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The Bet - Chapter 14 (Friday – week 2 Part 1)

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The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 14 (Friday – week 2 Part 1)

Burning. Just a thin line of it. Very mild, but there. Inserting itself into his dreams. Irritating them. Making him roll over awkwardly and try dreaming of something else. Even in his sleep he was mindful of the threat from the tiny spikes inside of his chastity device. His new position seemed to trigger another urge to pee, in his sleep he barely realized he was letting it out. But his dreams kept returning to places that they shouldn’t, places that would cause him pain. No matter what he tried, those thoughts kept finding their way back into him. He struggled awake and looked up at the pink alarm clock on top of his cardboard set of drawers. He groaned, the blaring music from the clock radio suddenly kicked on, as if groaning along with him. It was another morning. Another day. Another chance for Mel to destroy his entire life. What fun!
He struggled to get to his feet from his blow-up mattress on the floor. His diapers were overly thick and heavy again, as they usually were, thick and hard as if he had a bowling strapped between his legs. He was well used to that now. He reached over and turned the loud music off. There was a time not long ago when he would have headed straight into his bathroom first – automatically. He didn’t even think of doing that now as he headed into his kitchen instead… straight for his refrigerator where he pulled out a baby bottle and stuck it between his lips. He had noticed her note on the kitchen counter as he passed it, but he was sure that her first instruction would be the baby bottle. He finally stood over her note and read it, he was right.

First bottle as soon as you read this
Two fresh diapers
Second bottle
Wear what you like today, but you know by now what I will approve
Bring your makeup here again
Third bottle
Keep your pacifier in your mouth when the bottles aren’t – and don’t forget to bring it with you today – in your mouth!

He barely grunted. Nothing new, except sucking on his pacifier when he went over there, which was not all that different. It was beginning to become routine. As he walked back to his bedroom, his eyes caught sight of the contract hung on his living room wall. He purposely turned his eyes away. Seeing it reminded him of how much he hated himself now for entering into this bet in the first place, but just glancing at it as briefly as he had renewed his depression about it all over again. Hating his situation, he laid back down on his blow-up mattress to finish his bottle before he went to change his diapers.

Mel stretched as she made her way to the kitchen to start her coffeemaker. She didn’t ache quite so bad today. Hopefully her period would be over with very soon. Probably by tomorrow. Then, well… That thought led her straight to thinking about Chad and the way she had indulged herself with him last week. She couldn’t wait. Just thinking about watching him all last night tromping around her apartment with that baby bottle stuck to the front of him made her giggle. The power of what she had done made her yearn for the end of her period all the more.
When her coffee was finally ready, she poured herself a cup and carried it back to her bedroom where she could slip into a t-shirt and some jeans before Chad got there. Chad. She still didn’t know how she was going to punish him for yesterday’s outburst. She put that out of her mind for the time being, she had more plans for him tonight. Plans that held far more interest to her and her ultimate desires than punishing him.

