Friday, July 28, 2017

Revenge - Chapter 12

By Karen Singer

Chapter 12

It was dark when Steve descended the many steps down toward the beach.  The dim lights all along the way just barely lit the steps enough to see properly.  Worse, in his present situation, they seemed to cast eerie forbidding shadows in his path.  Was it a sign from the witch?  He hoped not.  In fact, he figured the witch should be happy with what he was doing. 
He, however, was not happy.  He was once again going out somewhere dressed humiliatingly like a girl.  He had kept the red skirt outfit on that he had worn earlier and only changed out his shoes for the flip-flops that would work better on the beach.  He had also moved his wallet and room key to his new purse that he could hang around his neck to free up his hands.  The purse at least was working much better for him.
The music of a steel drum band beckoned him toward the bar at the back of the beach.  There was a huge bonfire in the distance, but he didn’t see very many people near it.  Most of the crowd was where the bar and the band was.  The whole area seemed to be packed, mostly with people around his own age.  And there were women there, lots of them.  Gorgeous women like his new friends.  Women that he wouldn’t have hesitated a minute to take back to his room later – if only…  If only….
He braved walking up to the end of the bar where he thought he’d be less noticed, he hoped.  He discovered his favorite bartender from the small bar in the hotel working the party that night.  He still had to wait a few minutes.  “Hey, hey,” the bartender said as he spotted Steve, “the lady-man has come down to join the party.  What would you like, you’re usual?”  Steve just nodded.  The strong rum drink would be good. 
A few minutes later, with drink in hand, Steve retreated back towards a small grove of palm trees to watch the crowd.  The steel drum band was amazing.  The crowd was thoroughly enjoying it.  He saw a lot of people dancing, bouncing up and down to the lilting music.  He felt a momentary bit of jealous anger.  They were all having fun, but he couldn’t.  Still, he was back in the shadows where he wasn’t being particularly noticed, and he was enjoying his drink and the music.  In that respect, it was better than just sitting in his room.
He spotted Ellie first.  She was hanging onto the arm of some guy as they walked toward the bar.  She looked happy…and sexy…and delicious.  As the guy she was with was ordering their drinks, she looked around.  Steve raised his glass toward her.  She looked surprised and happy to see him.  She waved briefly before going back to paying attention to the guy she was with.  Steve couldn’t blame her, he was sure the guy was what she had come down to the party to find.
He finally spotted Mandy, dancing with another guy over near the band.  She looked amazingly great too, what he could see of her through all the people.  He began to wonder what he was doing there.  Why had he bothered?  But at least the band was really good…and the drinks.  So he stayed where he was for a while. 
He was on his fourth drink by the time the party started to slow down.  The crowd was thinning out quickly.  He was tired from standing the whole time, but it really hadn’t been a bad evening.  He had watched Mandy and Ellie both having lots of fun with the guys they were with.  Mandy and her friend had disappeared a short while ago.  Steve had no doubt as to where they had gone. 
But Ellie was still there.  He watched her talking to the guy she was with.  Ellie didn’t look too happy about whatever they were talking about.  Then there was another woman who came over and joined the discussion.  Ellie looked shocked and angry.  What was the problem?  Ellie suddenly stomped off angrily toward the bar where she ordered another drink.  While she waited, she happened to turn and notice Steve, still standing where he had been all night.  She turned away again, ignoring him.  But when her drink finally arrived, she took a few sips and turned back to face him again.  She seemed to be thinking about something.  Finally, she walked toward him, sipping greedily on her drink all the way.
“You’re still here,” she said as she stopped in front of him.  Steve noticed that she seemed to be unusually close to him for the situation. 
“Yeah,” Steve answered.  “The band was really good.”
“Yeah, it was.”
“What happened to your guy?”
She didn’t answer.  Instead she just kept her eyes cast down at the ground for a few moments.  Suddenly she took a step forward and came up close to him, her breasts touching his.  She looked up into his eyes.  “Take me back to your room…please.”
Steve was dumbfounded. 
She looked back down at the ground again.  “You don’t have to do anything…if you don’t want to…or can’t.  But if you could just…hold me…and maybe pretend….”
Instead of answering, Steve tilted up her chin with one of his long red nails.  He bent down and placed a soft kiss on her all too waiting lips.  With his arm around her, he led her back up the steps, all the way into his room…and his bed.
They watched each other as they undressed.  She looked soft and sexy.  The kind of body that was made for him to touch and fondle.  Steve pulled off his skirt and top, and stood there in front of her wearing only his red bra and panties.  She came to him and held him.  She pulled his panties down and off his legs.  Steve was tremendously aroused inside.  It had been longer than usual for him and his need was strong.  But something deep inside of him felt confused.  There were parts of him where the feelings seemed muted.  And where he would usually be hard already, he wasn’t.  Maybe because of the way he was dressed. 
He tried to take off his bra so he could make love to her like the real man that he was.  But the minute he tried to remove it, he was hit with the insane itching up and down his back again.  The witch was at it again.  No matter how he tried, he couldn’t remove the damn bra with its bulging breast forms. 
