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The Bet - Chapter 13 (Thursday – week 2 Part 5)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 13 (Thursday – week 2 Part 5)

Chad got out of Mel’s car carrying his diaper bag and purse. It seemed like everywhere he went lately his arms were loaded. Life had certainly been a lot easier when he had pockets. But he was still feeling so good from the therapy session that he didn’t really care.
As he opened the door to his car, he felt the first faint signs within him that he would need to pee again soon. He found himself concentrating on those feelings as he reached across and put his bags on the passenger seat. He found himself wanting to pee as he dug his keys out of his purse and stuck them into the ignition. And as he pulled out of Mel’s parking lot, he reveled in the warm wonderful feeling of peeing in his diapers as he drove off. It really felt good to him. Absolutely wonderful.

Mel took Chad’s diaper bag from him as soon as he walked in through her door. The therapy had been nice, but this was now. It was time to get back to business. “Go home and get your laundry,” she told him. “You have a lot of work to do tonight.”
Chad was surprised at that. And did he notice a tiny bit of aggravation in Mel’s voice? He wasn’t sure. But the pleasant feeling he had from the therapy session quickly melted away. “Yes, Mistress,” he said. Then before Mel could yell at him, he curtseyed and said the same thing again.
Mel shook her head. “Yeah, we still have a lot of work to do. Now go and don’t be too long about it!”
While Mel waited, she opened his diaper bag and went through it. She did have a small problem – besides her period – and that problem was Chad. What was she going to do about him? She had told him earlier that she was going to punish him for the way he had behaved earlier that morning, but really… she understood what had happened. It was a stage that he had to get through, that was all. And she was sure that he still wasn’t really through it yet. He was only happy because Gloria had planted the suggestions in his head that he would feel happy.
But how should she punish him? She knew without a doubt that she had to, but at the same time, she didn’t really want to. She didn’t relish beating him again with her yardstick, she’d probably be doing enough of that anyway with him tonight. No, she had to find something else.
Chad came back in a few minutes later, lugging a box loaded with his dirty clothes. “Leave them for now,” she instructed. “Let’s get you out of those wet diapers.” She took him into her bathroom and helped him undress, completely. She was a bit surprised to see how really wet his diapers were. “You really needed this change, didn’t you?” she commented.
“I’ve been wetting like crazy all afternoon,” he replied. “I’ve had way too much to drink today.”
Mel smiled wickedly at him. “Never enough… never!”
She again fastened the bottle to the front of him like she had done last night, only this time he was entirely naked. That seemed to bother her a bit but she did nothing about it. “Ok,” she told him. “I don’t know when the last time was that you peed, but you’ve now got twenty minutes. I suggest you try very hard.”
Chad had been expecting just that, except he was glad that she hadn’t made it fifteen minutes like she had threatened last night. But now he didn’t quite know what to do. Was he supposed to start practicing curtseying again, or what? He didn’t have to wait long to find out.
“What are you standing there for?” Mel asked. “There’s an entire apartment to clean! And get my laundry done before you even think about yours. And don’t forget to tell me as soon as you finish peeing!”
Chad nearly jumped to work. The stupid baby bottle dangling from his front side bumping against his legs felt really strange and all too weird while he worked. It was one thing yesterday when he had just been curtseying over and over again, but now he was doing lots of different things. He could tell there was something bothering Mel, but so far he couldn’t tell what. He was just glad she wasn’t putting him through the same curtseying practice she had put him through last night. Cleaning her apartment might be a pain, especially with the bottle dangling from him, but it was a lot easier than curtseying over and over and over again.
It seemed like Chad had barely finished loading Mel’s first load of laundry into the washer before he felt the need to pee again. He knew he had to pee before her kitchen timer went off so he wouldn’t get punished for it, so he desperately wanted to pee quickly. In fact, he realized that he wanted it so badly that he was actually looking forward to it. He tried willing it to happen soon. And as he was picking up her laundry basket to move it, he was rewarded. He stopped and stood still as soon as it started, enjoying the sensation.
