Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Jeers

Hi all!

First of all, thank you to everyone who requested to read my new Baby Bobby story and sent me their opinions. I value those and hope that they will help me to become a better writer.


Christmas is over and the New Year approaches. I hope everyone has been having a really great holiday season so far. Let me tell you a bit about how mine has gone up to this point.

We got together on Christmas Eve at the home of one of my step-sons. The entire family and all the kids were there for about an hour and a half. This year, for the first time, my wife and I had declared no gift giving to anyone except the kids (the young ones) and let me tell you, I was really happy about that. Yes, I do love to get gifts, but I was far happier this year (and actually more comfortable too) with not getting anything. I loved watching the kids opening their gifts while I wasn’t distracted with a bunch of stuff that I had to worry about. Plus, there isn’t anything they can give me that I really need. It went great! Everyone had a real good time for the short while we were all together.

Christmas day, my wife and I spent alone at home. We watched a bunch of TV and played some computer games together. Mostly it was a very relaxing day.

But on the day after Christmas, the sky fell down!

Remember that step-son whose house we were at on Christmas Eve? He went to work the day after Christmas. In the evening, as he was coming home, he phoned his wife and suggested that she and his daughter all meet out at a restaurant for dinner – which they did. After that, they went home where he laid down for a short while to take a much needed nap (he’s been working 12 hour shifts). When he got up a short while later, his wife threw him out of the house.

There was no warning, no hints… Nothing! As to a reason, she started making up ridiculous stuff that obviously wasn’t true, such as the fact that he doesn’t ever spend any time with her family. Her mother and father live less than a mile away and he and his wife’s father are very best friends and do everything together. He even helps pay his in-laws bills. As of yesterday, his wife still hadn’t given anyone an acceptable answer except that she’s not happy. Nobody knows what to make of it.

But in the mean time, everybody is shocked and mentally wiped out. He’s now living here with us and driving an extra forty-five minutes to get to work (about a two hour trip for him now).

And here’s an added kicker… His first wife left him the day after Christmas too. He’s a really good guy. He takes excellent care of his family and always has. He really doesn’t deserve this.

Whoever said that life is fair? We all know that it’s not. This is another prime example.

Well, sorry for ranting. I really do hope you all have a great – and safe – new year.



Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Geez--now I really feel like an idiot for posting about my own post-holiday blahs!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I feel so bad for your step-son. Too many times, bad things happen to good people.