Ellie giggled softly.  “Leave it.  It’s you.”  And she snuggled closer and began planting kisses down his chest toward his waiting groin.
Deep in a back corner of Steve’s mind, Karen was confused.  Susan had created her as a girl, and because of that, she really wanted a guy to love her, not another woman.  She had tried momentarily to send brief thoughts of naked guys to Steve, but she couldn’t really do it properly.  Steve was just too turned on by the woman that was now caressing Steve’s and her body.  And because they shared the body, Steve’s needs and emotions were also hers.  Susan had only partially prepared her for this.  She knew what to do if it had been a guy making love to them, Steve would have been totally humiliated by it.  But this was a woman, and Karen was having a hard time keeping Steve under her control. 
Steve ran his hand lightly down Ellie’s back, she stretched against it like a lithe cat and whimpered.  He turned her around and held her from behind and began massaging her breasts.  She leaned her head back into him and moaned again.  She felt so soft and wonderful.  Steve was breathless with need for her, but the one little part of him that he needed to respond was remaining reluctant to cooperate.  The witch was probably the cause of that.  No matter, the woman he held in his hands felt like the most wonderful thing in the world just then.  And he had enough skill to keep her enthralled for hours.
In the back of Steve’s mind, Karen whimpered.  She was fighting it as hard as she could, but it was getting more and more difficult.  Steve’s needs were her needs and they were getting all mixed up. 
Ellie rolled over on top of Steve and took the initiative.  Despite the silly bra and breast forms he was wearing, he had a great body.  And better, his touch was wonderful.  Far better than she ever would have guessed.  But he wasn’t quite responding to her the way he should.  She really wanted him in her, but the poor guy was still soft.  She could tell he wanted to.  Was it because of some hormone drugs he might be taking?  She began massaging his limp penis.
Steve’s mind began reeling at Ellie’s new touch.  It felt incredible.  Why couldn’t he get hard?  He wanted to get hard.  He desperately needed it.  The damn witch!
Karen was going crazy!  Steve was supposed to be under her control.  He wasn’t supposed to be doing anything like this, but the need that she and Steve shared was still building.  It was becoming too much. 
Steve began caressing Ellie’s breasts again, then he moved his other hand over her wet and waiting sex.  Ellie pushed herself at his hand over and over again.  He leaned over and kissed the nape of her neck.
Ellie was breathing hard now, she had already had one mini orgasm from Steve’s touch, but now she needed more.  She stretched up and kissed his lips hungrily, playfully licking his lips with her tongue as she did so.  She leaned down and desperately took his limp penis in her mouth and began moving her lips up and down, over and over again.
Karen went wild.  It was more than she could stand.  The need that she and Steve shared was more than she could control.  With a quiet whimper, she gave up and gave in to the incredibly powerful feelings that were coursing through their body.  Immediately, every feeling intensified a hundred fold.  Steve’s penis suddenly raged!
Steve felt the change as if a switch had been turned on.  Suddenly everything felt different.  The powerful need that he had felt was so much stronger, as if a dam holding everything back had not just broken, but shattered!  The parts of him that had been holding back were not holding back anymore.  He grabbed Ellie with renewed strength.  Turning her over, he pinned her to the bed.
Ellie went wild.  The fairy flake that had touched her so wonderfully was suddenly a raging bull.  A bull that she desperately needed.  With his first penetration, she went crazy.
Karen was lost.  Totally awash in intense feeling after intense feeling.  But she was a girl.  She wasn’t supposed to enjoy this the same way that Steve was.  But there was no fighting it.  The girl under them was what she, Karen, was supposed to be.  The things that Ellie was feeling were the things she was supposed to feel.  Finally…instead…Karen began to imagine that she was Ellie.  She tried hard to imagine everything that Ellie was feeling, everything Ellie wanted to feel.  It was all she had left to still call herself a girl.
Steve slowed his pace as Ellie finally came down from whatever unimaginable plateau she had reached.  She was still out of breath.  He rolled them both over so she could be on top now, and began touching her tenderly again, reawakening her the way he had started.  Strangely, deep down inside, it was as if he could feel what Ellie was feeling.  It only added new dimensions to the incredible feelings he already had.
Ellie opened her eyes to stare at Steve.  But suddenly he was rolling them over so that she was on top.  The change forced all her weight on her most vulnerable spot with Steve still inside her.  Before she could fully come down from her high, she was on her way back up again.  She fought it trying to slow her pace, prolong the ecstasy.  But when his hands began touching her tenderly again, finding each of those precious spots, she knew she was lost.
Karen was awash between the feelings she and Steve felt and the feelings she imagined that Ellie was feeling.  She was no longer even consciously aware of anything else that might be going on, or even of what she was doing.
For Steve, it was the most memorable lovemaking moment of his life.  It was as if he could feel, not only his own feelings, but also what the girl in his arms was feeling too.  A strange duality of love.  And as much as he recognized his own needs, he was equally aware of the girl’s needs too. 
Late…very late into the night…they rolled…and caressed…and kissed…and loved.

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