But Mel saw him stop working. “What are you stopping for?” she asked.
“I’m peeing,” Chad answered.
“You don’t have to stop working just to pee!” she replied. Now get busy and tell me as soon as you’re done, not before!”
But by then Chad had finished peeing. “I’m done,” he told her.
Mel was already getting to her feet. “Good,” she replied as she walked into the kitchen to reset the timer. When she came out again, Chad was still standing where he had been. “What are you doing?” she asked.
“Waiting for you to empty the bottle,” he replied.
“Don’t wait on me,” she said in no uncertain terms. “I’ll get to it when I’m ready. You just keep working! And you’ve got twenty minutes to pee again!”
Chad immediately went back to his task, but only for a minute. Mel just stood where she was, watching him. “Ok,” she finally said. “Let’s change that bottle.” Chad was grateful. The thing was bad enough bumping around between his legs when it was empty, but full it was much worse. And he was afraid of it spilling all over everything.
A little while later, Chad was cleaning the kitchen while the washing machine was doing its job. All too prominently displayed however was her kitchen timer, reminding him constantly of the ever approaching deadline. The closer that deadline came, the more he tried to pee and the more worried he became about the punishment he would get for failing. She hadn’t made him drink another bottle after the last time he peed, he was both grateful for that, but now not so grateful.
He stared at the timer as the last seconds ticked past, desperately trying to make himself pee. With a horribly loud ding, the timer went off and Chad winced. He had failed. Now for every minute that went past till he peed, he would get punished for it. He suddenly wished very hard for another baby bottle. He could feel the faint signals inside of him that he would have to pee soon, but they were unfortunately all too faint. He kept cleaning, because that’s all he could do. And all the while concentrating on those faint feelings and willing them to grow.
It was almost ten minutes later before he was able to feel the pleasure of releasing into the bottle. In fact, nine minutes exactly before he was able to tell Mel what he had done. Nine all too fast minutes that each symbolized another stroke from her yardstick. Mel didn’t seem pleased with him as she emptied the bottle and stuck it back on again. She had already reset the timer and Chad was again all too aware of the countdown.
She stood him in the living room where he had been the night before. It was beginning to feel like his punishment corner. “Don’t forget to thank me for every stroke,” she cautioned.
“Yes Mistress,” he said as he curtseyed.
Mel seemed to be momentarily taken aback as he did so. But she recovered all too quickly, and all too painfully her yardstick hit his backside. “Ouch!” he yelped. The thing really stung. Why had it taken him so long to pee this time? It seemed like all afternoon he had been peeing every ten minutes. “Thank you, Mistress,” he said as he curtseyed. Her yardstick struck again. “Ow!” He was starting to feel a bit more sorry for himself. “Thank you, Mistress,” he repeated in his ritual. Mel’s next stroke caught the back of his legs more than his backside. It surprised him and moved him off balance a bit, plus it stung differently, but just as badly. He thanked her again. Her fourth stroke caught his backside square again, right on top of the marks from the previous strokes. Suddenly, he found himself fighting back tears. “Thank you, Mistress,” he said as he curtseyed. But there was more than a hint of painful emotion in his voice. Mel seemed to pause for a moment longer, then she hit him again. With each succeeding stroke, Chad was fighting against the tears even more. It didn’t matter that by stroke eight there were actual tears streaking down his cheeks, at least he wasn’t blubbering about it like a baby. And with the last stroke, it was all he could do to not actually cry as he thanked her for the pain one last time. He felt humiliated. Worse, he somehow felt bad because he had somehow disappointed her. He wasn’t sure why he should feel that way, but he did. He stood there trying to regain his composure as she stood back watching him.
Mel held her yardstick in her hands still, watching Chad’s face. There were tears running down his cheeks. She could tell every time he thanked her that he was trying not to cry. What really amazed her though was the fact that Gloria’s hypnotic suggestions were actually starting to work. Not completely, but there were definitely signs of it. Definitely progress, she decided. She’d have to tell Gloria about it in the morning.
