Friday, July 14, 2017

Revenge - Chapter 8

By Karen Singer

Chapter 8

Early Friday morning, Steve double checked his suitcase.  Just the clothes he planned to wear for his fishing trip were in it and nothing else – except for two pairs of overly frilly panties, just in case Monica decided to check.  He carried it down and put it in the trunk of his car next to the fishing gear he had put there the night before.  Satisfied that there were no “magical” women’s clothes in his car, he drove to work.  He was happier than he had been in a while because this was the day he planned to start getting back at Monica and the other witches.  His only problem now, was a nagging concern about it in the back of his mind, warning him about possible consequences.  But if he could just get that magic book of hers, he’d never have to worry about consequences again.  She’d be the one who had to worry!
The day seemed to drag on and on, yet he was more focused on his work because the anticipation of finally taking action was adding new confidence and aggression to the tasks he tackled in the office.  The panty checks the girls all imposed on him had started to become routine.  As Diane cornered him in the stairway that morning, demanding to see his panties again, his only thoughts were that he’d show her his now…but she would be showing him a lot more later.  He nearly laughed out loud.
At lunchtime, since he told her he already had his suitcase in the car and was leaving straight from work, Monica did indeed demand to check his suitcase.  He almost laughed again, knowing that she would only find what she wanted to find.  He was very glad that he had thought of that little eventuality and put the extra panties in it.  Satisfied, Monica warned him again about not wearing anything but panties, and Steve – contritely – agreed, although the thoughts running through his head had nothing at all to do with ever wearing panties again.  In fact, they bordered on maniacal vengeance.  And yet again those nagging thoughts about possible consequences tried to worm their way into his thoughts.  But again, he pushed them aside, too intent on what he felt he needed to do.
As soon as work was over, Steve rushed to his car and drove away in the direction that would lead him straight to the highway.  His apartment would have been in the other direction. 

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Unknown to Steve, Carla and Diane watched him leave and noted the direction he took.  Carla phoned Monica immediately afterwards.  “Monica, he headed directly for the highway.”
Monica sighed, “I guess that’s good.  The little twerp is doing just what he said he would.  Still, would you be good enough to drive by his apartment later before you and Diane go out, just to make sure.  I don’t trust him for a minute!”
“Not a problem,” Carla agreed.  “We’ll check and make sure.  You just have a good time tonight.  And don’t forget, we’ll be waiting for all the details tomorrow!”

