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The Bet - Chapter 44 (Sunday – week 7 Part 4 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 44 (Sunday – week 7 Part 4 of 9)

He had only been six minutes late. Six minutes! That’s all. If she had kept his time limit at two hours he would have made it easily! But an hour and forty five minutes? It was too short! Sometimes he could make it, but sometimes his diapers could be awfully stubborn and decide not to leak in time. It wasn’t his fault, it was the diapers! The diapers and… the too short time limit. Maybe she just liked beating him? Maybe.
Chad finished spreading the diapers out on the floor to protect it just as Mel came walking up, her stick still in her hand. Not taking his eyes off of the stick, he curtseyed nervously, even though he didn’t have anything to say. He wasn’t looking forward to this – even though it wasn’t all that many swats that he would be getting.
Mel smiled at his nervous curtsey, even though he didn’t say anything. As far as she was concerned, the more he curtseyed, the better – reason or not. “Okay, Sissy. Get that diaper off. Let’s get this over with.”
Chad wasn’t sure if he needed to curtsey or not. He hesitated, than curtseyed – just in case. He pulled the skirt of his dress up high again and left it there. Then he started unfastening his diaper. As usual, it was soaked as it dropped heavily to the floor. But then, they were always soaked – thoroughly. He hated having to do it, but seeing Mel standing there waiting with her stick in her hands, he got into position, leaning up against the back of the chair. Hating this part even more, he braced himself and purposely raised his naked butt up as high as he could, making it an inviting target for her wicked stick. Unfortunately, he didn’t have to wait very long. He heard the swoosh of the stick just a bare second before he felt the stinging pain erupt across his backside. Ouch! That hurt! It was all he could do to keep his hands off of it and not rub it. He stood up and curtseyed. “Thank you, Mistress,” he said in his sissy voice. Then he got back into position for the next one. Ugh!
“You know, Sissy,” Mel said as she waited for him to get ready again. “I wonder if we’re being too easy on you.” She saw him raise his backside again. She swung her stick – hard! Smack! She had to wait till he stood up and thanked her.
Chad didn’t know what to think. Too easy? In what way? Not in any way that he could see. He curtseyed. “Thank you, Mistress.”
Mel watched him getting back into place. His backside already bore the distinct red marks from where she had hit him. “I’m thinking that one little stroke from my yardstick is not nearly enough to give you more incentive to try harder.” Swoosh… Smack!
It was all Chad could do to not cry out in pain as the stick made its stinging impression on his already flaming backside. Little stroke? That hadn’t been a little stroke at all! Not one bit. It hurt! What was she thinking – not enough incentive? “Thank you, Mistress,” he said in a rather husky sissy voice – after his curtsey. He was already fighting back the tears.
Mel saw the look of alarm on his face as he thanked her, then started getting into position again. Good. “I’m thinking that we need to double the number of strokes… No… I doubt that would be enough either.”
Chad was already panicking. Double? And even that wasn’t going to be enough? What was he going to do? It was already too much! Swoosh… Smack! Ouch!
“I wonder if five would be enough,” Mel mused out loud. She clearly saw the panic in his face as he stood up and curtseyed. His thank-you sounded even worse than usual since he actually stuttered as he tried to say it. “Five smacks from my stick for each minute that you’re late.” She watched as he got back into place again. “That would be… Let me see… For the six minutes this time… Thirty swats!” Swoosh… Smack!
Chad barely had time to register thirty swats before the stinging pain once again erupted on his tender backside. Five swats for each minute? It was way, way too much! He curtseyed again. “Thank you, Mistress,” he blubbered. But his thoughts were more on trying to contemplate five strokes for each minute over. Thirty swats?
But Mel was still musing things over to herself. Only she was doing it out loud. “Or maybe ten strokes for each minute would be better?” She paused as if to consider that idea. “Yes! I really like that number better.”
Panic was setting in full force inside of Chad as he raised his backside up for her to hit… which she did immediately. Swoosh… Smack! He wasn’t sure which registered worse, ten strokes for each minute, or the pain from her latest blow. He stood and curtseyed, noting that the tears were starting to leak out of his eyes. “Thank you, Mistress.”
Mel paused to look at him seriously. “By my count, that was six strokes already Sissy. What’s the rule? What didn’t you do?”
It took Chad a moment to realize what she was talking about. Unfortunately, he remembered all too soon. He almost spoke without curtseying again. But fortunately, he remembered just in time. “I didn’t pee during my punishment, Mistress. Five more strokes.”