Chad was in the middle of his shower when the suppositories in his system decided to wake up and do their thing. He was horrified when he first felt the need growing in him, he wasn’t even diapered. Could he get out of the shower and into a diaper before the pressure became too much? He quickly realized that that wasn’t going to be possible. Not even thinking of holding back or tightening any of those muscles, the mess began shooting out of him, straight into the bathtub where he was standing. He felt sick as he tried to move his feet to where none of it would touch him. But it was coming out of him uncontrollably. Every place he moved to only brought the mess along with him. He finally just gave up and let the shower continuously wash him clean as he continued to empty himself. It wasn’t till it was all over with that he finally wondered why he hadn’t bothered to stop it or even hold it back some. But then, what would have been the point? It was all going to come out of him no matter what. He realized now that he had been lucky to have done it while he was in the shower instead of in his diapers. Almost like a toilet… he smiled at the thought.
When the shower water had finally washed all the mess completely away, he cleaned himself again from head to toe. Then he stayed in the shower a few minutes longer, till he had finished peeing one more time too. No sense wetting his diapers unnecessarily too. Feeling better about things, he finished getting himself ready to go over to Mel’s apartment.
Mel glanced at her clock. Chad was a couple of minutes late. She wasn’t at all happy about that, but at the same time she hoped there was nothing wrong with him. But the knock on her door came before she could get more worried. She opened it promptly.
“Good morning, Mistress,” Chad mumbled through the pacifier in his mouth as he dropped a slight, very quick curtsey. It was so slight that Mel almost missed it. But at least he had made the effort. Something to work on later, she decided.
“Good morning Sissy,” she replied as she stood back to let him in. “You’re late!” she said as he dropped his pink diaper bag on the floor, then set his purse next to it.
“Um…” she could see he was searching for words. “The, uh, suppositories went to work on me this morning at a bad time,” he finally explained. “It took me a little longer to get ready because of it.”
Mel burst out laughing. After the steak dinner she had made him eat last night, she was sure there would be plenty in his system to come out again.
“Do you want me to do my makeup now?” he asked, hoping.
“No, Sissy. I made you breakfast again. Isn’t that nice?”
Chad wasn’t at all happy. In fact he had been praying that she hadn’t. He dropped another quick curtsey though. “Thank you, Mistress.”
The baby cereal that she fed him had a slightly different flavor to it today, nothing he could recognize at all. But the overall taste and result were the same. The more he ate, the harder it was to continue eating, and again it took him two baby bottles along with it to get it all down. Before he started, Mel had again draped a dish towel around him in case he dripped. When he had finished eating, he was very glad for that dish towel because a lot of the cereal had wound up on it instead of inside of him. But he was also glad about that. The stuff had tasted horrible! The less inside of him, the better!
Mel took his bottles and empty bowl away from him. Then she carefully pulled the towel away from him so as not to make any more mess. “You’re a very messy eater, Baby,” she declared. Then she turned back with a wicked grin on her face. “Just like all good babies.”
Chad blushed as he got to his feet. Yeah, sometimes she could be so good at this.
In her bathroom, he started pulling all his makeup out of his purse. But when he picked up the eyeliner, she stopped him. “Let’s start with your foundation today,” she told him. “I think it’s time we moved on to something else.”
Chad was clearly surprised, also a bit nervous about it, but he quickly found the various foundation products that he had. He selected a small jar and opened it. He put his finger over the top and dumped a tiny bit out onto it. Then he started smearing it onto his cheek.
“Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!” Mel cried quickly. “What are you doing?” Chad looked at her blankly. “Ok,” she finally started again. “Wash that off. Now where’s your moisturizer?”
“Moisturizer? It’s back at my apartment. That’s what you told me to use for shaving.”
Mel wanted to cry. The guy really had no idea at all. Instead she let out a loud sigh. “Ok, then, make sure you bring it with you tomorrow. Now just dab tiny little dots around your face…” She started showing him what she wanted. The end result wasn’t very good, but it was better than he had been doing. “Tell you what,” she finally said. “You wear that to work like that. Maybe it will inspire you to do better tomorrow! Now do your eyes.”
Chad looked at his face critically in the mirror. The foundation he was wearing was thick and all too noticeable. And she wanted him to wear it to work? He realized that he should feel frightened about it, but instead, he felt almost numb. He also realized that he was going to wash it off as soon as he got to work anyway. He set about doing his eye makeup, trying hard to get the liner right for once – and mostly failing.
Mel shook her head as she walked out of the bathroom when he was done. “We really need to work more on your makeup. Even your eyes aren’t as good today.”
“I’m trying,” Chad said behind her as he began putting all his stuff back into his purse.
Mel didn’t reply. She just went to her refrigerator and got another baby bottle out for him to drink and carried it back to him. She looked at his face critically again as she handed him the bottle. “Don’t wash it off today when you get to work! Wear it all like that. Maybe it will give you a bit more incentive to do better tomorrow.”
Chad inwardly gasped. He realized that she did know for sure that he had been washing the makeup off before. Even though he hadn’t been washing his eye makeup off lately, it felt like he had just been handed a prison sentence. He finished putting his things into his purse and stuck the baby bottle to his lips as he left her bathroom. He was still considering washing it all off when he got to work.
A little while later, as Mel held the door open for him to leave for work, she reminded him. “Don’t forget, don’t wash the makeup off. I’ll be asking Cassie about it later.”
Chad’s heart almost dropped. He had almost forgotten about the ways she had to check up on him.
“Oh!” she suddenly added. “Don’t forget, it’s Friday. We have a lot to do tonight so don’t be late!”
Chad stopped and had to think for a moment. What was so special about Friday? It only took him a moment to remember – her nail appointment every Friday night… make that his nail appointment too, because he was sure that was what she had really meant. He unconsciously tried to look at the nails on his left hand, but they were wrapped around the handles of his heavy purse. He said nothing back to her. He only turned to make his way down to his car.
Mel watched after him for a few minutes. She wished she could see what his life was really like at work now. People had to be noticing things, but he never talked about it. Of course she hadn’t really asked him about it either, or even given him much of a chance to tell her. She realized that was probably a mistake. Knowing everything was the first rule of being a good lawyer. Why should this be any different? She went back into her apartment to get ready for work.

