had called.  But then that was by her own orders. 
“I’m just calling to see if you still want to get together tonight,” Candy said.
“Definitely!” the doctor replied.  “It’s Friday and I’m already finding excuses to go to the casinos.  As my therapist suggested, I need to find something else to do.”
Candy was tempted to laugh, but he refrained.  “Where do you want to meet?” he asked. 
“I guess my place sometime after work.  Will that be a problem?” she asked.
“No, not at all.  I just need to figure out what to do with myself till you finish work.”
“Why?” she asked.
“I’m finishing up a job today and it’s about halfway to your house from here.  No use coming all the way back home if I don’t need to.  I just have to find some place where I can change.  Any chance I can use your bathroom again?”
“That’s not a problem,” the doctor replied. But her mind was already thinking about the situation.  “But listen,” she added quickly.  “If you’re going to be early.  Why not come here to my office… oh say about four thirty or so.  You’re going to be due for another blood test soon anyway, we may as well knock it out while you’ve got the time.”
Candy didn’t want to mention that since he had still gotten no other calls for work, all he had was time.  “Sounds good,” he replied.  “See you later at your office then.”
“Great,” the doctor replied.  “I’ll see you then.”  She hung up the phone with her mind firmly locked on Candy.  As she headed back to her current patient, all she could think about was what he would be like in bed.  She could almost feel his body caressing hers.  She could almost feel his manhood sliding in and out of her.  It might take a bit to get him aroused… she was well aware of that because of the hormones he was now on, but he was still on a somewhat mild dose and he hadn’t been on them long enough to really stop him from performing.  She couldn’t wait!  Tonight she was going to do her absolute best to get him into bed, because it might be her last chance!  If she couldn’t gamble, then she was going to be as forward as she needed to be to let him see how interested she was.  She was fully prepared to strip down and throw herself at his feet! 
She stopped herself and looked around.  She had been so focused on wanting to get into bed with Candy that she had forgotten where she was going.  She turned around and went back to the patient she had left before Candy had called.

Ted Jacobs considered his lawyer to be useless.  All the guy had done for him was to tell him that it looked like the allegations against him were serious… which Forsyth already knew, and to not talk to anyone unless he was there… which Jacobs wasn’t about to do anyway.  So basically, his lawyer had done nothing for him.  Especially since he was still going stir crazy in the tiny cell they were holding him in. 
Other than that, the lawyer had no news.  He was trying to get him released, but the FBI was still able to hold him right where he was for forty-eight hours without charging him.  And since they hadn’t formally charged him with anything, there was little he could do. 
So Jacobs sat, and fumed, and worried about that bag of heroin he had buried in his backyard – years ago.  It was so long ago now that he was sure no one would ever find it.  The only time he had even dug it up and opened it was when he had set Janice Stokley up to get her off the street!  And he still didn’t regret that move one bit! 
But for now, he just had to be careful not to even think about that bag whenever they got around to talking to him again.  If they ever got around to talking to him again.  What the hell was Internal Affairs doing?

Every “I” had to be dotted.  Every “T” had to be crossed.  There were no shortcuts, there was no way around it.  Thorough!  It was hammered into every agent in every law enforcement system in the world.  Cover everything!  Completely! 
So talking with Monica Williams was in reality just another item on their list of useless things they had no choice but to look into and follow up on.  It took them a while to find her. 
Monica was clearly nervous when the FBI showed up – at the office where she worked, and pulled her into one of the conference rooms to privately talk with her.  And all she could think about was Ted.  She actually couldn’t wait to call him and tell him that some guys from the FBI had come to see… her!  But the question was… why?
“Miss Williams,” one of them started after they had sat down.  “How long have you known Ted Jacobs?”
“Oh, I don’t know,” she replied, trying to figure out the answer.  “I guess four or five years now.”
The agent made a note on his pad and continued.  “In all that time, have you ever noticed anything out of place, ever even suspected that he might have done something he shouldn’t?”
“Ted?  You’ve got to be kidding!  What is this?  Did something happen to him?”
“Please, just let us ask our questions,” the agent replied.  “You’re sure he never mentioned anything about picking up something he shouldn’t have?”
“Not that I know of,” Monica told him.
The agent nodded and ticked off another question on his list.  “Has he ever mentioned anything about a drug deal… perhaps years ago?”
Something about the mention of the drugs caused a memory from the bar last week to flash into her mind.  But she was so drunk!  “Um… I don’t think so,” she replied cautiously. 
But the agent had seen the look of fear in her eyes.  He pushed harder.  “Are you sure?  Because to me it looks like you did think of something.”
Monica just waved her hand.  “Oh, I’m sure it was nothing.  I was so drunk that night that I can’t even remember it all straight.  I barely even remember waking up the next day.”
“And how about Agent Jacobs?”
She laughed.  “He was worse!  I’ve never seen him get that hammered!”
“And what did he tell you?”
Her laughing ended quickly.  “I’m not totally sure,” she said.  “Like I told you, I was really pretty wasted myself.”
“But he did tell you something.”
She nodded.  “At least I think he did.  But it sounded so outlandish, it doesn’t even make sense!”
The agent said nothing, he just waited expectantly… knowing that his silence would cause her to continue. 
“Well,” she said.  “I’m not sure why or how it even came up, but I think he said something about taking some drugs or something from a major bust and then keeping them… kind of like for his retirement account.  But he was so crazily wasted that it doesn’t sound right at all!”
“Did he say how much he took?” the agent asked.
“I don’t remember.  I really don’t even think he took any of it.”
The agent nodded.  “And what did he say he did with it?”
She shook her head.  “Something that makes even less sense… I think.  Like I said, I was pretty wasted that night too.”
“But not as bad as Agent Jacobs?” the agent asked.
“No.  I’ve never seen him like that.  Ever!”
“And what did he say he did with the drugs?”
“Well…” she said as she tried to remember it all.  “I think he mentioned something about using some of it for something.  Something about another criminal, but I really don’t remember.  The rest… I think he said he never touched.  He just left it buried in his backyard or something.”
“In his backyard?”
“I really don’t remember,” she replied fairly flustered.  “Like I said, I was really drunk!”

The amount of time it took for the search warrant to come through wasn’t exactly among the top ten fastest times, but it was certainly fast enough that it wasn’t even close to the average amount of time.  So by the time the FBI was organized to go out to Jacobs house, they already had their warrant to search Agent Ted Jacobs entire house, including digging up his backyard if they felt necessary – which was a primary item on their list!  They even brought in a drug sniffing dog just for the occasion!
While one team ransacked the inside of his house, another team… and the dog searched the backyard.  It took the dog no time at all to sniff out the only item of interest that the FBI were going to find.  They had to unstack much of his rotting wood pile to find it, and when they did find the plastic bag, they unstacked all the wood and dug up the entire area.  But that one bag was all they found.  Unfortunately, that one bag was all they needed.  And worse, when they opened the bag and counted the kilos of drugs, they found a huge amount of money in the bag with the drugs.  And the money still had the bank wrappers on it! 
Things were not looking good for Agent Ted Jacobs at all!

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