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Revenge - Chapter 7

By Karen Singer

Chapter 7

The next day started out to be a repeat of the day before for Steve.  He had to endure panty checks from both Ruth and Carla, and he unfortunately ran into both Monica and Diane as well.  And that was just in the morning.  But after lunch, Steve got back to his desk to find another email from Monica.  Dreading it, he opened it to take a look.  What he found shocked him.  The email contained a list of most of his friends and family along with their email addresses.  There was a short note accompanying the list that told him to look at the picture that was attached.  He nearly died when he opened it.  There, all too perfectly captured, was the picture that Diane had taken of him showing all the girls his panties the night before.  As he looked closer, he could see Carla, Ruth, and Monica all too clearly in the background.  The bitch was squeezing harder. 
He picked up his phone and called down to shipping.  “What do you want?” he whispered angrily.
“Why nothing, Stevie,” Monica replied.  “I just want you to realize how much more we’ve got on you now…just so you won’t go thinking about not doing whatever we tell you to.”
Steve slammed the phone down.  The bitch!  He was trapped by Monica’s demands.  Totally trapped.  And now that she had pictures of him too, it made things all that much worse.
Remembering the last piece of business he had to take care of for his plan to get even with Monica, he got up from his desk and made his way to a cubicle at the other end of the room.  His “somewhat” friend Mike was at his desk working.  Mike was a friend, but the reality was that he was more like Steve’s rival for dating the women in the company.  “Mike,” he said as he entered the cubicle. 
Mike turned around.  “Steve.  What’s up?”
“I got a favor to ask,” Steve replied.
Mike was a bit wary.  This was Steve asking!  “What’s that?”
“Are you busy Friday night?”
“Nothing set in concrete.  Why?”
“I’ve got a bit of a dating situation on my hands, and I don’t want it to come back at me.  You know?”
“What kind of dating situation…and no, you can’t have any of my girls!”
“No.  In fact I’ve got a very different kind of problem.”
“What then?”
“You know the new girl down in shipping, Monica?”
“I haven’t met her yet.  Is that the one you said you were going out with last week?”
“Uh…yeah.  But I kind of hinted that I might be picking her up this Friday too, but I’ve already got another date lined up.”
“So I don’t want to piss Monica off.  Can you ask her out Friday night instead?  I figure if you do that, then she won’t worry about me not asking her.  And if I ever want to ask her out again, then she’ll go.  Know what I mean?”
Mike thought he understood.  He also understood two other things.  He didn’t have any “firm” plans for a date yet Friday night, and the new girl down in shipping was hot!”  The only problem was, he had seen her around, but he hadn’t really met her yet.  Steve had beaten him to her.  But that also didn’t mean he couldn’t ask her out.  Besides, he had to meet her sometime.  Why not now?  “I’ll call her,” Mike replied.  “See if she’s interested.”
“That’s all I ask,” Steve replied with a smile.  “Oh…and don’t tell her I asked you to do it.”
Mike shook his head.  “Not a chance!”
“Great.  Hey, let me know if she won’t go with you, okay?  Just so I know I’m in the clear.”
Mike only nodded, and Steve left the cubicle feeling much better.  All was set now…as long as Mike could get Monica out of her apartment Friday night.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Monica blinked several times, then looked questioningly over towards Diane, but her attention was on the phone in her hand.  “Um…can I call you back in a few minutes?” she asked.  “I’m kind of in the middle of something here and I’ve got people waiting.”  A moment later, she hung up the phone.  “Diane, who the heck is Mike?”
“Mike?  You know where Steve’s desk is?”
“Same room, same hallway, but on the opposite side.  You need me to pick something up from him for you?”
“No.  He just asked me out Friday night…and I haven’t even met him yet.”
Diane’s eyebrows went up.  “Lucky!  I was here six months before he asked me out.  Seven months before Steve took me out.  And I haven’t been out with either of them since!  I haven’t been out with anyone since!”
Monica smiled.  “I think you’re exaggerating.”
“Maybe.  But not by much.  So are you going?  Cause Carla and me can just go by ourselves Friday night.”
Monica thought about it.  “Is he worth it?”
“Definitely!  At least as far as having a good time.  Just don’t expect him to be very interested in anything about you at all.”
“Sounds a bit like Steve.”
“Worse in some ways, better in others.  Go.  Have a good time.  Carla and I have been out together a lot…even though she gets lots of dates and has no trouble finding a man when we get there.”
“You’re sure?”
“Steve and Mike are the two most eligible bachelors in the company.  At least the two with the biggest reputations.  I have no doubt that Mike would have asked you out sooner or later, so you might as well go and enjoy yourself.”
Monica smiled and picked up the phone.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---
Late that afternoon, things were slow down in the shipping department, and Diane was surfing the web trying to get information on guys who were sissies.  It was a subject that Diane didn’t know much about, but there was obviously a lot more to it than she had ever thought.  As she clicked through page after page, she glanced quickly at the many articles and pictures.  But as she clicked off of one page, something odd registered in the back of her mind.  Something about one of the pictures.  She hit the back button on the browser and took a closer look at the page.  There was a series of pictures that had been taken in a shopping mall, and they all showed an obviously sissy guy in a bright pink dress, all made up kind of like a woman, and posing with several different girls.  She looked closer at one of the pictures.  Couldn’t be!  She looked again at his face as closely as she could – in all the pictures.  It just couldn’t be.  But it was right there in front of her.  “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!” she exclaimed loudly.
“What?” Monica asked in a bored voice from her desk.
“Monica!  Get over here!”

