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Chapter 44 (Sunday – week 7 Part 2 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 44 (Sunday – week 7 Part 2 of 9)

Chad was nervous. Not because they were walking into the grocery store together again. Not because he was again wearing his maids dress out in public. He was nervous because she had left the house without giving any consideration to how much time was left before he had to be leaking. And that time was rapidly running out. According to the clock in her car, he only had about twenty minutes left before his deadline ran out. They were out in public. What would she do when the time limit ran out? What would she do if he actually started leaking – when he actually started leaking? He was afraid to find out. And what made things worse, was that she was making him carry his diaper bag inside with him today.
He had only finished five baby bottles so far this morning. More than enough. And he was peeing every few minutes like he usually did, a little bit at a time. It was so automatic that he barely noticed he was doing it anymore. But in order to make her time limit to get this diaper leaking, he had to keep doing it. She had made no mention of it before they left her apartment, but she had fastened her watch to her wrist, right in front of him. He guessed that was notice enough! But now that they were actually in the store, he had no way of tracking how much time was left. Why hadn’t he worn his own watch today?
Twenty minutes by the clock in the car… as of a few minutes ago. Was it possible to get all their grocery shopping done and get out before then? Was it possible? They were really only shopping for one person – her. Plus probably some baby food – for him. Yuck! Maybe they could make it. But somehow, he doubted that.
He grabbed a shopping cart, dropped his diaper bag and purse in the child’s seat, and followed her on their usual path down the first aisle. His wish for things go to fast today went out the window quickly as he watched her stopping to look at item after item of things they never bought. And since when did she bother to compare prices on anything? Damn her! She was purposely slowing them down. She purposely wanted him to start leaking before they left the store! What then?
She wasn’t even looking at him when he realized she was speaking to him.
“We didn’t practice having you show me your diaper before we left home,” she said as she compared the prices of things she wasn’t going to buy. “If I ask you, I suggest you do your best to make it inside of the two second time limit.”
Chad briefly wondered what she would do if he didn’t make it. She didn’t have her stick with her in the store – fortunately. Unfortunately, she wasn’t done talking yet.
“Because if you don’t…” She finally looked over at him. The look on her face seemed awfully stern. “If you don’t, then I’m going to make you leave your skirt pulled all the way up till we get home again.”
Chad’s eyes bulged. She wouldn’t! Oh yes, she would! He clearly remembered her taking his skirt away from him in the store yesterday, making him walk around with his diaper fully on display. His knees nearly buckled just thinking about it. The problem was, he never knew when she was going to issue the order! More on edge than ever, he slowly pushed the cart up the aisle beside her while she continued to look at way too much stuff.
“Are you leaking yet?” she asked again without looking in his direction.
“Not yet, Mistress,” he replied.
She looked back at him angrily. “You didn’t curtsey before you said that!”
Where had that come from? Now she wanted him to curtsey every time he opened his mouth again? But he was pushing the stupid grocery cart! He quickly dropped a curtsey. “Not yet, Mistress,” he repeated. Geez!
They made it all the way though the second aisle without her asking to see his diaper. He couldn’t believe it! He also couldn’t believe it when they made it through the third aisle as well. He was expecting the command at any second, and when it didn’t come, it was almost like a let down. He knew it was coming, he just didn’t know when. And having to stay ready for it at any second was wearing on him.
He saw her turn to speak to him again and started to reach for his skirt so he could be ready to pull it up.
“Are you leaking yet?” she asked.
This time, he remembered to curtsey first. “No, Mistress.”
She glanced at her watch. “Time’s running out!”
He curtseyed again. “I know, Mistress.” Was she going to ask to see his diaper now?
“If you need to, you can grab one of your bottles out of the diaper bag and drink it,” she suggested.
Chad didn’t even want to contemplate doing that. But then, he had already done that before… and worse!
Their cart was collecting items, but not a lot of items. They already had quite a bit of food left from last week’s shopping trip. But still, some things had to be bought. They were on the fifth aisle. He had just reached out and pulled a box of rice off of the shelf when the command came – catching him completely by surprise.
