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The Bet - Chapter 44 (Sunday – week 7 Part 8 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 44 (Sunday – week 7 Part 8 of 9)

The movie theatre was a large complex with lots of movies playing. Sissy felt like he stood out way too much since he and Mel were so obviously overdressed. But like everything else, there was nothing he could do about that.
Ray asked Mel if there were any movies that she was interested in seeing. But Mel had been so busy with other things in her life that she didn’t even know what most of the movies were about. Knowing that women preferred the romantic ones, Ray suggested several that he already knew were good. The fact that he had already seen them didn’t go unnoticed by Mel. She finally decided on a romantic comedy that she figured would be enjoyed by everyone – and that would be starting fairly soon. While Ray and Derek were buying the tickets, she dragged Sissy once again into the ladies room.
While Mel went into the stall again, Sissy had to add yet another layer of lipstick on top of his already overly coated lips. There were a lot more women in this restroom than Sissy ever had to deal with before, but he went to as far a corner as he could to work in front of one of the mirrors there. And as far as he knew, none of the other women in there noticed him… much. At least nobody said anything to him – fortunately.
Before they left the ladies room, Mel had a little more “advice” for Sissy. “Before we go into the movie, get yourself the largest drink you can. And I better see it finished before the movie ends!”
Sissy wanted to scream. More liquids! “Yes, Mistress,” he said softly.
Mel smiled at hearing him refer to her as Mistress, but she wasn’t quite done with him yet. “There’s just one other thing,” she said with a gleam in her eye. “From now on, whenever you and Derek are walking anywhere, I want to see you try to hold his hand!”
Sissy was shocked! As the realization of what she was saying sunk in, he thought his knees were going to buckle. Fortunately, he stayed upright. And then Mel turned around and headed for the door… and he had to follow.
Out in the lobby, Ray and Derek were just returning with the tickets. Mel glanced at Sissy as they all met up again. “Um… If you don’t mind,” Sissy said, “I’m going to get myself a drink before we go in.”
“You’re kidding!” Derek said. “You had enough iced-tea to drown a horse in the restaurant!”
Sissy just shrugged.
“Nerves!” Mel stated for him. And that seemed to explain it sufficiently to everyone.
Sissy was about to excuse himself to get the drink, when Derek rolled his eyes and asked. “What do you want? I’ll get it for you.”
Sissy couldn’t believe it! Derek was going to buy him his drink too? “Uh… Just a coke please… The largest one you can get!” he added quickly.
Derek looked at him like he was crazy – once again! “You’re not kidding?”
Sissy embarrassedly shook his head. “Please?” he said shyly.
Derek turned away and walked off toward the concession stand.
Not to be outdone, Ray quickly asked Mel if she would like anything, but Mel refused stating that she had already had more than enough.
When Derek came back with the drink, Sissy thanked him and took a quick sip, as if to show that he really wanted it. Then they started heading toward the theatre where their movie was supposed to be playing. For some unknown reason, this time, Derek and Sissy seemed to be in front, leading the way, while Ray and Mel followed. As he walked next to Derek, Sissy suddenly heard Mel loudly clearing her throat behind him. He doubted anyone else took much notice of it, but he did. He moved his drink to the other hand and ‘cautiously’ reached out his hand to touch Derek’s.
Derek was startled by Sissy’s hand touching his – as if he was trying to hold his hand! Startled, he quickly pulled his own hand away and looked over angrily at him. What the heck did he think he was doing?
Since Derek obviously wasn’t going to hold his hand, Sissy relaxed and just followed him into the theatre.
Once inside, Ray suggested moving toward the back – where it would be easier for him to see the whole screen. He got a dirty look from Derek for that suggestion, but they climbed up to the back of the theatre and all entered one of the rows together. Derek went in first, followed by Sissy, followed by Mel, and finally Ray. TV commercials were playing on the screen and Chad lamented the fact that even at the movies they could no longer get away from them.
Having no better place to put his purse, Sissy kept it in his lap. His drink was so large that it was easier to hold it with both hands and he rested it on top of his purse. He didn’t really want it at all since he already had way too much to drink. It was dark in the theater, and would be darker once the show started. Could he possibly get away with not drinking it at all? He could just leave the cup behind when they all walked out. His problem was, that knowing Mel, she would probably find some way to check on him when the movie was over. But would she? Unable to decide what to do, and not wanting to drink anything at all, he kept the cup in his lap and did his best to ignore it for a while.