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Steve was all too glad to get home after work.  He changed into his jeans and also changed out of the ridiculous panties he was wearing.  He spent the next few hours joyfully going through his fishing gear and dreaming about what he was planning to do on Friday.  He couldn’t wait.
His doorbell rang.  He opened it and was shocked to see Monica, Diane, and Carla standing outside.  They didn’t wait for him to ask them in, Monica gently pushed him backwards and Diane closed the door behind them all. 
Before Steve could say anything, Monica said, “Carla dear, hand Stevie here your cell phone.  Stevie, say hi to Ruth.”
With growing trepidation, Steve took the cell phone from Carla.  “Hello?”
“Stevie….  Darling,” Ruth said from the other end.  “I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there with you tonight, but my husband’s out and someone has to watch the kids.  But I just wanted you to know that I’m sitting right here at the computer with my email open and I have that picture Diane took of you all cued up to send to a few of those nice people on the list we sent you earlier.  Would you like to know who’s on the email list for tonight?  Well, I’m not going to tell you, you’ll just have to guess.  So if you don’t behave like a good little sissy boy and do everything that Monica says, well…Carla is going to be keeping me posted on what goes on and if you misbehave even the slightest bit, then I guess you’ll be getting some very interesting calls from some very surprised friends.  Do you understand Stevie?  Hmmm?”
“You b…”  Steve stopped himself just short of saying it.  Monica was looking him straight in the eyes and suddenly looked angry at what he almost said.  “Yeah, I understand,” he said into the phone instead.
Monica took the phone from his hand.  “Thanks Ruth.  I’ll give this to Carla now.” 
Steve watched as Carla took the phone and let Ruth know she was there.  “What do you want?” he asked angrily.
“Why Stevie,” Monica replied in that taunting voice he hated so much, “the same thing we always want.  We want to see your panties.  You are wearing them aren’t you?”
“You b…”  He had almost said it again.
Monica’s voice lashed out like a whip.  “Watch your mouth!  Now pull those pants down!”
“But we’re not at work!  This is where I live!”
“So?  Didn’t we tell you that the panties were permanent – from now on?  Stevie…don’t tell me you’re not wearing them?  Carla, make sure Ruth is standing by.”
“But I’m home,” Steve protested again.  We’re not at work.”
“Your pants!” Monica demanded.
Having no choice, Steve slowly lowered his pants to show the boxers he was once again wearing.  “Please don’t have Ruth send that email,” he pleaded. 
“Stevie, Stevie, Stevie.  I’m so disappointed in you.  And very surprised too.  Diane, I think it’s time for that little piece of rope you brought.”
Steve’s eyes bulged at what Monica had just said, and Diane began giggling as she dug into her bag and pulled out a short length of rope.  He glanced over at Carla.  He had just heard her relaying to Ruth on the other end that he was wearing boxers.  He wanted to protest, but by the look on Carla’s face, he knew he had no choice but to remain silent.  They were all just waiting to ruin his life even more. 
Diane walked behind him and pulled his hands behind his back.  A minute later, Steve realized that his hands were very firmly tied.  Monica stooped down and pulled his pants all the way down to his ankles.  He wasn’t going to be running anywhere very fast, that was for sure. 
“I think we’re going to need some scissors girls,” Monica said next as she looked at Steve’s boxer shorts with distain.  Let’s look around. 
Steve was in no position to protest.  All he could do was to stand there in the middle of his living room floor as the three women spread out around his apartment. 
“Found some,” Diane called from his desk a minute later.  Then she walked over to Steve, and while the other girls watched, she ceremoniously cut off the boxer shorts he was wearing, leaving him mostly naked from the waist down.  And there wasn’t a thing that Steve could do about it.
“Much better, Diane,” Monica said.  “Okay girls, let’s get to work.” 
Once again, the three women spread out in his apartment, leaving Steve standing there in the middle of his own living room.  What were they up to?  Monica had gone into his bedroom.  He slowly shuffled his way in to see what she was doing.  It took him a minute to get there, but once he got to the door, he could see that his closet door had been left opened and that Monica was going through all the drawers in his dresser.  There was a pile of his underwear thrown on the middle of his bed.  “What are you doing?” he asked.