Mel smiled. “That’s right! And don’t forget, I owe you four more for not curtseying earlier too.”
Four more too? That would make a total of… fifteen! And there was nothing he could do about it. He curtseyed before he said, “Yes, Mistress.”
Mel watched him getting back into place again, ready for his next set of swats. “I think I like this rule,” she said before delivering the next blow. Swoosh… Smack! “Five swats for not peeing during your punishment. Actually, I think that’s very reasonable of me. Don’t you?”
Chad curtseyed. “Yes, Mistress,” he stammered. “Thank you, Mistress,” he also squeaked out before getting back into place again.
Mel smiled. “Now… Now we just have to figure out, what should be the proper punishment for each minute that you go over. Five swats… or ten.” Swoosh… Smack!
By the time that Mel had delivered all fifteen strokes, Chad was crying uncontrollably. But the bigger issue on his mind was whether Mel would decide on five strokes for each minute over, or ten. She had only given him fifteen strokes this time and his backside was on fire. He didn’t need any more incentive. He was already doing everything he could to get his diapers to leak. What more could he possibly do? He stood up after her last stroke and curtseyed. He thanked her – sort of… What came out of his mouth wasn’t exactly intelligible. And then he realized that he was peeing again… way too late. He wanted to cry all over again just for that!

Chad stared at the corner – seeing… nothing. His backside still stung, but only a bit. It seemed to hurt worse because before she had put another diaper on him, she had stuck another miserable suppository up inside of him. Yuck! Just once he’d like to go without one! Just once!
He knew that Mel was in the kitchen eating the salad he had made for her. He had finished making it after she had diapered him again. And his own lunch? His lunch was already sitting out on the counter, waiting for him… sort of. Mel had made him pick out what he wanted to eat for lunch – from the baby food cabinet only – and put it all the jars out on the counter so she could approve them. By having to pick it out himself, he felt a bit like she was trying to make him humiliate himself.
And now… now he was stuck back in his corner again. His wonderful little corner… not! Stuck standing on his stupid “perch.” Perched… like a bird in a cage. Only there was no cage around him, just two walls that he couldn’t move away from. He guessed the walls formed a cage of sorts. He certainly couldn’t get away from them. Stuck!
There were so many other things he could be doing! Useful things! Necessary things! Like laundry! He was still way behind with that. And cleaning… cleaning anything and everything. But instead, here he was, put away. Out of sight and out of mind. Not allowed to move a muscle. Not allowed to make a sound. Not allowed to see anything. He supposed he was lucky that she didn’t put earplugs in his ears so he couldn’t hear either. He wasn’t about to mention that because it might give her ideas.
Stuck, where the only stimulation he had was what his body felt. Like how much his legs ached after a while. Or how much his toes ached after a while. Or… Oh! He was peeing again! Wonderful! And then the feeling was gone. He supposed that it was pretty bad when the most exciting thing you can possibly feel is when you wet yourself – and you’re looking forward to it! He wished he could feel it more often. Of course, if he did, then maybe his diapers would leak sooner. That would be a good thing. He knew that Mel would certainly like that. But he seriously doubted that his body was capable of peeing more often than he was now.
What was he supposed to do if she decided to raise the punishment level for not leaking on time? He was already doing everything possible. It was already killing him. He didn’t really want to contemplate such a thing. It would be bad! Very bad!

Mel watched him in his corner as she finished her lunch. He hadn’t moved a muscle – again – as far as she could see anyway. Amazing! Just what she wanted, but sometimes she wondered how he could do it.
She wondered what he thought about too as he stood there. With nothing else to look at but those two walls, thinking was about all he could really do. She’d probably never know what he thought about. Just like, hopefully, he would never know that she had once again faked putting the suppository up inside of him. As far as she could tell, it hadn’t made a bit of difference yet whether he knew or not. So far, the results had been the same. But would it continue to be the same? According to her plan, things were about to get more questionable as far as that went.
She finished her lunch and got up from the table. There were still things from the cabinets that needed to be put away, but not a lot of things. She wandered over and took a good look at what baby food he had picked out for himself. There were two jars of sweet-potatoes and squash – mixed together. Who came up with that combination? She picked up a brown jar. Beef! Yuck! Even in the jar it looked awful. She picked up a third jar. Strawberries. Well, that didn’t sound too bad. She wondered how it tasted. There was a second jar of strawberries as well and another jar of the brown beef mush. Six jars in all. While it sounded like a lot, she knew that for an adult it was really very little.