While they waited for the movie to start, Ray quietly told Mel one or two things about the movie that he particularly liked. Mel was tempted to ask which woman he had seen it with already – or how many women he had seen it with – but she refrained in the name of being polite. What did she care how many women he went out with? Like everyone kept telling her, it wasn’t like she was going to marry him!
She glanced a few times toward Sissy and Derek. As usual, it appeared as if they were both ignoring each other. She didn’t see Sissy drinking anything, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t. Ray was still occupying most of her attention. As the lights dimmed further in preparation for the movie to start, she looked over again at Sissy. His cup was still in his lap as if he hadn’t tried to drink anything from it. She leaned over and quietly said, “I expect that drink to be finished before the movie ends. I’ll be checking it later!”
Chad now had the answer to his question. As Mel leaned back in her seat again, he brought the large cup up and started sipping from the straw. Ugh!
They had to sit through several movie trailers of upcoming movies before the movie actually started. Once it did, Ray leaned over one more time to speak to Mel. Before talking, he reached over and took her hand, as if to emphasize what he was about to say. “I think you’re going to love this movie,” he said. He leaned back again, but Mel was quick to notice that his arm was still in her lap, still holding her hand. Wow, what an operator! Surprisingly, she didn’t shake his hand away or even complain. She just let him hold her hand.
The movie was slow to start and Chad noticed Derek fidgeting more than once in boredom and frustration. He sipped slowly at his drink every few seconds as the movie continued. But the further into the movie they got, the more interesting it seemed to get, and Chad was so used to sipping liquid almost constantly now that he was doing it without thinking.
One of the love scenes began in the movie. Mel was riveted. She was riveted that is, until she suddenly felt Ray’s finger, from the hand that was still holding hers in her lap, begin to move… and poke… and lightly rub against her crotch under her thin dress. She should have stopped him. She should have! But she didn’t. The love scene became more torrid, and so did the manipulation of his single finger. She couldn’t believe he was doing it! She couldn’t believe it! She also couldn’t believe that she was actually letting him. And… she couldn’t believe how turned on she was getting. Unfortunately, when the love scene ended, so did the manipulation of his finger. She breathed a silent sigh of relief – and wondered if there would be more such love scenes.
Ray couldn’t believe his luck. She hadn’t stopped him! She hadn’t even given him the slightest clue that she wanted him to stop. That meant… later! How long did this sappy dumb movie last?
Derek couldn’t get into the movie at all, classifying it as a typical “chick flick.” So he sat and fumed over how he had gotten himself into this mess in the first place. Well, at least Sissy… or Chad… or… whatever, had made the effort to look – decent tonight. In fact, he had obviously gone all out. He guessed that it was all part of his sudden – and weird – desire to become a woman. And he was obviously getting better at it because, fortunately, he really didn’t look too bad. Fortunately! He almost felt like he had gotten through dinner just fine – no embarrassment – other than the dancing of course. That had been stupid! He could have definitely done without the dancing! Sissy said it wasn’t his idea? He “usually” did everything Mel told him to? Damn! Couldn’t the guy get a little backbone?
This was the first movie Sissy had been to in a long time, and he was thoroughly engrossed in it. But he was engrossed on two levels. Part of him was relating to the guy in the movie… or guys in this case, and since he had been dressing, and for the most part, living as a woman for the last two months, part of him also identified with the female character. Surprisingly, the movie was well enough written that both sides were accurately portrayed. He could both understand and feel what the guys in the movie felt, while at the same time, he could also understand things from the female perspective that he had never realized before – or at least he thought he could. He was so interested in it all, that when he suddenly started sipping air though his straw instead of coke, the resulting noise actually startled him. “Sorry,” he said softly to Derek who had quickly looked over in annoyance.
Mel heard the gurgle from Sissy’s cup too and it seemed to pull her right out of her interest in the movie – for a moment. She quickly realized what the sound was, and with a feeling of satisfaction that Sissy had done as he was told, allowed herself to get right back into the movie. She was particularly interested because she suspected that another little “love” scene might be coming up – and she hoped she was right. Ray’s little finger had been all she could think about since the first one!
Ray, of course, knew that the scene was coming. Would she let him “play” a little with his finger again? He hoped so, because this time he planned to do a lot more exploring with more than just his finger – if she let him. But he was now fairly confident that she would. He wished he dared look at his watch to see how much longer this stupid movie was supposed to last. But he couldn’t do that. He couldn’t give the least impression that he wasn’t really interested at all – at least, not in the movie.