Monica barely looked up as she opened another drawer.  “Why Stevie,” she taunted, “we’re getting rid of all that nasty male underwear of yours that you hate so much.  We don’t want you to get tempted to backslide on us again like you did tonight.”
Carla walked into the bedroom and put a few more pairs on the bed.  “Found some in his clothes hamper in the bathroom.  Do you know he has a big bottle of nail polish remover in his medicine cabinet?”
Monica looked up and grinned.  “I’m not a bit surprised.”
They were all interrupted as they heard Diane yelling from the kitchen, “Bingo!”  A minute later she walked triumphantly into the bedroom carrying the large trash bag that Steve had thrown all the women’s clothes in that he had mysteriously found himself wearing the weekend before.  His heart sank even farther as he knew it meant more trouble for him.  “Found this in the kitchen next to the garbage,” Diane said as she made room on the bed and dumped it out.
Steve could only watch as the three women went through everything.  The women particularly laughed over the breast forms they found in there.  But as Steve watched them, he realized that the stuff in that bag was what they had really come to his apartment to look for.  It was obvious that they had somehow known in advance what they would find.  And he realized that of course they knew – Monica had caused it all with her magic, and then had told the others about it too. 
But maybe it wasn’t just one witch he was dealing with, it was three…or four, he corrected himself, because obviously Ruth was in on it too.  A regular coven, he decided.  The humiliation he had felt slowly grew into a barely controlled rage instead.  He would get them all, and very soon.  And it would all start with Friday.
The whole time the women were going through the stuff in the bag, Carla was relaying everything over the phone to Ruth.  But when Diane held the bright pink dress up so they all could see it better, Carla exclaimed, “Oh God!”
“It’s a perfect match!” Diane said.  
Monica didn’t say anything.  Instead she reached into the back pocked of her jeans and pulled out a piece of paper that was folded up.  Steve couldn’t see the paper as she unfolded it and the women all had a better look.  “That’s it,” Monica finally confirmed.  Then she turned toward Steve with a look of absolute glee in her eyes.  “Stevie, Stevie, Stevie,” she said as she carried the paper toward him.  “You’ve been holding out on us, haven’t you?”
“Huh?  What are you talking about,” Steve replied.  His voice still held a touch of anger.
“You really do like doing this, don’t you?”
“Huh?  No, I don’t!” Steve replied.  “I don’t know where those clothes came from!”
Diane laughed.  “Why is it that I don’t believe him?”
Instead of replying, Monica held the paper up so he could see it.  Steve nearly fainted.  The paper held a large blown up picture of him at the shopping mall, posing as a sissy with several unknown girls.  “Where did you get that?” he asked horrified.
“Why Stevie, it’s all over the internet.  Didn’t you know?”
Steve looked up horrified from the picture to Monica’s face.  “But I don’t…” he began.
“Oh, Stevie,” Monica said, “don’t even try to deny it anymore.” 
Steve could only stand there, totally numb, as the women once again continued searching his apartment.  But Diane, once again giggling, hung the pink dress up prominently in his closet, and then put the rest of the things from the bag into his drawer where his old underwear used to be.
“What’s with all the fishing stuff?” Carla asked him. 
Steve’s mind brightened at the thought of the vacation far away from all this that he would soon be taking.  “My vacation is next week,” he answered.  “I have a reservation for a cabin up in the mountains to go fishing with a friend of mine.”
“Shit!” Monica exclaimed.  “You’re vacation is really next week?”
“Uh-huh,” Steve replied.
“Well, we’ll just have to make life twice as miserable for you when you get back,” Monica said as she angrily poked her finger into his chest. 
But Steve was thinking that hopefully, when he got back, it would be him that would be turning the tables on them.
“When do you leave?” Monica asked.
“Friday.  I’m leaving straight from work.”
“And you’re paying for this cabin?”
He wasn’t, but she didn’t need to know that.  “Yeah, of course.”
“Shit!” Monica cursed again.  “Okay Stevie, you can go, but you know the rule.  Only panties. Right?”
“Yeah,” he replied sullenly, not at all happy about it. 
“Fine.  We’ll see you tomorrow then.  Diane, untie his hands.”
A few minutes later, Steve, still with his pants down around his ankles, watched as the three women left – carrying every pair of male underwear he had owned with him. 
“Shit!” he swore softly as the door closed behind them.  “I’ll get them good.  Every single one of them!”  And his thoughts turned once again to what he had planned for Friday.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