“Show me your diaper!”
In his panic, Chad dropped the box of rice to the floor and made a desperate grab for his skirt, almost ripping it apart in his haste to get it up in time.
Mel smiled. “I’m impressed. You actually made it that time – sort of. It was just barely, but you made it.”
Chad was so glad. It was only then that he realized that he was standing in the middle of the grocery store holding his skirt up as high as it would go, completely exposing his soaked diaper underneath… and there were other shoppers on the same aisle with them – all of whom were now staring at them in total shock! He felt so embarrassed! In fact, he felt so embarrassed that he felt himself wetting more than usual again, right then and there! And right then and there, his diaper started leaking! “Mistwess,” he said in his sissy voice, “I’m… I’m weaking!”
Mel smiled and did her best not to laugh. “Yes, I can see that now! Good for you. Not only did you get your skirt up in time – just barely, but you also got your diaper leaking in time – just barely.” Actually, it had taken him three full seconds to get his skirt up but she wasn’t going to tell him she was going lenient on him because of the situation. Besides, she had purposely given him the command when he was busy with something else.
Chad wondered what would happen now? Could he finally pull his skirt down? She wouldn’t change him in the middle of the store, would she? He couldn’t help but think about the diaper bag right there in the cart that she had made sure he carried in with him. “Um… Mistress?” he asked. “Can I lower my skirt now?”
Mel seemed surprised by his question. “Why? We haven’t changed you yet. What would be the point? You’d only have to pull it up again.”
Chad’s knees began to shake as he realized what she was saying. She was planning on changing him in the store! Where? How? Right here? In front of everybody? He couldn’t believe it! But he did believe it because she had done so many other things already that he couldn’t believe!
Mel looked around, several of the other customers were still standing with their mouths agape, but most of them had recovered and were just watching. Good, it was time to give them something else to gape at. She pulled the diaper bag out of the shopping cart and dropped it on the floor, then she turned the cart at about a forty-five degree angle up against one of the shelves. “Back up a bit Sissy,” she told him. “Behind the cart.”
Chad didn’t have very far to move, but he crammed himself as far back into the corner between the cart and the shelf as possible. Their shopping cart wasn’t very full, which left him mostly exposed to anyone looking through it.
Mel knelt down in front of him with the diaper bag and pulled a fresh diaper out of it. Her head and body hid most of what she was doing from view of the other shoppers, leaving him exposed mostly through the wire mesh of the shopping cart. She wasn’t hurrying, but she wasn’t trying to waste time either. Fairly quickly she had his leaking diaper off of him and was putting the fresh one in its place. Pulling and sticking the tapes tightly, she finally stood up. “Okay Sissy, you can lower your skirt now.”
Gratefully, Chad pulled the skirt of his dress back down and smoothed it and the apron over it back in place. Only then did he dare to look around at the other shoppers in the aisle. Red-faced, he noticed that some of them had left, but most were still standing right where they were, watching. His embarrassed gaze returned to the floor where he didn’t have to see them.
“Put your wet diaper away and let’s keep moving,” Mel said as she stepped back to out of the way.
Chad quickly grabbed the wet diaper from the floor where Mel had left it and stuffed it into an empty plastic bag that he pulled out of the diaper bag. Then he put the diaper bag back into the child’s seat of the cart. Finally, he picked up the box of rice that he had pulled off of the shelf but dropped on the floor the moment Mel had told him to show her his diaper, and threw that into the cart as well. With a sigh of relief, he was ready. Slowly, Mel continued further down the aisle, grabbing one or two things that caught her eye and throwing them into the cart. Chad said nothing and did his best to not look at anyone as he followed silently behind.
They were just passing several other customers who had stopped further up the aisle and still hadn’t moved when Mel said to him. “Do you need to get your baby bottle out and keep drinking it?”
“No Mistwess,” Chad replied in his sissy voice.
Mel turned angrily. “What do we have to do to teach you to curtsey every time you speak?”
