Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cinder - Published!

Yes, here it is – finally!  Cinder.  My fifth book to be publish as an Amazon EBook.  And possibly my best.  Well, I guess that’s for the individual readers to decide.  But I certainly like it – enough that I find it one of the most engrossing books I’ve ever read.  For me, this one is truly hard to put down.  In fact, every time I read through it to find problems, I got rather irked each time I had to stop.   

So what’s it about?  Here’s my book description:

For as long as he could remember, his father had always threatened him with the phrase, “I’ll burn you to a cinder, and then step on you and crush you out!”  And then one day when he was fourteen, his father tried to do just that.  He ran from the house in absolute agony, and he never went back.  Living on the streets of New York City, he learned to survive on his own.  Until two years later, six people were murdered right in front of him, two of them hookers that were his best friends.  And his life changed forever.

This book is full of action, suspense, and mystery – all wrapped around the smartest…and dumbest kid you’ve ever met.  This is a story about a kid who loves New York and loves his freedom to literally walk the entire island of Manhattan at will.  But he is a kid plagued with problems.  Problems that only grow worse as the story progresses.  Problems from too many people who suddenly want him dead.  And all that is on top of another little problem.  He was born with a birth defect.  He was a girl…with the wrong body.

I consider the main character in this book to be the second most interesting character I’ve ever created.  The first most interesting one was in a book I published as my real self – one that I have started the process to take back from the publisher that is now out of business and I will be republishing it as an Amazon Kindle EBook as well – hopefully soon.  And I will publish it at a price that I think is fair!

Sorry, back to Cinder.  Like all my books, this one is very different from everything I’ve ever written so far.  In fact, the only thing all my Karen Singer books have in common, is that of transgender.  But with this book, I’m hoping that the story is good enough that even people who don’t care about the transgender issues will also find it a great book.  I can only hope anyway. 

So I would like to highly recommend this book for you to read – and get lost in.  But then I’m the author, and I recommend all my books for your reading pleasure.  So please check it out and hopefully buy a copy.  For me…please!

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Sally Bend said...

Sounds fantastic, hon - looking forward to giving it a read!