That night, Karen once again emailed Susan with the details of what had gone on during the day, and especially what had gone on in his apartment that night.  And more importantly, she asked Susan if she had any ideas on what to do about Steve’s plans for Monica.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Susan read Karen’s email with great interest.  Monica, along with some of her crazy friends, had forcibly removed all of Steve’s male underwear from his apartment?  What was that woman up to?  And now with her friends?
But the thing that concerned Susan the most, was the fact that Steve was still so determined to put his plan into action, no matter how illegal it was.  There was no way that she could let Steve simply get away with want he wanted to do.  But what did she want to do about it?
She could easily have Karen stop him, but that wouldn’t keep Steve from trying something worse in the future.  Steve needed to be taught a lesson.  He needed some sort of punishment that would make him think twice about his actions from now on.  He needed to learn that there would always be consequences for his actions.  But what?  What kind of consequences would make up for what he was planning to do to Monica? 
Her TV was on and playing softly in the corner.  She glanced at the commercial that was playing and the seed of an idea planted itself and grew quickly.  A few minutes later, she began typing her reply back to Karen.  Steve was afraid of Monica’s magic and how far it might be able to reach.  Well, Monica may not have any magic, but she did – of a sort.  And Steve was about to find out that no matter how far he went, he couldn’t outrun her!”

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Karen checked her email just before going back to bed, hoping that Susan had finally answered and could give her some idea of what she should do about Steve and all the problems she was having.  She was excited to see the reply from Susan, and she opened it quickly and read it.  A minute later, she was smiling broadly.  She shut down the computer and picked up Steve’s phone instead.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Susan’s phone rang, just as she expected it would.  She spent the next two hours working with Karen, strengthening an ability that Karen had only just begun to scratch the surface of.  And even though Steve didn’t know it, she worked a long time with him too.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---
Steve’s mind may have been getting plenty of sleep, but his body was very busy late into the night.  Long after the phone call to Susan had ended, Karen was busy doing things that Steve would have no knowledge of at all.  There was a lot to arrange for the punishment that Susan had planned.

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