Chad just gulped, let go of the shopping cart and curtseyed to her right in front of the customers who were still watching them, only now up close. “No, Mistwess,” he repeated in his sissy voice. “I’m fine… fow now. I don’t need anothew bottew wight now.”
“Good, Mel replied without looking at him. Don’t forget, an hour and forty-five minutes!”
As Chad and Mel turned the corner around the end of the aisle, the customers still in that aisle just looked questioningly at each other and shook their heads, unable to believe what they had all just witnessed.
Mel breathed a silent sigh of relief as they wandered down the next aisle. She had taken another chance – a bigger chance than ever before – and she had gotten away with it – again – she hoped. They weren’t out of the store yet. But she wasn’t about to push the envelope any more today – hopefully. Not unless Sissy did something that would demand it. And she didn’t really see him doing that.
It bothered her a bit how bold she was starting to get with dominating him, especially in public. She didn’t want to contemplate the kind of thing she might be doing if they kept this up much longer. Yet that was the very thing she was after in the long run, to keep it up – permanently. Oh well, no use worrying about what she might come up with in the future, today had been plenty fun enough. Well, maybe not quite enough.
“Are you sure you don’t need to be drinking from your bottle now Sissy?” she asked.
Chad remembered to curtsey before answering, even though she wasn’t looking at him. “I’m sure,” he replied in his sissy voice before once more grabbing the handle of the shopping cart to catch up to her. They turned the corner to head up the next aisle.
“Are you wet yet?” she asked.
Chad wasn’t really sure. He didn’t think so. She had just put the fresh diaper on him! “Not yet, Mistress,” he replied as he stopped to curtsey yet again. He saw her turning in his direction. This time he knew it was coming. Before the words were even out of her mouth he was already in motion.
“Show me your diaper!”
Since he had started before she had even said it, he easily got his skirt up in time… and only afterwards did he remember once again where they were while he was holding it up. He couldn’t believe it. She was really getting to him! He was more worried about getting his skirt up in time than exposing himself in front of other people!
Mel smiled. “You’re definitely getting better.” He had actually made it this time, but then she had seen him starting for his skirt before the words were out of her mouth. Perfect! “You certainly don’t look wet at all,” she agreed. “Maybe you should grab one of your bottles and get busy!”
Chad was about to argue, when he realized that it wasn’t a suggestion but an order. He inwardly sighed as he curtseyed. “Yes Mistress.” He opened the diaper bag and grabbed a bottle and put it to his lips as he followed her into the next aisle – where the baby food was. He cringed as he realized where they were. There would certainly be no doubting who all the baby food was for! Chad was forced to stand back and watch – while he drank from his bottle – as Mel pulled jar after jar of baby food off of the shelves and put them into the cart. Far more baby food than ever before. Mel seemed to be barely looking at the labels as she grabbed a vast assortment of whatever was available. By the time they finally moved on, Chad’s baby bottle was more than half finished, and the cart almost contained more baby food than anything else – and more than a few people had passed them by, giving them strange unbelieving looks.

There were fewer bags of groceries for Chad to carry from the car up to her apartment when they got home. But many of those bags were fairly heavy because they contained nothing but jars of baby food. As Chad was carrying bags of groceries upstairs, Mel was going through her cabinets in the kitchen and rearranging things. By the time Chad had carried everything inside, she had almost completely emptied out one of her double wide cabinets and there were things cluttering up most of the available counter space.
Chad had watched what she was doing and wondered why. He had groceries to put away and she was in his way… not that he’d ever tell her that. Even though she wasn’t looking at him, he curtseyed before he spoke. “Excuse me, Mistress. Why are you doing that?”
She briefly turned to look at him as she worked. “Oh, I’m just trying to organize things better. The way it is right now isn’t going to work.”
Chad had no idea why that could be. Everything seemed to be working just fine as far as he could tell. But did he dare ask why she thought it wouldn’t work? He decided not to.
As Mel began picking things up off of the counter and going through cabinet after cabinet to look for someplace new to put them, he started going through the grocery bags and finding the things he could put into the refrigerator – which had most of its space now reserved for his baby bottles. Fortunately, he didn’t have a lot of things that needed to be kept cold.