Chad was finally recovered enough to realize again that the timer was still ticking. How much time had passed while she had been beating him? He wasn’t sure. He only knew he would have to pee again and very soon. “Please Mistress, may I have another bottle?” he asked. Knowing that it was the only way he could possibly make it.
“Definitely,” Mel replied. “In fact, I insist. I want you to keep drinking it though while you’re working. You still have a lot of things to do.”
Chad wasn’t exactly happy about that but he hurried to the refrigerator. He glanced at the timer as he went past. Only another ten minutes till the beatings began again. What was he going to do?
It was difficult trying to work while desperately trying to drink a bottle held in one hand, while at the same time another one was dangling between his legs. He didn’t even finish the bottle before he heard the dreaded timer going off. Such a horrible sound, signaling nothing but pain to come. He didn’t pee for another twelve minutes this time. Worse than before. And worse than before he had to fight off crying again as she hit him for each of those twelve minutes. And like before, he grabbed a baby bottle afterwards to drink while he worked.
Mel sat in her chair. She was supposed to be reading, but she was far more interested in watching Chad. He was fighting actually crying, she had no doubt about that. But just watching him kept her interested. He looked so ridiculous with that bottle dangling from in front of him, another baby bottle almost constantly in his mouth as he tried to drink and work at the same time. She was really enjoying it. The power she felt over him was almost overwhelming. If only she wasn’t on her period! She was really surprised when he suddenly stopped working and turned to her and told her he had just peed. She got up to check the timer. Not even fifteen minutes had passed. And he was only half-way finished with his bottle. “Very good,” she praised him as she reset the timer for another twenty minutes. “You’ve now got another twenty minutes. See how easy that is?”
Chad was elated. He had done it. He had saved himself from another beating. As he kept working, he kept drinking desperately on the bottle in his hand. Then, when he finished the bottle, he asked if he could have another. He was so glad when she said yes because the bottles really helped him to keep peeing. He figured he’d probably be awake all night again because of it, but right now, avoiding another beating was his priority.
It was several hours later when Mel finally called a halt to his cleaning. “You did really well,” she told him. But then she stopped for a moment as she suddenly saw the bottle dangling from his penis starting to fill again. Chad looked embarrassed over it. She waited till it looked like he was finished before he continued. “After only two spankings you managed to pee in less than twenty minutes all night. And it looks like only about ten minutes for this last one now,” she added looking at the now full bottle that was attached to him. “I’m proud of you,” she finally added. “Now let’s get you ready for bed.”
Chad felt elated. He had done it. And she had said she was proud of him. He didn’t know why, but for some reason he felt really good about that. He kept thinking about that as she spread the baby lotion all over him and shoved two more suppositories up his backside, and finally finished diapering him. She walked him back to his own apartment just wearing his diapers and plastic panties. It was dark outside and very late. He wasn’t too worried about being seen. He peed again halfway to his apartment and it felt especially good knowing that he had done so well earlier.
Once again wearing only the baby-doll nightie, Mel put him to bed with another baby bottle and his teddy bear. “Sweet dreams,” she told him as she turned out his light. “I’ll leave you another note for tomorrow later.” Then she left him.
As Chad laid in his bed sucking on yet another baby bottle, he realized that she had never punished him for his actions early this morning. He wasn’t about to remind her about it. He was still too happy that he had gotten through the evening with only the two spankings. When his bottle was empty, he closed his eyes and dreamed about how nice it felt to pee.

Mel sat in her apartment thinking about Chad. She had never come up with a way to punish him for his earlier actions. She knew she’d have to eventually, but tonight he had been working… plus his other training. That had been enough for him tonight she had finally decided. But she knew that she had only decided that because she had yet to come up with a proper punishment. She wasn’t cancelling his punishment, only delaying it.
He had done well tonight, really well. As she got ready for bed, she had to wonder, was her plan working? Was he really on the road to becoming incontinent so she could win? She could only hope.

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