Mel felt Ray’s finger moving again, and the characters hadn’t even gotten to the bedroom yet! And then something happened in the movie to delay the love scene, yet Ray’s finger was still working. Then something else happened and the scene was delayed yet again. The frustration was building quickly inside of Mel and she realized her panties were getting wet. Damn. But it also felt so good! Then still something else happened in the movie to delay the inevitable and her frustration grew again! But this time, the delay in the movie made her think a bit more about what was going on. She knew that Ray wanted to make love to her tonight. And okay, right now she was more than ready to go along with that idea! But not tonight! It couldn’t be tonight! She had definitely decided that she wasn’t going to do this with him tonight! Besides, they had all come in Ray’s car, how would Derek get home?
Not surprisingly, things suddenly worked out in the movie and the two main characters finally made it to the bedroom – and of course the bed. And at that point, Mel felt Rays hand leave hers and start to wander further… a lot further… and… she let him. Maybe it was because of the panting she was doing – and trying to keep silent. Panting that was definitely growing since his hand was now under her skirt and was pressing against her wet panties. Oh! Oh! Oh! But in the middle of her “enjoyment,” she once again remembered that sex – at least between Ray and her – had to be out for tonight. Didn’t he realize that? How could he keep doing this if he knew that? Maybe he just wanted to get her so hot and bothered that she wouldn’t hesitate at going out with him again. Damn! It was definitely working too! Well, two could play at that game!
Ray couldn’t believe his luck! She was letting him explore her in the most intimate way. Tonight! Tonight! Tonight! He couldn’t wait! And then… and then… he felt her arm moving. For a moment he thought she was going to finally stop him, but she didn’t. Her arm wandered all the way over from her lap – to his! And he felt her hand groping and rubbing at the top of his leg. And then, it was moving higher, right onto… Oh my! Oh yes! Mmmm! He couldn’t believe it, while he was groping under her skirt, her hand was now massaging him through his pants. Making him grow. Arousing him even more than he had been before. What a woman! When would this stupid movie ever end?
Okay, that last part had been pretty good, Derek realized. In fact, the whole last part of the movie seemed to be pretty good. Much better than he expected. Damn! And now he had been so touched by it that there were tears in his eyes! He cautiously rubbed them so as not to give away the fact that he was “emotionally touched.” He hoped the movie would be over soon – and he especially hoped there would be nothing else that might “affect” him like that. It was embarrassing! Damn! And… shit… was Sissy actually crying next to him? Well, he supposed that figured. The guy did want to become a woman. He now guessed there might be more to that desire than he thought.
Sissy wept softly. He couldn’t help it. Yes, he knew he was a guy – underneath – and guys don’t cry, especially not during a dumb movie. But, he still couldn’t help it. The tears just seemed to roll down his face as he tried to cry quietly. He really hoped that Derek didn’t hear him. That would be even more embarrassing. Or would it? Derek did think he was trying to become a woman, and what woman wouldn’t cry over something like this? He could even hear little sounds coming from Mel next to him. Of course, she was leaning over toward Ray so it was a bit harder to tell. But he could hear – something from over there.
Mel mewed softly. Between the emotion of the movie making her cry, and the emotion of sexual excitement from Ray, she didn’t know what she was doing. She could no longer keep “manipulating” him. She had to bring her hand back to help blot the tears falling from both eyes. And as she did, she kept pressing her legs closed over and over again against Ray’s hand, trapping it inside, then releasing it. Again, and again. Damn. She was in such a state. He would have to do this to her! And tonight… she couldn’t! She wouldn’t! Damn!
The movie ended and Ray quickly pulled his hand back before anyone could notice. He also hoped that nobody would “notice” the prominent bulge that now had to be in his pants. Damn this was a fine woman! He couldn’t wait to get her into bed! The house lights came up and he looked over at Mel. She was crying – as expected. But he also noticed that her legs were pressed awfully tightly together too. Well, that was to be expected too. Past Mel, he could see Sissy still sitting there staring at the screen, crying like a girl. Stupid! Well, he wanted to be a woman, so he supposed it was only right – now. He caught a quick glimpse of Derek looking over at Sissy. They locked eyes for just a moment and the usual male message was instantly transferred. Typical women! They’d cry over anything!
Sissy leaned over and chanced talking to Mel. “I can’t believe how much I enjoyed that,” he said as the tears still rolled down his face.
Mel almost laughed. “Me too!”

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