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Steve didn’t get on the highway and he didn’t go back to his apartment either.  Instead, he stopped at a restaurant for some dinner, then he went to a bar for a few drinks, just to kill some time.  The entire time he sat drinking, his conscience was trying to convince him that he shouldn’t do what he was planning, and there could be dire consequences if he did.  But Steve’s mind was fully made up.  He had to get his revenge on that damn witch Monica…and the rest of the witches she was friends with too.
The sun was just setting when Chad walked into the bar and found him.  “Okay Steve,” he said.  “You still want to do this?”
“More than ever!  You want a beer first?”
Chad shook his head.  “Not before we do this, and not with you afterwards!  Got that?”
Steve just nodded his understanding and got up from his seat.  “Want to take my car?”
Chad shook his head again.  “No.  We take separate cars and you follow me.  Park where I tell you to.”
Chad led the way toward Monica’s apartment, but he didn’t drive directly to Monica’s apartment when he got there.  Instead, he pulled into a parking space that was in front of another building in the complex, far enough away that they could just barely see her apartment.  Steve parked next to him.  Steve got out of his car and got into Chad’s car.  “Why are we parking here?  Her apartment is the next building over.”
Chad looked at him.  “You really haven’t done anything like this before, have you?”
“No.  Of course not.”
“Maybe you should stay here and let me handle it then.”
“No way,” Steve replied.  “I’ve got to find what she’s got in there.”
“And what’s that?”
“Magic stuff!”
“Say what?”
“Magic stuff.  You know, whatever she needs to work magic with.  She’s a witch!  And a powerful one!”
“Man, you’re really crazy, you know that!  I’m not doing this!”  He reached to start his car again.
Instead of answering, Steve reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of bills and held them out for Chad to take.
“Shit!” Chad said, turning his engine back off and taking the money.  “You just better do what I tell you to, you hear?  I don’t want to get caught.”
“No problem,” Steve replied.  “Just get me in there.”
They had to wait a little while, but eventually, they saw Mike drive up, go up to Monica’s apartment, and a few minutes later, the two of them came out again and got into Mikes car.
“Damn!” Chad swore.  “From here she looks pretty hot!”
“She’s a damn witch!” Steve replied.  “I almost feel sorry for Mike.  Almost, but not quite.” 
He reached to open the car door but Chad stopped him.  “Not yet.  It’s too soon.  Just be patient and wait.”  Dumb shit, Chad thought to himself.
Chad waited almost twenty minutes to make sure that Monica wasn’t coming back before he decided it was safe to try breaking into her apartment.  He pulled a pair of latex gloves from his pocket.  “You got gloves?” he asked Steve as he started to pull them on.
“Gloves?  Uh…no.  I didn’t think of that.”
“Course not!” Chad replied.  “Amateurs!” he swore softly as he pulled out a second pair of gloves and handed them to Steve. 
Only after Steve had managed to get the gloves on did Chad let him get out of the car.  “Now, just walk naturally,” Chad told him.  “Like you live here and you do this every day.  Got that?”
“Yeah,” Steve replied nervously as he followed Chad towards Monica’s apartment.
Chad glanced over at Steve, his nervousness was overly apparent.  His inept abilities were going to make them stand out.  Once they reached the end of the building they had parked in front of, Chad led Steve off the sidewalk and went into the shadows between the buildings.  “Listen,” Chad whispered.  “You wait here till I get the door open.  Stay out of sight.  Then come when I tell you to.  And walk normal!  Okay?  Slow and easy!”
“Yeah,” Steve agreed eagerly, glad for Chad to take more of the lead.
Chad left him while whispering under his breath, “Stupid shit!”  He walked up the stairs to Monica’s apartment like he lived there and did it every day.  No hurry or worry at all.  He didn’t even glance around as he pulled out a small thin crowbar and began working on the lock to open the door.  It took him almost fifteen seconds to break open the door since there were two different locks on it.  “Getting out of practice,” he thought as he stepped inside and switched on the light.
Steve saw Chad get in the door and headed for Monica’s apartment.  He wanted to run, but Chad had warned him not to so he wouldn’t attract any undue attention.  He settled for a fast walk.  He was relieved and excited to get into Monica’s apartment and close the door behind him.  As he did so, he realized that there were two locks on the door, and the door frame around both of them was now broken.  The damn witch was going to have to replace her locks and fix her doorframe.  He smiled at that thought…even as his conscience tried to send him more dire warnings of the consequences of his actions. 
Chad had seen the way Steve had hurried to the apartment.  “Dumb shit,” he muttered again.  “Okay man,” he said, “what are we looking for again?”
“Magic stuff,” Steve answered.  It was the only thought on his mind.  If he could find her magic paraphernalia, then Monica wouldn’t have any kind of hold on him anymore, and he could probably find a way to use it against her…and the other witches too.
“What kind of magic stuff?  Can you be more specific?”
“I don’t know.  Whatever witches use for magic or voodoo.  I know there’s got to be a book of some sort.  I’m not sure about the rest.”
“Shit!  You are one dumb son of a bitch, you know that?  Fuck this, I’m looking for jewelry and stuff I can sell!”
“Yeah, do that,” Steve agreed happily.  “That’s good!  And mess the place up as much as you can while you’re doing it, okay?”
“Mess it up?”
“Yeah, as much as possible.”
Chad shook his head.  “It’s your party, Steve.  Your party.”
While Chad headed straight for the bedroom, Steve began in the kitchen.  The apartment was small and old.  Cheap!  Why would the broad want to live in such a dump?  But since she was a witch, she was probably trying to keep herself hidden.  He searched every cupboard and drawer, dumping the contents in the middle of the floor as he went.  He did the same for everything else in the apartment.  Everything, even the chair cushions and lamps got tossed into a pile in the middle of the floor.  He even turned the couch and the chairs upside down to check underneath them.  But he didn’t find anything that he figured would have to do with magic. 
There were very few books in the apartment, but Steve quickly thumbed his way through each and every one.  Nothing!  They all got thrown into the mess on the floor.  He did find a number of candles, but they looked all too ordinary to him, so he left them alone. 
By the time he joined Chad in the bedroom, he was starting to get worried.  “Find anything,” he asked Chad.
“Got a few little jewelry pieces, but nothing good,” Chad replied.  “Most of it is just cheap costume stuff. Still, I should be able to sell it for a few bucks.” 
“How about anything that might be magical?”
Chad looked back at him like he was crazy.  “Not yet, Steve.  Not yet.”
Steve started going through the mess that Chad had left behind.  He checked carefully, but still he didn’t find anything that he thought Monica might be using for her magic.  By the time they finished, he was really worried.  There should have been something he could find.  The bitch must have it all hidden somewhere else. 
More nervous than ever, and feeling very defeated, Steve finally gave up.  Chad had finished grabbing the few things he wanted long ago and was waiting by the front door for Steve.  There was nothing in his hands.  “Where’s the stuff you took?” Steve asked.
Chad just smiled.  “What stuff?”  Then he reached deep into his pocket and briefly pulled out a ring before putting it back again. 
Steve glanced at the mess they had made.  It looked like a tornado had been through the apartment and literally destroyed everything.  That thought alone made him happy.  The bitch deserved it for sure!  But before he left, he noticed Monica’s laptop computer in the pile.  He pulled it out and put it under his arm.  Maybe he could find something about her magic in it. 
Still worried over the fact that he hadn’t found any magic stuff, he and Chad left Monica’s apartment – along with Monica’s laptop.  Chad got into his car and went one way, Steve got into his and headed the opposite direction, directly toward the highway. 
Steve had a very long drive ahead of him, but every mile would take him further and further away from the reach of whatever kind of magic that Monica had.  He was very stressed over the fact that he hadn’t found anything to do with her magic.  He couldn’t imagine what she’d do to him if she ever found out what he had just done.  But he was also fairly sure that there was no way she could connect it to him at all.  He had worn gloves so there would be no fingerprints, and he hadn’t seen anybody at all when he had been outside.  As far as he knew, nobody had seen him there at all.  He was free and clear.
The sight of what her apartment now looked like was burned into his mind.  Total destruction!  That bitch Monica was going to be so shocked when she got home.  It was a very happy thing for him to dwell on for such a long trip.  As his car headed up the highway, Steve had one more brief thought that there could be dire consequences for what he had done, but since he was sure nobody would ever know, he began dreaming of a pleasant week of fishing and relaxing instead. 
His dream continued as his car turned off at the next exit without him knowing it.  Steve was sound asleep.  Someone else now drove his car.

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