After glancing at him in his corner again, she began opening the jars and putting it all out on the plate for him. She got his bib out and took the tray off of his highchair. She was just about to call him to get his lunch when her phone rang. She hurried to answer it. “Hello?”
“Hi Mel.”
“Hi Sandy! What’s happening?”
“I just called to see if there has been any more fallout from what happened with his friend Robin yesterday.”
“Not yet. We won’t know till tomorrow.”
“Oh,” Sandy replied. “I don’t know if that’s good or bad.”
“Good – for now. We’ll take things as they come and deal with them.”
“That’s good. Say, are you two still going on that date tonight?”
“You bet! It should be lots of fun.”
“So what are you wearing?”
Mel laughed. “I bought three dresses yesterday. I still haven’t made up my mind as to which one to wear. Want to come over and help me pick one out?”
“You bet! I’ll be there in a few minutes!”
Mel hung up her phone and looked back at Sissy, still standing perfectly still in the corner. “Sissy… It’s lunch time. Get yourself into your highchair.”
Chad gratefully pulled himself off of his perch and out of the corner. He took a moment to flex his ankles so he could walk, then he headed for the kitchen where Mel was already waiting with the tray from his highchair in her hands. He got up into the chair and she fastened the tray in front of him, securing him into the chair. A bib followed. Then she brought over his plastic plate filled with all the mushy baby food and handed him a tiny baby spoon to eat it with. Finally, she pulled another baby bottle out of the refrigerator and set that on the tray too. Chad was already digging into the colorful mush in front of him and trying to eat it as best as he could. He had taken only two spoonfuls though when he heard someone at the door. He momentarily panicked before he remembered that Sandy was coming over.
A minute later, Mel ushered Sandy into the kitchen where he was eating. He saw her smile broadly at the sight of him. He kept on eating, shoving his little baby spoon into a pile of mush and carefully bringing it to his mouth. He was definitely getting much better at this. He didn’t think he had spilled any of it yet.
Without asking, Sandy walked over to him and pulled the spoon right out of his hand. She didn’t say anything to him as she walked over and set it in the sink. “He doesn’t really need that,” she said to Mel. “Babies like to use their hands more than the spoon. They like touching things.”
Mel just laughed. “Really? He’ll be such a mess!”
Sandy was grinning broadly as she mockingly shrugged her shoulders. “Aren’t they always a mess?”
Mel just shook her head and laughed again.
“Now where are those dresses?” Sandy asked, totally ignoring Chad who sat dumbfounded in his chair.
Mel and Sandy looked at all the dresses, including the blue one that Sissy was going to be wearing. It took a while, but they finally narrowed the selection down to one – that would go well with Mel’s wild new leopard print shoes. As Mel was putting the dresses back in her crowded closet, Sandy asked. “What about after your date, when you get home?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean… You said these guys are both really good looking…”
Mel smiled. “Oh they are! Total hunks! Both of them!”
“So, I mean… it’s only natural that you’re going to want to… spend the night with one of them… or both if you like.”
Mel smiled and shook her head. “Not tonight. Besides, the guy who’s supposed to be my date tonight is really a two-timing son-of-a… you know what! And I’ve also got Sissy to worry about.”
“Sissy? Why? Just send him home… or… I can babysit if you like.”
Mel was a bit surprised. “Babysit? It’s probably going to be late when we get back.”
Sandy shrugged. “I don’t care. I can do it if you want. And what’s your big hang-up over this guy being a louse or not? I mean, you weren’t planning on marrying him, were you?”
Mel was shocked. “Heaven forbid! I was just so totally drunk when I suggested the date in the first place. If I wasn’t then this date wouldn’t be happening at all.”
“So still, what’s your problem? Get yourself a little fun. Let him tickle your bones.”
Mel shook her head. “Not tonight,” she sighed.
Sandy shook her head too. “Well, like I said, anytime you need me to babysit, just call.”
Mel smiled. “It won’t happen! But thanks for the offer anyway. I’ll let you know if I need you.” Mel did think of one other thing though, “Um… By the way… Would you like to come by later and help get him ready for tonight? You can do his makeup a whole lot better than I can, and I want him to look really good for tonight.”
“Well, I’d rather make him up to look like a baby… but I’d absolutely love to!”
As soon as Sandy left, Mel walked back into the kitchen and got a small shock. Sissy had baby food wiped all over everything! He was a total mess… as was his bib, highchair, and everything else within reach. “Did any of that food actually get into your mouth?” she asked.
Chad only shrugged. “Some!”
Mel shook her head. “Sandy may like you eating without the spoon, but I think we can do without this mess!”

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