Chad hurried into the building at work and moved quickly down the hallways as he usually did, noticing the all to-many stares of the people who saw him. As usual, he was relieved to finally get to his desk where he would be hidden and out of sight. As he was waiting for his computer to boot up, he looked at his fingernails critically. He had forgotten about the nail polish he had worn all last weekend. The only time he ever thought about the polish still on his toes was when he happened to notice them during his morning showers, and that was it. The rest of the time they were covered by his shoes and out of sight. He realized his fingernails were longer now than they were last week. Too long. He hadn’t really trimmed them since before he had moved into his new apartment. Longer nails would show the polish more. Plus, they were starting to get in the way a bit when he typed. He decided to cut them, but he didn’t have any clippers. He stood up and called over the top of the cubicle. “Robin. Are you there?” He heard no answer as he stared at the top of the cubicle wall.
“Hey Chad, I didn’t hear you come in.”
Chad nearly jumped out of his skin. He had been expecting Robin to answer over the wall, instead she had come around to see him personally. “Oh,” he said as he quickly recovered his surprise. “Oh, I was just wondering if you have any nail clippers.” He was looking at her face as he asked. Was she wearing foundation? It was hard to tell.
“Probably,” Robin replied. “Let me look. Come on over.”
Chad followed her around to her cubicle where she dug her purse out of her desk drawer, something he realized that he should have been doing instead of leaving his out where everyone could see it. She opened her purse, which was more like a large tote bag and started digging through it. She held up a metal nail file. “I’ve got a nail file. You need that?”
“No,” he replied. “Just the clippers if you have them.”
She went back to digging deep into the bottom of her bag. “Got em!” She held them up triumphantly and handed them to him.
As he took the clippers, he glanced quickly back at her face, trying to notice if she was wearing any foundation without letting her see that he was looking. The quick glance he allowed himself didn’t tell him anything. “Thanks,” he replied. “I’ll get them back to you in a minute.”
Chad went back to his cubicle and trimmed his nails over top of his trash can. He trimmed them close, purposely, even though he knew somewhere in the very back of his mind that Mel probably wouldn’t approve. At least they’d stay like that for a while.
He carried the clippers back to Robin. “Thanks,” he said as he handed them to her. Again he tried to look closely at her makeup without letting her know he was doing it.
“Oh, you’re welcome,” she replied as she took the clippers. She noticed his quick stare. “What?”
Chad quickly looked away. “Nothing, thanks.” Then he hurried back to his own desk.
Robin dug into her purse again and found her mirror and checked her face. No, nothing wrong that she could see. Her lipstick could be refreshed a bit, but it wasn’t really bad. She’d wait to do that till later. Had he been staring at her face for some reason? She finally decided she had only imagined it.