As Mel moved more and more things into different cabinets and cleared a bit of space, he considered unpacking some of the other groceries, but since she was moving everything around, he didn’t know where to put anything, so he left everything still in the bags. He watched her working for a minute before going back to the refrigerator and pulling out another baby bottle to drink – he did have a deadline to meet! By his count, this was bottle number seven for the morning. It was a lot, but not nearly as bad as yesterday had been.
The further Mel got in her task, the longer it took for her to find places to put the items and the more frustrated she started getting with the task. Finally, Chad curtseyed again and asked, “Can I help you with anything?”
Mel looked over at him briefly. She was about to tell him no, but then she thought better of the idea. She was trying to clear out a full cabinet, but finding places to put everything was getting to be difficult. And then she realized that he was the one who did all the cooking now, and he was the one who spent most of the time in the kitchen. It made more sense for him to be doing this than her. “Uh… Yes! You can put all this stuff away… just don’t put anything in that cabinet that I just cleaned out.”
Mel looked at him harshly. “Did you just speak without curtseying?”
He had only spoken the one word! And they were in the middle of the conversation! He quickly dropped another curtsey before answering. “Sorry Mistress. I was only wondering why you’re doing it.”
“We need a place for all your baby food,” she replied with a mischievous smile creeping to her face. “Since you’ll be eating a lot more of it, I wanted to make more room for it.” She pointed at the empty cabinet. “All your baby food now goes in there. That way, it will be easier to find.” She smiled a bit broader. “And besides, if anyone comes over, then it will be a lot easier to show them exactly what you’re eating now.”
As far as Chad was concerned, exactly what he was eating now was mostly… embarrassing. And the very thought that he would be eating mostly baby food now, sent a tiny shiver straight down his spine. As Mel backed off, he stared at all the junk on the counters. He randomly picked up an item… but where to put it? He was the one who was doing all of the cooking now. She never did anything in the kitchen anymore – except to make all the stupid tea she but into his bottles. And he didn’t want to even count that. So basically, he figured that he could move everything around to suit himself better – as long as she would let him. He turned to her and curtseyed. “Mistress, may I rearrange it all to make it easier for cooking?”
Mel was surprised by the question. But why shouldn’t he? It was going to be his kitchen – soon. That is, until her new house was built. Then he’d have a brand new one to arrange to his heart’s content. “Knock yourself out,” she replied as she turned and headed toward her living room. “Just make sure you put all the baby food into one big cabinet – and make sure it’s organized so anyone can see what’s what!”
Chad curtseyed again. “Thank you, Mistress.”
She smiled. She absolutely loved seeing him curtsey like that. It was soooo… sweet! Not to mention silly. “Show me your diaper!” The words came out of her mouth before she even knew she was going to say them.
Chad was caught off guard yet again. But he grabbed the skirt of his dress and did everything he could to get it raised up high within the time limit. Unfortunately, he knew before he was halfway there that he had not succeeded.
Mel was moving to find her stick before he had even gotten his dress up all the way. Fortunately, she didn’t have to go far to find it since she had started keeping it “handy.” She was back at him all too quickly and swung it at him, catching him just below his diaper with a very stinging blow. “Not fast enough, Sissy! But at least you’re trying.”
Chad wanted to know how he was supposed to possibly get his dress up within the allotted two second limit. It was impossible! Especially when he never knew when she was going to issue the order! He pulled his skirt back down again as Mel walked off toward the living room, twirling the stick in her hand as she went.
He tried to put Mel… and her stick… out of his mind as he looked everything over. He opened every cabinet and every drawer. The task was big, but not that big. And… it kind of interested him. It was a lot better than cleaning the house or doing the laundry or… Uh oh! The laundry! He hurried out toward the laundry area. He noticed Mel had turned on the TV set and was also setting her laptop up in her lap. She never even turned her head as he got the laundry started. Every time he looked at her, she was buried in her work. He almost felt sorry for her. Almost.

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