During her first real break of the morning, Mel phoned Gloria. “Hi Gloria, it’s Mel. How are you?”
“I’m doing fine this morning,” Gloria answered. “Thanks for calling. I wanted to just talk a bit about last night, that’s all.”
“Last night was incredible!” Mel replied. “I thought you were great. And Chad doesn’t seem to realize any of what you did. In fact, all he talked about afterwards was how relaxed and great he felt, including some places he wasn’t expecting.” She laughed at the thought.
Gloria chuckled a bit along with her. “That’s good Mel.” But before she could continue, Mel began talking again.
“Gloria, you wouldn’t believe it. I punished him just a bit last night afterwards, and he actually cried a little bit. Ok, I could tell that he was fighting it pretty hard, but there were tears falling from his eyes. It looks like what you’re doing is starting to work.”
“That’s just it Mel, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”
Mel’s excitement dropped suddenly. “Ok, what about it?”
“Listen, we’ve only just started with this. We’ve only just begun to plant the suggestions and we haven’t really reinforced them yet. We’re fighting a lifetime of his training and habits. You can’t really change them overnight and expect them to stick.”
“So what are you really saying?”
“You’re going to have to be patient, Mel. I’m really glad that he’s showing signs that what we’re doing is working, but they’re not going to last. Not yet at least. I’m pretty sure that any progress he may show is going to go backwards fairly quickly as the week goes on.”
“So what do we do about it?”
“Just what we are doing. Next week I have to reinforce everything again and plant the suggestions even deeper. Hopefully, with every time I do it, it’s going to be harder and harder for him to fight back, and eventually it will all stick completely.”
“How long do you think it’s going to take?”
“That’s impossible to say. I was really surprised that I got him as deep as I did last night, otherwise I wouldn’t have tried the emotional suggestions. And I can’t begin to tell you how surprised I am to hear that any of that took root at all!”
“Ok,” Mel said as she tried to collect her thoughts. “The bottom line is that it’s working, but he’s probably going to backslide.”
“Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I just wanted to warn you.”
“Ok. Thanks, I’ll watch for it.”
“Great. See you next week?”
“I can’t wait!”

Chad really wanted to go down to the men’s room and wash all the makeup off his face, but he didn’t dare. Not since Mel had said that she would be checking up on him. He wanted to do something else in the men’s room even more, but that was unfortunately very impossible now. Everything else that he would normally do there didn’t seem very important today.
In the middle of the morning, Robin stopped by his cubicle again. “Chad, I’m going down to the break room. Do you want to go?”
He just looked at her with a - “you know better than to ask” - expression on his face and turned back to his work.
But Robin didn’t leave right away. “Hey Chad,” she said quietly and politely. “I couldn’t help but notice, your makeup is a bit too thick this morning. Why don’t you go and wash it off.”
Chad turned back to her. He was sure he was blushing, but he also doubted that she could see it under the makeup he was wearing. “I know,” he replied. “I’d like to.”
“Good,” she replied. “I’ll see you later.”
Chad was glad that for once, she just left. She had just confirmed that his bad makeup job was that noticeable. He wanted more than ever to be able to wash it off now. Feeling more depressed, he went back to work.

Mel had a small break in her schedule and started thumbing through the yellow pages of her phone book. She found the entries she wanted and checked which ones had the biggest advertisements. She dialed the first number. “Hello? Can you please tell me how late you’re open tonight?... That early? Ok. Thank you,” and she hung up. She’d never be able to get Chad there on time.
She dialed the next number. “Can you tell me how late you’re open tonight? Wonderful! I should be there before then.”
As Mel hung up, she made a careful note of the store’s address. She was fairly sure she knew exactly where it was.

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